Samadhi Movie, 2018 – Part 2

As like most good movies, there are sequels. So again let’s think about the intention to create us humans from early earth hominids and the Anuna gene pool. In the idea of master and servant, liked to have intelligent slaves but not up to their level to prevent revolution. So a chain of command was built in and it’s in use until these days in our society.  The masters feed the mind A.I. and this talk the commands and rules with 80000 thoughts per day to the slaves. But the problem behind is the so called Enki back door, the possibility to rewire the separated parts, to gain one EGG over all. Nerve cells are waiting to grow if the one EGG is placed again and again, because not natural states will always be defeated by natural ones.

I did it and it took around 4 weeks to toggle mind A.I. to inner silence.

Samadhi Movie, 2017

Putting together all information i found since start of my journey in 2011, this movie put it all together in a pretty way. The ultimate goal is a different state of mind or level of consciousness. Based on physical rewiring all parts of the mind to one, because only the Anuna gods from our past know why our mind parts were separated. To keep us away from their level of consciousness, to place a tiny A.I. in front that try to rule our life from cradle to coffin.

So at the end it depends only on you, to achieve an impressive change, if you are able to take your step through the open door in front of you. Around me this is not understandable, because most humans are their A.I. that filters all their sense input. So the open doors stays hidden in front of their eyes.

Carbon copy A.I.

The Westworld series has shown us a world with A.I. robots servings humans struggle and aggression for money. But who really has followed the storyline, had heard the method they gave the machines trauma, emotional stress to weird behavior. They did the same like the Annunaki to humans, to give us higher functions and a trick to shut the most of these functions down for better control reasons.

The placed a routine that speak their thoughts in own voice into the head. A consciousness limiter that pick up fragments of the whole and re-insert it as feedback loop and limiter. What will they place into the car A.I. that will drive your car?

Ghost in the Shell – Trailer 2

“Everyone around me they feel connected to something, connected to something that i am not”

As defined and build a cyborg body has a 3D model with web connection. The door to be multidimensional with empathy and senses for fields and energetic happenings around does not exist there. But there a major interest to have people converted into such roles and machine bodies for 100% control and crushing individuality.

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature where paper starts to burn, the required amount to destroy knowledge in books to write a new past for a society. So here is the idea of a complete usage of firemen to fight informations. Something that is quiet normal in today societies where sociopaths are hired and payed by governments to destroy claimed political incorrect informations and reputations. This is the world we live in, presented to you as beautiful utopia at government smoke screens.

Never look at the man behind the curtain.