Theos on Political Polarity

For all the people who don’t have the opportunity to talk with their guides, let Reuben ask important question from these changing time line. As from my side i got very similar answers, because all these being looking at whole planet earth and the situation at once. So their perspective is from the mountain top and their suggestions are worthy.

You will find more at Reuben Langdons video channel.

As an Empath, Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

Empathy and Telepathy depends on a frequency bridge between beings, so what you have to learn is tuning into or detach from it. All depends on frequency, so you can be happy that the majority runs on various frequencies, otherwise you cannot enter huge groups of people. The empath will recognize frequencies nearby as background noise, so you can exercise detachment in all public places. You can bu or create tools that attune you to a frequency range or help to stay into a special one. If you like that, go and exercise to become better.

Openhearted Rebellion

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

Defining where someone else begins and you end seems like an odd thing to do, but if you are an empath, separation of the “Self” from others, even with all the talk of accepting our connectedness as part of the One, is crucial. Here’s a little insight into why setting personal boundaries is so critical, and why empaths may have an especially difficult time doing it.

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Parents, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Lawyers & Politicians Stand Together in NY Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Ingredients in vaccines are: Mercury, Formaldehyde and Aluminium. So who has permission to put these into your children? I remind from my country, that government took over the peoples choice for final showering. Will time repeat?

Source: Parents, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Lawyers & Politicians Stand Together in NY Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Taken Behind The Woodshed To The Tune Of $2Billion In Punitive Damages

A court is based on hard evidence, so why did Bayer not put a hard evidence study for safety on the table? Simply it does not exist, only placed propaganda exist. Same as for vaccinations with mercury and formaldehyde for the health of children, these are only lies and would make Edward Bernays very proud.

Openhearted Rebellion

By Catherine J. Frompovich, Natural Blaze

May 13, 2019 was not a very lucky day for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the company that purchased Monsanto while also inheriting a backlog of lawsuits. The latest adjudications handed down by the court granting U.S.$1 BILLION in punitive damages to Alberta Pilliod and Alva Pilliod, each respectively, may include several unanticipated “collateral damage” consequences, the first of which could be Bayer’s demise. Hint: Think corporate karma.

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It Turns Out The Demon in Your Life is YOU!

The mind A.I. was placed for control reason and is part of a 3D consciousness. The only way to shut it down is coherence of both hemispheres, what is above 3D and turns the voice offline.

Openhearted Rebellion

By Michele Zina,

Most people let their inner critic playout unchecked or un-analyzed like a demon that they wish wasn’t there. With the Law of Attraction, brutal self-critics see reflected back to them more reasons to under- cut themselves. People and circumstances then fuel the same harsh thoughts and criticism since they represent your Mirror. We live in a world that fixates on exteriors or appearances while all but ignoring who we are inside.

There is a saying “Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are” talking about the importance of who you surround yourself with when relating to the influence your friends have on you. Taking it one step further, look at what or who is influencing you. People don’t often notice that they are influencing themselves often very forcefully with negative self-talk.

I hear disparaging words of criticism coming from people’s mouths…

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Unpleasant Truths – 5-9-19

It’s the end game, only a matter of time when enough people are awakened to push for dramatic change. So the control groups have only two options left.

Higher Density Blog


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Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

There are stages of awakening when we undergo the uncovering of deceit, lies and manipulation, in order to uncover the truth. We may begin to see the complex gaslighting tactics that were covering up true and accurate facts to appear as something it’s not. When a person finally awakens to see the true facts that were hidden beneath a web of lies and deceptions, and they realize these deceptions are being perpetrated to manipulate and control them, they can suddenly react with intense and raw emotions of anger, grief and sadness. Great feelings of betrayal may arise, and are the next stage of the Controller set up, as these situations are intentionally designed in the collective consciousness to harm our hearts, damaging our trust with others.

As the crack of light appears in the center of the dark shadow for some in the…

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