You already know it, time is running out for the old model of consciousness.  It can and will not survive in modern development of intelligent machines, that will soon appear in artificial bone and tissue. Machines that are faster, equipped with A.I. that work and learn faster that human linear thinking mind. These ones will enslave or remove what’s left in the old model. This is a quest about evolution, man has to grow, to use the level of consciousness that most beings in the galaxy use. That interact with telepathy, can cooperate with machines, see time lines and has the deep knowing that the A.I. can only calculate. You have to evolve to the next level, to survive this change, to have the capability for the deep awareness to know your environment. Where you can be the leader and friend of artificial beings around, but not their victim. It depends on your choice, future can be delightful or a mess from your creation that starts NOW. There will be no option left to ignore or bypass these changes.

Scientists are now inventing the “ultimate intelligent machine”, a computer which will beat man in every way. If the machine can outstrip man, then what is man? What are you? What is the future of man? If the machine can take over all the operations that thought does now, and do it far swifter, if it can learn much more quickly, if it can compete and, in fact, do everything that man can — except of course look at the beautiful evening star alone in the sky, and see and feel the extraordinary quietness, steadiness, immensity and beauty of it—then what is going to happen to the mind, to the brain of man? Our brains have lived so far by struggling to survive through knowledge, and when the machine takes all that over, what is going to happen? There are only two possibilities: either man will commit himself totally to entertainment — football, sports, every form of demonstration, going to the temple, and playing with all that stuff — or he will turn inward. ~ J Krishnamurti (A Timeless Spring)

So predicted Krishnamurti a decade-and-a-half before the emergence of the Internet.  I have previously written about technology’s ability to disconnect us from ourselves.  Today, I would like to explore this a bit further.


After performing a series of experiments with hungry rats locked in a box with a lever, behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner coined a term known as “Schedules of Reinforcement” or “Intermittent Reinforcement”.

The experimented went as follows; The rats were divided into two groups  The first group was the Fixed Schedule group who received a food pellet after pressing the lever a fixed amount of times, say 20.  In the second group, known as the Variable Schedule group, the rat earned the food pellet after it pressed the lever a random number of times.  Sometimes it would receive the food after pressing 10 times, and sometimes after pressing 200 times.

To the second group, the arrival of food was unpredictable.  This made the addiction or reinforcement to the lever a lot more stronger.  Skinner found that the first group of rats stopped pressing the lever almost immediately after the food stopped being supplied.  The second group however was a lot more motivated, and they kept on pressing the lever for a very long time afterwards.

After returning from our Involution workshops in Europe where I spent 3 months with no smartphone at all, I’ve become noticeably more aware of the tendency in myself and others of checking our phone constantly like rats waiting for that stimulating fix; that latest Facebook message, status or photo, email, or latest shocking news headline.

Most of the emails and Facebook updates are junk, but every now and again you will get that one little pellet that makes checking your phone once every 10 minutes worthwhile.


One of the feelings that stood out the most from my technological minimalist experience (a candle lit house with no televisions in a 2 km radius), is that I found it a lot easier to center myself.

My mind felt a lot more clear and inspired; I found it a lot easier to be mindful, to find the heart, the center of myself.

I’ve experienced something very similar when researching information.  When I Google something, as you expect, I get a ‘Googol’ of results.  Although I have more information at my disposal, I feel I am retaining a lot less than I do when I solely focus all my attention on a single book of that particular topic.

Linda Stone, a former employee of Apple and Microsoft, has coined the term “continuous partial attention” to describe life in the era of e-mail, instant messaging, cellphones, and other distractions.  And it is this “continuous partial attention” that I feel exactly reflects my own dilemma.

Whenever I immerse myself into an activity, I must do it with the fullest of my heart, with all of my focus and attention encapsulating that action.  It is here that spiritual mindfulness comes into play.


Can externally focused technology and internally focused mindfulness co-exist?  I think they not only can, but they must.

Technology is a tool, an instrument to make our lives easier and better.  But it has its limitations.  Technology cannot fulfill us spiritually, it cannot makes us feel more connected with ourselves – only with the external world.

For spiritual mindfulness to become relevant to our modern day lives, we first have to separate them from the supernatural and mystical baggage   that makes them so difficult for us to accept.

The moment will come when, as technology simplifies our work and our lives, we will realize that just like in the Pixar movie ‘WALL-E’ – physical comfort and mental stimulation isn’t enough.  That we want to feel more meaningful experiences in life than having someone “Like” our witty status updates every few hours.

That moment will see technology reach the point where computers will be able to outperform us, and humans will scratch their heads and ask themselves … What now?

Technology will never be able to write beautiful poetry like Blake, it will never be able to compose musical pieces like Bach.  That is our purpose with soulwork, to focus our attention on our inner world, our emotions, our thoughts and passionate desire to express them, that is what we will have left.  That is all that we will have left.

To live with greater presence, meaning, and mindfulness in the technology age is what we must strive for.

A few years ago a neighbor asked me why I cut my lawn with a push-mower.  I told him that motor-operated lawn mowers are corrupting society; that life is an infinite lawn, a composition of unexciting simple moments with a few ‘spikes’ of stimulation here and there.

Cutting the lawn this way has taught me to cultivate patience, to enjoy a task that is found a chore by most.  Trying to get it over and done with as quickly as possible steals you of the opportunity to engage in the feelings of falling in love with the smells, the textures, the light formations, sounds and everything that simply existing offers.

The paradox is that the more you accept the unexciting aspects of life, the more exciting they become.

Unless we learn to embrace these mundane moments, without avoidance or frustration, without trying to escape the lack of stimulation that this very moment presents, we will never find peace and will insatiably hit that smartphone lever chasing after that food pellet.

Here, I’ll throw you one last pellet in the shape of a video to illustrate all of this.  I hope you enjoy:

Mindfulness can not only coexist with technology, but it can enhance the experience itself.  How often do you sit down on the computer, surf the internet and think “wow, I have infinite information at my fingertips.  I have hundreds of thousands of people from all across planet earth to connect to, if I wish.  I can share my thoughts with thousands of faces from Afghanistan to Albania, and can befriend anyone from any culture from Belarus to Brazil.”  Try it.  You may like it.



E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PCs and Selling Them

Do you remind that we live in a world of choice? So if people choice to recycle a hard license from a company that don’t give a sh** for the environment, this is a violation of their terms and conditions. We the people choose that every PC sold in the world have a microsoft tax in form of the unique license, this allmight do exist from our biased choice to worship microsoft products over everything else.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was released on April 26, it’s completely free and can be copied and used as often you like to. From the people for the people (who ignore it).

John Vibes – Computer technician and E-waste recycler Eric Lundgren is going to prison for 15 months for selling restore disks for computers, which would extend their longevity and allow them to be resold to new users. A federal appeals court in Miami rejected the appeal in his case this week, upholding a federal district judge’s ruling that Lundgren violated Microsoft’s copyright by selling the disks.

Although these restore disks come free with every computer, there is a license key that is tied to the first buyer, which makes it effectively impossible to restore these computers for private sale, that is, unless you want to pay Microsoft for an entirely new license, at which point most people would just choose to buy a new computer.

I am going to prison, and I’ve accepted it. What I’m not okay with is people not understanding why I’m going to prison. Hopefully, my story can shine some light on the e-waste epidemic we have in the United States, how wasteful we are. At what point do people stand up and say something? I didn’t say something, I just did it,” Lundgren told the Washington Post on Monday.

By keeping computers out of landfills for just a few more years, Lundgren was really doing great work for both the environment and people with lower incomes who cannot afford to go out and buy new computers. Even the judge expressed remorse during the sentencing, but still decided to send him to prison for 15 months anyway.

“This is a difficult sentencing because I credit everything you are telling me, you are a very remarkable person. This case is especially difficult, because of who you are today and in terms of who you have become,” Senior U.S. District Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley told him in court last year.

Initially, Microsoft was open about the fact that Lundgren was being prosecuted because his operation negatively impacted their revenue stream. Microsoft lawyer Bonnie MacNaughton wrote in a statement to the judge that “These sales of counterfeit operating systems displaced Microsoft’s potential sales of genuine operating systems.”

However, since the case has gotten so much media attention and many are seeing Lundgren as a hero, Microsoft has changed their tune and are saying that this is a measure that was taken to protect people from malware.

In a statement this week, Microsoft went on the defensive about the prosecution:

Microsoft actively supports efforts to address e-waste and has worked with responsible e-recyclers to recycle more than 11 million kilograms of e-waste since 2006. Unlike most e-recyclers, Mr. Lundgren sought out counterfeit software which he disguised as legitimate and sold to other refurbishers. This counterfeit software exposes people who purchase recycled PCs to malware and other forms of cybercrime, which puts their security at risk and ultimately hurts the market for recycled products.

Lundgren, on the other hand, says that he is going to jail because his plan to reduce e-waste and help the environment got in the way of Microsoft’s business model.

In essence, I got in the way of Microsoft’s profits, so they pushed this into federal court on false pretense,” Lundgren said. “This was false and inaccurate testimony provided by Microsoft in an attempt to set a precedent that will scare away future recyclers and refurbishers from reusing computers without first paying Microsoft again for another license.”


A Dream

While in real planet earth is on the path down, cannot uphold our parasitic behaviour against soil, air and water. So at the end we will have an ‘Interstellar’ scenario where the last people on earth die off in their own trash, while only a pair will start a colony somewhere in space.

Here’s the story seen from a different perspective.


To control large amount of population, you need to degrade their horizon into something that is very small and limited, so that easy commands lead to results. That’s reason for an old control agenda that was placed on planet earth to reach a wide level of control.

But such idea must be 360° and waterproof to get the desired results. So you need to keep the level of thinking flat while you serve the flat level with matching flat informations. An overall level of artificial stupidity need to be maintained with large amounts of energy, otherwise what’s lying behind will shine through the edges. To fit the same agenda religion and government have to work together, to keep societies horizon at a fixed level, preset by a education system for all the children.

All that started after the Annu’s did create the homo sapiens by splicing in their own parts to have more intelligent worker slaves. Sure they should be intelligent and equipped with some kind of connector that controls their behaviour. So the Annu’s did splice their kind of brain structure, but disconnected the parts and make them run in different frequencies to make cooperation a problem. So a limited type of consciousness was placed into the left brain side running up to 40 hertz, so that the right side with it’s lower frequency wont fit and the frontal lobe above is struggled by these frequency chaos. But below the line the programmable flatline interpreter was born, perfect isolated from the higher connected right side with it’s alpha and theta waves and from frontal lobe with it’s moral and higher intelligence.

Trough the aeons after the Annu’s left earth, their descendant hybrids started to maintain the flatland knowledge into the occult, wiped and cleared informations about, witch hunted keepers of knowledge down. So today the chaos as result could not be more bad, because the majority of rulers are under the same spell of flatland, they rule from the limited perspective and history books show you the evidence.

The good point of the story is, that manipulated systems naturally like to swing back to normal. Human brain is ready to step back to full cooperation and the flatland left brain system will crumble with it’s chattering voice, that’s why so many helpers try to support at the times to push society into wholeness again.

Real UFOs from moon and space

What is shown here can be spotted by everyone with a telescope or a good camera, can be highlighted and investigated on computers. But officials wont tell us ‘this is ours’ or ‘it’s there but we don’t know what it is’. The officials try to ridicule what can be experienced from everyone on a daily level. How stupid do they think society is?