Spiritual Tasks Interview

Hello again.

this day i like to talk about the assumed doings if someone claims to be spiritual. It looks for me like some kind of problem, especially if the mind is involved. Again i will do that with Monji as spiritual guide and helper being.

R: Okay lets go, what’s behind spiritual tasks and is which tasks are on the spiritual exerciser list?

M: You have to differ between doing spiritual things and to be spiritual at core.

R: So there is a difference, clear to understand that at first someone’s core must go through a change until spirituality will become the core?

M: Yes the core change is imminent, it’s the change from doing something with the mind and to be different to the mind state.

R: Please give us examples, whats’s about meditation?

M: A spiritual mind need to learn tech and backgrounds and to schedule a meditation time. While a spiritual being don’t need that much meditation, can and do close the eyes for a short while and shutdown in meditation state very rapid.

R: Can confirm this, if the silent mind is part of the inner core these micro meditations are the daily normal.

M: Do you schedule them?

R: No more, just close the eyes somewhere and it goes. Let’s see a behind more complex thing, to be in love.

M: That is more complex, because the mind cannot be in love. Only have a straw fire from emotions or make a deal to give something to collect something else. So this must be simulated and is not the same like a being with love in inner core.

R: For a mind to simulate love while being in anger seems to be a huge problem.

M: It is, look at the couples who swing between love and hate, psychological sick attacks against each other to harass the other into submission.

R: Oh yes the inner core does not know jealousy but the mind does and fight for it. Or as shown in religion, if you have to love maiden maria you cannot love a partner. But let’s have a look at required tasks to switch over.

M: You can say the crux, because the switch state as final goal is protected. Using the maya chart of consciousness, the being have to take a step on the ladder, to get help for the next step. So few tasks are required, where today technical methods like hemisync do exist and can be used for that.

R: In conclusion you have to do some tasks with the mind to reach the switch point.

M: To get the support to pass the switch point.

R: For example to get telepathy to talk with a guide like you. That’s nice, thank you.



7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop

To push a embodied being through the barrier, it’s required to push them even wider. After that, if it was a success they will fall back to the point where physical mind and higher consciousness will melt together. So there is nothing special, as long the being reach and stay at the melting point.

Spiritual road blocks are designed for you to slow down and take a break. Your initial spiritual awakening, may have been so full-blown, that now your mind needs the time to rearrange itself. A reformation of belief systems, perceptions of the world and perceptions of yourself are in order here.

Source: 7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop

Interview Summer

R: Time again for an interview, it’s summer here an the pieces of nature we left sane show up with pretty colors. There was a lot of talk about hemisync in the web, scientific research steps forward and has proofed many of that. But what will be the reaction, will this benefit peoples health?

M: Greetings to you and the readers, technical hemisync methods have the capability to change a lot. But you also see the wind against them, no article in the mainstream to kept people away from it. Fear of the unknown lurking around the corner, people won’t use hemisync at free will. Apart from fact that hemisync will trigger nerve growth in human mind for permanent rewiring.

R: An old german quote say ‘thrown in the oven’ and it seems free of cost hemisync that is available don’t create that much interest. Okay let’s look at the symptoms. because many of them are viewed separate or are unknown from the scientific research.

M: Yes  here especially the Enki backdoor should be named, a rewired mind will occur around three weeks of usage from methods to re-sync the parts of human brain. A frontal lobe triggered with one EEG from below will work with the pineal and telepathy will become normal. Most people are unware what telepathy means at all, it starts with openness to it. Suddenly you will get sixth sense input as overlay on your day time.

R: What cause problems for the majority, they will run to the doctor from these effects. I remind to get informations from tiny animals in my pathway, seeing pictures or short movie clips.

M: It will start with tiny steps, urgent to learn how to handle. To switch between focussed receiver or wideband where you get all the signals from the world around your place. Apart from few shamans on your world are no teachers to help with exercise, that’s why it may took years to handle it the right way.

R: But the guides around are able to teach us in dream state how to handle?

M: Sure they are, but they need some kind of request for deeper methods to not influence human free will.

R: Let’s talk about other symptoms of rewiring, synchronicity, the fear level and calmness.

M: You named them, later rapid cell altering may occur. But first you will experience synchronity in your life as you suddenly can guess the right linear time in your environment. The fear level requires special brain waves that would not be reached if rewired. As you can play with your DMT levels, to expand the five sensed above their boundary, like shamans always did.

R: Okay i see that there is much more to exercise, will go on with this. Can you please give some tips for better telepathy?

M: For focussed telepathy you can use a reminder, that will help to attune to the partners key. While telepathy avoid talk in the same language, while chilled music will help on your journey. Try wideband where ever you walk, the signals are tiny sometimes and your sensibility will grow with that.

R: So there is a lot to do in leisure time, thanks for your information.


Theos on Political Polarity

For all the people who don’t have the opportunity to talk with their guides, let Reuben ask important question from these changing time line. As from my side i got very similar answers, because all these being looking at whole planet earth and the situation at once. So their perspective is from the mountain top and their suggestions are worthy.

You will find more at Reuben Langdons video channel.