Are We Losing Identity To The Hive?

A good quality article about the artificial hive mind that bound society together via ego and intellect. A very interesting question about this hive, truly will the people vote for culling old people out for better CO2, but only for neighbors grandpa and never their own. Simply because the Me Me Me machine in the head act this way, because it was programmed by the hive.

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February 23, 2017

By Rosanne Lindsay

“Rights mean you have a right to your life. You have a right to your liberty, and you should have a right to keep the fruits of your labor….I, in a way, don’t like to use those terms: gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights, religious rights. There’s only one type of right. It’s the right to your liberty.” ― Ron Paul

Imagine a future with compulsory euthanasia. One day the government could mandate, “Let’s end global warming by cutting down on the number of old people.” And the citizenry would bow down to forced euthanasia because they are of one mind in the belief that they must do their duty in service to their country and “for the greater good.”

Sound crazy? Cultish?

This extreme scenario defines the conditions of the Hive Mind, a collective identity in which every decision you make is a committee act. Group think is cohesive intelligence over individual intellect, a super organism. Nobody wins and nobody loses. Everyone is the same. Everyone is dependent. Everything is provided by the hive.

The hive mind plays out in hive society as groups who petition the State for rights: gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, a Parents Bill of Rights. People beg the State for permission without realizing the State can neither grant nor abolish ANY rights. Rights cannot be transferred from one person to another; they are “unalienable.” Rights come from “nature’s God” not from the State. States can only grant privileges that are abolished, amended, modified or expanded at the whim of the State.

The most basic Right, that of private property, begins with the self. You “own” your body and soul. A refusal to recognize this simple truth translates into the abolition of all private property, by extension. In an era of mandates, our foundational mission must be one of power – the Right to choose and the right to object to mandates.
Values vs. Morals; Privileges vs. Rights

Privileges and Rights can be understood in the same way as values and morals. A value is a subjective desire. A moral is an objective truth.

Values are found in a Democracy where the majority rules. Morals are found in a constitutional democratic Republic where the individual is protected.

Morals are the basis for The Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. These documents are metaphorical shields to protect individual rights from oppressive forces whose goal is to abolish them.

Politics is a value-based system in a game of “divide and conquer.” The debate of “pro” vs. “anti” are value judgments that serve to divide, distract and invalidate morals. The morality of right and wrong, truth and justice, gets lost in the shuffle. For instance, when “pro-choice” liberals claim to be “pro-vaccine mandate,” the freedom to choose is abolished. When debate is bogged down in the “science” of vaccines, it is a diversion from the real issue of human rights. The core issue is about freedom not science. Politicians purposely object to legislating morality in favor of advancing values. Are they not legislating to abolish morality?

According to Karl Marx, the great enemy of humanity is morality. In a society with Collectivist and Marxist tendencies that show up as “Liberalism,” the mindset is “for the good of all.” Discussions or morals are naturally suppressed.

“The society of the future is one in which the moral distinctions … have all dissolved. We are moving into a Communist world, into the world that Marx wanted without knowing it and without having the kind of revolution that Marx predicted and thought was necessary.” – Harry Jaffa, author A New Birth Of Freedom

In a honeybee Democracy, mandates do not seek to suspend Rights but to abolish them. What kind of “value” is advanced by the abolition of a Right? If the religious exemption is abolished by the vaccine mandate, is the abolition of religion next? Are those acceptable values – to abolish Rights?

“A colony of honeybees is far more than an aggregation of individuals, it is a composite being that functions as an integrated whole.” – David Dobbs, Science, 2011

Governments twist nature to suppress individual power through Scientism. Scientism is not science but religion. It claims to be the only source of real knowledge. Reason and logic over creativity, memory, and imagination. Scientism creates “Vaccine Science” or “Climate Change Science” as the underlying philosophy that dictates societal norms. Question the science and be demonized. True science asks the questions. Science is debatable, never “settled.”

Credit: Patrick Wood, author Technocracy Rising

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.” – Edward Bernays
Social Engineering

How did humans become a swarm of bees? Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations, wrote the book Propaganda in 1928. He believed that “if people are to live together as a smoothly functioning society, then controlling what people think must be engineered.” Bernays suggested that people are followers. He banked on how vulnerable the human mind could be, and used emotions to control the “stock” by keeping them distracted on trivial events.

Social engineers mold public opinion and influence popular attitudes to set society’s norms. These norms are subsidized by government and then carried out by the population who plays its role as victim. These are psychological operations, or PSYOPS. The example of one nation (e.g., America) then becomes the mold to homogenize the rest of the world and standardize the laws on a global scale. Social engineering convinces us to follow the trends: what sports to watch, what fashions to wear, how to style hair (i.e., the bob).

Organized chaos was Bernays’ idea on how order is engineered through the creation of chaos or ordo ab chao. This builds on the Hegelian Dialectic, or Problem>Reaction>Solution. In the U.S. how the people behind-the-scenes mold public opinion is “Public Relations.” The result is that the individual has literally lost his mind and his ability to think critically. Under the system, the plasticity of the mind becomes fixed. Cognitive Dissonance sets in. Even in light of new information, the mind remains rigid, stuck in a value system. Unless the individual regains the POWER to control his mind and body, and regain his RIGHTS…. the struggle will not end at vaccine mandates.
Property of the State

Agnes George DeMille, choreographer and granddaughter of George DeMille, the author of Progress and Poverty, wrote about our current state in 1997:

“This clown civilization is ours. We chose this of our own free will, in our own free democracy, with all the means to legislate intelligently readily at hand. We chose this because it suited a few people to have us do so. They counted on our mental indolence and we freely and obediently conformed. We chose not to think.”

On the heels of the vaccine mandate (SB277) in California, the proposed law SB-18 The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth would remove gun rights, homeschooling, parental rights, and health freedom all in one law. From where does this language come? From the UNCRC, an International treaty! Have Americans been led and misled so easily to their doom by a honeycomb Matrix where no individual in government is accountable?

The Declaration of Independence appeals to the Laws of Nature and nature’s God. It reminds us that Life, Liberty, and Property = your Body, Soul, and Self. Liberty prevents any government body from forcing vaccines or removing a child against an individual’s will and consent. The Declaration of Independence connects us to our divinity and reminds us that the right to self-defense is a basic human right. Nature shows us that in a bee colony “each one [is] an alert individual making tours of inspection looking for things to do and acting on her own to serve the community.”
Marching for Rights

In America, the act of marching for State-granted Rights is an exercise in futility and self-defeating. Citizens are the property of the State. Citizen = property. Property has no rights. When the masses beg for rights, it is by design, to subvert individual rights. Imagine if specific laws were required to grant every individual and collective interest in society. That’s exactly what we have. Where does it end? If someone or some group is purposely or erroneously left out, are their Rights non-existent?

To hand over inherent rights to an all-powerful government (Marxism) captured by corporations (Fascism) is where we live today. Marxism socializes people through the school system to think in a way that justifies inequality. Children learn to accept there will always be someone in authority who they must obey – the Master-Slave dynamic. The way to assert rights is to remove the group banners and march together for One Law for All. Human Rights.
Technocracy Rising

This Brave New World we face is the Technocracy movement, born in the 1930s to replace Capitalism. Technocracy is a totalitarian dictatorship that uses Marxism as a stepping-stone and scientism as the science of social engineering. Technocracy is economic totalitarianism (TPP, NSA, IMF), set up through the political structure (the World Bank president is appointed by the U.S. President) to replace the economic system on a global level. Where do you think Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, got his inspiration in 1932?

Credit: Patrick Wood, author Technocracy Rising

Patrick Wood, blacklisted author of Technocracy Rising, says the coming Technotronic Era is a controlled society managed by an elite group – think Trilateral Commission. Total control means total surveillance, from smart meters to smart phones, to smart TVs that listen to your every word. Congress is eventually neutered and rendered irrelevant since they don’t understand the technology they attempt to govern. Reflexive Law replaces “Rule of Law.” Under Reflexive Law, “there is no actual legal process at all, but rather a jawboning process that cons actors into compliance.” Under this globalist paradigm, the Constitution is out, and property rights are gone. We are back to the feudal ages, “for the good of the people,” of course. We are back to 1775 before America became a nation when Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Have we been deceived? Dumbed down? Duped? Have we allowed our freedoms to disappear through our desire to follow the crowd? If so, what do we do about it? If we fail to understand history, are we doomed to repeat it? Now that dots are being connected, how do we extract ourselves from falling further into the abyss?
Reclaiming Identity

Fortunately, no one group of politicians, scientists, priests, or Technocrats can determine the needs of an individual without suppressing morality, God, Nature, and humanity in the process. No one group of people can deny the nature of how humans and the Earth regulate and sustain themselves on a daily basis. The individual is the value in any group success.

Technology is a blessing. But technology, like the State, serves us. Not the other way around. Are we humans or insects? Do we own our own thoughts and beliefs, or are our minds the property of the hive? Can we revert back to our humanity, through nature, to connect to our true selves, the ones who came into this world alone, and the ones who will leave this world alone?

As Americans, we must take back the language, take back our morality, and reclaim our true identities. We must reject Technocracy, and be ready to say NO when freedoms are restricted. We can withdraw consent when new laws clump us together as a swarm. We can choose to come together in communities where we have influence. Clean house from the ground up in our local governments. The time for action is now.

Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a Health Freedom advocate, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at

More Mandela

Only if you deny our multidimensional universe, you have a problem to understand the Mandela Effect with it’s various clips about. Mixing up societies from different timelines, the recall from the mass creates reality, but won’t change different recall from the minority.

Same belong to the planet-x within this clip, such object cannot be beamed into your backyard.

Q&A Session

Q: Welcome to another question and answer session, it’s the first in this year with intention to get some background. Seems it is time to have a session because of many rumors and happenings in our 3D world. So lets start with daily news, what happens in France these days?

M: Welcome readers, to understand France you need to view from an angle of opposing energy forms. Society in the west was lulled and dulled for eons and most of them stake in a thick gray energy, unable to carry out own ideas. Nearby people with a different type of energy was pulled in, but without integration, so both did not balance into a new energy. Now the spark of riot was ignited in areas with the more active energy form, here let me remind to various E.T. groups pulling the strings behind the curtain and politics executing their will.

Q: Okay so this may ramp up far wider, heard that also in Sweden and Italy tiny fires has started in some region. Another kind of news blast is the idea, that the archon leader yaldabaoth was defeated some days ago, what can you tell us about that?

M: It’s part of 3D thinking that a titan created by accident can be defeated in a war like situation. As being without body, plain energy with high influence on beings in wide range there is only one chance to get rid of it. Remember the Merlin series, what has shown the solution by the ending of Queen Mab. Yaldabaoth requires emotional energy as food and can only be weakened to a point, when it will leave earth for a better energy source. But for that humans must ascend into a higher state, where none of his food source where delivered. Now think about the riots coming up in the world, who will benefit from them most?

Q: An interesting type of agenda, manipulate the people to raise loosh for the demons plague us. I see that there is much more to do for humans as to celebrate false victory. Vampires follow the feeders, so we can recall the being back very easy. Just another question, there are rumors about the Event and changes of the sun, is there something to know?

M: I know many of you wait for this event for longer and there are pretty video footage about it. Such event is possible with an outer catalyst and yes that belongs to the sun. Changed energy transmit different EEG types that influence human body DNA for a silent mutation, that adapt to the new type of light quality. Optical you only experience a very white light frequency with intense warmth even around winter solstice. The Event needs a catalyst what is a huge sun eruption that may be triggered from a gamma rays burst. Sounds like spoilsport that humans know that there is no light without dark, such effect will cause damage and so the majority of your collective hold intent against that. So here is a show stopper that awaits a split of timelines, for the people dislike the Event to go into another reality than the ones who beg for an Event. Again, the choice is yours.

Q: At the end this is in our hands, yes that is the already known message. So let’s take a break here and go on in another blogpost with that.

M: You’re welcome, never forget that prime creators first directive prohibit direct interaction and we have chosen the light path.

A fire to cleanse?

This is not the syria civil war, it’s it france like written before and the riots reaches suburbs from Paris. It’s incredible that a nation like france can bomb the sh** out of lybia, but seems to be unable to stop this within own soil.

Enjoy Eurabia, think holiday in France will become cheaper now.

Weather Warfare Biggest Threat to Life on Earth-Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says the number one threat facing humanity is extreme weather modification to cool the planet.  It’s being done by geoengineering (commonly known as chemtrails) and it must be stopped now because it’s having the opposite effect.  Wigington says all climate engineering is really just “weather warfare” and explains, “How long can humans survive without habitat?  If we have an issue that is mathematically the greatest single assault launched by the human race against earth’s natural life support system, why wouldn’t we deal with that first and foremost above anything else?”

One scientific report shows that, at the current rate, life as we know it could end in 10 years. Dane contends, “That is not my data. That data is coming from the best and most recognized frontline arctic methane climate scientist.  Methane is the issue that is not being reported either.  That is the linchpin on our collective coffin if the atmosphere fills with enough methane.  I don’t want to downplay the damage done to the planet because we have cut down over half of Earth’s forests, we’ve poisoned the oceans, we’ve paved the planet and those are all significant sources of damage, but the single greatest assault on Earth’s natural systems at this time is climate engineering.  When we have that kind of engineering going on, it prevents the planet from responding to the damage done.”

Dane goes on to say, “The power structure knows this is going on, and they know they can’t hide it much longer. What’s their likely hole card that they will play when they know they can’t hide it any longer?  They’ll start World War III, and they are maneuvering for that right now.”

Dane also points out the phenomenon called “weather whiplash,” where it is hot one day and snowing the next, as it did recently in New York. Wigington says this is all being covered up to keep the public in the dark for as long as they can.  Wigington says, “We have the paid liars, and I wish I could use a more diplomatic term.  For example, The Weather Channel is owned by the corporate power structure. . . . We have the foxes running the hen house.  We have people at The Weather Channel trying to explain away the completely engineered weather as natural.  At this point, can we call them anything but paid liars?  With “weather whiplash,” people should understand that something is radically wrong in New York when more than a week ago, we went from record shattering high temperatures to snow in less than 24 hours. . . . This kind of “weather whiplash” can only be created by climate engineering.”

In closing, Wigington says, “We are facing converging cataclysms. When people focus on jobs, economy and retirement, how much will any of that matter if we have a planet that doesn’t support life?  If we lose our habitat and every breath we take is full of toxic heavy metal that is making us sicker and dumber by the day . . . . And my only goal is to bring this issue to light and to a halt.  We know we have major collusion between all the major powers in the world on this issue.  The single biggest leap we can take in the right direction is to expose and stop weather engineering which is weather warfare, and stop these programs in their tracks.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, Founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Dane Wigington has jam packed with information, numerous sources and articles to back up his points. Wigington sent me a few links that reinforce the points he brought up in this interview, and you can click on them below.

You can also donate to, and that information can be found at the top right hand side of their homepage.

Wigington’s supporting Links:

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– Manufacturing winter

-Mass extinction of species, including humans, within one decade

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s in UK

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