July Interview

R: Best option to get fresh information is to interview your guide, so you get up to date informations. So let’s do it, i just have to tune into her frequency what is more easy as making a phone call. After that she’s being able to share my senses, but let me give a tip for success: Don’t consume other information parallel in same language you want the results, you won’t like such influences. Okay question one is about demonic entities and trickery, why do these ignore cosmic law and intrude humans against their will?

M: All beings have to follow cosmic law, the difference is in their position. Demonic entities are already outlaws and cannot fall deeper, they only lock their path upwards with their actions.

R: Okay so they ignore this chance to clean the mess and climb up the latter again. Please tell me about the difference between embodied and non embodied entities, is there some secret behind?

M: Beings higher evolved as humans at this time can be both, embodied one go to sleep or into longer stasis to act the same as unembodied ones. As ghost form they have extended capabilities, think about the Asian meditation caves where the inhabitants in stasis protect their cave in fluid form.

R: So the term he / she depends on a body the fluid form are bound to and without a body this is not required any more?

M: Well yes that’s it, this way it is okay to address me as ‘she’ because i took a female body for my latest embodiment, that is resting in the military facility. As plain ghost form gender is suspended until you choose again for next embodiment.

R: Let me ask something into a different direction, people reading this may have problems with it. For them it’s impossible to have direct contact with their guide, so they ridicule the capability to do it.

M: What is a normal human behaviour, as long limited to a certain mindset. The human have to allow for himself to evolve to give us permission to educate telepathy again, because every one had it at the beginning. We cannot enforce that, so locking this up for whole life span is widely spread. Jail of the mind can be so tasty, that humans decide to stay in it for several life spans. But they have to do these rounds to evolve, as long it appears boring enough.

R: Many humans are filled to the brim, running the hamster wheel  and feel exhausted form 5 sense input and mass media influence every day, so the cannot imagine more senses.

M: So that’s their choice protected by law, here a guide can only work passive from the background. Okay don’t forget that the power elites, descendants of ancient visitors like to have people in this state for pretty control of their behaviour.

R: We are behind the two year line of active contact, learned so much from your information and tiny hints at day time. Would there be a point when it’s enough for you?

M: There is a job to do, ascension for all humans into their galactic family. So all guides for you will do this until we meet the final goal. Maybe embodied contact at eye height, evolution can take a while. Nice that we met, so you can write my information down.

R: Thanks for that, we will go on and i will write it down to show the few readers that here is nothing to fear about.

Interview June

R: One of the best i can present here, are interviews with my ED. Because that’s more easy than having a telephone call. You have not to dial a number, only to attune to your partners frequency to have a crystal clear communication bridge. So let’s have a deeper look at her latest messages. I like to deepen the knowledge about the artificial machine in humans mind and it’s influence. How does it afflict human senses?

M: Hello friend, yes that should be deepened a bit. Starting from seeing, the mind structure hook up to the eyes, reduce the input through it filters and explain whatever the human put an eye on. That’s why you can put together a group of humans and all experience the same place in different manner. Same goes for smell and taste, the machine sit between and rewrite the information based on it’s drawer of old informations.

R: So the experiencer do experience a rewritten reality?

M: Yes this happens as long the structure is in total power, all input is limited, filtered and explained in a linear stream of thought. It depends on the structure’s focus and how it was cultural pre programmed to experience it’s environment.

R: You mentioned the Annunaki as base creators of that artificial structure?

M: They spliced their genetic material in early humans to have worker slaves, they wanted to have reptiles strength and faster response on a limited base. So they masked their level of consciousness with the structure, the experiencer should become limited to a listener to thoughts. I cannot explain the beauty of a rose here, but every human mind can do that in seconds, through it’s limitation.

R: So how is the control done, how to push people to work into the mines?

M: That’s the other side of the structure, it can be programmed with flat patterns and schemes. Whenever you hear a human say ‘this is right’ you got a response from that limited horizon, pre programmed earlier. Your history books are witness for the ‘to be right’ on earth. People elected the holocaust operators like thy send their children into the war against terror, because it ‘is right’ to do that.

R: Below the line this is some kind of a remote control, so the question is: Who has the remote control?

M: Just take a look into your society , where secret groups behind governments are the real people in power. They own your politics and media to speak with one voice new programs into the mind structure. While all receivers just execute that program, unable to think about it for themselves. The structure has replaced human thinking, it’s not the way it should be and the Annunaki ancestors did.

R: What are the ways to step out?

M: Only the deep insight that you are not your talking head, the structure is artificial. Some do learn to ignore the structures chatter, few get shocked in some ways or use methods to reach the silent mind. If there is no chatter in the mind you will experience for yourself, you have to re-learn that from the long break.

R: Okay so we have the tips for you as reader, like to try it out? It’s also the level of experience where you can contact and talk to others via telepathy.

M: Because telepathy is a danger for total control via the mind….

R: Thank you for that interesting interview.