5 Metaphysical Mistakes That Can Lead To Distortion In Your Reality

This is a realm where humans with their 3D vessel but unawakened consciousness are the ideal host for malevolent beings from the ether. At the moment earth is filled up with dark souls, trying to get a host, while same time many benevolent helper beings are waiting for contact to support. You should know that we have many powerful dark beings who lure humans into submission and use them as bio host for bad actions. Many people get their path dictated from such being, using the ego voice in their head as drill instructor. So your hardest task if to pick up a real helper being from the light, that will support and help to navigate the toxic environment. A benevolent being can be probed at every time and won’t never be miffed about. So your choice is a complex task, do your best.


5 Metaphysical Mistakes That Can Lead To Distortion In Your Reality

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

We are coming to a time in our reality where things should be coming up for clearing in the lives of most of the forerunners. If you are having trouble staying balanced or keeping your relationships sacred, you or someone around you may have some issues with hitchhikers or uninvited walk ins. There are many false teachings and practices that are created to keep us blindfolded to energy vampirism and open to manipulation. Here are 5 metaphysical mistakes that can lead to distortions in a person’s reality.

The Inability to tell true guidance from false guidance

If one’s heart is not open it is almost impossible to tell your true guidance from entity or negative spirit guidance. Guidance that tells you what to do, points out the faults in someone else, or judges another’s path is not going to be your highest spirit guidance. Many false guides want to keep you battling someone else in order to consume energy. Some may want to keep you alone in sadness and depression, and some yo-yo back and forth in a volatile dance. Because of the deception involved, many people spiral down this path giving their power and energy away to ghouls that may be unseen to most but can be seen or felt to the tuned in psychic. These false guides often give incorrect relationship advice, send people off on wild goose chases masked as “grid work” (as opposed to legitimate gridwork), and encourage people to quit their jobs and/or leave their family and responsibility behind.

False synchronicities

Negative spirits can manipulate the matrix through other people in order to set up synchronicities that make it seem like a “coincidence” that a certain event happened. Because we have positive synchronicites that are supposed to let us know that we are on the right path, these sets ups can be mistaken for an invitation to “following the white rabbit” In relationship, this is usually part of a “Love Bite” scenario as described in Eve Lorgen’s book. For example, you may just happen to run into someone while out for a walk more times than the normal odds would provide. Other false synchronicities like deciding where to live or what job to take are created in order to traverse off of the highest and best timeline. It is easy to tell the difference between a false synchronicity and a positive one by the way it feels in your gut and in your heart. You can also use common sense to tell if something just does not feel right, especially if the decision you are trying to make because of a synchronicity harms or hurts someone else. If your heart is closed, it’s prime sandbox play for the djinns because you are unable to use your spidey senses to discern.

Read more about false vs. real synchronicities HERE on Tom Montalk’s site.

Allowing a spirit to enter your third eye

One of the most dangerous ways a negative spirit can manipulate someone is to pose as a beautiful siren or handsome knight which may come toward a person and then enter their third eye. From that position, all visions and realities can be manipulated. Our real guides have no need to enter any of our chakras. Be sure to keep your auric field protected and sealed.

Opening your crown chakra in a group meditation

Many unsuspecting metaphysical and spiritual groups lead group meditations where energetic buffets can take place. If the person responsible for organizing the event does not have a “seer” in the room and protection in place, everyone who attends can allow energy, technology, or negative spirits in through guided meditations that open up the crown chakra. From that seat, a person’s connection to Source can be distorted and lessened.

Walk ins

Your body is sacred, and whoever occupies the body has a vested interest in  what happens on planet Earth. The only walk ins that one should allow in their body are those of their higher selves, which is planned to occur at a certain time and level of consciousness with the soul’s orchestration. Unfortunately, those who have cracks in their auric field through trauma, addictions, and abuse are prime targets for disembodied entities (people who have “died” and are looking for a host) and astral beings who are looking for energy in order to survive.

There are a number of traps laid in the matrix for energetic vampirism and to stop the forerunners from ascending in vibration. Matrix programmers, light workers, starseeds, code carriers, and healers can be targeted from birth on throughout their lives. The biggest manipulation is often through close family members and unsuspecting friends at an early age, in order to create the abuse that will get the auric field open before the child is able to make proper discernment decisions on their own. “Sparkly and shiny” and all that glitters often lure the young child into giving consent for their play friends to join them in the wrong ways. Many front runners were abused sexually, emotionally, and mentally as a child in order to set the child up for distorted realities and split personalities.

The good news is that we are getting much needed help from star nations at this time to clear these distortions in order for people to begin to make clear choices on their own. Each star nation or race has crews that are helping their incarnated family member. There have been recent reports of first contact in dreams, visions, and internal thoughts. Professional mediums, psychics, and healers are being trained to “see” these distortions and help fix them with the guidance of a person’s higher self.

Once the fore runners are healed, they will then be able to help others clear up their distortions (re-programming their individual matrix). The ironic thing is that forerunners knew that they would more than likely be infiltrated after incarnating or walking in, but they also knew that there would come a day when everything would be reversed and the veils would lift. They agreed to allow it to happen so that they would know just how deep into the illusion one can get when penetrated by the astral begins or disembodied entities. After all, how could they possibly know the extent of the manipulation if they had not been through it themselves? One thing to keep in mind is that our star families love us endlessly, and nothing can match the vibration and healing of true love. Have faith that years of distortion can be cleared up in a short amount of time and that everyone that asks for help will be helped in one way or another.

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Adolph and the Free Sh*t Model

Hey come in, it’s free…… but it’s never be free of any cost. Better to be said, people today get addicted to all stuff that is praised as ‘free’ for them. Free beer, free shipping, free social network. There’s a huge difference and reason, why the free stuff comes from big business and intelligence.



I really don’t like invoking Adolph, and I don’t like “swear words,” especially in headlines. But today I’m hard pressed to avoid either, and so I’ll just go with it.

I can’t avoid Adolph because he said something more clearly than anyone else I’m able to quote. Here’s the passage:

I have not come into this world to make men better, but to make use of their weaknesses.

And that’s precisely what he did. It’s also what Google, Facebook, and other “free sh*t” providers are doing. They are amassing power by using human weaknesses… and the bosses know it quite well.

The Foundation of the Problem

A friend recently sent me an article by Nathan McDonald of “Sprott Money News.” In it, Mr. McDonald complains that people “are blissfully ignoring the ensnaring net that is slowly being drawn around them.” And he’s right of course. He goes on to say,

The digital dark age is here, and the elite few tech giants that are ushering it in are beginning their attack on anyone, anything that does not agree with their echo chamber of thought.

A small handful of companies, you know their names well, virtually control a massive part of our society now. They have near complete control over many aspects of your lives, and don’t for a second think that they don’t.

And again, Mr. McDonald is not wrong, although it goes even farther than he notes; all of this is tied into the Western spy agencies. Consider: If you were a spymaster, is there any chance you’d ignore the ability to deeply surveil a couple of billion people at once? Especially if it was all automated and maintained at the expense of others? You’d be the worst spymaster in history if you didn’t.

And so Facebook, and especially Google, have been brought into the security complex. (You can see some damning emails in our report.)

The thing is, people could opt out of it all (well, nearly all of it) in a single day, if they weren’t trapped by their own weaknesses. The company I manage (Cryptohippie) has been doing just that for more than a decade, and there are now others providing similar services. Plus, there are functional dark nets. Throwing sand in Sauron’s eye isn’t beyond people’s technical or monetary abilities… it’s just beyond their emotional abilities.

Which Weaknesses?

Okay, let’s get specific.

First are the social instincts: getting your esteem from others, feeling like part of a group and feeling unable (or afraid) to leave it. Becoming dependent upon their approval, building your life around them, and feeling a deep void at the thought of losing them. Humans are susceptible to these things, and Facebook plays them to the hilt. They even design programs to keep people addicted.

The second weakness is the one that brings people into the trap. It’s the one that Google especially uses. And it is this: Humans have a deep fear of scarcity.

Here’s what I replied to the friend who sent me Mr. McDonald’s article:

Most people live in perpetual fear of scarcity (even though they experience no actual privation) and are abject suckers for free stuff. The entire system rests upon that weakness.

I think we’ve all felt the overly strong impulse to grab at anything free. We may understand very well that we’re accepting the proverbial “candy from the man in the car.” We adults understand on some level that we’re being lied to – no one provides long-term services that are actually free – but we jump at the offer just the same.

On top of that, nearly none of us in the West are suffering from lack of material resources. We’d have no problem paying a couple of dollars per month for email and search services. And yet we feel compelled to grasp at free stuff… even though we know that the offer comes from liars with hidden motives.

Yeah, something’s wrong in us. And it links back to a fear of scarcity. Not only is it an old fear (it had some factual basis in the old days), but it is stoked in us day by day.

Try, if you dare, to count the number of ads you are confronted with every day, and see if you can locate the obscure “you’re insufficient without this” message in them.

They say that some of the American Indians used to fear having their photos taken, as the photo might capture their souls. But this is precisely what Google, Facebook, et al., are doing: They’re taking your digital soul, handing it to the world’s most intrusive spy agencies, manipulating you based upon it, and now are playing truth police at the behest of behind-the-scene elites. And it all rests upon our weaknesses.

It’s time to straighten up and walk away.

* * * * *


The 20th century, for better or worse, is over. This book was written from the trenches of the new data wars. It offers a raw, apolitical view of what is happening and where the practice of intelligence is headed.

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If you have a glimpse of the whole picture of history and where we can head (or are heading) as a civilization, you should come away from this read with new insights.”

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* * * * *

Paul Rosenberg



Why ‘Conspiracy Theories’ & Spirituality Are Intimately Connected

Can you see clear and see not clear in the same moment? No you can’t, you can stay in the game or awaken what means reconnection. This is the graduation, a major step of change in all facets of life. What convert the player to an experiencer, the ones that are chased by players and inventors of the game. Because they are the seeing ones, they see the gameplay, can influence, cause influence and are dangerous for the game.

But don’t be feared, the game will go on by the amount of people who awaken from old ego mindset to a more evolved ego mindset within the game. The majority experience fake awakening and stay in the cage, will write fiery articles and pick the cosy game gods as masters. At the end it all depends on personal choice, because the path is creation.


Published on ByCE Staff Writer


In Brief

  • The Facts:Refusing to understand how our world truly functions and simply calling exploration into this as ‘negative’ is a common spiritual bypass. The elite/cabal is here for a reason, we must understand that.
  • Reflect On:Why do we find ourselves calling conspiracies negative or something we should not talk about? Why do we refuse to face some of the ‘darker’ things inside, or even outside, of ourselves?

Is it considered ‘not spiritual’ to talk about an elite or cabal running our world? This has become a commonplace today, and there is a great deal of ridicule that comes when people feel looking at the truth of what is playing out in our world is ‘crazy’ or a ‘negative’ thing to do. In fact, the ‘negative’ label on conspiracy theories we place is one of the biggest spiritual bypasses we can do. Let’s dive into this.

The truth is, understanding the way our world truly functions and consciousness evolution (spirituality) go hand in hand. Why? Because it is all part of life here. It is not separate! You don’t have spirituality on one side and conspiracies or truth on the other. It’s all interconnected in our life and human experience. And it’s time to bring them together.

Note: I did an amazing CE Podcast episode on this subject you can listen to here. It goes even deeper into the subject than this article.

The Challenge

This isn’t true 100% of the time of course, but in a lot of cases, we see those in the truth-seeking realm feel consciousness or spirituality is airy fairy and has no place in the big picture and is just a new age distraction. On the flip side, we see those engaged in spirituality-seeking feel conspiracy/truth-seeking people are crazy and negative. While there is truth to some extent in both cases, there is a lot more to the discussion and a very important purpose for both.

You’ve probably experienced it at some point, it’s believable that GMO’s are unhealthy and corporations are using them to make money in a number of ways but it’s damaging to people and the environment, but yet there is no possible way that’s happening with vaccines… or that 9/11 was an inside job. Let me be the first to say, there are a number of conspiracy theories that have no backing, no facts, are far-reaching and in many cases don’t even help us along our journey. But this is not the case with many, in fact, the amount of evidence is often staggering and it’s simply that we don’t want to believe it.

I’m writing this because I’m calling for an end of the reduction of conversation to ‘that’s crazy’ ‘that’s fake news’ ‘that’s a conspiracy’ etc. as it does nothing but maintain division, a lack of awareness and a misinformed world that can’t thrive. Time and time again what is often called ‘conspiracy’ turns out to be true only a few months or a year later. We can end this cycle by learning and choosing to listen instead of dismissing, then checking in with our hearts/souls about what role this is playing in our experience so we can dissolve the need for the cabal.

Why They Go Hand In Hand

Some of us view spirituality as learning techniques to feel good, as ways to cope with life and the challenges we have in our modern world. Some view it as a means to begin to feel better about the prospect of death. Others view it as a way to explore what’s beyond the physical and who we truly are.

From a conspiratorial side, when we’re talking about digging past mainstream media to find out what’s really going on in our world, some view it as a way to disempower the elite that does not have humanities best interests at heart. Others view it as a way to take back our power. Some see it as a way to uncover the truth of how our world truly works so we can begin to thrive. Some react to these truths with wanting revenge or justice, this is an important thing to note as this is where the spirituality comes in.

So it appears we have ‘two sides’ as we often like to do within ego states of consciousness. But what role does the elite and cabal play in our experience? How has that served to suppress our spirituality and why has it all happened? The two are intimately connected because part of the game we are playing on earth here is that we have to uncover what has been happening in our reality and remember who we truly are. This is a spiritual journey, that involves understanding the players in the game and the roles they play.

I’ve been running a conscious media and education company for 9.5 years now. Our mission is to bridge the gap between truth-seeking and spirituality via exploring a shift in consciousness taking place on our planet. We understand that both are part of one big picture in life and you can only go so far in each before you MUST bring in the other to deepen your understanding.

During the 9.5 years since I started Collective Evolution, I have seen thousands of people go through various stages of discovering and learning, both in truth-seeking and spirituality, that has sent them on different paths. Some begin to discover our food system is rigged for a lack of health and they begin eating cleaner. This leads them to understand our entire world is ‘rigged against us’ and suddenly there is a shift in how they see the world. I have seen others attend a yoga class and this begins a journey into connecting with self deeply.

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But in both cases, I often see an identity form. The yogi becomes identified as a ‘spiritual person,’ dresses a certain way, talks a certain way and may refuse to look at anything the ‘truth-seekers’ are saying because they don’t want to fall into that crowd. The truth-seekers are often angry, pissed off at the world, call everyone else sheeple and think the elite need to die in prisons. They might look at the ‘yogi’ or ‘spiritual’ crowd as having fallen into pseudo-scientific new age deception because they look at consciousness and spirituality.

Then there are those who have journeyed beyond that stage and are simply authentic and understand how both ingredients, truth-seeking and spirituality, are one in the same and part of the journey. They are both a part of this game we call life and if we truly want to evolve, move forward, remove the cabal and so forth, we must see the truth and learn why it was there in the first place for our own evolution in consciousness.

The video below explores the role the elite/cabal play in our spiritual journey.

It’s A Role!

Remember, what the cabal and elite are doing isn’t negative in the big picture scheme of things. To our mind it might be, but not to our souls. This is why you must connect deeply with self to overcome the vengeful hateful view the mind creates when we observe them.

What they are doing simply is. And for our souls, it is the journey we asked for to challenge ourselves to remember who we truly are in a very disconnected system. The cabal, are just souls having an experience too, and we all agreed on this together. This doesn’t mean we accept what they are doing in the physical and just take it, no, it simply means we must evolve our consciousness and overcome the need for them for it to stop.

How does that look or happen? We must understand why it’s there by going beyond the judgement and the emotion and see what the trap it creates for us. With that understanding, we no longer can get trapped in the angry, hateful emotions that hold this world in place and instead we choose, from a consciousness point of view, to create a different world. This not only affects collective consciousness and helps others awaken, but we then now can create a new world, both physically and consciously, that comes from a higher state of consciousness and not one that is built in fear, anger and judgement of the old one. Remaining in that old state will only create more of the same world.

Again, I feel it is very important to listen to the podcast episode on this one as it goes into deep detail about this.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself viewing matters in either of these polarized lights, challenge yourself to ask why? Why have this opposition to either side and why are we coloring things as positive or negative in the first place? What is that showing us about ourselves? Our fear of looking at our own ‘darkness?’ Collective ‘darkness?’ In many ways, what the elite/cabal are doing is just a reflection of our own journeys on a macro scale. It’s reflecting humanity’s current state of consciousness as we awaken to the truth. Change Starts Within.


Rothchild Servant

One year back the people in France were scammed to elect a Rothchild servant, today the first ones seems to understand what went wrong. Is it so hard to understand that the Rothchilds profit from every clash and conflict? It’s their business model to spread havoc and cash in the results.


A goal that’s worth it

Remind that every being on earth do have at least one guide, connected at soul level for help. Most people have someone from same soul family and remind that soul families are rather huge.

As guide it’s more difficult to direct your host in a passive way, because your methods are limited. That’s why we on our side are interested in active contact, we like to interact on eye sight, we are allowed to extend and develop our hosts to do a better job. So don’t be feared of you wake up with telepathic abilities one day, it was a requirement to give that to you. So we are not limited to your dreams for help, now you can get better fingertips and ask free whenever you like to. This is also part of the new consciousness, to experience that you are never alone because you are part of a soul family that is connected on higher levels, there is always a guide to talk with and be guaranteed that this is more interesting than listen to orders from a barking cultural programmed mind.

The one secret to reach is a state of silent mind and your magic expands.