The New Timeline Is Emerging

Timelines are always in the flow and collective intent setup some new while old will fade out. People riding them, have to change their path to newer ones to change their future. This would be natural evolution and it is under pressure by your leaders who want to suppress this by keeping you in the(ir) old timeline. To learn about timelines, ask your higher self to show what’s running.


The New Timeline Is Emerging

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The New Timeline Is Emerging

By Colin Joe Byrne
Via Facebook

We are going through a period of time where the timelines are separating and a new timeline is emerging. I have known that this would happen for many years and wondered what it would feel like, and now I am finding out, and it’s a little uncomfortable for me, and I guess it will be for all of us.

A timeline is just like a continuous flow of information. Like frames of a movie that offer a continuous flow of sound and light that create a contiguous flow of conscious experiences that make sense to the observer, the soul. So what our higher selves and our soul families are doing is editing our own timelines so the flow of information of who we are is continuous and contiguous, and they are stitching those aspects of ourselves and the experiences we have had that are authentic over many lifetimes into a harmonious symphony of the best expressions of ourselves, and removing those frames in the movie that were induced by the fallen ones.


We will be able to recall those moments but we won’t have the same attachment to them that they once had. This will affect our memories as we go through this period, especially our long term memories, and we may begin to forget some events that happened in the past, or begin to see them differently. Some have noticed this and called it the Mandela effect.

Recently, I have noticed some big changes in my own consciousness. I remember, and want to remember, but the remembrance doesn’t have the same emotional attachment it once had. The new timeline is designed to bring us into a new consciousness and awareness of who and what we are, and will move us out of the current timeline that is just a recurring dream of the same old stuff packaged in a new way.

The best thing to do during this period of timeline separation, is to have confidence in we who are, and accept who we are, and allow those best aspects of who we are to shine through. It’s going to get a little crazy from hereon in.

Talk Summer 2017

Last talk was some months back, so there are some open question from daily life who needs ideas. So let us make an interview to have some more light about some terms.

M: As you like so yes, what do you want to know about?

A whistleblower has come out with his visits at the agartha inner world, he has shown paintings of white robed people that look like you. What is behind that?

M: The atamai group has never gone, we do not only have the moon outpost, we worked also on ground for long terms and go to inner earth later. My descendants maintain our colony pretty well, we have adopted outer earth culture people who suddenly disappeared from your history to go on with us.

Got the idea that the mayan culture just changed the side and sometime will reappear to outer earth?

M: Their latest people had fallen in a mislead bloodshed religion so we decided to migrate them into a new direction. They are ready to reappear on the surface as helpers, if humanity reach the point to go on together.

Do reaching the point mean something like the incredible Event that is scheduled since years but did not appear?

M: There is a chain of Events ready, but the deep manipulation of mankind minds has stopped evolution before the entry point. The elitists who manipulate are backed by the majority of people who worship and love their reality at all. As we are bound to universal law, a huge influence is forbidden for us. We can only point in the better direction, but get ridiculed for that.

That means a minority of people are unable to start the Event against the will of the majority?

M: You got the point, a minority cannot force the Event of a frightened majority in fear of the Event. This would be against universal law and won’t happen

Really no other way out?

M: Only natural happenings are left as external trigger, for example a huge sun blow that evolve the DNA with punctured mutation into an awakened society that call in the Event later. But don’t forget your rulers actions to mitigate that down through influence of technology on your bodies.

You point at the nanobot agenda to make the people parts of the internet?

M: They call it singularity but behind is overall control over the flesh by the A.I. They are working hard on it, push billions into research to make the nano machines smaller and bio compatible.

So we are in a race now, awakening versus A.I. slavery for the majority of people?

M: That’s what running at the moment, there are few timelines left that can come into fruition, depending on free will and choice. If mankind decide to go through another 25000 cycle in slavery, this will appear as new reality. As it is not our part to judge such decision, we slightly will wait to the end of this cycle and try again to evolve you.

Personally i hope for a better outcome, but the mass of sleepers who are driven by the elitists without the nanobots are so huge.

M: But at the end the mass will set the path for mankind, unconscious or conscious.

Okay was an impressive package of information, it depends on us to do it even better. Thank you for this interview.

Magic And The Collective Consciousness

Withins this article you see the points behind the mandela effect. The collective create the reality around and the majority overrate the minority. So if someone looks back in 3D he / she experience a past that is different from own memory, because past is created if someone look inside. When people from different timelines mix together, past is shaped by the victors.



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By Eric Raines
Consciousness shapes the reality you exist in. Your consciousness dictates how you fit into the collective version of the whole, but the collective consciousness dictates what we all agree upon as “reality”.


Since the majority of humanity is blocked from recognizing their own internal universe/mastery, the lie that magic is not real has been easily sold to the majority of the collective, thus trapping everyone else incarnated onto the planet in the lie that we cannot physically transform our world with nothing more than our thoughts and energy.

The small minority of humanity that not only listens to the internal world, but also works with it have access to the magic that is within, but since the collective do not agree that magic is real, the internal magic does not make itself known in the physical reality.

What we are forced into abiding by, due to the collective agreement of the non reality of magic, is manipulating the unseen energies.

Chi, prana, kundalini, Shakti, Reiki, Christ-consciousness energy, Creator energy, vital life force essence, orgone energy, ki, etc… All of these are terms that describes the same energy that drives the universe.

By opening up your internal channels and clearing out the sludge and blockage of generation after generation of energetically ignorant masses from your personal soul vessel (physical and energetic bodies), you are literally doing the very essence of the term, “Light Work”.

You are finding the invisible weights and blockages that are keeping humanity stuck in a cycle of vicious self perpetuating trauma, and dissolving them.

By cleaning out your own personal field, you are by proxy injecting this possibility back into the collective consciousness.

More and more are realizing the mastery they have in their own bodies. More and more are turning on the internal magic, activating chi flow, and lighting themselves up in the truest sense of the words.

What is happening is the beginning of a revolution of consciousness. By doing your own internal shadow work, by cleaning yourself out of stagnant emotions, traumas, grudges and clashes, you are pushing forward with everyone else doing the same. You are step by step, forcing the collective consciousness to begin to include the innate knowledge of chi….of the Force.

When enough understand that they can heal themselves, turn back the hands of time and regenerate anything they need to with nothing more than their own breath and a smile, then….then magic will become real.

When the majority recognizes the magic of the internal universe, unseen, but absolutely felt in every significant way possible, then we will see a true transformation of the world around us. Then will magic once again be real.

From my heart to yours,

Find out more about Eric on his website Unleashing Natural Humanity


Rank of the Animal

Bible readers are informed about what was written down, the tale about humans who reduce themselves to the level of animals. A hoard of ignorant but willful beings to follow their leaders. Ascension is just an offer for the open minded who like to walk upstairs, but no one who sit on on the rank of the animals will be forced to move. For these ones technical mechanisms of full control are in production, they will experience the so called machine kingdom. That’s why the bible also told about separating the chaff from the wheat, granted free will is key for the chosen time line.

Wobbled predictions

Foreseeing or preview is an ability that gives you a live forecast for possible timeline. Because of the flow you see many timeline, some stable and other in wobble, some fade away and new appears. Not a good base to place hard predictions like Nostradamus did, the flow will change the outcome thy longer the prediction is away from the point of now.

Same you see at your weather forecast, all belongs together.

Inner wisdom does not always look cool

Something to tell for all seekers of inner wisdom, are some side effects. Your higher self was not indoctrinated to censor the perspective as your mind does, so the new view turns plain. You cannot take action without seeing the outcome, if higher self decided to show you wrong ideas. This is a great chance for humanity, to make thing better, to learn before things must be destroyed. You got the ability to forecast your actions back, yes long ago you had it but it was lost sometimes in our past lives.