Consciousness and Technology

Think for yourself, what the one has to do with the other……

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Humans are the first form of A.I. Enki, Ancient Sumerian Tablet & Cutting Edge Science

Be assured that science is interested how to address the machine in humans head even better. But think also about the times this was invented, society with it was to mine the gold and grow to work more efficient. It was not build to deal with today world with that much information.

Experiencer discusses altered states, psychic abilities, right/left brain

Half a million years back there was the question, how to infuse Annunaki DNA in early humans but disable the consciousness capacity in them. This is an interesting talk about the today seen results, the split brain where parts run in different EEG to prohibit their rewiring. But some basics first, to have a whole brain with parts working together, one range of EEG above all is necessary. This put them together, opens up full capability and is known as coherence. In coherence you experience all the magic, silent mind, telepathy, remote viewing and future predictions. Back in the old times they decided to give humans only left brain logic because of it’s feature to program it’s perception. So their best effort is the mine worker slave pre programmed to mine. Some government and mass media, who know about, use today to program mass perception of societies.

So here is a nice talk about plain right brainer and common left brainer that miss a bit the coherence mode. Yes and be assured that the mass of people will ridicule every hard evidence, simply because it’s below their horizon of programmed perception.

The Science Behind Why People Are So Easily Fooled

These times you can study business psychology, what is for crowd control, implanting ideas into the tiny mind. Make people to wilful follower, shopping stuff without reason and believe in artificial narratives. This is the story of relationship between crowd control and the tiny linear thinking mind, that has to be keep down to enable this trickery. Remind the quote from Descartes: I think; therefore i am ‘programmable’.

Today your environment topple the tiny mind boundaries, so most of information must be trashed so survive the day. Programmed patterns replace real evidence to save time for the tiny mind routine. The real bug within system is not to use the holistic graphical mind with it’s akash access. An ability to experience and see the outcome from many beings with the same question in one moment.

Limiting experience in an experience rich world is not the solution, awakening to the coherent holistic brain is it. That what cannot be measured by IQ, it’s quantum to allow humans to operate beneficial within his environment.




How to Increase your Intuition – Explained by Manly P Hall (33° Mason)

This is rather old, but it’s about intellect, intuition and at the end about how to control human behaviour through states of the mind. Ask yourself why high degree masons know what’s officially explained as esoteric bs. There is a lot of the blueprint for crowd control in it, out Annunaki legacy from their placed mind structure.