Multidimensionality and around

It looks the founders our our civilisation lines were gone, but in real they wait around earth and look if we can do it alone. So they place their messengers to inform and teach us and even Jesus is just nothing different.  In ancient times humanity burned the messengers at the stake or crucified them, these days their information and reputation is burned. But they are around and the awakening is stepping forward, if you listen carefully you know which group is behind them, and most groups teach the same basics to kick start change.

Weather Warfare, the hidden War

So doi you think to be affected by the weather war, the major countries spread above you? Since Nikola Tesla invented scalar waves and ionospheric heaters that can be used to make deserts green, the US captured his patent and build the machines like the one in Alaska. From there they manipulate the weather since years, severe storms, iconic heat, drought, heavy flooding and dangerous hail. The earth atmosphere is in havoc, because other countries are not okay with the USA owning the weather on the planet.

So do you really think that other countries just look, while the USA flood their homes, place storms about their crops and destroy whole areas with severe weathers? No this will be an illusion, other countries do team up to fight back. So we as citizens live on their battleground.