What’s you next level?

There’s a lot of static noise in our 3D world at the moment, many information as many placed disinformation to salt what’s there. So you as experiencer are placed in the center and here it depends on your level of consciousness, to separate worthful information from stuff that does not carry information.

Let’s have a short trip into technology, you see that the term exchange of information has changed and will change further. People don’t talk within meetings, today they use technology that is infused with secret societies as man in the middle. Technology has changed information from people2people to people2machine, whatever you write with your tech devices can be spied and rewritten life. Same with so called social networks, where people prostitute their life to the public, inclusive government access to rewrite and censor to get political correctness. You also can see the level of censorship, where your tech access will be sanctioned if you don’t follow placed rules.

Here you have reached an amazing level of digital influence, machines prosecute or honor what you write or post into the public. Few remind the term mind control, but as diffuse as they receive digital mind teaching from the machines. Your future can and will be a bio droid for the A.I., if you follow your elites agenda. If they can place the tech to melt human consciousness to the machine. Yes at this point many will get the outcry in their mind, that is noisy to resist that time line, while most are right in it to their throat.

Your level of consciousness will attract a specific time line, that’s why your mind was programmed by the elites to create their time line. At the other hand you can have a awakening of consciousness, what means to enable your full potential a natural way. The big package with pineal gland, synced hemispheres, telepathy and 5D experience with more senses as before. But to reach this, you have to become active and to sail against the elites time line. You will get the defamed alien mind, as result from your genetic changes it the past of mankind. It’s your birth right to do so, while it’s not political correct in your matrix. So the final question will be, what’s your idea of a nice future?


Interview 12/18-3

Hello again,

the year 2018 comes to it end and we will start another round soon. So let’s have another interview with my ED for some question who need to be qualified deeper.

R: Seen in your statements that you use programmable or limited mind in likewise sight, why?

M: Because it’s the same effect, with reduced frequency of consciousness humans run in automatic mode. Here they follow the talking ghost in their mind that was and is socially programmed.

R: Can you explain the frequency of consciousness a bit deeper?

M: Yes, this points to the octave at all, the mixture of different EEG frequencies and brain parts in use to produce them. As you know the limited automatic mode is left brain dominance that emit high beta for fear and high rationality. Here the human provide the most energy focussed into the left brain to boost the chatter inside, this is so for most of the time.

R: But what’s the other side, the so called alien mind or what the people seems to see as awakening.

M: This state is reached through snap in of both hemispheres to one strong EEG octave, what fully activate frontal lobe for connections to other realms. You can say there’s a multidimensional gateway inside that can perform if provided with energy. Such switch of state can occur through external happenings or preset as ‘normal’ through methods and exercise.

R: Got it, in limited mode the frontal lobe an right brain is out of energy and so called disabled. Does the switch also explain my experienced difference in fear?

M: It does, such experience is processed in different ways and won’t trigger through emotion loops in a dominant left brain. So you don’t experience the ramp of thought pointing to the emotion created by these thoughts. Especially in silent mind such loops does not exist, but you already know that.

R: Yes thanks, it’s the base for our talk here. Okay let’s look at another part, you said that the era of limited mind will be ended what sounds very harsh like kind of extinction.

M: As all beings have the opportunity to evolve their level it’s just a matter of choice. Your world today is the direct reflection of whole societies running this programmable mind. Few controllers in the background did and do create destruction and madness on daily bases with the amount of collective energy. Every dark agenda is well feed by the humans and they are righteous elected to do so before. This ‘ i don’t care’ society have only two options left, evolve or extinct. Especially you live in evolution round five and the others did not made it.

R: So the old artefacts found when digging deep are from the earlier rounds who did not make it?

M: So it is, it would be wise to decipher their informations to learn what went wrong.

R: Can you explain something about the so called atlantis?

M: This was a spread culture in earlier rounds, they had several cities what explain the various places they was known. They was higher in build, could breath in water but did went into clash and fight and ended themselves. We have always seen manipulative influence, to get beings into war with themselves.

R: Heard rumours about these meditation caves housing beings from earlier rounds, who wait for better times to preserve knowledge and wisdom.

M: Yes few specimens of their kind did go into stasis, stopped their body for conservation to awake somewhere later in time. But as you know they did not in your time, waiting for better times to come.

R: I assume that we would kill them with the military

M: Same as with jesus….

R: Was a dark spot in history but a decision of society, today we don’t would do better. Okay that was some light to old questions so thank you for that.


Now and then

R: Technological advance is stepping further, especially A.I. is praised as solution to all problems. The so called singularity will be the melting of humans with A.I. technology, some companies work on nanites for the brain, others like to use tiny chips within the brain. Between all are the tech junkies, who always like to have the new stuff , buying every expense smart phone as first person. Will humanity choose the last nail to it’s coffin?

M: Hello and welcome friend, what you describe is the final selection. Know that there are only two paths left for the future of humanity. One is your scenario, a meltdown of humans with the machine that will take them over. The other was presented since nearby hundred years, most of alien visitors like to see an awakened human in his full potential. That what was placed within humans need to awake to fulfill the old prophecies, a level of consciousness from his genetic ancestors.

R: But what happens to people who ignore both paths, who want to step on the same way as before?

M: This path does not exist, you can awake to full potential to avoid the last exit as slave to the A.I. No way to fool and wing through it, evolution on earth will be based on that, this is a required change.

R: On one eye i do see that as evolution, on the other i see forced change that don’t sound like free will?

M: Depends on external parameters, there is choice between two options.

R: As the fight between darkness and light, but this will also mean that humans with the humble path will get telepathy to work with other beings from the universe.

M: Yes there must be the time when masquerade is over, the dark ones in their role loose the power to ridicule us. A basket of wisdom and technology to repair the destruction on earth is waiting, co work on eye height instead shadow hunting.

R: Okay that seems clear, we have take the best choice and need to go through that.

M: While you already took your choice, as reminder to readers: We are here, ready to work with you. Thanks for your questions.

R: Thanks for your answers.

A Dream

While in real planet earth is on the path down, cannot uphold our parasitic behaviour against soil, air and water. So at the end we will have an ‘Interstellar’ scenario where the last people on earth die off in their own trash, while only a pair will start a colony somewhere in space.

Here’s the story seen from a different perspective.


As you are gifted with the ability to peek into timelines, you will understand why great predictioner many times were wrong. This is by the fragility of timelines, sometimes there is one master with a huge amount of energy and some smaller running in parallel. In these times the construct become more wobbly, rapid changes are possible to change the track in last moment. Especially because the master manipulators loose their grip on the collective human mind, because this is a requirement to engineer stable reality creation.

This type of chaos is it also that prevents you from the 3WW your elites want to ignite to reset their control system. If timelines break together quickly, some other will take over and guide to a better outcome. So at the end it depends on the ability to peek into timelines and to create something different from a conscious state of mind. Got good ideas? Go on and talk about, share them with others to boost the power in your timeline to set alternative paths to replace the bad ones. Again all is a matter of training and seeing the results in your timeline is a funny thing. Try out and have fun with it.