Alien Interview Part 3 | Humanity’s Destruction Revealed

This is a simple prediction to a timeline, just look where you are now and see it running. Democracy is just destroyed, everything ruled by man behind the curtain through political correctness through the policy and observation state with established draconian law.

Not to forget that this clip is from the guys who see thermonuclear first strike as open option.


This goes back in time, today scientific explorations proof that humans on earth were a construction or better said a remnant of Annunaki slave workers. Here are some of the terms known today. Okay and after the major splice various kind of visitors did the same and tried to optimized their people a little better. This is why human body and genes have some kind of chaos and a reduced lifespan. Should be a good reason to awake and come forward to re-integrate the full mind.

Victims of MK Ultra

It’s no wonder that such videos appear in wider scale, because nearby all people have a camera in their pocket. So used artists and singers, to roll out the controllers agenda by MK Ultra, cannot have a full human programming. Just because it will took to long to program that amount of information into them. So their program is limited and fails are seen much more often.

Short reminder, MK Ultra was and IS used to place further alter ego  people, so they act and talk only the way the controllers behind the scene want them to have. As humans like to see perfection in these class, it’s just an effect of humans wish. But can only partly fulfil this lie, this simulated life of so seen perfection.

DMT & The Mysteries of The Pineal Gland

Sure you would never amputate your limbs, but why do the majority of people calcify their pineal gland? It’s an organ that pierce the veil, open the channels to the other side. Or said like in a great movie, the spice expands consciousness, because pineal gland create a stream of DMT for the body.

Are people that feared to unfold what they are, to support the agenda of suppression?