Block Informations

Channeling as known is not done with the mind, you will receive block of informations that contain sentences and after that the next block. They will appear out of thin air, without delay and it’s your turn to write them down or like many live channelers to speak them out. If you try to understand what’s coming in with the mind, you got a problem that destroy the original information because mind does not have a clue about the material from higher plane beings.

You can formulate questions in words or send pictures to your contact and if it is no non-sense you will receive immediate answer 24/7 because the contact does never sleep or is to lazy for an answer. This is easy and every training establish the bridge even better.

Best to catch an being on the other side, is to focus your attention to something that’s known from it. Try out and have fun!

Flow with inner silence

Some features require deeper explanation, not so many have experienced the silent mind for now. Because it depends on the coherent mind state, where the chatter in the mind is gone. The real you need to think in words, or there is no talk in the mind anymore. Same domain is base for the flow state, or better said you can do your daily work from within the flow state, without having thought in your mind.

Flowing is the deeper insight real vision, an operation mode that let you do things different, because now they appear from a spectrum of available opportunities. If you have reached coherence, you will run in this mode as daily normal, informations flow through you, ready get picked up for usage. This is nearly the same level of consciousness like beings without body have in their experience. Our scientist may call this quantum computing and try to mimic it with technology, while they don’t allow themselves to reach that quantum point in their life.

So guess why the flow state need a better matching kind of consciousness? It’s not only by the pure amount of data passing through, it’s also to have the ability to peek the data, without being emotionally glued to the pieces. Means what really cannot be understood until you reach this point with creation acceptance. Means that people who create war by free will, deserve war from universal law. To be in the flow will shudder the experience by seeing peoples behavior in true light, will show you time lines from their creation to the end result. You will see the people create 180 degree against their wanted results, but you are unable to tell them, because in their mind programmed perception model it’s aligned.

It’s easy to say i want that new consciousness, but keep in mind that you will get it with a lot of features to sustain the world freed of lies.

No bonbons left, C-Clear now.

7 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Highly Awakened

Sneaky change arise in life until other reflect your change to you. Because your coherent mind work in a different way and fetch much more input as 5 sense limited people near your.

7 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Highly Awakened


Awakening is a process which introduces you to the awareness of your spiritual self and your innate spiritual potential. It opens up your mind to different perspectives and a different angle of view which holds answers to many situations and questions.

Through the process of awakening, you are steadily learning new information that will eventually introduce you to the awakened state. The important thing about awakening is that it starts happening to those who are ready enough to experience it.

Awakening can come in many forms and being awakened is by no means the final result of the process. Being awakened can occur in different stages, and one of those stages is the state of being highly awakened.

The stage of being highly awakened possesses unique qualities that require a lot of work on to perfect. I myself have gone through many of the lessons that this state brings, and trust me, they are harder with every step – but very worthwhile.

They are all important steps to understanding yourself and your environment from a deeper and higher perspective at the same time.

So here are 7 things people don’t realize you’re doing because you’re highly awakened:

1. You are aware of it, and you want to help others to awake too

In a state of such high consciousness, you will know that you are highly awakened. The first lesson that will pop up to you is also your first trait. You know you are highly awake and you know how to get there (you start remembering the road).


With this knowledge, you want to help other people awake and start their journey. The thing is, it’s not as simple as that. People awake at their own pace, and you can’t force change even if you know it’s for their best interest.

Some people don’t want to be awakened – they are not ready for that yet. Trying to wake them up at the wrong time means trying to give them an unripe fruit to taste. You need to respect the other people’s stage of awareness and let them grow at their own pace, just like you did.

2. You start questioning everything around you and everything about you 

Being highly awakened means possessing the old qualities of perception and new qualities that have emerged with this state. Because of this, you start looking at everything twice – you start questioning everything you knew.

The beautiful thing about this kind of perception is that you begin to discover the connection between everything you used to know. You begin to understand things better and you start to see how these things work.

This comes everywhere from beginning to understand a person’s attitude or habits to the importance of all the knowledge you have gathered about the world around you. The aim of this stage is to shift to the new kind of perception completely. And trust me – it’s life changing.

3. You start following your innate instincts

Many perceive instincts as something animalistic and believe that instincts have been replaced by societal habits and teachings. This is maybe why humanity is going in such a wrong direction. Instincts are the innate ability of our body to heal and nurture itself.

Simple as it is, in this state you start listening to your body and it speaks to you loudly! You can notice your feeding patterns, your choice of food and the shift in attitude towards many toxic foods and medications that you didn’t use to consider as harmful.

It will first appear as some kind of ‘urges’ for a particular food or activity (without you being aware that your body is talking to you). It’s important that you start paying attention to how these things connect to your health and your wellbeing. You will notice the pattern.

4. You shift your conversations to heavier topics

As you progress in the state of being highly awakened, you will notice that the topics you prefer for ‘small talk’ aren’t that small at all. You start detesting gossip and blatant blabbering about nothing important. You stop talking about celebrities and their ‘intriguing’ lives. You stop talking about unimportant events.

“Oh, they mixed up the Oscar!!” won’t work for you anymore. You would rather talk about the importance of genuine feelings, truthfulness to oneself and the others or the sad ignorance of the world. With every topic, you would go deeper into the cause and effect of even the simplest things.

The thing is, many people won’t always understand you and will not be ready to let go of their reality. This is why you may sometimes seem difficult for people to talk to. It’s not the people who are wrong and it’s definitely you who is right. You are just speaking different languages and you will eventually learn to say those same things in their language.

5. You feel the need to isolate yourself from time to time

Being highly awakened means being able to sense all the vibrations and energies around you and live them out. The increased sense of empathy and awareness makes you want to take a rest from all of that. And the best way to do it is to have your ‘alone time’.

Isolating yourself from the environment may range anywhere from giving yourself a few hours of the day where you ignore all messages on your phone to going away for a few days in nature – alone. You use this time to recharge and rebalance yourself.

You may not be aware of this process, as you may be doing it instinctively. I remember when I used to disappear from everywhere and be happy with it ‘for no particular reason’. The more you learn from the silence, the easier you will enter that state at any time and anywhere.

6. Your priorities start to change

Being ‘rich and famous’ is not your thing anymore (if it ever has been). Getting a job just to earn any kind of money will not satisfy you. In fact, you may even find yourself quitting a job without being afraid of becoming broke.

Your values change, and with them change your priorities. You begin to understand that the true value of life is to live it happy and satisfied with what you have done in it. You begin to understand the long-term goals of your actions and you direct yourself to your true calling.

That’s why you may decide to take up a course in something you have always found attractive, but have been discouraged to do it. You begin to be true to yourself and to your long-term happiness. Don’t listen to the others if they tell you to think again about this – go for it!

7. You are constantly trying to advance yourself further

Being highly awakened gives you the opportunity to understand that you are far from perfect. This is why you are trying to become a better human being with every new day. You start working on yourself and you constantly analyze your ways and habits.

You may notice that your browsing history contains more lessons about life than videos you’ll forget after watching. You may also notice that your interest in spirituality has grown so much as to understand its true essence through various ways.

Being able to see your path and walk steadily to the next levels is your greatest trait. Being highly awakened gives you the ability to accept who you are (in all ‘good’ and ‘bad’ qualities) and know how to become even better – for yourself and for everyone around you.

by Curious Mind Magazine