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While looking for new video clips i found this one with a lot of information that is very familiar to me. I remind mandalas shown to me before i got the ability for speech block transfer. Lot’s of pictures from technical stuff, future previews and especially familiar faces in dreams that tell stuff top above the real persons. What people need to know is this, there is nothing of that if you don’t have the mind blank slate. A talking egp machine in the mind switches that all off.


More Walk-Ins Are Arriving Now!


Many know that phenomenon, someone you know behaves different over night. Most times these changes are stunning and amazing so it will refresh friendships and social bonds. Sometimes a known person turns to such a beacon of light that friendship will break, because of  different energy poles. It’s urgent to know that this exist, it occurs in waves to allow more souls experience on earth and get helpers for collective ascension. This will support people who already work with their spirit guides, more beings with deep knowledge do create bigger fields of the new energies.


More Walk-Ins Are Arriving Now!





By Michelle Walling, CHLC


There is a war going on for our consciousness and our planet. As we witness chaos and confusion in the outer world due to increased blasts of lower vibrational energy, a counter balance tactic will always have to occur to keep the planet from being too far off kilter. Part of our counter balance for the dark attacks involves a change of the guard. Some tired souls are walking out and being replaced in the physical bodies with new, high vibrational star family walk ins.


The changing of the guards


An aspect of a spirit that becomes an individual soul has a mission to accomplish wherever it goes. If it is successful in one mission, it will either take on another mission, die in the physical and return to spirit, or walk out and allow another soul to occupy the body without having to go through the birthing process.


Many people have already been forerunners of walk in integrations. However, now as it seems that the matrix is crumbling before our eyes, huge groups of souls are leaving and being replaced with new souls in a changing of the guard. Some of these people will have already placed themselves in high level spy positions within banking, politics, oil and gas, education, and medical and will be the change makers when the time is right in these fields.  As we all know that “we” are the ones we have been waiting for, there are more “we” to come. You could think of this as the “Trojan Horse” strategy.


According to Wikipedia, “The Trojan Horse is a story from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the independent city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside including Odysseus. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war.”


In our case, we are not unlike a trojan virus in a computer, however we are flipping the polarity to become the anti-virus in the matrix by raising the frequency above the technological capacity of the control matrix.


In my messages from my star family that I received a few months ago, I was told that support was coming for me in the form of walk ins. I always like to wait for confirmation or first hand experience before sharing anything, and I have enough evidence to feel certain that this is happening now. Spirit leads me to various articles or videos that have talked of massive groups of walk ins as well as massive “ships” arriving that are our star family. These ships are actually conglomerates of shards of our star family that projected their consciousness into our realm.


These souls are the back up calvary, here to either replace or walk beside the “boots on the ground”. Those who had not already placed themselves into position soon will suddenly realize where they need to be and may move or re-enter a matrix based job or society in order to master the game and take back control of the planet.


Soul Exchange


A benevolent walk in is a soul that makes an agreement with an existing soul to either trade places or merge with the existing soul in the physical body. Some souls here at this time knew that they only needed to accomplish certain goals and upon completion of these goals (or the evidence that there is no possibility of completion), they will retreat and allow another soul to step in. Some who leave have just had enough and are either spinning their wheels or have no more energy left to “spin a yarn” at all. When one soul walks out and allows another soul to walk in, this is called a soul exchange.


As the inner soul prepares an original incarnated soul for a walk out, some people may feel a sense of their life coming to an end or not having a soul purpose. Depression and suicidal thoughts are common for these people. Others feel a sense of peace and knowing that they have done the best they could do and they are going to be “going home” soon.


For a complete walk out/walk in experience, the body needs to be completely still, and usually happens while a person is asleep. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes accidents may be set up so that the person lay resting, unable to move. Being “unconscious” is the ideal state for a walk out/walk in situation. Most of the time everything goes as planned and the person recovers miraculously from the accident or sickness. Other times the exchange is difficult for the new soul and recovery may even take years as the body is healed and the soul completely aligns the auric fields.


Soul braids


Other souls are doing the work necessary to raise their vibrational frequency which is increasing their conscious connection to Source and the remembrance of their soul purpose. This is the main focus of the Starseed mission and therefore ends up in an ironic position. Those who are successful in the first part of the mission to do the healing and clearing work have to stay! Their goal is to connect and merge with the higher multidimensional aspect of themselves. For these people, they will have their “higher selves” braiding or joining with the original aspect of their soul that incarnated. This could happen once or could happen many times as they continue to integrate more and more.


Integration of a braided walk in requires some planning and time to take place. Many times the “work” we are doing is transmuting low vibrational frequencies, implants, and technologies that keep us stuck in the hypnotic mind control state. This rise in frequency matches the soul that needs to walk in better, and expands the body’s energy field to be able to hold more capacity.




The work that the souls are doing on Earth is a highly respected and honored job that will affect the whole Universe. According to Dolores Cannon, there was a long line of souls hoping to get the chance to come to Earth to be a part of this mission. Ideally, the well- prepared walk in soul will have already spent much time observing in preparation and will have walked in and walked out several times so that it will make a seamless transition for close friends and family over time, even if they end up moving away or losing friends.


For a soul braid, the preparation of  trying on the body by walking in and walking out will cease and the soul will permanently integrate and join the original soul in the physical body.


Most of the time a soul exchange will involve a soul of the same star family lineage in order to have the highest success rate of acceptance by the physical body. These are considered soulmates. If this is not happening to you, it could happen to someone on the planet that is serving as a host for your star family to find you! Many have been looking for this connection with someone their whole lives. Connecting with your new walk in friend will be assisted by your “team” and as you learn to let your higher self “drive the vehicle”, the faster the walk in will find you and be able to commence with the work that you two came here to accomplish.


Often times the walk in walks a lonely path as they need time for rest, contemplation and meditation, and balanced integration. Because of the raising of the overall frequency of the planet and of our bodies, the new walk in souls are having a much easier time integrating and adjusting to their new environment. This means a reduction in the number of accidents if someone just would not slow down to allow the transfer to take place.


Honoring contracts


A walk in souls does its very best to honor all of the contracts that the original soul set up. Even better, a higher aspect of yourself that walks in usually remembers to cut any contracts that are no longer in your highest and best interest, or were made out of coercion or trickery. So the new walk in has a period of time where they have to go through the motions of working with the contracts through living their lives with other humans as the original soul until the contracts are fulfilled or nullified. Other times, a person will have already done the work to tie up loose ends and fulfill contracts even if they did not realize they were simplifying things for the new walk in.


A new walk in soul retains most of the soul memories of the previous or braided soul and observes them without emotional attachment or judgment. Because of the lack of emotional attachment, changes in the person’s life are much easier to accomplish.


Ascension is also descension


In a way, ascension involves integrating more and more higher aspects of your multidimensional self. One has to descend into the darkness and clear out the muck in order to raise their frequency beyond the control matrix. Then, as you are rising in frequency and consciousness to meet your higher selves, a portion of them descends to meet you. Your vessel becomes the container for this blended dark and the light in a balanced state, but being driven by light principles of love and truth instead of control and deception.


The higher self is higher because it did not descend completely into the lower bowels of the third dimension to incarnate. The majority of its energy still exists in higher frequencies. It left the hard work to you! But we knew on another level that the reward the would be eventual re-integration and the ability to traverse all dimensions, while still being YOU. Integration of our higher selves is definitely a huge part of the ascension process and requires surrender of the beliefs and programming as well of as the lower consciousness or ego. It doesn’t mean that you become your higher self or that your higher self descends into you. It is more like a dance of integrations and separation, sharing knowledge and experience on an oversoul level.


Freedom for humanity


This ability for an Earth human to be free to be many places or frequencies at the same time was cut off through genetic manipulation and frequency fence barriers in the matrix. As each person breaks free of the barriers through raising their vibrational frequency and accessing the Source consciousness within themselves, it affects the collective. We are all connected and we ebb and flow like drops of water in the sea. It only takes a small wave to be able to ripple through the ocean, affecting everyone and everything. Your transformation begins with the understanding of what is happening and the intention to begin the process.


The malevolents


This article addresses benevolent walk ins here to help raise the frequency of the planet which unveils the original template and consciousness for matter and humanity. A malevolent walk in is considered a possession and there also souls that “hitchhike”, with many souls possessing a body at one time. While this is occurring with the population that is entrenched in the low frequency on the planet, the focus at this time in this article is support of new walk in souls that are having to integrate and hold high frequency in the physical body. Some may have never been on Earth before and many of the customs and foods are completely foreign.


Starseed and Walk In support


Many forerunners have been preparing their practices for the influx of awakened people. Seasoned healers, energy workers, and coaches help with the changes that are occurring physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as we break through the low frequency barriers of the matrix.


For instance, I provide coaching support to those Starseed walk ins lucky enough to remember that they are a walk in. When you schedule a session with me, you get to tap into my diverse experience with “fitting in”, physical body ascension symptoms, monetary survival, relationships, contract revocation, integrating lost soul shards, and loneliness and depression.


Energy workers can use the laying of hands or sound therapy to help integrate and balance the energy polarity in the physical body.  This repairs the left and right brain connection and helps balance the masculine and feminine polarities.


Many people know that something has happened to them but they just can’t seem to put their finger on it. Some signs of a walk in are:


  • Their personality has noticeably changed.
  • Their eating habits noticeably change or they develop allergies to certain foods.
  • They may make drastic changes in friends or relationships.
  • They have lost memory.
  • They act neutrally and show less emotional attachment and turmoil.
  • They change many things they used to like to do seemingly overnight.
  • They may have slight seizures for a while or “black out” moments.
  • Feeling like the crown chakra is always open and tingly.
  • Feeling temporarily crazy or disoriented.


Most of the symptoms are leaving quicker these days than in the past. It is important to feel and express grief or emotions quickly as they come up, as this is a part of the process of integration. As soon as a new walk in remembers why it is here, it has the tendency to hit the ground running and start knocking out its tasks. If they are not careful, a period of burnout then happens and they will have a need to stop and replenish their energy levels.


I have also assisted awakened people who have witnessed someone close them rapidly change or has even expressed that they are a walk in. These people need support too, and may need help in assisting the walk in. Watching someone who you once knew become someone else can be an emotional strain and it really helps to have someone who has been through this. I have not only witnessed walk ins into people who are close to me, but I myself am a braided walk in with higher multidimensional aspects of my soul. It is important to assess the environment and people around the new walk in as they are very open and can absorb beliefs and energies of those around them.


Many of us have felt lonely and isolated because we did incarnate with some of our closest star family. We needed to be spread across the planet in order to hold balance and claim domain over certain places on Earth. It brings me joy to know that the calvary has arrived to provide the much needed support system of information and high vibration. Healers, coaches, and first wavers, now is the time to use what you have learned to help these walk in souls. This is an inside job, and THEY are the ones we have also been waiting for!


About the authorMichelle Walling is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseed support, and is a transformational public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. Her websites are, and Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found HERE, where you can follow for updated posts on all of her websites. Subscribe to Michelle’s YouTube channel HERE. You can show your support for Michelle’s work by becoming a Patreon Member for only $8.88 per month and receive access to member only recordings. Click HERE for Michelle’s Patreon page. Click HERE to book a session with Michelle.


Why We’ll Win

There is a huge change to succeed this round, but it’s urgent to learn how to face evil instead following it’s demands. For that you need a level of consciousness that is freed from the talking voice that controls your behavior.

Why We’ll Win


A free, post-scarcity world will not be prevented by archaic systems scratching and clawing to retain their domination. We will evolve freely, unburdened by an unfortunate past. This will happen, and today I’m going to tell you why.

But more than that, I want you to understand that we deserve to win, and that the future – the world of our children, grandchildren, and so on – very much needs us to win. Our culture stands for – and supports in action – the things that make life thrive on Earth.

Let me make this point very clear:

We believe in the Golden Rule… as in actually believe in it, all the time. Our culture takes it seriously and acts like it’s the only healthy way to live.

The easiest and most gutless life is to follow the crowd. What makes the world better, on the other hand, is to live by what’s right. Making unpopular choices – developing and trading crypto, homeschooling your children, ignoring brain-locked regulators, pursuing unapproved cures, changing religions where it’s forbidden, pursuing what is disliked by the powers that be – these things require strength of character and dedication to real principles.

Regardless of our occasional stupidities and errors, our way of life clearly deserves to win.

How We’ll Win

“To change something,” said Buckminster Fuller, “build a new model and make the old obsolete.” And we’ve been building a new model considerably more than we may realize.

A new model is precisely how the personal computer came to be and how the Internet came to be. Regardless that computers and the Internet have been recaptured by the status quo, the model remains and has also spawned encryption and Bitcoin, technologies that are ephemeral and a lot harder to conquer.

Moreover, the cryptosphere is growing tremendously. When I started pursuing such things back in the 1990s, there were very few of us, and far between. Now I run into crypto advocates in grocery stores, not to mention in general business circles.

Likewise there are dozens of VPN providers these days. When we started Cryptohippie, few people outside of technical circles had any idea of what we were selling.

Furthermore, there are tens of thousands of people working to develop, improve, and spread cryptocurrencies every day, often at their own expense and with considerable uncertainty. Because they believe in them. Because they believe they’re building a better world.

Homeschooling makes another fine example. When I started my involvement, parents had recently been arrested for homeschooling in the US. We had to get busy supporting a legal defense fund. Now there are a few million homeschooled kids in the US alone, and everyone knows that homeschooling produces excellent results.

We’ll win by doing these things, followed by others like them. Little by little, step by step, planting seed after seed, we’re moving toward our goal faster than we’ve appreciated.

Once human action of these types account for enough of our activities, it’ll be almost unstoppable, and the legacy system will begin shrinking. We can expect screaming, threats, and even bloodshed from the obsolete system, but over time it will give up its operations piece by piece.

This isn’t to say that our new systems will be immaculate, but they’ll be far better than the Bronze Age relics that currently dominate mankind.

And if Not…

If, for whatever reason, we fail to continue what we’ve begun, our new civilization still wins in the end. For one thing, human evolution continues. We are notably better than we were a few thousand years ago – qualitatively better – and we’ll be still better in the future.

More immediately than that, however, the next cycling of rulership will finish the job for us. As we covered back in FMP #18, civilizations always cycle. They always have and almost certainly always will, until violence-backed hierarchy ends. When the next cycle comes along, it will do so in a rich technological environment. Because technology does not cycle. Rather, it accretes… it builds up.

So, once the present hierarchies break up and vanish for a few hundred years, tech will be free to come out and play. We’ll be free to reorganize in innovative new ways. Things simply will not be rebuilt according to the same old model. That’s how history works.

But while it’s nice to know that the insanity will pass one way or another, I think all of us would like it to be sooner rather than later. For our own sakes and certainly for those of our offspring, time is important. And so we need to believe in what we’re doing and to do it with vigor.

“The fashion of the present world,” says the Bible, “is passing away.” Let’s help it along.

* * * * *

As it turns out, history was never too hard to understand; they just told you the wrong story.

Comments from readers:

“This is the most amazing little book I have read on history in 36 years of reading history.”

“It will change the way you look at nearly everything.”

“I will flat out say that this is the best history book I have ever read… I am fairly well read, but I learned a tremendous amount that I hadn’t known before or hadn’t aligned so that it made sense.”

“This is the best and clearest description of the history of Western civilization I have ever read.”

“Packed with insights on every page concerning how the world came to be the way it is and what we might expect in the future.”

Get it at Amazon or on Kindle.

* * * * *

Paul Rosenberg

American Wars: We’re Killing Thousands of People to Enrich a Few Powerful Corporations

We live in a culture of constant war, played out with peoples energy that was funnelled out by obedient agreement through lies. That’s why most alien races like to see humanity on earth more spiritual developed instead following the elites dark path.

Karma Yoga Daily

By Alex Potter, Wake Up World

I’ve lived in Yemen. The lives of its people are worth more than any military contract.

The other day, over 20 people died in an airstrike in Yemen’s coastal city of Hodeidah. The bombs, dropped by a Saudi-led coalition, hit a farmers market, where men from neighboring villages sold their goods, hoping to at least break even and bring some food home to their families. In the aftermath of the attack, families gathered to pick up the pieces of their loved ones, and hitchhiked to the local general hospital in search of the wounded.

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Embrace Censorship?

Really interesting that wordpress did announce a new editor, suggest that you like and use it. So yes i tried it out, for less than a minute and here’s the reason.

The new gutenberg editor use the same method like facebook and twitter for immediate hyperlink check-up. Means that all hyperlinks are identified while typed in and A.I. checked. If the hyperlink is disliked by the censorship the machine is able to delete it faster than you typed it in.

Sorry i know that from twitter and facebook in their pre-phase and today it’s in full action.

How To Raise A Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Child

Nice but people don’t have the time and money to do that in our harsh society, they want the obeying tiny robot and will use psychic drugs to reach that goal. Experience the difference of how it should be and how it will be.

How To Raise A Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Child


Kids are seeds who are grounded deep into the roots of spirit, each having an opportunity to offer his or her spiritual fruit throughout a lifetime.

The potential for bringing in new ideas and new vibrations to the planet for the benefit of all beings is infinite.

But kids, like all humans, are easily socialized and conditioned to the environment around them.

From day one they slowly start shifting their focus from the spiritual to the physical, and many kids maybe most grow up to be complacent within the material realm, with the world of spirit left somewhere far off in a dream.

What seems to be happening with these extraordinary new kids, though, is that many are consciously traversing both the psychic realms and the physical realms at the same time. This is not only immensely challenging and confusing, but perhaps devastating in a conceptual world where psychic and spiritual phenomena are rarely acknowledged.

Since many of these kids are so psychically aware, yet their parents and role models usually are not, these kids may develop different kinds of troubling behaviors to help them cope with their situation and to teach adults what might be going on with them.

As a parent of one or more of these extra-sensitive children, there are many things you can do for your children to help them feel more rooted, safe and energetically balanced in the world.

Firstly, it is vital for parents to stay emotionally present around children.

Emotionally present means being honest whether you are feeling angry, depressed, guilty, joyous, lovable or excited. One of the most confusing things for a sensitive child is for someone to say, ‘I’m fine’, when he is actually feeling something else.

Children are empathic by nature; they naturally relate to what other people are feeling. Being cut off from what is alive in you, your true feelings and the desires behind them, as coined by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg or making a false representation about your feelings, trains children that it is more socially acceptable to put up a false-front than it is to express what is truly alive in the moment. Developing an open vocabulary of feelings and creating a household where there is permission to outwardly express this vocabulary is quintessential indeed.

Secondly, if you notice special gifts or talents in your children and want to help them develop these abilities but are unwilling to do any work yourself, don’t expect much from your children. They will most definitely need you and the other people around them to practice with and speak their language.

One of the most inspiring aspects about being on a spiritual path is to observe others making changes, transformations and realizations. Through working on ourselves, we become a role model and inspiration for the people around us. Enrolling in a meditation class (or whatever it is that calls you spiritually) and then setting a specific time for practice at home, sticking to it and making a sincere dedication can have a lasting impact on children.

One of my teachers from years ago used to purposely leave the door to her meditation room open while she was meditating so that her young children could see her peaceful, dedicated and undisturbed. If they came in to rouse her or to feign for her attention, she’d stay solid like a mountain, allowing them to climb all over her until they got bored and left.

It must have been a good lesson for the kids to realize that when mom was sitting, there was nothing more important to her than her practice. What a gift!

Another key to raising healthy psychic children is to help them become aware of their energy and to recognize when their finely tuned systems are ungrounded or processing the psychic stuff around them.  Some simple energy tools, practiced daily, usually do the trick.

One of the first things to do is to have them create an image that connects the body to the center of the planet. This gives kids a sense that they are rooted and plugged in throughout their day.

Like a ground wire plugged into a wall socket, grounded children have a place to send stuck or pent-up energy instead of having it bounce off the walls or off on you! Have them create a monkey tail, a tree trunk, a bean stalk or any fun image that works for them and have it come out of their body all the way down through the floor and deep into Mother Earth.

Most of us in the modern world have forgotten our deep connection to the planet. A grounding cord is a good solid reminder that we are always in communication with the earth below.

Having kids become aware of their energy bubble all around them is also beneficial. Their bubble or aura defines the space around their body and is a direct reflection of what is going on inside. If their bubble is vibrating at a color that isn’t in harmony with them in present time, they can decide to change it if they want. They can pick a color that is fun for them and change the color for different activities.

This is not only a fun game for them, but also helps them get to know their own energy and that ultimately, they are the ones who are responsible for their own body and energy. They can also clean their bubble with a magic sponge and make their bubble bigger or smaller so it’s the right size just for them.

Lastly, kids need to know how very sacred their bodies are and how lucky they are to be here, experiencing life from the boundless wisdom of the body.

But getting kids to get inside their bodies, even for just a moment, can be challenging to say the least! Invite your children to view their body as a body house, a fun place all their own with many rooms to explore.

They can get around their house via the magic glass elevator that goes up and down their body, taking them anywhere inside their body that they want to go. They get to discover the Heart Room, the Head Room, the Belly Room and more.

According to many spiritual traditions, these rooms are the locations of the vital energy centers that hold within them the profound intelligence of our bodies.

All kids are psychic, and you may feel a big responsibility on your shoulders just with this realization.

But remember that in any case, kids are kids no matter what.

Your job as a parent is simply to support them, give them love, encourage them to be who they are, and remind them often that they are much bigger than what the outside conceptual world often makes of them.

Then, as they learn their life-lessons from childhood to adulthood, they learn them with a sense of peace and amusement and with an understanding that there is meaning in all they do.

by Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith is an intuitive mother dealing with the challenge of bringing up her own two highly psychic children. She is an author at


Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.