The Experience

Listen what people say, that have taken an overdose of DMT. Normally your pineal gland produce it and will leak it out in tiny doses, so you got effects on normal days. Means that DMT is the fuel to expand your consciousness, like in the Dune movie. It fuels latent telepathy, hyper dimensional input and contact, listening to the experiencer you see that a linear mind has problems to handle and describe it at all.

Better said the this way, without tiny DMT doses in your body you are disconnected.

Are you a Control Freak?

So what’s the difference between?

I did it my way / I did it the way

One is enforced living through a programmed mind, the other is pure magic.

Are you a Control Freak? Control blocks the flow of miracles

controlThe Angels – We wish to be very loving with you today as we address a sensitive topic– one that if properly understood can grant you great freedom and grace, and this is the subject of “control.”

You have a saying on earth about certain individuals on your planet – “Oh he’s a control freak! She’s a control freak!” You say it as if this is an unusual ailment, but as we see it (and we say this with love), almost every human being upon the earth is a “control freak” in one way or another.

We are not saying that most of you have any conscious desire whatsoever to bend others to do your bidding! Most of you would never dream of dictating another’s choices, nor coercing them to do your will. Most of you would say, “I have no desire to control anyone else.” We believe you! However, control can show up in very subtle and self-sabotaging ways.

For example, say you want to help someone you dearly love. Suppose they are sick or engaging in unhealthy behaviors. You teach them about proper nutrition. You share information that can help them. You suggest they see healers, counselors, intuitives, etc. All of these are very loving and kind suggestions.

What do you do however, when this individual wants nothing to do with your kind offerings? What do you do when they continue to engage in behaviors that continue to hurt them, and in turn hurt you? Can you simply love them, allow them their path, and take care of your own joy? Or do you get frustrated and upset with them – angry that they won’t listen to you or accept your help?

With all love and respect, we must point out that getting frustrated with another when they won’t listen is really a symptom of being frustrated with yourself… because you can’t control them! Even if your desire is to assist someone you love dearly, you can’t force them bend to your will.

Love offers. It doesn’t insist. Love allows. It doesn’t judge. Love is deeply honest and allows you to say, “I love you and care about you and want you to be happy and healthy but I no longer know what to tell you since you don’t like my suggestions. I pray you find another way. It hurts me to watch you hurt. I’m going to go take charge of my own joy and well being. I’ll be here if you need my assistance or suggestions. I’ll be honest about what resonates with me and what does not.”

Then dear ones, allow yourselves your own health well-being, and joy, whereupon your loved one may feel a bit left out and perhaps tend to their own a little more carefully!

A second example of subtle control happens within your own psyche, when you want something and don’t know what to do to make it come about. You want more money and don’t know how to generate it. You want to heal a relationship and don’t know how to do so. You want to find a new job but you haven’t yet had any success. You want to solve a problem but don’t know where to turn.

This is where most human minds start to take control! You worry. You over analyze. You search for solutions far past the heart’s true desire to do so. You are trying to control the outcome, instead of relaxing into the arms of the Divine…

Give your problems to the Creator. Relax. Enjoy your day and understand that when the time comes to act you will be guided.

Our wish for all of you is that you would learn to notice, love, and soothe your inner control “freak.” Reassure this part of yourself. Tell them that when you can’t control another, you can love them through their lessons. Remind this part of yoruself, that when you don’t know what to do, the universe does.

Speak to this part of yourself as you would speak to a worried child. It is simply a part of you that wants so much more for yourself or the world, yet doesn’t know how to get there.

When your inner “control freak” learns to F.R.E.A.C. (Finally Release Every Attempt to Control!) you will experience immense relief! You’ll rest, knowing that you are deeply loved and guided. You’ll breathe easy, knowing the universe has your back. You’ll release yourself from being responsible for other adults, knowing that each soul must choose their path and the accompanying lessons.

Releasing control in the situations where you really don’t have it is the secret to enjoying a life of deep, and abiding peace… no matter what the world or those around you choose.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. – The Angels


Stages to telepathy

To say the few are chosen is not the best term, most alien races do surveillance of the people on earth. Looking for their frequency and field output, waiting for the ones reaching a point that you like to call ‘the awaken one’. A state of being where the ego mind dominance break and man will return to his natural bindings.

That’s the time, when races from other planets take a closer look for getting a ‘yes’ on the question of support and help for individuals. Because you all know there is no UFO landing at the White House lawn, because it would be shoot down and the guests killed first.

The way left is working with individuals, if they are ready to do it. Many did soul contracts before entering earth in the flesh vehicle, inhale some years of bad experience before awakening to follow the wished path. A lot fails here, the elitist stranglehold to the programmed mind machine is very brilliant and strong.

But the ones who make it, cause an alert for us for passive contact, to remind them to their path. If we get a yes as permission the work will start, at first they must become telepathic again. The trainee requires a few month of adjustments, so if he / she become telepathic information may see interesting graphic patterns.  If basic translation is installed and ready, we confront them with pet telepathy, so they learn to exchange informations with their pets. Most of them exercise it because they are curious about their new ability. This phase of training may take some years for them to exercise focus, shutdown and filter abilities. After that the final state is full communication in speech and graphics, here the probate get the first greeting and learn how to deal with block information transfer for speech. Telepathy transfers block information, not linear talk like a limited mind do.

This was about the stages many people experience these days, a learning curve that ends in full contact to some kind of guide. Because of the agreement and active part as pupil the human now has a guide to learn what is hidden in the occult. That what was replaced by artificial elitist information to keep people apart from their natural being.

Hope this may helped someone, experience effects from the teaching. Have patience for your first contact, there will be enought time last to step on later.

Cursed Silence?

As culture with deliberated mind programming the artificial noise from left mind is declared normal and silence seen as curse and enemy that need to be fight against. Let me guarantee there is nothing more a curse than the artificial noise from the programmed drill sergeant dictating your daily way. Freedom and peace is silence, something that can only be experienced if someone reach that point for a short while.

The Silence (Lyrics)

Looking Back On What I’ve Done,
I Know I Could Not Give Enough,
You Would Fill Me With Your Love,
It Used To Hold Me Up.

I Fight To Feel At All,
And I Know It Won’t Be Back Again,
I Steal Myself To Sorrow,
Because It Always Comes.

And Though You See Me,
I’m Far Away, Far Away,
Yeah, You Got To Move On,
I Fear The Silence,
Because It Always Comes.

Still You Linger In My Head,
I See You The Way I Saw You Then,
There Were Fingers On My Skin,
They Used To Warm Me Up.

We Lie To Keep The Peace,
But I Know We’re Close Now To The End,
I Fear The Silence,
Because It Always Comes.

And Though You See Me,
I’m Far Away, Far Away,
Yeah, You Got To Move On,
I Fear The Silence,
Because It Always Comes,
Because It Always Comes.

Now There’s Nothing Left Unsaid,
I Love You And I Won’t Soon Forget,
Yeah, There Were Stars In Our Eyes,
We Both Know The Fire Was Meant To Die.

Please, Please Forgive Me,
I’ve Let Go And Now I Have To Run,
Leave Me To Discover,
Who I Am And I Who Will Become.

Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure

In this interesting question and answer Tracy Dolan speaks over meditation and silencing the left mind. To make proof that it is the left brain automata that makes so much noise, that you are disconnected from all effects based on the silent mind. These are in fact telepathy, requires the silence to focus to the ‘open channel’ as also remote viewing that require your connection. You can only do that with an ‘open mind’ that is not disturbed by mental noise from the apparatus.

Behind the Veil

The crack in reality depends on experience, there are the ones who have already changed their consciousness. As there are the ones so entangled to the old consciousness, to keep it by free will. But this difference matters, to pierce the veil change in required. That’s why so many people unable to understand the veil and what’s behind, they ridicule what they cannot experience by their limits.