About this blog and writers

Had you ever looked inside you, turned inside, a different world can be experienced with meditation. Do you know that your brain can persistent awake to a synchronistic coherent mode of operation? In summer 2011 me was kicked to a synchronized silent mind through the ‘Power of Now’ book. What has started a life changing path, cause there aren’t manuals for such experience. So this blog is for the searcher and experiencer, to explain the potentials and scopes of the long predicted consciousness shift. In 2016 my telepathy abilities boost to a new level what result into contact to my co-writer, she like to support this work with insights and informations from the other side.

The articles here are not for legal advice, it take just a fingertip to research the given terms deeper. Most articles appear from multidimensional realms, so for a 3D mind they may look confronting and surreal. This blog is and will be free of charge and we do not beg for money, but for that you will see some advertising placed by WordPress.

You can share these blog posts, if a link to source is included. Thank you, enjoy this blog.


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