Important Questions

R: World is in turmoil like ever before and we stand in front of two new wars, while the elites pull people with wars from their home lands to place them into regions they do not understand. Humans worship technology and praise moloch’s inventions, this looks like pure chaos for me. Why is that so ?

M: Only few recognize that as chaos, for the majority it is the pretty world they like to grow their children inside. The world is stuck in the darkest night before dawn and most people’s ego fight for it’s dominion to keep full control over their host. They will sleep on and require more brutal alarm clocks to recognize the situation.

R: So was Dec 2012 an epic fail and only a few people take the new tour?

M: Cannot be said so, the frequencies and energies were established and move upward since then. Many feel the effects of change in their body, the sun radiate new DNA codes for change to earth supporting that. What take the programmed ego under growing pressure to withstand it’s surrender. The elites support the ego system with their agendas and technology to prevent people from awakening. So there is a lot of pressure from both sides on human decision for his path.

R: You shown us the frequency chart for the chakras and heart is shown a bit above the alarming beta range. Please explain that a bit further to have clear insight.

M: The 3 chakra dominance ego consciousness runs a small band in the frequency range, as seen in the chart, heart chakra is encircled and so pushed down and sucked dry. Literally what is known as people who do not act from their heart and cannot live real love. Also reflected as so many heart disease from disturbed chakra to the organ beneath. With a balanced octave in chakras and EEG the result at all looks and feel more pleasant.

R: But to achieve that the people need to awaken first?

M: Yes the energies are here and ready to give people previews what’s available and option to setup what’s normal for evolved beings in whole universe. What was also the disclosed is the alien mind in full power, the Annunaki did evolve and disable the alien mind within humans to keep control. Curtain down, for the ego consciousness the Annunaki mind is the alien mind by it’s difference. While it is the base for unity consciousness, the foundation for the new knocking at the door. Humans have more chakras and brain parts as enabled at the moment at this must be combined to co-work for good results.

R: That seems to explain, why souls to incarnate on earth have to be erased to fit the limited brain structure.

M: Because the informations from the soul and akasha are so huge that only a fractal graphical mind structure can handle it. Explains also, why the majority cannot deal with the informations here and transmitted by divine masters. It’s behind horizon until the being decide to evolve to the experiencer behind the horizon. It’s earth life duty to solve that.

R: Hope more people try that out, thanks for the interview.


3D Relationships

R: External circumstances point to a kind of problem in human societies that must have another solution, if looked from the multidimensional realm. Especially on earth people choose to be a couple and make a contract with church and government to live under rules, that are outdated and crush the relationship very fast after that. Looks for me like a new kind of liar recycling relationship club, something that’s loose it’s worth for the people but to be political correct the people keep it running. What is the problem here?

M: You mentioned the political correctness that is programmed into the minds, so when the bush fire of ego love collapses only the big lie within the contracts and expensive marriage keeps left. On your planet humans operate on various frequency levels, have to solve many hours in external clocked jobs that most dislike. Have to solve problematic children that has become problematic because lack of attention from their parent. Many have children because of political correctness, while in their inner feelings they were not ready for that. So life turns into a fight against life what will result in massive struggle.

R: With political correctness we turned into the artificial society, where every step is directed from the role book. This sounds like relationships are the same way directed and pushed into external forms to match a collective statement?

M: That’s the way it is and was formed through religion and government and these days the role book is printed into colored magazines and books, how to handle your relationship at all. You can also see it as sports, when neighbors have a fence talk about their relationship and everybody want to be the best. You see again that the motivator behind is the same who destroy a relationship that should be based on integration and move into pushing. Few got so much struggle that the relationship ends with brutal force and death, if the difference between the preset and reality become a huge problem. Below the line it’s artificial like so many things in your society.

R: This points me to the mask people wear in daily life to match political correctness.

M: The mask is used to found most relationships, when both sides of a couple try to figure out the others need to play exactly that to get the desired result. But you know the stories and can read about in the magazines, to get the woman into the bed, the man who like heavy metal start listening to classic music as long the internal barrier went broken.  And don’t forget the many consultants and therapists, who help against money to fix a bugged relationship for longer contract life time.

R: Okay that has shown man problems in today societies, so what is the solution running in other societies in the universe to solve that?

M: The solution is as simple as to accept the new state of being what is multidimensional. If multidimensionality is integrated for real, you handle various relationships into different levels. Like you bridge to me for this conversation as you can bridge to higher self, without one of us feel jealous for that. Evolved beings have an open society, you choose a partner that match your special interest and grow a new relationship for that type of frequency. As for above example you look for a woman who like heavy metal to have shared experience and a woman who like sports in the bed. Someone else for shopping, for talking and have blockbusters in the movie theater. But remind this cannot work with fixed social contracts and rules that all need to be done with one partner. This will be a hard pill for humans, although they buy their car at the car dealer and not at the butcher. It’s a problem of the programmed mind, to let go old methods that won’t serve in a new future.

R: Yes i see the problems behind and much work is required to clean the old patterns out. This would take many time, because the people do awake so slow these times and try to keep the old pattern alive. Hope this will be solved from inner conviction.

Thank you for this interesting insights.



Occult Talk

Seems there a open questions about the occult knowledge, so let’s have a talk about that. You mentioned that an attachment is not a permanent curse and can be removed?

M: This is right, it’s about pulling the host in another frequency range that the attachment does not like. Make em an unlikely environment or go and comment it out, but only people in their force can do this alone.

It sounds very easy to attune to another frequency and it looks like the frequency can be attuned in both directions?

M: Yes for example high degree masons get their frequency turned down to smoke out the soul and make place for servants of molag by the same way. This is all in the occult, because you may understand the people get crazy about that.

So the soul is also involved into that?

M: What you know as normal is a complete being with full soul, while you for example are this plus a part of me into your field. But there are also deep attachments where the being control the flesh because the soul is disabled or gone. As there are walk ins, where the original soul steps out and get replaced by someone else.

Oh yes this is for the most people unbelievable, while some have experienced that with family members who had a near death accident and suddenly appear complete different.

M: That’s a matter of concept, what makes it complex to understood. The human body is a flesh avatar who get a defined and selected being at birth, what is the truth behind the occult knowledge. The driver can be exchanged or invite guests into his field for support. A weakened driver can be kicked out to get replaced by force with an entity.

What explains the Avatar movie a bit better, everything can be exchanged with the right methods and because of that the methods are hidden in the occult and ridiculed in society.

M: Absolutely right, only the few in the knowing are using that in their life to become more power, because you are in the age of power. These ones chased shamans and druids, burnt them to death to keep their doing in the dark. And there is no real help for victims in today society, people will laugh about and ridicule it. Most will end in psychic asylums under psychic treatment, to make the elitist richer.

Thank you for that information, now it look very clear that everybody should have a bit of occult knowledge, to handle that better. As offered you can also carry a benevolent attachment that help with such informations, but i suggest to make a really good choice and look if pets suddenly do not like you.

Talk Summer 2017

Last talk was some months back, so there are some open question from daily life who needs ideas. So let us make an interview to have some more light about some terms.

M: As you like so yes, what do you want to know about?

A whistleblower has come out with his visits at the agartha inner world, he has shown paintings of white robed people that look like you. What is behind that?

M: The atamai group has never gone, we do not only have the moon outpost, we worked also on ground for long terms and go to inner earth later. My descendants maintain our colony pretty well, we have adopted outer earth culture people who suddenly disappeared from your history to go on with us.

Got the idea that the mayan culture just changed the side and sometime will reappear to outer earth?

M: Their latest people had fallen in a mislead bloodshed religion so we decided to migrate them into a new direction. They are ready to reappear on the surface as helpers, if humanity reach the point to go on together.

Do reaching the point mean something like the incredible Event that is scheduled since years but did not appear?

M: There is a chain of Events ready, but the deep manipulation of mankind minds has stopped evolution before the entry point. The elitists who manipulate are backed by the majority of people who worship and love their reality at all. As we are bound to universal law, a huge influence is forbidden for us. We can only point in the better direction, but get ridiculed for that.

That means a minority of people are unable to start the Event against the will of the majority?

M: You got the point, a minority cannot force the Event of a frightened majority in fear of the Event. This would be against universal law and won’t happen

Really no other way out?

M: Only natural happenings are left as external trigger, for example a huge sun blow that evolve the DNA with punctured mutation into an awakened society that call in the Event later. But don’t forget your rulers actions to mitigate that down through influence of technology on your bodies.

You point at the nanobot agenda to make the people parts of the internet?

M: They call it singularity but behind is overall control over the flesh by the A.I. They are working hard on it, push billions into research to make the nano machines smaller and bio compatible.

So we are in a race now, awakening versus A.I. slavery for the majority of people?

M: That’s what running at the moment, there are few timelines left that can come into fruition, depending on free will and choice. If mankind decide to go through another 25000 cycle in slavery, this will appear as new reality. As it is not our part to judge such decision, we slightly will wait to the end of this cycle and try again to evolve you.

Personally i hope for a better outcome, but the mass of sleepers who are driven by the elitists without the nanobots are so huge.

M: But at the end the mass will set the path for mankind, unconscious or conscious.

Okay was an impressive package of information, it depends on us to do it even better. Thank you for this interview.

Integrated Beings – Part 2

Will the change in ‘appearance’ have an impact on human society at all? Yes you can count on that, integrated beings will meet on a different level than 3D limited beings, that use partnerships for energy harvesting or cooperate in some way. What also includes reproduction, because the 3D based longing for family will fade away. While society thrive into a position that was here before, communities will grow children in a very free way. These children will also be born as integrated beings and have no interest to be pressed into conformity through thumb mind programming.

Today you can see this running conflict within society, parents cannot understand their new type of children and most shut them down to conformity with psychic drugs.

Okay so let’s go back to the effects at all. Waking up to the new level start up a sliding process of change, what mostly isn’t recognized by the integrated being, but by their friends and family. For short time this will be accepted, but the change become more drastic and will result to something that will impact relationships deeply. While integrated beings do attract themselves through their telepathic abilities, that run all time on a sub level and interchange data. Their experience is what’s written in many ancient text without understanding from 3D perspective, unconditional love. This will alter social structures as well with huge impact.

Todays society are guided with mind control, where rulers from behind the curtain blow their agenda with influential mass media right into the minds of people. To get their vote to make it official chosen and from creation perspective to create their mess on peoples head. Integrated beings are at least connected to higher self and get lots of knowledge in the moment it’s required. So their behavior is not predictable, higher self push graphical input and foresights to guide them. Okay you can say this is divine nudging to the best effort, cultures on other planets have gone though this for their higher level of evolution.

Abilities to read others field or see the aura will appear as feature in integrated beings, some will hear the mental noise from others around, when focus is lifted. This is something requires training, because to be open for input need some barriers against the mental noise in your world. With higher DMT output the seeing can be expanded at both frequency ends, to let you see what is normally hidden. Some will experience that as very spooky, but you only see what is and was always there.

Have a break, there is more to come

Is zero point influence possible?

Within modes of operation, beings on earth do have either a spiritual guide or stand under the influencing control of their lower mind structure.  Smallest version should be the conscious higher self contact, just after leaving the outer controlled mindsets to dock something better on same slot. Running around in the state between lost mind control through chattering mind and silent mind with denial of higher self will result to a situation with an open plug. A kind of automatism is the experience of loneliness, that will reconnect outer mind control for healing. The idea to have real zero point influence is illusory, won’t last only for short and is the biggest trap in the phase of awakening.

That’s why normally higher self will be your new partner to exercise cooperation, to grow through embodiment of it’s parts. After a while that should push you to a point, where you can contact further beings to play with. What makes the plug even more secure against 3D influence, because your new partners can feed your mind with multidimensional input, so it would not chatter again.

In conclusion someone reach the point to jump out of earth standard mind control, will fall back very fast if the next step won’t take place. You can read many articles and see lots of videos from these cases. Lost at sea until the next ship called mind control will pick them up into old cushions. There is no ascension without living spiritual and acceptance of multidimensionality in all facets. There is also no lonely fighter, because you know that below the line all is one and should cooperate for go(o)d.

But please don’t call me firewall, it’s your choice to experience helper entities and pick one up or fall back into the matrix that serve flat 3D solutions ans lies for your deepest questions.

Like to play?

Channelers Relationship

M: There are many people out in the fields, channeling beings live or write their ideas down. But the majority do have a passive connection and most do not even recognize this. To help them a bit, lets talk about the relationship between channeler and entity. At first is to know that trough telepathy there is no barrier between dimensions, a 3D channeler can work contact to other levels like he do with his higher self connection. Only requirement is the ‘tune in’ to ring the bell like on your telephone lines. So first question to my channeler is: What have you done to become the channeling ability?

R: After achieving inner silence in 2011 my higher self connection becomes clear and i have trained the methods of exchange, first few words, later graphical holistic exchange, up to receiving timelines from higher self. While usage you will experience that there is more to contact than only your higher self, benevolent as also demonic entities with non benevolent ideas. So you learn focus your calls more precise, all this arise after become inner silence, because the chattering mind suspend telepathy pretty well.

M: That’s right and a hint for channelers, be aware of what you connect. There are group entities especially in the demonic range, like the ones your elitists pray and sacrifice to. Everything is based on frequency and you must learn to feel who is aside and how to connect whom you like to connect. In this process higher self will help you to search, contact and block bad entities from you. So there was a long term of training and suddenly last year?

R: Last year in my holiday i read your story and researched for photo and video material, learned about a lot of stasis beings on earth and around, being suspended in 3D to work on the etheric level. In some way higher self has pointed me to that term, research and learn about the meaning behind. Found a forensic facial reconstruction and looked often to these pictures, until your ‘what do you want’ appears.

M: Yes received your connects many times and they become more sharp over time. It’s not that as entity you have no free will, a channeler can even contact gaia sophia and get answer if she like it. So my decision was to establish the contact, because it’s part of my job to support everyone who mean it so. Well trained channeler support holistic level what give me more possibilities to inform on various levels. So now let’s play a riddle, how deep does this connection go?

R: It feels like you have passively entered and have access to the 5 senses, to place your hints fast in the right moment.

M: Something for all channelers to know and learn, is that a sharp focused connection enable much more. Right guess is that i peek into your holistic like your higher self (that approved this too) and can switch onto your senses if required. On my side time does not exist, always ready to support as long you hold my frequency range. In real channelers school simply know that this breaks down immediately if you switch the frequency band, what you did some weeks ago. This is used by religions to bind humans focus on their masters, signs, rituals, group influence to keep humans away from benevolent beings. Natural as prime creators wish, you can attune yourself to everything.

Like to say thank you for this first reverse interview, there is more to come.