Springtime Sacrifices

These days you can see your elites in heavy action, to get the required amount of human sacrifice for their gods. Case or place does not matter and around 200 victims they have to offer. But before they can do this, they shop your approval through mass media propaganda. So they are backed by human creation power for their sacrifices, turning societies frequency down for their actions and get support by their dark gods for the year.

For the people ridiculing the occult are only tragic happenings on the screen. But it is the same in every spring, they attune the year with their energy to ensure grand support. Tiny hints even exist in your bible, where the first hybrids are quality tested by fratricide and a prophet have to sacrifice his own son.

The minions of Baal are hungry, so don’t feed them with frequency and approval for their heinous actions. Learn the occult for you and your future.



Victims of loudnesswar

Periodic readers of this blog know the articles about the loudnesswar, so let me remind you on the topic.

What was done by your governments and elites is an unnatural increase of sound pressure in nearby all music you have today. This results not only in fatigue because music sounds like industrial or street noise, it have a huge potential to damage you ears. After the 432Hz to 440Hz attunement change, music was upgraded to a better weapon against you. Agenda behind that is an isolation from your nature, because using such music damage your ears in a way, that you are disconnected from natural sounds in your environment. Further it is an organized strike against your senses, you should use to navigate in your world. This will result in a world the elites want to have, hearing impacted people that cannot listen the song birds, the wind or the waterfall.


The victors are again the elites, the young generation loose because they got no support from their ‘i do not care’ parents’.

In next episodes we can talk about light as weapon of war, against your eyes.

They dont breed alone, it’s a race

Sure you know that your elitist are on the path to make breeding human babies to the normal, like described in Aldous Huxleys Brave New World. Financed by the Bill and Melinde Gates Foundation they are on the path to mass build this: http://www.google.com/patents/US2723660

Now they are on the psychic path to make you feel well with it, to accept that babies are grown in the industry and you can be sterilized to have better sex without remorse. There is no need to be a couple or familiy to have a child, simply shop one or let it deliver with FedEx. Select blue eyes, hair color and the rest is done by genetic engineering. Society will change and never forget that it was your choice by voting for your political party.

You are in a race situation, where alien breeders try to place their products and your elitist are fighting against with own children breeding. Children will be turned to the weapons of war, the faster breeder will have more soldiers to push its will to the people. Give a warm welcome to Brave New World.

Where we are – total insanity

Like to show you the point where we are, choosen by free will.


So there is no need for secure software, not even a firewall in front of mission critical computer systems. NATO takes care at insecure microsoft products now, it hackers telnet into a windows system, there will by thermonuclear war. At a glance you can see, that ‘the State’ is hostage of big business. This is a free ticket to shutdown software quality and a free ticket for the elitist to start their war when needed. Your children will fight with weapons for insecure software.

Who elect the leaders, that sign partnership with NATO?

The 51% Government

The political system is a simple machinery where big business can step in with suitcases of money, to buy law or a war for their business success. But for this, a government must be elected, not in the form of democrats versus republicans, in real it must be elected by more than 50% of the people living in the country. They are not interested to have a political winner as party, but to have 51% percent of voters, registered by name and identity card. The big smoke around an election is only to become above 51% of the people to vote. Politic after the election will be the same, big business will buy the way and big media plant a smear campaign to get your hooray for it.

If someday the nuremberg trials will be returned, your government will offer a sheet with your vote from election day. They pepperbomb countries like lybia with your vote, you gave em the power to do so. It is your creation!