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The real question for closed minds, what are we? Which concept can be placed instead to try and experience contact? My channel did only research my story, stared at my corpse what established a bridge for telepathic contact. Here you can listen to another interesting story for such ‘first contact’.


Guidance key factor

What is defined normal is a world of unconscious being, remote controlled a simple way. Elitist demand to the ego and the ego demands daily life. Prove it in your society through psychiatrists, who will tell you as experts that every children need a strong ego for survival of the fittest aka proper remote control reasons.

As you see in my articles a real awakening process is different from what was pre defined to suppress awakening. It’s a process within ego influence comes down while higher self take this part to evolve you with gifts that do match the right requirement. Meaning is clear, you are nearly out of control within this process, it’s driven by your oversoul. Little joke: Some awakened people meet and start talking about their gifted abilities……

Okay back to context, most will be pushed on a path to clean their pineal gland. For example by sudden understanding what fluorides are really for or like i know someone who suddenly suffered by dental fluorosis and the question where it has come from. If the organ get free, you suddenly get telepathic abilities and experience with some nice DMT effects. Again the order is directed from higher self, what like to have clearer communication to you.

Big key factor is the loss of influence from ego, that arise from the synchronization of brain hemispheres. This will change your EEG pattern from high pitched beta to an awakened mind on daily bases. Ego as primary dominator reside into the so called left brain, that contain all what was fed in through education system and is used for logic analysis from programmed input. This one need the electric disconnection from the other side to run alone in his EEG, is also the source for the mind chatter. So don’t be wondered if suddenly your mind become silent, there’s a reason behind that.

When having training with higher self contact, you may get many pictures and short clips over the day. This is for integration of such information into the five sense realm, like a pilot have a HUD while looking out of the cockpit. Many will experience extended informations, see auras or complete time lines from own decisions. Or get get clean demand before decisions to have another check before starting to create unnecessary stuff.

Out of this some reach direct contacts to further beings, it’s the point when higher self has decided that more teachers are required to give clear sight to special thematics. This will exercise your telepathic abilities and is a reasonable training for co-working, because WE replace I.

You see that there are many paths and ways an awakening can take place, abilities arise in some way and you have to integrate that all into your 3D life. But these changes will result to change in your social behavior and destroy old behavior, what you will get reflected from your environment. Some dislike the new you, some like it pretty well, your friends will change trough this. Below the line you see that the whole game is under divine guidance to push you into the new human on earth. Many these days are fighting this kind of evolution, what sabotaged December 2012 schedule and will take much longer as expected from the divines. But we won’t stop supporting you to reach the goal.

Happy Evolving

Let it Rise

Why do i point to a music clip? Just take a look at the lyrics, feel the touch, know that your deeper mind recognize that.

Something in the atmosphere
Tangible and crystal clear
Something in your attitude
Shows me how you´re great and good
–Lost in your world locked in forever
Oh let it rise–
Lookin´for your light to shine
Radiate from heart and mind
Send a signal from your soul
Meditate and ease control
–Lost in your world locked in forever
Oh let it rise
Oh let it rise–
Penetrate your secret walls
Drop the mask and let it fall
Hid from harm and wrapped in fear
Everything you ever wanted
Everything is here but you´re just
–Lost in your world locked in forever
Oh let it rise
Oh let it rise–


The 8 Stages Of Conscious Evolution

Compare what was said about the lower chakras with this, the explained limitation cause this stage model.



Have you ever wondered… what level of consciousness you’re truly at?

Not in terms of it being a contest, or to say you’re better/worse than other people, but as a kind of inner GPS that simply tells you where you are.

As humans, we tend to have very distorted and biased perspectives, especially when it comes to ourselves.

It’s really easy to go on a yoga retreat and think you’ve transcended stress forever, or think you’re enlightened after reading a few spiritual books.

This is why it’s crucial to have references that “tell it like it is” and objectively reflect where you’re at.

The 8 Stages of Conscious Evolution

Note: The first 2 stages are considered lower consciousness, while stages 3-8 are considered higher consciousness. This is not a judgment of being better or worse, but simply a means of classification.

Stage 1: Life Happens to Me (Externalization)

Stage 1 is categorized by patterns of externalization and an overall victim mentality. The dominant emotions are fear, disdain and hopelessness. There is also a belief that life cannot be trusted.


In this stage, blame is placed on other individuals, society, government, nature, disease, etc. and other elements believed to be outside of one’s conscious control and influence.

The motivating forces of stage 1 are safety and security.

Stage 2: Life Happens by Me (Control)

In this second stage, individuals realize that they have some degree of control. Yet this control is often motivated by fear and survival.

For example, war is an extension of this stage of consciousness. The enemy is perceived as a threat, and because of this, people believe they are morally justified to kill, eliminate or repress that enemy.

This level of awareness is cut off from the following deeper understanding: Life is not a random series of events over which control must be exerted, but a deeper reflection of the internal psychodynamics of a person’s own mind and consciousness.

Stage 3 : Life Happens in Me (Creator)

In this stage, the individual begins to understand the direct connection between their own perceptions, beliefs and emotional state and the conditions of their life, relationships, experiences and reality as a whole.

This level of consciousness is represented by a fundamental shift, from disempowerment to empowerment.

In order to fully complete this stage, an individual must undergo a deep transformational process that includes the purging of all perceptual distortions (limiting beliefs) and the healing/release of all emotional wounds and traumas.

Stage 4: Life Happens For Me (Receiver)

In this stage, we see the evolution of the self into the beginnings of deep joy and peace.

As the resistance to perceived undesirable circumstances in life falls away and one begins to understand that there is an intelligent ‘flow’ operating in every moment guiding the evolution of consciousness on both an individual and collective level through what could be dualistically termed positive and negative experiences.

The individual realizes here that even in great suffering, there is great wisdom and potential for expansion and evolution and that nothing is out of place, ever has been or ever will be.

Stage 5: Life Happens Through Me (Philosopher)

At this stage of consciousness, the individual begins to understand and observe that the Universe is evolving itself through them.

The individual begins to realize that all perceived suffering or negative events are either:
a) Created or called into their reality by aspects of their own consciousness in an effort to be resolved and transcended as part of their individual evolution and as part of the larger collective evolution or…
b) Exist due to their conscious or unconscious resistance to what is unfolding, which is essentially a resistance of oneself.

Individuals in stage 5 live more through their intuition, as intuition becomes clearer and clearer as one moves up the stages.

Stage 6: Life is Me (Sage)

At this stage of awareness, the individual begins to understand that reality does not exist independent of consciousness, and therefore consciousness, or awareness if you prefer, is the causative factor of the universe and all that exists—that consciousness is creating all reality.

Individuals in this stage experience a profound sense of unity and oneness with everything.

When an individual fully enters and embodies this stage of awareness, their simple presence itself becomes a transformative experience for others. Individuals in this stage often become teachers or leaders, dedicate their lives to service of others or seek solitude to spend time in introspection, although they may also choose to live very normal and inconspicuous lives.

Stage 7: I Am Infinite (Avatar)

Individuals at this stage of growth begin to transcend the physicality within which we are proverbially ‘trapped’ until we reach this point.

Here individuals begin to harness conscious control over this process by directing their awareness in such a way (through belief, emotion, thought, visualization, the manipulation of energy, intent, accessing transpersonal aspects of the self and likely other mechanisms not yet discovered) as to be able to make use of these ‘higher order’ quantum-transpersonal abilities of the self.

Stage 8: I Am Energy (Mystic-Shamanic)

Individuals at this stage tap into phenomena like:

  • The ability to project consciousness across space and time, which encompasses the ability to see, experience and remember aspects of the self existing in other dimensions of time (past, present and future).
  • The ability to interact with and communicate with other forms of consciousness such as
  • plants, animals, objects and consciousnesses not currently existing in physical form.
  • The ability to intuitively pick up sensory data beyond the limits of the physical senses.

As an individual becomes more grounded in the later phases of stage eight—which encompass this dimensional awareness—and simultaneously completes their evolution through lower stages, one would theoretically achieve complete enlightenment or non-dual self-realization.

This framework is beautiful because it allows you to effectively calibrate where you are. It naturally creates self-awareness. Awareness is the first step toward any change, and transformative in and of itself.

by Awakened Vibrations


Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.




Third eye experiences

Listen clear to Ralph, because it’s not only a kidding game to open the third eye. It will trigger various changes in an unbelievable way if it’s done. It will change experience and your life with no way back, kick you out off the daily trance that was programmed in peoples mind. Why do i warn about this, i experience the same and his terms and warnings are truth.