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Like to ‘see’ such clips, this one is about the the right horizon. Energetic shifts from the sun and magnetic fields, to adjust the mode of consciousness back to it’s origin. So the big question at the end, when will that happen? Answer: If YOU create your event!





To control large amount of population, you need to degrade their horizon into something that is very small and limited, so that easy commands lead to results. That’s reason for an old control agenda that was placed on planet earth to reach a wide level of control.

But such idea must be 360° and waterproof to get the desired results. So you need to keep the level of thinking flat while you serve the flat level with matching flat informations. An overall level of artificial stupidity need to be maintained with large amounts of energy, otherwise what’s lying behind will shine through the edges. To fit the same agenda religion and government have to work together, to keep societies horizon at a fixed level, preset by a education system for all the children.

All that started after the Annu’s did create the homo sapiens by splicing in their own parts to have more intelligent worker slaves. Sure they should be intelligent and equipped with some kind of connector that controls their behaviour. So the Annu’s did splice their kind of brain structure, but disconnected the parts and make them run in different frequencies to make cooperation a problem. So a limited type of consciousness was placed into the left brain side running up to 40 hertz, so that the right side with it’s lower frequency wont fit and the frontal lobe above is struggled by these frequency chaos. But below the line the programmable flatline interpreter was born, perfect isolated from the higher connected right side with it’s alpha and theta waves and from frontal lobe with it’s moral and higher intelligence.

Trough the aeons after the Annu’s left earth, their descendant hybrids started to maintain the flatland knowledge into the occult, wiped and cleared informations about, witch hunted keepers of knowledge down. So today the chaos as result could not be more bad, because the majority of rulers are under the same spell of flatland, they rule from the limited perspective and history books show you the evidence.

The good point of the story is, that manipulated systems naturally like to swing back to normal. Human brain is ready to step back to full cooperation and the flatland left brain system will crumble with it’s chattering voice, that’s why so many helpers try to support at the times to push society into wholeness again.

Real UFOs from moon and space

What is shown here can be spotted by everyone with a telescope or a good camera, can be highlighted and investigated on computers. But officials wont tell us ‘this is ours’ or ‘it’s there but we don’t know what it is’. The officials try to ridicule what can be experienced from everyone on a daily level. How stupid do they think society is?


Many biologic weapons build together in deep underground laboratories were released in countries to see what happens. The famous is AIDS for example, rolled out to target parts of the community. There are also experiments with parasites to control humans through them, in all cases the sickness and methods to cure are suppressed to keep the experiment going on. Especially in the US where a president signed an Executive Order that all people on US soil gave permission to ABC weapon tests. So don’t be wondered for the morgellons disease in the US. Deeper information about this disease can be found at Harald Kautz Vella who researched it for years in environment biology. My first tip is to do an image search to see photos from victims. Thanks to Dr Farrell to address this spreading problem.



Occasionally I run across a story about the mysterious disease called Morgellon’s, and I have to blog about it, since one of my friends is a sufferer from this phenomenon. It has become so widespread that it has been one of the stories being tracked by the alternative media for many years, but of course, the “disease” – if indeed that is what it is (which we’ll get back to) – was not even admitted to exist by the lamestream corporate controlled media, nor by quackademia and its sufferers were even vilified as “imagining” things. Well, in my friend’s case, I’ve personally witnessed the pain, seen the lesions, and seen the strange, fibrous material – which turned out to be a kind of plastic on analysis from his physician – which grew from them. My friend, like many Morgellon’s sufferers, also informed me that the fibrous material seems particularly sensitive to electromagnetic energy, the fibers acting like hundreds of tiny antennae, and causing a sensation like tiny insects crawling just beneath the skin.

Well, now at least, according to this article shared by Ms. K.M., the existence of the phenomenon has at least been admitted. But there is a major “catch”, as we shall see:

Scientific Study Sheds Light on Morgellons as an Infectious Disease

To begin with, the article notes the actual existence of the phenomenon:

Morgellons disease is a poorly understood condition characterized by spontaneously occurring, slowly healing skin lesions containing multicolored filaments and accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, joint and muscle pain and neurological problems, according to a recent report published in the ‘International Journal of General Medicine.’

The review paper titled Morgellons Disease: A Filamentous Borrelial Dermatitis was written by Calgary microbiologist Marianne Middelveen and San Francisco internist, Dr.Raphael Stricker of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS). The skin condition is often linked to Lyme disease, a tickborne illness that has reached epidemic proportions throughout the USA.

But now comes the twist, for this new study links the fibrous material to Lyme disease, the tick-born disease that afflicts many people after tick bites:

Previous research funded by the CEHMDF has shed light on the mysterious illness. Rather than textiles, worms or parasites, the characteristic colorful filaments found in Morgellons skin lesions are composed of collagen and keratin produced by skin cells. The filaments can display some hair-like features and the blue coloration is caused by melanin pigmentation. The red coloration remains a mystery at present.

“There are no known blue textile fibers colored by melanin,” explains Middelveen “thus Morgellons fibers are of biological origin”.

A number of peer reviewed published studies have shown that Morgellons skin lesions are associated with Lyme disease. The causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, and other closely related bacteria have been detected in Morgellons skin lesions. “This finding has been reproduced at four independent laboratories,” says Dr. Éva Sapi of the University of New Haven. “Thus the association between infection and Morgellons disease is reproducible if the correct detection methods are used.”

Now I do not, for a moment, dismiss the findings of this paper. Indeed, if some of the skin lesions contain the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium, that would seem to indicate some sort of connection.

But here’s my problem: in my friend’s case, he lives in a heavily urban area not widely known for the presence of wood ticks. He, and his physician, are convinced that the fibers they have seen  (which also on analysis contained plastics and even metal-like substances) were not caused by any such delivery vector, but rather, by the constant chemical spraying which takes place in his part of the country. As he has told me that his symptoms increase when this activity increases. One can imagine other potential vectors for the delivery of the infection: medicines, food supply, vaccines, and so on. And he is not alone in the Morgellon’s community in his hypothesis about the spraying or the very strange nature of the fibers found in Morgellon’s lesions.

So where’s the high octane speculation here?

Firstly, I suspect, though certainly cannot prove, that we might be looking at some sort of “limited hangout position.” This is certainly not to impugn the hard work of these scientists. Quite the reverse. They’ve provided the first public acknowledgement of the existence of the phenomenon, and that is a major step forward for Morgellon’s sufferers, for as the article itself indicates, many were simply dismissive of the whole thing as being some sort of “mental illness”, which in my friend’s case – an engaging and intelligent man hardly given to mental fantasies – simply is not true. These scientists, by studying a disease many of their colleagues would deny even existed, exhibited some major moral courage.

But nonetheless, we might be looking at a limited hangout, for the possibility arises that we might be looking at a kind of weaponized version of the bacterium causing Lyme’s disease, perhaps a genetically engineered one working in concert with other technologies, delivered through spraying and other vectors.

In short, the discussion of Morgellon’s has come a long way with this scientific research, but I strongly suspect that it has a long way to go.

See you on the flip side…

About Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.





Learning and Remembering Inter-dimensional Light Language–Arcturians through Sue Lie

This is an urgent information about the telepathic transport layer, it offers the ability to have teachings where ever you are. Blocks of information flow into your mind while sitting in the bus, have interesting talks with other telepathic beings. You can also radiate information to your surroundings, that feed them this way. It’s about a 3D world that is an illusion because the levels above are already here and everything is in a subtle communication around you. Like to be a part of it?



Learning and Remembering
The Inter-dimensional Communication of Light Language
The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie
Again, you may find your heart and mind hanging around our higher dimensional group of the Masters, Angels, Elohim. You see, “The beginning of the Beginning” is beginning. We, the Arcturians are always with you and are playing an increasingly different role in what was once known as your “time.”
As the frequency streamers of the emergence of the “fifth dimensional concepts, feelings, and memories” come forth to integrate within your consciousness, you are beginning to release many of your third dimensional emotions and reactions to your Time and Space Operating System.
As you release your attachments to your Third Dimensional, Time/Space Operating System, you will find that gradually, or all at once, you will return to your innate, fifth dimensional, Here/Now Operating Systems.
We know that “you,” meaning any person, place, situation, or thing that is on the Path of Ascension, are coming closer and closer to the experience of consciously perceiving the frequency expansion of your reality into the fifth dimension.
It is within this fifth dimensional reality that the third/fourth dimensional energy fields merge and transmute into fifth dimensional energy fields. As you feel these streams of energy advancing towards each other, like two streams rushing towards a reunion, you can feel that something is changing, or is it transmuting?
“Changing” means that something is different than it was before the change. “Transmuting” means that something has expanded into a higher frequency of resonance.
Right NOW, the ascending ones, as well as the ascension process, is in between the frequency of your fifth dimensional consciousness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody and the third dimensional consciousness of your earth vessel.
You note that we say, “consciousness of earth body,” as it is your state of consciousness that dictates the frequency of your earth vessel, rather than your earth vessel dictating the frequency of your consciousness.
Of course, your consciousness and your physical body have a very deep relationship and a greater interaction than most humans understand. However, please remember that:
The frequency of your consciousness determines your perceptions, and the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live. Therefore, the highest frequency of your consciousness will be the first component of your SELF that will return to its innate fifth dimensional resonance.
Then, once your consciousness has fully accepted the resonance of the fifth dimension, your physical body will begin to slowly transmute into higher and higher frequencies of resonance.
Of course, some areas of your body will transmute quite quickly, while other areas of your body will take longer to transmute, as they will need to complete their healing and/or the release of old “effluvia.”
During the NOW in which you are in-between…
The YOU who has NOT YET completed your visit to the third/fourth dimensional version of Gaia, AND the YOU who has completed your many visits to third/fourth dimensional Earth, are ready to return to your fifth dimensional version of Earth.
Your visits to fifth dimensional Earth, your fifth dimensional Starship and/or your fifth dimensional Homeworld, have often been when your earth vessel is sleeping, or when you are in such deep meditation that you expanded your brainwaves to “Gamma Waves.”
These Gamma Waves resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension. Therefore, they assist your third/fourth dimensional consciousness to expand into your fifth dimensional consciousness.
At first, your fifth dimensional streams of consciousness will be invisible to your physical self. However, as you continually activate your fifth dimensional brainwaves, you will gradually re-calibrate your brain to send these fifth dimensional energy waves to the language area of your third dimensional body.
Each of you, according to your desire and experience, will translate these fifth dimensional brainwaves into the language area of your third dimensional brain. At first, you may experience these “messages” via visions, which you will “translate” into messages.
When you “read a picture”, you innately use your fifth dimensional consciousness because a picture can contain many messages at once. “Light language,” which is “fifth dimensional language” is best sent to another via a mental picture which can have many meanings within the same NOW.
When you tune into Light Language, you do not experience separate words lined up individually. Instead, you experience the gestalt, which is the entire message regarded as a whole.
At first, your experience of Light Language may feel very “emotional” because your body FEELS it, but your eyes and ears may, or may not even be seeing or hearing it.
It is for this reason that humans often have a difficult time with Light Language, as it calls on different areas of the brain to receive it, as well as different areas of the brain to translate the message to your third dimensional communication system.
For example, if you read information, you will be able to consciously experience it because you are accustomed to “reading” information written on a page. Your physical eyes have been trained to combine efforts with your physical brain to understand the words that are written before you.
You are also accustomed to “hearing” information via your physical ears. The information that enters your hearing is routed to the area of your physical brain which has been trained (by you) to read. You can also use your motor skills to write or type this message because you have trained yourself to do so.
You may also recognize when “Beta Wave Messages” are routed to your physical body. In this case, you will likely feel a physical urge to “attend” to inner or outer stimuli, so that you can understand the message that this “physical feeling is giving you.”
With practice, you will remember to allow your body to tell you that there is something that you it wants you to do. An example of this would be that your body tells you that it is hungry and wants to eat, or is thirsty and wants something to drink.
You physical body may also tell you that you are very tired, or you are having an emotional reaction to something. As you attend to the many different types of “light language,” that your body is “speaking to you” via the synaptic, light flashes from neuron to neuron, you will learn the “Light Language of YOUR body.”
As you begin to “listen to your body” you will become more familiar with the manners in which your body gives you messages about its needs or your safety. These “silent messages” are Light Language messages that travel through your body via your synaptic firings, waft through your consciousness and activate certain areas of your physical body.
The more you are aware of these incoming messages, the more you will learn/remember how to more clearly identify them and to “speak the language of your body,”
As you feel more and more comfortable with recognizing the different waves of energy, you will be able to more quickly and accurately identify the frequency of reality that is attempting to communicate with you.
Sometimes, it is your “inner child” who wants to send you a message. Other times it could be your inner teenager, a unspoken message from a parent or friend, or even a message from an animal with whom you have a close relationship.
Also, if you enjoy Nature and spend time with the plants, trees, insects, wind, sun, sky, etc., you will learn/remember how to talk with Nature. Those who love to garden can always tell when a plant is saying, “I need water.” or “Can I have more fertilizer?”
Please be aware that you are the “unconscious” creator of frequency waves that you “send out” and/or “attract” to your earth vessel. The challenge is to consciously attend to energy waves, plants, animals and even the atmosphere, in order to speak “light language” with these beings.
“How is this light language?” you may ask.
These forms of inter-species, and even human to human, communication do NOT include using third dimensional words. There is a great deal of information that can be gained and shared within a single human word, but the emotions that carry that word to the receiver of the message is often more important than the words that are spoken.
Ask a farmer or a fisherman how they know what they know about inter-species communication. One of their answers is that they have been taught, or learned, how to deeply observe Nature in order to communicate with it.
What if humans first observed other humans before they began a conversation? That would be a form of Light Language because they are NOT using individual words, sentences and paragraphs that are written or typed on a page. Nor are they using language that is spoken or written in words and sections.
Instead, they are “hearing” and “seeing” energy fields. When you can calibrate your consciousness to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy patterns, you will learn/remember how to identify energy fields.
In fact, you will remember how to consciously identify the frequencies of reality to which YOU have CHOSEN to relate and merge your consciousness.
It is best, and easiest, if you begin this process by learning/remembering Light Language, which is the language of “inter-dimensional communication.” By being conscious of the difference between a third dimensional energy stream and a fourth dimensional energy stream.
Then you can progress into recognizing a fifth dimensional energy stream, which can lead you into recognizing the “Inter-dimensional Light Streamers.” The fifth dimension is the “cross-over” dimension from the third/physical and fourth/astral energy fields.
The fifth dimensional, energy streams are often identified as “Light Streamer” because fifth dimensional streams of information have a great deal more Light, then the other energy streamers.
These Inter-dimensional Light Streamers, have been increasingly creating, maintaining, and guarding YOU, our brave warriors, to take an Earth Vessel within this VERY difficult now.
Fifth dimensional Light Streamers are increasingly creating, maintaining, and guarding our Ascending Ones. We, your Galactic Family, are also assisting you to fully remember and complete your assignment of opening and protecting the Fifth Dimensional Light Portals.
There are many portals around Gaia’s Earth, but they can only be perceived via a fifth dimensional and beyond state of consciousness. Therefore, the Lost Ones will NOT have access to these portals, or to any of the ascending ones who are using and/or protecting them.
We wish to state again that many do not realize that these fifth dimensional streamers exist. They are also unaware that these fifth dimensional energy streamers, are opening within this NOW to guide the Ascending Ones to initiate, repeat and continue all the many stages of  “Remembering Your Return.”
Remembering your Return includes “remembering to share the story of your own Inter-dimensional experiences. We also ask that you remember that rather than thinking of ascension as a “reality shift,” think of it as a “Frequency Shift.”
It is not that it is your entire reality that will need to transmuted, as that is more than is possible given the current status of your planet. Instead, we ask that you think of this transition as a FREQUENCY SHIFT.
A Frequency Shift is a means by which you can expand your consciousness, and hence expand the experience of your present “Earth Reality.” It is getting closer and closer to the NOW when you will need to choose the frequency to which you wish to resonate.
The “Frequency Shift” is getting closer and closer to the NOW in which you will need to choose. What you may not know, and no one will tell you as they do not know either, is that YOU will need to find the answers within your SELF.
We say “SELF” because we mean your own Multidimensional SELF is the only ONE who can guide YOU. Each of you have a piece of the “puzzle of ascension.” Therefore, each of you are called on to find, hone and protect your puzzle piece so that you can  share and combine it with ALL the other personal, puzzle pieces.
In closing, we the Golden Ones, Arcturians and/or the Ascending Ones, have been coming to the consciousness of humanity more and more.  Therefore, they all want to remind us, those wearing a 3D earth vessel, that:
When you stand before the Ascended ONES at the threshold to the fifth dimension, you will have feelings that you cannot remember having before because within that NOW, there is definitely something different about your Earthly consciousness.
Surrounding dear Gaia, there is a “place” or “energy field” that is beginning its transmutation from the time/space of the third/fourth dimension, and into the fifth dimension of the HERE and NOW.
Therefore, remember your Light Language,
As it is the Golden Path that will guide you HOME.
Blessings from the Golden Ones, the Arcturians and the Ascending Ones
Please join Lauren Galey and I as we
“Remember our Innate Language of Light”

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Decoding Light Language 3
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