Separated Mind

Yes is showed this earlier this year, but the message behind is that powerful. A simple daily exercise may lead to a solid change, or push a running awakening to fast lane. So let’s repeat Dr Joe and ask some questions to my guide after that.

R: Okay you know what’s to talk about, can you please tell about the origin of the self speaking mind that bother and control so many people

M: For the evolutionary human line founded in Africa, it goes back to the Annunaki work. They included their genetic material into their creation (as seen in your bible) but don’s want them to get the same level of consciousness. So they disconnected a tiny part of the mind with corpus callosum and placed a different to high EEG inside.

R: So why does the system not turn back to normal, like you see in that many DNA creation of food?

M: Over the thousands of years, the tension to fall back into normal is just now and many people are inside that. The energy to keep the separation active is raising, the tiny mind must be triggered very often per day to keep it running in his self isolation, to control the people.

R: In our culture daily schedule seems to do that, distraction from the world through cell phones, computer games and lots of trigger in the outside.

M: Yes and especially fear is used as trigger, to keep high beta running. Right and left side won’t sync if one side runs in hilarious unhealthy speed and the frontal lobe is nearby disabled from that too. It’s known that corpus callosum only need around three weeks to grow new nerves to connect both sides, so single EEG won’t appear any more.

R: Are there more tiny tools to help the people rewiring?

M: A very simple one is to close the eyes on day time, what will stop one sense input and the holistic right side will try to calculate the missing input from the other ones. Another oldie is to push all attention to breathing what immediately shut down the talking voice in the mind.

R: Great thank you, this can be done by everyone very easy and often a day. We need some fast lane boosters to jump into coherence several times the day. While i do understand that people living the tiny mind fear another state of consciousness, because they have no idea or pattern for it.

M: That’s correct, the other state is unknown until it can be experience for a short while and it appear with told tricks. It’s a simple way to figure it out, although it’s the universal level so many beings in galaxy do carry.

R: So i hope this tips many give the tools to some people, just try it out and see what happens. It’s pre wired and waiting to start up for you.

Short Interview April

R: So the month April is nearly over and spring time has arrived here. As proclaimed we will deliver short interview to get answers from the ED side. Last days i found strange effects from overall censoring, for example that the chartres board was blanked from all major search engines. So this will be my first question, can a simple picture the people use for meditation be that dangerous?

M: Warm welcome, yes the chartres board is a simple method to feed both hemispheres with different colours for same geometric figures. This will cause struggle in the mind as long both sides try to work separated, if hemi synced they will figure the whole out. This is the moment the third row in a new colour appear in front of your eyes. You should show the board for the people to try for themselves.

R: Thanks for that explanation, so here is the board as small pic. Locate a bigger file and have a huge print like A4 that can be putted in from of your head for training.


R: Can you give some infos about the relationship from left minded people and the all seen madness in our world?

M: Said so nice, yes it is ‘your world’ because the mad rulers on the top of the pyramid use the people as commodities to create the madness within society. Einstein told is long ago that humans did not use full brain capacity and exactly this is the limitation to left hemisphere, home of a tiny logic A.I. routine that has become their master. From it’s limited perspective that routine tends to fall to 1 bit, the so called term duality. If there is only war or peace, there is no room for negotiation to find another solution. You cannot deal with ‘the unknown’, the opportunities removed from the input by the machine.

R: Let me point at the singularity point, when the brain and internet will become one. Scientist like Kurzweil see that in 2030, when all humans are connected to the internet, carrying Alexa in their skulls.

M: That’s not the idea behind, it’s about to connect the left side A.I. to the web to set it’s operation commands from the outside. It will be possible to consolidate lot’s of humans by letting the A.I. speak the same commands to them. For the human it will be the ‘i think’ idea, spoken commands that in are placed through their internet – brain connection.

R: Is there a way out?

M: Awakening is on the run, should be ready before the final showdown will be available. The new type of singularity will be a natural reconnection to the flow and telepathy.

R: With victims?

M: Count on that, there are enough that are already addicted to technology to went the final path. Maybe the authority use them as police flesh bots or soldiers.

R: Time for intervention?

M: Outer guardians will only do so, if the majority of people will ask for that. Guess why that many proclaimed Ashtar interventions are still unseen, it’s not enough for a tiny minority to call in such traumatic events for all the people.

R: Yes i understand that, an intervention on many places would cause that much struggle that the people as Ronald Reagan said will unite to fight aside their oppressors against the intervention.

M: See and that’s why we observe and wait.

R: Thanks for today information, we should do that more often.

M: Do so, on my side time does not exist.

Interview 04/19

Seems to be time to have another interview, because some things around ramp up massive. So let’s see what we get out my friend today.

R: Hello, last weeks there do many dangerous changes did jump into public. Most of them was long planned eugenic jobs against the people on earth. How is this recognized for you as experiencer from outside?

M: Yes multiple changes appear in public now and most are done by minions from alien races that try to shape planet earth for their purpose. They speed up change so their created hybrids can survive while the old type of people got problems and will dissolve. Sure that is a bad future, but as explained in ancient text earth with all in it’s biosphere has to evolve too. There is no fixating a status quo to prevent evolution, not as universal law and not artificial done by humans.

R: So the great awakening is something deeper than only evolution of consciousness?

M: Humanity is very late on schedule, normally first awakening preset the inventions and ideas to evolve societies, adaptive technologies and so a whole package appears. It should update the DNA so the body adapt to outer changes, but as you see a hidden hand has fixed that all and fight against awakening now.

R: Seems to be that way, we are stuck in level 1 and unable to reach the next level. Our aggressive potential is used to treat our neighbours with force, to stay within line behind of overall madness.

M: You understood the control grid, while the majority lives the control grid to keep it running. Yes all the mess you experience is long term planned and should result to something good. It would work better without the control grid, but the stranglehold is very powerful.

R: As conclusion we have to evolve or to go, this is very harsh and does not match to a lovely god as ruler?

M: It would not match the ideas of wrathful gods from old testament in your holy books and not the religious ideas people have. Just think about a nice creator, who place a benevolent evolution plan and beings with granted free will to ignore that. Think about evolution for mother earth and nature was scheduled and only the humans fight against it and keep it fixed. So there will be some rounds of pushing them forward as chance to stay. But also a last line when the round can be defined as failed.

R: Do you know where this type of red line is?

M: Not precise and offering would be some kind of manipulation.

R: Is it possible that already placed hybrids survive what humans of old earth type won’t?

M: Yes this is a matter of biology and frequency. Would say ‘they’ have shown that in movies to you and some just do what you experience around you.

R: Okay and thank you, we will see the path and changes can occur every day. Game on.


March Interview

Interview March 2019

R: Welcome readers, it seems to be time for another interview. Maybe this explains the changes around us or some of them. So my first question related to some videos is: Do you have an ego?

M: That’s a nice one and the answer is simple. As for the moment i don’t own a physical body all parts are integrated to one universal consciousness, so the right answer should be yes i own an ego.

R: What about beings with a body?

M: Here functions are divided and separated into parts of the mind, if we go back to the Annu Gods you have the physical split to suppress the integration of brain parts. This is where all human have their work to do, integrate that again.

R: Okay that explains why you favor to don’t give answers instead of lying to me.

M: Yes that is part of so called first directive, would make us bad teachers if we use lying. We don’t answer too critical topics to prevent harm if we see that possibility.

R: Will try out, please tell me about sacrifice on our planet.

M: So called elites in your culture relate to black magic and demonic religions, in these sacrifice of humans is written down and practice by them. They have to do and they do to praise their gods.

R: Okay i don’t want to go deeper, already know that these guys live also aside law and rarely will get penalty for that.

M: It’s a question of acceptance in whole society, people in bad mood don’t care for that and these guys know how to spread bad mood in daily doses.

R: Thinking about the hybrids, what do they have in mind about that?

M: Our group has not placed hybrids, but they do know about but as minority in culture they cannot vote for a better now. Mankind is the majority and don’t care that result to acceptance is key.

R: Reminds to the three apes, won’t listen, won’t look, won’t hear….

M: Yes but remind also this is not fixed forever, the backdoor was placed and energies to utilize the backdoor are ramping up.

R: From my standpoint there are two back door for awakening, one is for humans to integrate and awake, the other are the hybrids to replace humans.

M: The one or other way it will happen, because it was scheduled to happen. Humanities path is their decision, what would the homo erectus say to that?

R: Okay i see, as we replaced him it’s possible to happen to us.

M: Humans with integrated consciousness are called homo galacticus or homo noeticus, are the next level of evolution. After these changes in mind, the same happen to their DNA and the body itself. The results are not that different from hybrids grown and placed by other lifeforms among your culture. Both will work perfectly hand in hand together.

R: Sounds like a nice future and a back door for the ones who are ready to evolve.

M: It is because it was scheduled that way from source.

R: With that i like to end that interview and thanks for that.

Shadows of a dark world

It’s February and so we can do another interview, these time i will try to figure out something more about the dark stuff running around us. You have seen articles from other pages here, some look ridiculous but there must be something behind.

R: Morning my friend, as starter for this interview may you tell me where your background about happenings on earth comes?

M: Yes, we in the ED realm have the capability to read thought like an open book, that’s why in evolved cultures on other planets there are no crime anymore.

R: Some time back i was informed that outer planet secret services surround earth and take a look into high class criminal minds.

M: I can assure that there are lot’s of groups doing that, there is no place to hide to read human thought emissions. So all crimes are known to us and one day the criminals will be in charge for that.

R: Sounds a bit crazy that this is known but not take action on.

M: Depends on the prime directive, we can watch an monitor, but not act against humans intent to help the criminals to go on.

R: Please explain how this help is done.

M: Humans take the head away if the get informed about horrible crimes, they suppress that in their mind and denial every evidence with force. So the at one hand accept these crimes in their midst and the other hand offer their energy FOR these crimes to the criminals.

R: Okay so the criminals get enough creation power to go on with their ‘jobs’. What’s on the scale now?

M: If you ask for a scale so directly it’s about 30% people in the awakening and 70% sleep well. While only few of the 30% are consciously took the next step to transcend the ego mind and see clear.

R: So we have a problem with the play level so to say?

M: Indeed, to deal with the shadows on your world your mind structure need to be so deep, that it can handle it at all. It must be able to process all the information available in the field and match that with a whole world. Transcendence is not something with tech, such ideas cannot deal a reality where everything is available in the field to pick up. To live in a stream mode where light and shadow are seen parallel and so peeking into timelines is also possible.

R: Would say this will struggle most humans, because symptoms of evolved consciousness cannot be dealt if the mode of consciousness is reached.

M: That’s why all look like a game, but no a la la land quest that can be cheated. The path is a hard one and reveal a lot of shadow to get the next level.

R: Our type of culture is so said a reflection of our collective mind.

M: Yes and that’s why with 70% to 30% you already step the dark part and support the bad guys on your planet. There is lot to do and it will cost time, the wave is slow but will ramp up some day.

R: Okay so thank you for these today information.