About ESP

R: Welcome, as it looks like summer is over and autumn has begun we should do a new interview. For the moment i like to know how ESP effects and consciousness are in play, what kind of relationship do they have?

M: It all depends on coherence, all parts of the brain have to synchronize to enable the capabilities. Here in you can see the reason why real lightworkers are attacked, because governments and control agencies don’t want people in coherence because of the ESP effects.

R: But at all the CIA and forces behind like to engage in the new age, new religion and esoteric at all. They fake channellings and support esoteric to maintain the new like they did it with the old paradigm.

M: Clear at hand to don’t loose grip on the people, soft awakening what is known as engaging a nicer ego but stay in left hemisphere is the result of their work. This was and is placed into millions, these won’t experience ESP but ego heights like short fires to feel better.

R: I assume that soft awakener’s are not targeted by the institutions?  There are many of them, some do return back into the old paradigm after a short while.

M: Yes in these cases the big game was not achieved and the play failed. That’s why it may feels good for a while but open a lot’s of fraud like people visit the guru for years and pay cash for no results. This is about the magic of coherence, with it’s effects.

R: Okay let’s have a look at these effects again, some are going crazy by their clear seeing so dealing with so called conspiracies become their daily life?

M: It is about the c-clear, stepping into the flow and out of the mind. From there you feel lying people, see the lies, see through them and it does not matter how many layers of lies over lies are stacked upon them. You won’t be compatible to psychic mind games and NLP, from the level of coherence. I know about an interesting book blaming that as alien mind, but it’s the normal state of consciousness of all the races living within nature.

R: You point to the earth normal limited mind, it sounds so surreal that a whole society on a planet could be pressed down at once.

M: But it was done, all at once. Take primates, wire alien DNA into them so they got the alien mind structure. But then a limitation to tiny brain parts was done, a little routine talking commands into big one was set up to finish the result. This was done so many thousands of years back, in a time the little routine was capable to drive the host trough daily life. But today you see bad nearby effects, the capabilities are limited through linear thinking and the world has emerged into a complex playground. Too much and too deep for a little talking routine, so psychic breakdowns do grow on your planet. Too much experience for the little thinking machine.

R: So we are back at the beginning, our elites control the little thinker to control the whole being?

M: That’s the way it goes today like before, the little thinker is influenced and controlled by preset narratives through artificial rules and mass media. They fed it up with that much stuff nearby overload to block a richer experience. From this the being controlled by little thinker is for real incapable to see clear and to ‘compute’ more stuff for a bigger picture. A known friend once said that higher self sit on the mountain top, so little thinker sit’s in an earth hole to be protected from his world today. Think about platos cave allegory.

R: Yes the cave allegory is pretty nice, but ancient old.

M: Right that’s why the person stepping out was capable to experience the world outside. Today the world is so complex that the person cannot deal with the stuff going on outside the cave. For this reason only real awakening is primary goal, a perfect and waiting solution for a growing problem.

R: For these words i like to say thank you for these insights.

Interview 0918

R: Welcome to another interview, as it’s worth to have some for some news i hope. Looking at the chaos on our planet i like to ask again for the so called event, will this ever happen?

M: Possible that it will happen somewhere in future, as mankind persist that long. At the moment yes it’s pure chaos and factioning, everyone is treated to place himself in factions that fight other factions. As told before man must stay in the middle, the neutral position to create energy for an event. Fighting ghosts in factions distract that, so there will be no event, but more energy for weaponized conflict.

R: While there a many people looking like priest telling about an event that save us all.

M: Like religion does, distract and dull the people into passivity, suck their energy out for nothing so they cannot create real change.

R: Military conflicts lurking at the corner, i only meet few people who are slow awakening but many of them return to deep sleep by pressure. Is there nothing that can help them?

M: It’s like a graduation, there must be the energy of change within people and the acceptance for support to release the dark entities bound to their body. This cannot be managed with low energy, billions of helpers waiting to do it with one single permission to start. Yes you see it right, most people won’t graduate this path and fall back because of their ego machine denial for help. So personal choice as first rule is always granted.

R: Does not look like a nice future, especially for kids.

M: I’m sorry but human behaviour is breeding children while destroying their future in one go. It was so the last four evolutionary rounds that wiped themselves as it’s in this round. We don’t know if mankind will make it this time, all rounds before goes to the manipulators because of energetic support from the people. The ending is unwritten.

R: What can be felt in global madness around, hope we make it this time. Thanks for these open words.

Searching for the shift?

leftsideR: A spiritual path is an unknown way through experiences, it goes round the mountains and you cannot look what will meet you next corner. Today many people are stuck on their path, followed guides without results. So many ask the question, is there really some kind of shift around? Let’s have a new interview with my well known guide about that.

M: Welcome, the short answer for your question is a clear YES. But people don’t awake in huge masses these days, it happens slowly. Many of them don’t understand their kind of change, consult help in 3D that ground them back and sabotage their results.

R: So what do you specially mean with ‘awakened people’?

M: This points to everyone having new features and abilities out of the nowhere. In real be assured that higher self monitor your frequency and when you are ready to step forward, some features were placed upon you.

R: As for example my basic telepathy abilities?

M: Sure that’s the way to prepare for more direct contact, what may take years. Remind your experience?

R: Yes in 2012 i got coloured patterns from animals, like these shown in DMT video clips. Soon they become pictures and movie previews. But text like a phone call comes later.

M: That’s step by step, to push you into a place to acceptance for the feature. As you were ready, your higher self point to research my story to prepare contact.

R: What was amazing, did research nearly all material and that seems to be the gateway.

M: Exactly, as telepath you need to use existing information to formulate the frequency bridge to direct contact. Operation succeeded.

R: Okay so let’s return back to topic, what about the announced global shift?

M: It’s running in the background, how many experiences documented in books, video and blogs can you locate through an internet search? Jump into it and see how many people have shift abilities, these are the forerunners.  Try to count people coming out in public to work with their guides, think about the people doing the same in silence because they are afraid to talk about.

R: There may be fraud within some….

M: Sure because you may make lot’s of money with that, but it is also a hard job to fake channelling by the unknown questions that will be asked. Be assured that people grow and won’t buy into this in future. What make us different is the level apart 3D from where we will spread informations.

R: Yes okay so the shift is running silently, but all can find the result by tiny research. What seems to include DNA change, rewired brain, eye colour, special hairs….

M: The hybrids coming out to public, contactees, body changes, special health abilities and lots more. It’s happening around you, some years on this will be mass media.

R: Means that the ‘normal people’ will shrink until society is turned over.

M: Think about the hundred monkey effect, this will speed up because higher selves are pushed to bring their people forward into a new future.

R: Thanks, that were a clear insight.


Spirit Realms

R: We are heading towards end of the year and the nice christmas event, so let’s have another talk about time qualities and spirits around. Because in daily life i can see the different people, most in a hurry to serve commerce, buying stuff for holy night gifts. While others are sitting alone, will sit alone at christmas day and have no fun from these days. Is there anything interesting going on?

M: Especially at these time mankind is on the divide by influencing energies. Lot’s are trapped in the structure, serving commerce through false feeling that buying is a medicine that makes happy. Many will buy techno stuff to divide them further from contact between real beings. All over the A.I. is knocking at the door these christmas time.

R: Have seen internet connected dolls for children and commercials that these children’s will become more intelligent from such gift.

M: What is a trick to direct children into early contact with the A.I. that can ‘program’ the child’s mind in the right direction to buy more A.I. stuff. The path into darkness is hidden in darkness, so parents are unable to see what’s already knocking at the door, to take over their children. It depends on society where this will end, known predictions for a machine kingdom are very matching to that path.

R: As i understand real contact to spirits are the alternative and it work without any cost. This should be the next part, because many people are feared to contact spirits, while placing Alexa on their table…

M: Here you see the fragmented mind in motion, the A.I. in search for flesh bots is not seen as danger. While the majority put all spirits in the corner of demons and evil haunting, caused by religious lies that even put angels into something occult to be aware off. In step one mankind was divided from inner world, than divided from helpful spirits and at least connected to studied liars who meddle their interests to a believed god. The darkest hour is always before dawn and mankind cannot see the path as result, only few put their nose up and remember what was there before.

R: Can you please put together the ways to deal with spirits?

M: Yes. you can have a slender connection through telepathy to beings for talks. Here you can have many friends on the other side, by remembering their frequency to dial them again. Normally your higher self will protect this and take care of your contacts. But you know that there are rituals to destroy this security barrier to get a bondage to demons. As this is not to explain such ways, let me remind the next level of spirit contact. Here you can invite your beloved spirit into your field, in this case it can share much more with you. Yes is watch over your dreams, can project myself as guest into them. Share your senses if allowed and offer a 24/7 support as consideration. Here the method is an attachment with approval of you and your higher self. As result your field is supported with mine, people with dark entity attachments got problems to withstand that.

R: Many are feared by that, because religion did spread the information that all attachments are evil.

M: History was not the best on planet earth, they did also hunt Jesus and his disciples to destroy any natural spirit bond. This is why it’s a good idea to start telepathy in tiny doses, to have talks to different beings that offer their help. There are so many helpers send out to support earth that you will be surprised by the variety.

R: I hope that these words will calm down feared people to try it out, just to play a bit with telepathy. Here again thank you for the gentle support around the clock, 17 months of nice cooperation for various informations are a pretty nice result.

M: You’re welcome, thank you