As you are gifted with the ability to peek into timelines, you will understand why great predictioner many times were wrong. This is by the fragility of timelines, sometimes there is one master with a huge amount of energy and some smaller running in parallel. In these times the construct become more wobbly, rapid changes are possible to change the track in last moment. Especially because the master manipulators loose their grip on the collective human mind, because this is a requirement to engineer stable reality creation.

This type of chaos is it also that prevents you from the 3WW your elites want to ignite to reset their control system. If timelines break together quickly, some other will take over and guide to a better outcome. So at the end it depends on the ability to peek into timelines and to create something different from a conscious state of mind. Got good ideas? Go on and talk about, share them with others to boost the power in your timeline to set alternative paths to replace the bad ones. Again all is a matter of training and seeing the results in your timeline is a funny thing. Try out and have fun with it.


Operation Mockingbird

Just a term about a CIA program from the 70’s, it was and is around full control of mass media outlets. So the people in the US now suddenly are challenged with an alien and UFO roll-out to the public. Suddenly the wind changed, the banner turned 180° and the distracted society believing in tinfoil head spook people are confronted with a new reality. Now it is on the roll-out, the timeline of few people who were in the knowing crush into the timeline with ridiculous tinfoil heads. Same mass media and government officials who claim to be retired are on the go.

So let me remind, better think twice before stepping on a predefined path that was setup from agencies. The end of 2017 will go into history books, or maybe appear on pages about the mandela effect.



Graphical Thinking and Fluoride


Reality Movement

monjfr.jpgWriting a book is some kind of problem, if you like to give information about the now moment. This is why we give packet information blocks for concrete questions. Timelines are fragile, in constant flow and motion, so the outcome can change like the weather. To become famous better write about fiction, because you can fixate the ideas for yourself. For a blog like this, it makes sense to cleanup very old and mostly outdated stuff. Just ask for it and we can look at it again.

Some like the term ‘adjusted reality’ and it’s a match in a co creative society where occult rulers use major of society to push their ideas forward, while divines and alien groups try to evolve planet earth and all inhabitants in new directions. You feel and experience tremendous change in timelines when the past suddenly appear different as known before. Same way you influence the possible future, the outcome in sum of collective creation power.

At the moment there is so much chaos, because the lot of sleepers create for their occult rulers while the awakened try to fix the mess if possible. Killing the planet nurturing you is a sport for sleepers, because the ‘don’t not what they do’ like it was stated in your holy book. But as help the energy radiated from sun to earth is to uncover all the occult, what also bring all the destruction into plain daylight.

So the game will go on, causing victims on both sides because humanity have to solve this puzzle for itself, have to evolve to a new realm or step down to take the ‘mark of the beast’ to stay on the animals step. This is your choice and several evolutionary rounds before you took that way.

Create wisely, because all become real and no religion created god will fix your mess up.


Special Intent


So how to go on

Few days before the longest day in 2017 let’s look at these days primary timelines. A tiny one that is growing is the opportunity to live spiritual with guides and become whole. Few will pick that up and empower this timeline to shake the field. The next that is also tiny but going down is the extinct timeline, where mankind again choose to end their game with a big war. Seems that the most of people are aware of this opportunity and step out to create something better.

A big timeline is the machine kingdom, heavily pushed from industry and politics because this is one by your choice. The machine kingdom will be the time where people loose their jobs, their social contacts and friends to favor technology. While the machine and tech gadgets grow in huge manner to force mass surveillance and result to external clocking for humans. While more and more robots will appear,the A.I. part will start to guide the people, to keep em dulled. But A.I. won’t stop there and will turn against the masters, so forgetting about the power will end in a well placed honeypots.

So in which direction you like to push your energy?