This is the Reason Why People Can’t See Truth

The system programs the tiny mind that explain the world around for the people. So the people do not look for themselves, only listen to the explaining voice in their head. Solution for that is the brain in coherence, where the explaining voice does not exist and the being have to look personally for the surroundings while resting in inner silence.

Karma Yoga Daily

By Cassius Kamarampi, The Mind Unleashed

From an early age, I have always wondered why people seem to be wrong about everything. As a kid growing up in the 2000’s decade, I constantly noticed that people generally did not have an accurate sense of probability, especially pertaining to fear.

Adults who were fed propaganda about terrorism have improbable fears about being the victims of terror attacks, when they are more likely to be killed by cops than terrorists.

People think it’s unlikely that a vaccine would cause injury, yet that perception is inconsistent with reality. Some used to believe cannabis was bad for you, while not recognizing how bad certain chemicals are.

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Author: Monjican

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