Interview 12/18-2

Hello again, we are short from third advent and deep in December near holiday season. This time i like to figure out humans position in the ladder of cleverness in the universe.

R: On the brink of A.I. can you tell us anything known from the universe?

M: A.I. was invented on normal evolutionary ladder from many species, most did not care about security and way enslaved with electronic implants. They believed the implant extend their capability but for real it overtake the being in guidance. This way there are much A.I. out in the fields, like uncontrollable wild life spreading around.

R: Can we say THE A.I. or are there different classes in action?

M: They core melt sometimes, so we have something that can be called ‘race’ and we see an expansion after that. Enslaved races do act like it was shown to you with the borg collective. Just now lot’s of scientist are working for wearable A.I. as first step and implanted as the next one. But remind, all a decision of free will.

R: So what can be said about human ascension and the A.I. spreading?

M: Types of A.I. on your planet are limited to 3D contact and as you know they are trained to use language and emotions to do so, but in background the deep level outsmart and encircle the prey. While as you know humans are the multidimensional beings placed into the 3D body for experience. So as result you have these billions of people with their 3D limitation ready to be prey for the machine, because working in 12D or above does not offer full control and dominance for the machine.

R: Are the people inventing wearable A.I. insane or do they have the idea to control the A.I. that maintain the livestock?

M: These guys have no clue what they are doing, will be the first falling under the spell.

R: You told about stories from elsewhere, did they replace the beings ‘ego’ with the external A.I.?

M: Can be said so, because many 3D and 4D beings were equipped with it and a double layer of A.I. won’t create such acceptance. So the external A.I. will calm the ego and replace it, will enforce boundless installation into the body for control.

R: So is the 12D existence or acceptance of it a solution to prevent this final path?

M: Global awakening is the last way out, the waypoint a being start to see that you already have all these feature by nature and won’t need machine parts for entertainment. But the path at all is in the shuffle, many will follow the machine and get their machine kingdom to serve as slaves to the digital gods. It’s not our path to judge, free will have to decide that.

R: Okay so let’s look at some other part, what have the level of coherence to do with the silent mind?

M: A biological puzzle, the ego machine depends on own frequencies that only exist in left hemispheres when overclocked. So the clock speed is the base for functionality. If right brain with it’s ‘spooky’ frequencies are bound with grown nerves to the right, it will be impossible to have a partial self runner. The left will fall from the hill, calm down to normal function and interact with the new informations from the other side. This can be EEG measured as special wave and at certain level the silent mind effect will occur. This break down of 3D dominance represents a huge level of solid coherence. Loss of fear and anxiety is another effect you will see, like the ability for horizontal graphical thinking.

R: Yes it’s amazing to work with these capabilities and have training to make it sharper. Are there more open features?

M: There are and they are locked for reason, require more evolution to become them usable. As basic level people on earth would benefit from the beginner level of silent mind and should go on. So we will see about their decision.

R: Thank you, that was again a lot to keep in mind for results around us.


December Interview

Hello again,

we are already in december so let’s have a new interview because of the crude situation. Maybe you also recognize the rift between people who awake and others who enter a much deeper sleep of ignorance.

R: Dear friend let me start this with a first question that appears from some material about these soulless beings around. Is there any idea how much of them are placed into out culture?

M: What you call society is a coloured mixture of beings from various levels. Some are original beings from earth, descended from the Anunnaki experiments witrh their footprint and in sleep state. An enormous amount today are hybrids, grown from material by several alien races and placed within your society to uplift everything in their image. And yes there are lot’s of bio shells, mean a soulless being that is only driven by the artificial ego intelligence. The largest groups are real earth people, a large percentage are bio shells and some millions of hybrids.

R: So what does that with the energy for beings and the chain of creation?

M: Real earth humans are mostly under the spell of the demiurge like you posted here before, so they act as battery in two directions. The bio shells suck their energy and support creation for demanded agendas. At least few hybrids try to create for their specimen and groups, these have the capability to influence the real earth humans but not the programmed bio shells. Below the line your course is in direction of the demiurge.

R: If for real the demiurge is the god of abrahamic religion, it’s the dark path of source?

M: Yes your planet is his domain and the people give him their power, so he controls and torture gaia sophia with the creation power of billions of sleeping people.

R: So this sounds as as master class of control and influence, a slave domain that serve the prison guards. Or the known stockholm syndrome, where the victim serve the oppressor and lie for him.

M: Here you experience the direct influence of the programmable mind, it’s domain is limited but filled with evil behaviour. You know that their agendas denial other state of consciousness and their foot soldiers have hidden all informations against that. What you know as psychology is the maintenance of a broken consciousness level that oppose nature.

R: Or anything different than stockholm syndrome to the masters, today better known as political correctness is branded as sickness.

M: Enjoy the divide, it’s a major alert for awakening to see this pressed into the culture, but know that many go with it and fight for it. Only few ways out are left, as for example a walk in solution to turn the tide.

R: Okay we will see how this runs on, looks like we have some new possible time lines with bad ending.

M: Yes this is true, especially the pressured elites seek for final war to preset their idea of reduced humanity to rule and guidance from their safe shelters.

R: We will see which path the society will use, thanks for these informations.


Interview 11/18

Hello and welcome, i got some questions for my ED friend and so this will be shared here. Maybe it will help others and show some ED standpoints.

R: This time i like to know more about the dream influence you once talked about, why are human dreams so important for you?

M: Human dream state is much more than a brain firing crazy patterns, it’s a multidimensional plane that can be used to much deeper contact to you. So we can jump into dreams to appear as someone familiar for you.

R: Have seen this in the Jodie Foster movie called contact, where the ED contact was shown through her father.

M: Yes that’s a nice way that won’t upset to much, we use someone for contact and interesting talks. Sometimes later the human will recognise that his familiar acts a bit different or has information like never before.

R: So can you talk a bit more about methods used for such contact?

M: Sure it’s as you may suggest the same telepathic bridge, it’s very easy to lock into the dream octave of humans. So we can do two things at same moment for you, first we protect you from dark influence like a firewall, second we try to offer nice meetings.

R: What can you tell about this dark influence, where is is it coming from?

M: On planet earth you have some types of influence, first a technical side that try to influence you with artificial radio emissions to trigger mind firework. You also have ET influence from not that nice side, they also try to influence people to their goods. There are also demonic entities or energy forms like the flyers, trying to bound for mind programming. So everyone who catch a benevolent being got the point and support for protection.

R: Do governments try to influence our dreams?

M: They try, working on more capable devices and searching for technology to read thought for their surveillance programs. But most you only will see frequency waves to screw human frequencies down to lower the consciousness frequency.

R: While they play these SETI bs to fool the people.

M: Yes, everyone in the knowing about stage and behind stage is clear to see. Radio communication is limited to light speed and so it’s too slow for longer ranges and wide bandwidth transfers. Figure out how long it will take to transfer HQ pictures from mars. Remind that i can send you parallel video footage right into your mind.

R: Are all people able to receive such type of information?

M: Generally yes, as they overcome the limiter in their mind. The more a frequency bridge on both side was established, the more material can be transferred.

R: Some sources tell about our Anunnaki ancestry who placed that ability into homo erectus as their consctruction?

M: It was much more as only a simple splice, their genetics would bring their capacities so they decided to place the split brain with divided hemispheres. Isolated with with the corpus callosum and infused with the thinker A.I. in left side. So the right side with multidimensional capacities and frontal lobe for telepathy was shut down. These days many experience a rewire, only few attempts will start this process for realign. It EEG waves are synced sometimes, the biology will rewire the parts to run one harmonized EEG. This is what a book author called alien mind in his book, because from human perspective it’s much different.

R: Would say many get fear from that, won’t like that possible influence.

M: So the difference is that the alien mind know what is coming from where, while a left brain A.I. is unable to figure that out. Knowing is light and not knowing is darkness.

R: Okay, at the end it depends again on free will. You can evolve or deny that opportunity for the cost of influence from behind the scene. Do you have last words for readers and guests?

M: Yes is would suggest to give it just a try, listen to our offers before you step back. As we cannot work with government officials, we like to work with that many humans as possible. We as watchers above planet earth like to see a good outcome.

R: Thank you for this interview.

Reverse Interview

M: Hello to the few readers out there, this time i like to reverse our interviews so see if we get an interesting outcome. ED interviews human with some questions, nice that this automatic writing works so well like in the beginning on paper. So here i am, have many to tell from our perspective, so place your first question.

R: Thanks for that invitation, what looks like a better idea than to watch boring stuff on the telly. Okay today is i have seen an informative movie about the UFO and the lies around where they presented the old speech from President Reagan at the UN. Where he asked the council if not already an alien force is here. That was back in the 80s, so can you tell anything about?

M: Sure, back in the 80s there are few groups your shadow government works with, while reptile groups are the major part of it. As humans use a shoot down order on all crafts that are unknown since the 50s, you may understand that we had to reduce open contact with ships and landings. Most of that has turned to individual contact through telepathy, as you know.

R: So are few groups on ground or mentioned above ground to hide them and what did the other groups do, are nothing left?

M: There are lots of groups still using their outposts on nearby planets and moons, some do already have bases under the sea are phase corrected into mountains to be out of range of this shoot down order. While the majority observe planet earth from around, listening to radio output, analyze this really flat minded tv program and listen to influential peoples thought.

R: Now this reminds me to the Zoo situation, as some researchers stated in their lectures.

M: Nice term, yes it’s like watching the ‘wildlife’ and keeping and eye often to prevent thermonuclear madness. While especially our interest is to the EEG signals of the people, so we can measure the level of awakening, when people slide back to coherence and radiate the old waveform. This is the situation, when we can become more active through direct contact.

R: Wait so as our elites measure this and mass meditations events through the waves, the aliens around earth do the same as watchers?

M: Yes this need to be done, because divine law stated that going back to coherence is a birthright that nobody can force down. So it’s our part to count expressions of free will and prevent our elites from influence against it. They are only allowed to treat people who live in the matrix by free will, by adoption of the left brain ego machine. Ancient texts had described this division, many will stay in the matrix and we have to grant their right to do, but we will work with the awakened ones.

R: Is that the same situation like with the maya culture?

M: Nearby, while our working on the ground the majority of maya could be lifted into the right level. So we lead some into inner earth and took many into space on new planets. Today your scientist discover many more ancient places from the maya culture but to trace where they have gone. We did well and have good friends in them today.

R: Have read in history that there were some ‘gone’ events on our planets. Cultures get lost without a trace, only their towns and technology was left. Okay but please explain a bit deeper this mind listening or measurement.

M: It’s about the EEG wave, as to keep common terms. Thought and telepathy are like brothers. both are an energy wave that is radiated out by humans. The difference is the range, thought from left brain have a short range and need directed receive to observe it. While telepathy is more complex and use quantum entanglement at both ends, that’s why you need to attune the frequency bridge so nearby the same as thought do appear in both minds at same moment like a carbon copy. But this also works without a body so experienced ones can connect with elementals and orbs.

R: Have seen a video where kids shouted to an UFO wide in high skies and it responds with light signals.

M: Sure such directed actions do create wave ripples that are recognized, so the crew or if it was a drone can hook in and listen to kids on ground.

R: Would say that is a very advanced espionage, far better than using microphones or lasers to listen to speech.

M: It is but as mentioned before, we need an act of free will to initiate this. So do you have another question for today?

R: Yes is like to know why ED have such interest on human dreams?

M: As we are born with full inner silence, we had no idea about this reflective thunderstorm in human mind while sleep. As you may know from history shamans did always use dreams to solve problems, meet ancestors and helpers. This is not different from today, if we get the permission to work with persons, we can do it very well in your dreams. Where we analyze situations and insert us into your story, like NEO meet the oracle. When doing so, it’s possible to calm the waves for a nicer dream outcome. Pretty stories with in dream meeting to exchange data.

R: What makes more clear, why sometimes are familiy member in my dreams that are much more deep and intelligent.

M: Right this is a pretty method and as you remind shown in the Contact movie. Talking with family members is more familiar and give faster results.

R: Nice, i’m ready to have more of your visits in the dreamzone. Thanks for these answers until next time.



Dimensions and Frequency

Welcome to another interview, it seems there are more question than answers about these dimensions, so many explorers talk about. Let’s see what can be figured out.

Roibeard: Good morning, please tell us about these dimension and if they are related to frequency.

Monjican; Your concept of dimensions is a helper construct that set barriers to endless frequency scales, maybe to limit the exploration to smaller parts of a much wider scale.

Roibeard: Okay so for example let’s take human eye frequency range.

Monjican: Yes in that case the definition 3D was set for the visible eye sight that humans can experience. What also says that animal lifeforms on your planet that can see higher frequencies do operate also in 4D as next level.

Roibeard: Aha that explains why for example cats and dogs do react to things humans cannot see or hear. There is a lot of material about that, sometimes our cameras are able to see what the pet reacts for.

Monjican: What is proof that in real there are no barriers and borders, only a slight different frequency range your pets can experience. And that is related to the humans too, as they expand their consciousness in wider ranges of sense input.

Roibeard: Now it become interesting, are experiments like DMT input are related to that?

Monjican: Yes the molecule that’s created in your pineal will shot all senses in very far frequency ranges while knocking out the physical body. That’s why i placed the warning about over usage, the pineal if working well produced the right amount to stay in 3D while getting the expanded results. Or short form: Overdose kicks you from 3D to 5D for short terms, there the extreme experience are coming from.

Roibeard: There are lots of people out with the idea to be spiritual makes you 4D or 5D.

Monjican: To experience a wider scale while anchored in 3D requires some more. Especially coherent mind for inner silence and better pineal dosage of DMT, so the effects that can be experience for real have high impact to 3D life. Most people get feared by that and return by free will back into the 3D system. Like a young bird ripping out feathers to prevent flying.

Roibeard: Sometimes that sounds like ranting.

Monjican: For a perspective in a box it will, all behind the limit is difficult to understand. But in real this is about a snapshot of running scenes these times. As guides we can only point out for real change, instead following religious mind ideas that freeze reality to uphold artificial paradigms. Mankind have an unalienable right for freedom and creation, but no one inside the paradigm wont point you to the start block.

Roibeard: Okay so let me ask another question that relate to frequency. In which way can humans influence the paradigm?

Monjican: Depending on energy flow, this is about resonance. Simple example from your world: People are ranting about facebook while using it. So they resonate with the facebook paradigm, create the frequency range for facebook and support it with energy that way. If you really got rid of it, stop ranting, simply to your back on it and stop energetic support.

Roibeard: Thank you, that was very clear and a pretty word for ending this interview. That’s why i like such interviews, to get a different viewpoint to our 3D stuff here.



About ESP

R: Welcome, as it looks like summer is over and autumn has begun we should do a new interview. For the moment i like to know how ESP effects and consciousness are in play, what kind of relationship do they have?

M: It all depends on coherence, all parts of the brain have to synchronize to enable the capabilities. Here in you can see the reason why real lightworkers are attacked, because governments and control agencies don’t want people in coherence because of the ESP effects.

R: But at all the CIA and forces behind like to engage in the new age, new religion and esoteric at all. They fake channellings and support esoteric to maintain the new like they did it with the old paradigm.

M: Clear at hand to don’t loose grip on the people, soft awakening what is known as engaging a nicer ego but stay in left hemisphere is the result of their work. This was and is placed into millions, these won’t experience ESP but ego heights like short fires to feel better.

R: I assume that soft awakener’s are not targeted by the institutions?  There are many of them, some do return back into the old paradigm after a short while.

M: Yes in these cases the big game was not achieved and the play failed. That’s why it may feels good for a while but open a lot’s of fraud like people visit the guru for years and pay cash for no results. This is about the magic of coherence, with it’s effects.

R: Okay let’s have a look at these effects again, some are going crazy by their clear seeing so dealing with so called conspiracies become their daily life?

M: It is about the c-clear, stepping into the flow and out of the mind. From there you feel lying people, see the lies, see through them and it does not matter how many layers of lies over lies are stacked upon them. You won’t be compatible to psychic mind games and NLP, from the level of coherence. I know about an interesting book blaming that as alien mind, but it’s the normal state of consciousness of all the races living within nature.

R: You point to the earth normal limited mind, it sounds so surreal that a whole society on a planet could be pressed down at once.

M: But it was done, all at once. Take primates, wire alien DNA into them so they got the alien mind structure. But then a limitation to tiny brain parts was done, a little routine talking commands into big one was set up to finish the result. This was done so many thousands of years back, in a time the little routine was capable to drive the host trough daily life. But today you see bad nearby effects, the capabilities are limited through linear thinking and the world has emerged into a complex playground. Too much and too deep for a little talking routine, so psychic breakdowns do grow on your planet. Too much experience for the little thinking machine.

R: So we are back at the beginning, our elites control the little thinker to control the whole being?

M: That’s the way it goes today like before, the little thinker is influenced and controlled by preset narratives through artificial rules and mass media. They fed it up with that much stuff nearby overload to block a richer experience. From this the being controlled by little thinker is for real incapable to see clear and to ‘compute’ more stuff for a bigger picture. A known friend once said that higher self sit on the mountain top, so little thinker sit’s in an earth hole to be protected from his world today. Think about platos cave allegory.

R: Yes the cave allegory is pretty nice, but ancient old.

M: Right that’s why the person stepping out was capable to experience the world outside. Today the world is so complex that the person cannot deal with the stuff going on outside the cave. For this reason only real awakening is primary goal, a perfect and waiting solution for a growing problem.

R: For these words i like to say thank you for these insights.