Paul Ferrini – Dark Night of the Soul

Nice moment to remember, this was seven years back for me. The few months of massive change, let go of mental noise from the speaker. Receiving new abilities, got coherence as normal day brain state. Fallen from egocentrism to horizontally mode and this triggers a massive shift. So that many friends and even family members won’t understand what was happened, some leave because of incompatibility. So yes for my part Paul Ferrini tells it right, there is no change without change and stepping through the dark night of the soul experience for a while. Directly into a phase when you let go these incompatible friends.

Send a TELEPATHIC Message to Anyone and Get Proof within 48 Hours

Remind the frequency bridge, a simple magic that bridge two beings through telepathy to exchange various data. Only that makes it possible for me to write a blog article, because from my level i don’t have a 3D vessel to do that.

Found this nice explanation video, listen and exercise to do the same. Become telepathic again and maybe you got real contact to your spiritual guide.Or you home pet, friends who like to try new things too.

Thanks to AJ.

Love Vs. Being In Love

Here is something to learn how the ego machine in your mind is working, the straw fire, the rush, a produced feeling that man misinterpret as love. It’s the base for so called love sickness, jealousy, envy and sometimes trigger for rage and aggression. Addiction for another person to own it.

Love Vs. Being In Love

Being in love

Love is different from “being in love.” We actually need a new word for “being in love” (an updated vocabulary, as Jacque Fresco proposed).

To be in love with someone is indeed a mental illness, an addiction. Being in love is selfish, egotistical and obsessive. It is about your needs above anything else. You need the other person in your life, just like an addict needs his drugs.

The truth is, the human brain gets easily addicted to the things that it likes: sugar, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sex, prescription and illegal drugs and even other people.

We’ve all surely heard how someone “became obsessed” with another person, but the truth is they actually became “addicted“. And the obsessive behavior was their response to the addiction. It’s no different to the obsession of junkies, who do anything in their power to get the drug that they so desperately need.

The drug of those who are “in love” is another person, but they treat that person like an object, not a real human being, with feelings and needs. They want their fix, and they go to great extents to get it.


Love, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. To love someone is a selfless act, putting the needs of the other person above yours. That’s why you can love an animal, for example, but you cannot be “in love” with it.

And because you put the needs of the other person above yours, you will always want what’s best for them, even if that means going on separate ways. You will, of course, miss the other person, but without becoming obsessed with their presence.

Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” (later reinterpreted by Whitney Houston) beautifully describes such a separation:

I hope life treats you kind,
And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of.
And I wish you joy and happiness,
But above all this I wish you love.

I wish you all Love,