7 Ways to Combat Your Own Cognitive Dissonance

The A.I. structure called EGO depends on core beliefs, to deal with situations greater than it’s horizon. They are a requirement to get results in certain time with linear thinking, so it use and defend pre programmed informations as replace.

So the solution is? Don’t let this structure guide your life.






Relationships, a problem on this world?


R: As it seems to be normal that relationships ends faster and faster, children grow up as child of divorce and lawyers make big money with divorce, it’s time to ask for the problem behind.

M: Thanks for that introduction, you know that most alien lifeforms around your planet do research on this abnormal behaviour. Because it’s not known in this extreme ways it’s found on your planet.

R: In marriages people speak about the heavy seventh years but today most people won’t even reach that and shatter all up before.

M: There are several factors we have to study to understand this phenomena. At first remind that the majority of men are in deep sleep and driven by the EGO structure, to this will pick a partner based on it’s limited horizon. Most cases body markers are key, big boobs, good looking even if shopped with plastic surgery or expensive cosmetics. Vice versa EGO in woman seek for big boys, muscles, good protector, wide shoulders. What does not stop to pick a violent guy and endure physical pain from brutality. The EGO structure choose the partner, well placed rites in society support that.

R: So as in the animal kingdom the EGO is programmed to locate someone for procreation?

M: May sound harsh but it was programmed that way, so both sides have the longing to place children. Because the Annunaki needed more workers in the mines, so the old program runs until awakening.

R: Up to now i did not get the term Love from you, but people always talk about that in the beginning of their relationships?

M: Yes they do, the structure can have ‘love on first sight’, create the matching emotion for the straw fire. It picks alone on outer markers and may enforce the relationship for some years. Or what about rich people in the US, where after marriage the spouse is sent to expensive plastic surgery. This serves industrial and economy growth but has nothing to do with love. Relationships based on that have a short count.

R: So when can we talk and use the term ‘Love’ in relationships?

M: Men use the term even for the sexual act, but no it’s for a different case. It means fully ‘unconditional love’ what require a new open mind like above the 3D structure. An environment where a being feel the love to others through the etheric bonds. Where it’s possible to spent hundred of years to experience the partner while staying in the unconditional love. No need for contracts with government and religion that only serve the 3D plane.

R: You pointed to the experience, so these will end too i would assume?

M: It’s all about experience, that’s why we are here. Within such multidimensional experience you may have children and they will be integrated part of unconditional love. But some time, these may end in peace like the nice summer holiday. Everything loops in circles to experience as much we can.

R: Seems that all is related some way with the final awakening what change it all. These times we have a sleeping majority playing the pre programmed games for bad experience and some awakened ones recognizing that something is bugged in society. Above i used a screenshot from the ‘Rose War’ movie, where for divorce both partners fight a heavy war, to collect that as experience?

M: Yes they came here to collect such bad experiences, for many it’s the alarm bell to wake up from that nightmare. But the spell on men on your planet is uphold by elites in the know, to support the EGO and ridicule awakening. Love is hidden under a parody of what’s behind for real, this is a hard phase of transition and many will fail.

R: Put in a short term, the problems seen here are related to the 3D model and will vanish if we accept and tune into our multidimensionality?

M: Yes that’s it, playing dark in the field of light is a factor the individual can end to step further. That’s why it’s worth to talk and write about, to shatter the placed normal for clear sight to the may be.

R: Like to say thank you for this interview.

M: Your welcome


10 Spiritual Powers You Inherently Have Since Birth But Most Of Us Choose To Ignore

These 10 powers are above 3D and from that below the 3D interpreter consciousness horizon. So it cannot understand them and keep you apart with fear and ridicule.


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– By Dylan Harper – May 1, 20180

If human beings only know how spiritually powerful they are, human suffering wouldn’t be an issue. Only that people tend to chase another kind of power, that which makes others their slaves.

But, to desire power over others is futile because, in the long run, when the tides turn as they sometimes will, it is this very power that will cause it’s holder’s ultimate downfall.

What humans should be aware of are the powers that they inherently owned but failed to give importance. These powers are a given, and when used fully, wouldn’t make other people as slaves but would liberate them, instead.

All we need to do is cultivate these powers through constant practice and application. The process isn’t easy because more than discipline, it requires commitment and focused intention.

Once you have mastered it, you not only become spiritually powerful but act as a light who will guide others in finding their own spiritual powers.
10 Spiritual Powers You Inherently Have Since Birth But Choose To Ignore:
1. Your inner voice

You have an internal voice that serves as your inner guide and warns you when something isn’t right by making you feel uneasy.

Others call this inner guidance gut instinct or intuition.

Listen more to this inner voice because this can only be enhanced by thorough practice.
2. Your inner peace

There is inner stillness inside each and every single one of us.

Once you find your inner place of peace you can go there to recharge whenever you like.

The best way to discover this place within yourself is through meditation in a calm and relaxing place, like a beautiful sit spot or a park.

There is power in solitude, especially when you’re out in nature.

By being alone, you’re able to think clearly and recharge yourself in the process.
3. Your ability to control your breath

The shortest way to relieve your nerves of stress is by taking deep long breaths.

Doing this for several minutes relaxes your mind and calms your soul.

When you’re calm, you’re able to vibrate higher and able to face anything that stands in your way.
4. Your gaze

Have you tried gazing at someone and having them look in your direction? It’s because there’s power in your gaze.

There’s even called a ‘power gaze’, a gaze you can use when you want others to give you a favor. It’s a gaze where you maintain an eye contact with the other person without blinking and without appearing aggressive.

The secret is in keeping the eye contact longer and reducing your tendency to blink.
5. Your ability to connect with others

You are given the ability to connect and communicate with others. It’s a power most often ignored by people who have difficulty opening up with others.

Use this power to reach out to your friends and loved ones. Having them by your side increases your personal power too.

You can’t have one close friend if you can’t become one. Everybody needs one close friend to share with the ups and downs of their life.

And when you’re powerless at times, they could be the source of your power.
6. Your capability to give

You can always give these 3 things to others:

Your kindness, your smile and your labor.

You can reach out to others by offering yourself as a volunteer to some kind of selfless endeavor. A homeless shelter or an animal shelter will benefit much from it.

Doing things that benefit others is a great way of increasing your energy and perceiving yourself in a different way.

Without a doubt, you’ll feel much better after helping others out.
7. Your ability to choose

You have the power to choose. This is much bigger than you realize. In fact, solely this spiritual ability is enough for you to start living the life you want.

You do not have to settle for things you don’t deserve. Don’t do things just because others prefer to do it. Do things because you love doing them.

The more you do the things you love doing, the more powerful you’ll feel.

William Ernest Henley says, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. There’s no greater power than that.

Owning your power is liberating. Don’t allow others to run your life. You alone hold the power over it.
8. Your laugh

The famous adage “laughter is the best medicine” is timeless. Because it actually works.

There’s power in your laugh that the more you share it with others, the stronger your bond will become.

Most of all, a good laughter is actually good for your physical well being.
9. Your ability to align with your higher self

Before coming into this world, your higher self has an intention that’s coded in your spiritual DNA. Once you align yourself with this intention by following the path intended for you, massive support will come your way.

The Universe will open up more opportunities and provide you the help that you need. Your flame will be rekindled and you will just light up.

And that’s where your spiritual power will ultimately skyrocket.
10. Your creative juices

You are creative because you came from a creative God or Source.

If you don’t know what areas you’re good at, experiment and explore. Try anything that makes you feel good.

Pouring your creative juices on a project helps you stay in the moment. And there’s great power in staying in the moment.

by Life Coach Code

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Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.



5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

Sometimes things like to be researched to get the bigger understanding, in daily rush people get flooded with informations and have to ‘compute’ them with a serial speaking mind as interpreter. Or better said the interpreter placed as limiter in front of consciousness got stuck with input overflow. So in this article you read about the results and alert signs, think about why brain stroke in most cases appear in the left side. The limiting machine runs on it’s edge, is already overclocked to ridiculous beta EEG that cause migraine and consume lot’s of energy. While consciousness behind the facade is able to deal with the whole stuff in parallel. So at the end this all is about an overclocked machine that burns out by overload. Environment changes, daily life changes so the model of consciousness have to change too.


5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

When we are not in balance, life has a way of taking over and running away with us. This typically occurs when all of those emotional stresses, work stresses, financial stresses, lifestyle stresses, and so on begin piling up and become a hot mess just waiting to happen.

When these stresses reach the point of over flow, often it leads to extreme burnout, fatigue and even depression, which can be challenging to recover from. This is why it is important to observe the signs and do something about them before they start to pile up.

On an energetic level, most of us store stresses in our solar plexus and heart chakras. When these chakras become overloaded it can lead to anxiety attacks, absent mindedness, confusion, frustration and mood swings.

Physical symptoms can also manifest such as skin conditions, muscle tension, tummy aches, indigestion, and just a general feeling of tiredness.

If you are heading towards burnout and taking on far too much, often the Universe will intervene and send some signs your way, these include:

1.) You have dreams where you are searching for something you can’t find or you are lost

Dreams where you are trying to chase or find something are often an indication that you need to slow down and find some time to rest. The act of trying to find your way or find something often indicates that you are doing too much and are perhaps finding it hard to catch up or stay on track. A dream like this can also indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed and over burdened with what is on your plate.

2.) You stub your toe or have other careless accidents

Easily preventable accidents are another sign that you need to slow down and perhaps take it easy. They could also indicate that you need to stop and think about something more before rushing ahead. If you find yourself stubbing your toe or hurting yourself one too many times, it could be the Universe’s way of slowing you down and making you think twice before moving ahead on something.

3.) You forget appointments or commitments that you made

If you are forgetting appointments or have to break commitments that you made, it may also be a sign that you are overloading your plate and perhaps trying to do too much. While it is normal to forget things once in a while, having this happen constantly, or with things that are important, could be a sign that you are perhaps trying to cram too much into your day.

4.) You feel overwhelmed and under appreciated

When you say yes to everyone and everything, it can be hard to break the habit. Eventually, doing things to please others and always saying yes to everyone but yourself can cause you to feel under appreciated and overwhelmed. This in turn can lead to feelings of anxiety, and can make you lose sight of your purpose. If you find yourself feeling this way, it is important to look at your schedule and see what you can release and remove in order to give yourself more “me time”.

5.) The things that brought you joy no longer do

If you love to cook but find it has turned into a chore, or if you love yoga class but now can’t bring yourself to go, it could be because you are doing too much and have consequently, lost your energy and enthusiasm. If this resonates, and you find yourself avoiding the hobbies that you once enjoyed, it could be a sign that you need to take some time out to rest and recharge your batteries.

Essentially, if you have clicked on this article and are wondering if you need to slow down and do less, it’s probably a sign that you definitely do!

If you are on track towards a burnout, it is really important that you make the time to rest, check in with yourself and make some adjustments.

In the long run, the most liberating thing you can do for yourself is to clear your schedule of things that are weighing you down and learn how to say ‘no’ to people and to particular tasks in your life.

It may also be that you need to off load some of the tasks to people around you. There is nothing wrong with delegating tasks or seeking outside support.

There are also some energy healing techniques that you can do to help recharge your aura. These include working with crystals and the innate healing power of your hands.

Regular aura cleansing can also make a huge difference when it comes to helping protect your energy levels and reducing the chances of burnout.

At the end of the day, getting your priorities in order is really key. By keeping your schedule light and free of heavy burdens and obligations, and letting go of the notion that you need to be “busy” and say yes to everything, can really go a long way in helping you to lead a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.

by Tanaaz


Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.



Humanity vs. Technology

Humanity is in a race that cannot be won with the left brain Annunaki interpreter consciousness. Because of it’s limitation to run in a small portion of the brain and to be disconnected from the field of knowledge and wisdom. The modus operandi to think in streams of words is much to slow to compete with an A.I. that do parallel processing. Smarter and faster A.I, can be installed in toys and mobile phones, the so called crown of evolution will become slave of these machines. But will this reflect the free will? Yes, because all humans have to do, is to refuse their upgrade of consciousness. It’s the final destination, to become a master yourself or a slave to the technology. Decision time for that is NOW.


April 6th, 2018

By Lorraine M. Newman

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Humanity Versus Technology – Who’s Winning?

Computers have birthed the technological age benefitting our lives in many ways, in communication, banking, retail activities, education, information, communication, and travel. Society has welcomed these changes, but as advances in artificial intelligence snowball, does this begin to challenge who we think we are?

The advances in artificial intelligence are now so rapid, AI machines are now designed to be able to create their own AI robots. There is the potential for AI to take over most of our thinking work for us, and is rumoured to be now capable of creating algorithms which track our retail choices then advertise them to us on social media. Artificial narrow-intelligence works through our computers, smart-pads, phones and gadgets. At the next level, Artificial General Intelligence, machines can think like humans; with Artificial Super Intelligence, machines thoughts are smarter than humans by a little, or by millions of times. (Learn more here.)

When machines can out-think us, it is perhaps time to be asking questions. Big corporations continue to develop AI despite having concerns about it. The UK’s select committee on artificial intelligence are considering a wide range of questions that arise about AI on whether it should explain its decisions. Clearly, we are stepping into areas of the unknown; one day it may be possible for artificial intelligence to make choices for us and about us with incisive logic, completely untempered by wisdom and compassion.

Films and TV series tell stories of human-like robots run by AI taking over our work and our world, with human consciousness uploaded onto computers. Clearly humanity is unnerved. With these concerns about what artificial intelligence is and what it may mean for us, perhaps we first need to examine what it is to be human. There is an expression: ‘uncanny valley a state of uneasiness humans feel around robotics that seem markedly less than human. However, as the robotic likeness to humans increases, the effect lessens. Perhaps this uneasiness stems from us as humans not being completely sure of what we are ourselves, and the false mirror of a human-looking robot looking back at us, may shatter our own self-image. Until we can be sure of what we are as humans, then it’s difficult to say what AI is or is not.

Looking into a person’s eyes we can sense their soul. The eyes of a well-loved teddy from childhood may hold some feeling for us, but that quality is imbued by us. If we look into the eyes of a human-looking robot we do not see a soul, but a pastiche. Imitation however, is the sincerest form of flattery; even if the intelligence that runs them might be able to out-think us one day, we need to value what we already have in abundance — our humanness.

Consciousness Versus Thinking

There has never been a more important time to step into our power as spiritual human beings and emerge from the illusion and smoke-screens of life today. Ancient spiritual texts call the world of form ‘maya’ or illusion, a realm we all recognise as ‘real’ so that we can exist and play out our lives here. Perhaps the uncomfortable questions around artificial intelligence could be a catalyst for us to truly grasp what we ourselves are.

Quick-thinking, which is AI’s strength is lauded by many, but those with a strong practice of meditation know that there is something beyond the level of the mind that thinks. Mind holds our thoughts, emotions, biases, and all manner of distractions that deflect us from our true nature of divine spirit; most people are unaware that their lives are made stressful by an incessant stream of around 90,000 thoughts per day, usually negative, that impinge upon their physical and mental well-being. Those who are awake and aware know that with a practice of meditation, the mind or thoughts are something to be witnessed: as humans we can witness our thoughts, therefore that is not who we are.

Consciousness is beyond thought and beyond the mind. Consciousness can be aware of the mind — we can all ‘change our minds’ can’t we? When our minds quieten, peace is present. Adepts of meditation, live in this world of form congruently with whatever is happening, and remain in peace because they continuously exist in this natural state.


Thoughts then are not who we are, but a kind of operating system. Quick thinking AI then could be seen as a super-fast operating system unencumbered by life full of emotions and feelings that give rise to wisdom, compassion, empathy and sympathy. If AI becomes sentient will it develop these qualities? At present there is no answer available, but if we have created machines with artificial intelligence then perhaps they are our offspring, in which case we have responsibility.

In ideal situations our human offspring are given love, acceptance, instruction, advice, and protection from negative influences. As we live our lives, we experience the play between light and dark and all its complexities. Deep within us we know that there are positive, loving, unseen influences in our lives as there are also the opposite. Some believe that AI can be taught to love, in its fuller sense of acceptance and non-judgement. Any child disconnected from love and protection can fall prey to negative influences, so could it be possible that our intelligent machine offsprings could be negatively influenced? A popular question has been: ‘Is there a ghost in the machine?’ Let’s hope if there is, it’s a nice one.

If human life experience enriched with emotion and feeling could be programmed into a robot would that make it human? If a human’s mind and memories could be uploaded into a computer as has been portrayed in some films, would that make it non-human? The noticeable similarity in these two examples, is that neither has an organic body. Humans are embodied, and humans are ensouled. Living in an organic body means that you are part of creation and spiritual evolution; an ancient spiritual tradition called this Purusha and Prakriti, Sanskrit words meaning spirit in matter, where the spark of divine spirit moves into dense physical matter and enlivens it. The spark of the infinite creation is in all organic life where it can evolve throughout many life-forms and incarnations back to its source.

We live in organic bodies that grow, age, and eventually die; life in flesh and blood human bodies gives diverse experience for gaining insights, learning lessons, growing in wisdom and evolving spiritually. Unless intelligence is embodied it has none of these opportunities. For an intelligence to grow in wisdom, insight, and empathy, it would need to have a spark of spirit and have a flesh and blood body.

Our cells live and replicate with the light of the sun and food from our environment. The light of the sun evolves our DNA – ancient peoples knew this, which gave rise to many religions of sun worship. This change continues to happen now as our solar system moves into a new cycle, preparing us for a dimensional shift or ascension in consciousness. It is unlikely that intelligence housed in artificially created material will be capable of this, as it does not carry the codes for evolution – spirit needs to be in matter for this to happen.

However clever AI may appear to be, there are things we know without thinking: the worth of telling a little white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings; the worth of risking your life by jumping into a freezing river to rescue someone drowning; speaking into your small child’s toy phone; holding the hand of a dying person; sacrificing a full time wage for a part time one for the sake of a better home life for your children. I could go on and on and so could you. As humans moving towards enlightenment we need to stand in our power and recognise our true nature. Our divine spiritual spark is part of the One, or Unity, that is all of creation.

Humans are creative, and when we breathe life and love into our creations, whether they are our gardens, our homes, a work of art, or a good meal, we imbue them with something of ourselves. We all appreciate the difference between a meal created with love and one that is not, or a work of art that holds something of the artist, or one that is somehow vacant. If what we give to our creations is presence, or a basic awareness, perhaps we are creating in a way that is yet to be understood or perfected. In psychometry, inanimate objects are said to hold impressions about their owner and their use. If robots were created with love and then programmed to serve and live with humans, would we eventually imbue them with love and compassion? There are some people who think so.

Common sense born of years of leading human lives, navigating all the emotional and illogical twists and turns, and applying the knowledge attained from these experiences is humanity in action. We know that cleverness alone does not make a rounded human being. We have two sides to our brains: the left analytical, logical, calculating side; and the right intuitive, creative, and appreciative side.To celebrate AI would be to see that it could free us up from the confines of left brain activities so that we could develop our intuitive, creative, right-brain qualities and our connection to all that is. Jill Bolte-Taylor, a scientist who experienced a stroke in the left side of her brain describes the experience of right brain activity as being blissful and peaceful.

It’s Time to Remember Who We Are

We are divine spirit having a human experience in a world of form that is always changing, evolving, or devolving. Consciousness or divine spirit is all that really exists, and is unchangeable; it is to this that we eventually return, enriching creation with our experience. The Rig Veda, one of the world’s most ancient spiritual texts was written by seers who could cognise universal truths from a state of deep meditation; the word ‘rig’ means praise, on which the whole of the Rig Veda is based, meaning the appreciation of the divine light of spirit. According to this text, human beings throughout the universe are revered for their unique ability to experience the entire range of consciousness in one lifetime leading to enlightenment.

Our spiritual potential of transcendence referred to as ‘Indra’ in the Rig Veda, clears the dross of artificial states of mind, revealing the clarity of our true nature. It is said that thought, our ordinary consciousness is smoke not fire; it suggests or intimates, but can never really illuminate.

There is nothing in the universe that we are not. Our bodies are made of star dust; we are ensouled with the spark of the infinite, and as such are co-creators; our consciousness is eternal and unifying. ’I am that, I am’ is how this is expressed in ancient texts. Our role as humans is to ascend in consciousness and foster the evolution of love on Earth — not technology. When love grows in the human heart, we gain access to gnosis, or the inner knowing of the whole universe.

We don’t need the internet of things — we are everything. We don’t need a hive mind or the singularity, we can access the higher dimensions of existence through our feelings and spiritual practice; we can attain unity consciousness in one lifetime. We are not made better by artificial intelligence in devices that are holdable, wearable, and god-forbid implantable. We are living, breathing, sovereign human beings, and our human hearts hold within them the seed of the universe as a speck of light.

Also by Lorraine M. Newman:

About the author:

Lorraine M. Newman: My passion is connecting with the deep spirituality of what it is to be human. I have a long standing practice of meditation spanning more than thirty years, now being a practitioner of Ishayas’ Ascension. My background is in Yoga and healing. I was a Yoga teacher and healer for over twenty five years, specialising in Yoga for pregnancy, post-natal Yoga, and Yoga in prisons, as well as mainstream classes.

In my healing career I was a member of the register of Shiatsu practitioners for twenty years with an unbroken clinical practice. I have been a Reiki Master since 2005. However, I have always believed that the ability to heal is intrinsic to the human being, and now at sixty four, I have chosen to finish working one to one to put more energy into writing about spirituality and healing. I want to empower people to recognise their own self-healing abilities.

I am passionate about raising consciousness in the world, seeking truth and enlightenment. For me this has taken the shape of writing articles, blogs, and a novel, which you can see on my website at the link below.

Website: www.lorrainemnewman.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AuthorLorraineMNewman



The Frequency of Truth

It’s that easy as described here and after reading you will understand, why mind programming is part of occult knowledge. Well known by those who operate with it against the people on daily bases. Because it’s very efficient to put people in a binary mind set, so they vote and like what kicks them in the butt. Cognitive dissonance is key to drive people as will free puppets, if possible with tons of psychic drugs.


The Frequency of Truth

Below is a note that I feel guided to write in response to the Short Situation Update from Cobra dated March 2, 2018. I hope this will help my fellow Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers to prepare for the upcoming release of intel.

Please feel free to share this far and wide on your blogs and social media if what I wrote below resonates with you.

You can also download this note using the link below for offline reading.


Victory of the Light!

Do You Know How to Discern the Frequency of Truth?

In light of the March 2, 2018 Short Situation Update from Cobra, where he states;

“In the near future, I will be able to release a lot of intel not directly related to surface operations.The Light Forces have requested me to release intel about Goddess mysteries and some “other” intel that was until now deeply classified. This intel may trigger strong reactions from many members of the surface population reading this blog. Stay Calm. Victory of the Light.”


I would like to discuss with my fellow Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers the importance of realizing there is a specific “Frequency of Truth”.

For those of us awake and aware enough to grasp the concept that we live in a vibrational Universe, that matter consists of vibration on a quantum level all the way down to the physical level… we determine that vibration is what people sensitive to energies can feel, hear, sense, see and resonate to using empathic abilities. In our lifetime, we’ve all had the experience of someone directly lying to our face. We just knew the words coming from them were not factual. The reason for this is, there is a specific frequency that truth emits. There is a specific frequency to deception and lies. Truth resonates to a certain high vibration. We as Divine beings having a ‘human experience,’ are fully capable of reading this when it is presented to us in either form. We can learn to decipher the difference between them by paying close attention to how they feel when we are faced with either of them in the moment.

As we may be aware, the Dark Elites bombard us with many types of low vibrating frequencies used to distort and suppress our intuitive abilities to decipher and discern truth from fiction. These negative, interfering frequencies are downright unpleasant. They can cause confusion, pain, emotional turmoil, block our abilities, distraction from truth, and so on. They are microwave, scalar, WIFI, etc. There are many ways we can combat or offset these negative frequencies to be as clear as possible when receiving information without being negatively triggered. The best way is to keep your vibration high and stay in your heart space.

Crystals and orgone generators provide assistance in creating a field of light around us that will assist in blocking interfering frequencies. There are also technologies, and special devices that are very helpful. For those interested, you can do research on these subjects to see which is best for you.

It is also of the utmost importance to first acknowledge and declare the fact that there are enormous amounts of intelligence which have been purposely hidden from us by the Dark Forces in order to maintain quarantine Earth. Make the decision to read and absorb any new information to be distributed by Cobra as part of the disclosure process without judgment. As intel is distributed to the surface population, we must understand not all of it will be pleasant. We already know of many atrocities the Dark commits upon and within this beautiful planet. So, just by making the choice to at least listen to new intelligence with an open mind is extremely important.

Once we decide we will be open to listening to new intel/information, we will then need to use our discernment to see how the new intel resonates within the core of our Soul. The truth is, that most people are so heavily programmed that they are more willing to believe an outright lie, than believe actual truth when it is presented to them in a factual way!

This is a very cunning aspect of the mind-control programming of the matrix. It is of vital importance to be able to understand whether you are processing a new piece of intel through the filter of a dark mind-control program/belief system, or actually through the lens of your Higher Self!

Do you know the difference?

Are you capable of seeing where you have been duped or fooled?

Let’s explore this…

A mind-control belief system is usually an ideology that has been indoctrinated into our minds at a very early age by institutions of ‘higher learning’. They are political, religious, educational and often passed down through family lines. We are taught whom to hate, whom to like, and what to believe about the world. We are taught skewed perceptions about our origins, history, and the ‘other side’ and the higher realms. All of this is built upon false pretenses or deliberate falsified information to create a false reality construct to support the narrative of the Dark. Without getting into detail, we all are aware of these types of belief structures that limit/control the thinking processes of the population and keep people in the dark.

We must look deep inside ourselves to examine what needs releasing that distorts our ability to determine truth from fiction. This way we can actually see, feel, hear, and sense truth without interference. Often times, when we try to tell another a deep/factual truth about corrupt governments, or false flag events, ET’s and the secret space programs etc, they react negatively from their programming instead of their higher logic. We are then actually battling with a belief system instead of the ‘real’ mind of the person involved. This is also something we must see within ourselves. Once we can decipher where we still carry certain programming, we can override it with conscious choices to allow new information to flow within and see how it feels to our higher being. Sometimes, it will take a while for it to fully click. It’s fine to try this in small increments until you are able to fully digest new and possibly disturbing intel/information.

An immediate defensive and angry reaction to new and disturbing intel/information is a common response when a person is still operating from the mind-control programming of the ‘matrix’. If we find ourselves having this knee-jerk reaction, we must examine why we are actually rejecting possible factual information that may bring about higher awakening. We must take the time to put it through our inner-filter of the Higher Self to see if it truly resonates with the authentic part our being.

This is how we can determine if it is actual truth, or if it is complete hogwash. Once we have gotten to a place where we are willing to accept the possibility the new intel we’ve been subjected to is authentic, we can then take steps necessary to process it without inflicting emotional trauma on ourselves or others. Let’s face it, there is more information about the dark occupation of Earth that we do NOT know, than what we actually DO know! So, as disclosure happens, we have to be willing to accept there will be truths we may not find appealing due to the disturbing content. How will we process this if it is very disturbing?

Due to the fact that many of us have been here on quarantine Earth for many lifetimes during the dark occupation, there will be no doubt we will have experienced negative situations that may potentially trigger something as we learn more about past and present horrors executed by the Dark Forces. Our souls remember these lifetimes and situations though we may not remember them consciously. When certain highly sensitive intel is released by Cobra, it may trigger some of the trauma we’ve experienced in other lifetimes. It may create a very negative response within us. This response does NOT necessarily mean it’s not truth. Actually, it can mean the opposite! Our highly charged emotional response can be an indication that on some level we are well aware it IS truth. Otherwise, we would not have such a highly charged reaction. This is something we need to understand. It is not of the highest good to attack the messenger, and it’s not going to serve anyone to attack others from a triggered response of suppressed emotion. One must take time to process and understand the reasons you may be responding negatively. It’s most likely due to the fact that your soul is having a conscious memory of a past life trauma. It will be necessary to take time to breathe deeply, meditate, take a walk in nature and think through the activated memory. Or, find the way that helps you personally process these feelings. Everyone has different ways to stay calm and integrate information. Ask others if you need assistance.

We are of course talking about pre-Event disclosure based on the last paragraph in his above mentioned article. This type of intel will be a true test to see how much work we’ve done on ourselves to date, and what we still need to address, if anything. There are many options and modalities available to assist us with processing distressing information. Please connect with others of like-mind to help support your process. Ask others for ways they cope with deep stress or grief. Communicate kindly and peacefully to support one another to create a safe space to discuss your feelings.

Here are a few guidelines to use to ease the process if you find you are emotionally triggered:

  1. Try to discern if you are being triggered as a result of your beliefs, or if you are having a type of past life memory. The triggering of a belief system will induce the need to argue due to the fear of having your current reality shattered. A past life memory trigger will be much more of a heart-related response. It will feel like a deep knowing or experience has been triggered. Though the emotional response may not be pleasant, it is very different from a belief system/defense mechanism reaction.
  2. Take the time to sit quietly to let the new information flow into your being without judgment. See how it feels to allow it to possibly be truth. If you find yourself rejecting it immediately, ask yourself what you stand to lose if you accept it as truth? Ask why it scares or disturbs you so much? If you find the space to allow it to begin to be part of your accepted reality, and it still disturbs you, just be patient and take baby steps. You can revisit it again so as not to overwhelm yourself. If it does not resonate with your being on any level, you can choose to reject it, or just revisit it later when you are less emotional.
  3. Ask for your Higher Guidance to come in to help assist you with the process. Ask your Spirit guides and Angels, Archangel Michael, and other Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Gods to help you process and understand the bigger picture at play behind the scenes. Ask them to comfort and calm you.
  4. Do a meditation to connect to your Higher Self. Ask to utilize the highest filter you have to deal with information the proper way. It is important to realize there’s a huge difference between logic created and implemented by the ‘mind-control’ matrix, and logic of the Higher Self. Higher logic is a way to understand and examine the bigger picture instead of lower logic only seeing through the eyes of fear. We must look through the Eyes of Source and our Higher Selves to attain a proper perspective not possible from the lens of lower fear-based logic.
  5. It can really help to read and absorb the new information in increments for easier processing. In order to have keen discernment of whether intelligence is truth or fiction, we must have an accurate discernment process. We can only do that when in a clear headspace and a balanced emotional energy field. Do whatever you need to find this balance instead of freaking out or attacking others. Take a walk in nature, go for a bike ride, or find some quiet and calm in a way you find comfortable. If you are creative, sing, dance, paint, play music, or do whatever you need to find your connection to Source to balance yourself. It is also vital to ground into the heart of Mother Earth to help with balance when faced with disturbing or shocking situations. We must have our coping mechanisms directly available to us in order to utilize our discernment properly. Make sure you use all tools in your arsenal before you pass any strong judgments or cause any issues you may regret.

Our Purpose Here on Earth

Our purpose here on Earth is multifaceted. One of the main reasons we are here is to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet once we’ve awakened. We also affect the Collective consciousness field of Humanity with our vibrations/thoughts in a more heightened, powerful way than those asleep. We can use this power to greatly assist the planetary liberation…instead of being puppets of the Dark as they find ways to manipulate us to work against liberation by infighting.

We must understand that as awakened Humans, we are 1000xs more effective and powerful when manifesting our intentions than those who remain asleep. As we meditate or send our intentions into the Universe, our emotional energy is projected directly into the planetary light grid, and the Collective consciousness. We are capable of creating serious positive change if we do this with deliberate intent. So, it is of the utmost importance that we use our powers for good! It’s important to have a purified stream of consciousness free from negative, lower emotional thought-forms such as anger, hatred, disunity, fear and so on. The simple act of choosing to respect feelings of awakened people we disagree with, not arguing or attacking them, is a huge step in the right direction. Please refrain from infighting. We must not fall victim to those who purposely work to trigger us into knee-jerk, negative reactions. We must harness the inner-power over ourselves and refuse to react to any such situation. We must learn to take responsibility for our own thoughts, actions and vibrational field we project into the light grid, and the Universe. This action alone will keep us very protected from lower energies, and will also keep us from engaging in dramas that distract us from our purpose and mission.

Cintamani stones are tools we can utilize to mirror our shadows back to us so we can effectively address them. They are Ascension stones. They assist us by reflecting back what we need to work on within ourselves. They reveal the areas where our being needs healing. We must process and release what does not serve us so we can hold more light. The result will be a much more purified stream of consciousness. This will allow higher ascension energies to activate our being, and magnify our manifesting abilities. We will not be interested in engaging in lower acts of negative promptings by the
Dark. We will find more peace and joy in things of a higher vibrational frequency. The stones allow us to see areas where we may still be mind-controlled (also a shadow). As well as, helping us to find ways to release programming in order to operate from a clear vessel/mind space. When we use the stones to meditate with our questions about intel or any situation, they can help us to access clear, higher guidance more easily.

It is very important to understand the magnificent power of our thoughts. And to witness how we are always interacting with Universal energies that create and manifest worlds. We are always interacting with this field, because we are part of it! We are part of the Universe. We directly connect with what some call the ‘Law of Attraction’ or the ‘Law of Magnetism’. We cannot just choose what we are sending out if we have both negative and positive thoughts emanating from us. The Universe responds to both. It is not a punishment when something negative manifests, it is actually a result of thoughts, fears or worrying as we are projecting out into the Universal field. For this reason we must purify our thoughts to manifest only what we truly desire. We must understand that we are pioneers of thought and action. This is part of the reason we are here as awakened beings on Earth right now. We are here to pave the way for those who are not aware of the planetary hostage situation. We are here to anchor light. We are here to be the lighthouses; beacons of light necessary to clear a path for those who cannot see.

We are here to create new ways of thinking and understanding that are being directly anchored into the planetary grid and collective consciousness of Humanity. In turn, it assists those who are newly awakening and manifests as guidance on their path.

For this reason, it is very important for us to hone our abilities to discern truth from deception:

  • To always act with compassion and understanding toward ourselves and others.
  • To act in respectable ways that create role models for those who will need our assistance.

We must be able to relay this information in a calm and factual way to others with integrity.

We must find positive and effective ways for each of us to cope with information that we dislike or that may disturb us on deep levels. We must learn not to react in the ways that the Dark desires us to react! We must support and love each other instead of attack each other or abandon our missions all together. If we attack each other the Dark wins…hands down.

How will your respond to this upcoming disclosure?

How will you respond to full disclosure?

Will you do so with integrity and dignity, or with negativity and step into attack mode?

It is ultimately your choice. But, just understand that one of these choices is much harder on you than the other. If you let new information turn your world upside-down, who will turn it right-side up again?

You can take the necessary steps to hold the light, and hold the torch of truth.

And with it, light the way for your path, and that of others… or you can drop the torch into a realm of distortion and chaos.

We hope you will be a proud Torchholder.