We shall cooperate

You know that most time concurrency is sold to us as good and maybe in some parts this could be true. If you like to buy a gadget and there are some companies building it to fit your best ideas.

But in daily life you experience also the bad counterpart of this. For example to play a game with a windows system, what is a huge monopole and interfere with the above. So you have a soundchip onboard and windows itself is the first binding a audio mixer with lots of options to it. Than the chip producer install it’s audio mixer in concurrency to the windows one into the system. Now you like to game or hear music with that and your game or audio player deliver the third audio mixing system. You know what the result is, study the mixer, fight the concurrency or you have the baddest crap sound ever experienced with human ears. But hey this is industry monopole and must be this way, the people seem to like it. If microsoft will build a car, you have 3 steering wheels, 9 foot pedals and 15 gears to drive it.

You know that most time i advertise to use linux operating systems and YES there is only one audio mixer and the music sounds pretty well without anything to do. Press play and be amazed, because linux operating systems are straight forward, created from people for the people to achieve the best from their computer.


Freedom follows awareness

Suddenly microsoft want to gift you with windows 10 for free, previous versions cost around 120USD. So what has happened or what is the clue behind? One is overall mass surveillance in cooperation with the alphabet companies from your government, as also the right to force you to special software by automatic removal of software they don’t want on your computer.

Close Windows, Open Doors

Second at that’s the best idea behind, is to force you under a different umbrella of right. Most countries have rights to protect you from misuse of your personal data, they are your right as part of the society. Microsoft use their EULA to move you from your given right to their right to spy on everything on your computer. That’s right, YOU sign a new contract to step out from the right of data protection and give them the right to collect all. One simple mouse click for a double strike against you.

But you will only know about, if you really have the awareness to read the EULA before signing it.