So how to go on

Few days before the longest day in 2017 let’s look at these days primary timelines. A tiny one that is growing is the opportunity to live spiritual with guides and become whole. Few will pick that up and empower this timeline to shake the field. The next that is also tiny but going down is the extinct timeline, where mankind again choose to end their game with a big war. Seems that the most of people are aware of this opportunity and step out to create something better.

A big timeline is the machine kingdom, heavily pushed from industry and politics because this is one by your choice. The machine kingdom will be the time where people loose their jobs, their social contacts and friends to favor technology. While the machine and tech gadgets grow in huge manner to force mass surveillance and result to external clocking for humans. While more and more robots will appear,the A.I. part will start to guide the people, to keep em dulled. But A.I. won’t stop there and will turn against the masters, so forgetting about the power will end in a well placed honeypots.

So in which direction you like to push your energy?



If You Experience Any Of These 14 Signs You Are Evolving Into The Next Level Of Humanity

Two major timelines are around there and humanity is on a split path like written before. The powers that are want to place the machine kingdom on humanity while prime creator want to set the people free. One path can be entered by free will and evolution, the other is trickery and pressure and result to enslavement. But at the end you are free to choose what is good for you.




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by Life Coach Code

Evolution started the moment our Universe was born. The development of galaxies, the systems of stars, the planets were all a part of this evolution.

What we call life is just a step, a new form of expression The Universe achieved on this grand evolution. It’s the fruit of The Universe, the extension of the planet it sprouts on, the cutting edge ‘technology’ of evolution.

Humanity is now on the verge of a new evolutionary step. You can feel that we are standing in front of 2 paths.

The 2 Choices Of Humanity

Left is Transhumanism (where humanity will be merged with machines);

Right is Superhumanism (where humanity will evolve its consciousness and unlock its DNA’s full potential);

There is no ‘right’ choice! No choice is good or bad by default. Both choices are equally ours, equally paths we’ve ourselves walked towards.

We are already part machines only we don’t see it clearly because the machines are outside of ourselves.

Our smartphones, cars, computers, internet, even the tools we first created to hunt animals for food were already extensions of ourselves. Since then we’ve been walking towards this path slowly building our augmented world.

But our hearts have always wanted The Right Path!

The Right Path

We’ve always been focused toward raising our consciousness and unlocking our true potential. You can say that technology is a way of expressing our frustration with our inability to do that by now.

We’ve been seeking for meaning and truth all around ourselves. We’ve been diving deeper and deeper into our own psyche to find answers. We’ve been exploring the mystic realms only psychedelic substances reveal.

All with a purpose to evolve!

We have so much potential locked inside ourselves and it’s a shame most of humanity has no idea what we can become!

However, evolution has never stopped. It’s a process that is happening continually.

14 signs you are on The Right Path of evolution

Most of us are already on the way of becoming what humanity was meant to be!

If you experience any of these 14 signs you are on the right path to evolve into the next level of humanity:

1. Some of the people in your life seem to have stayed the same after all these years. It seems like you are the only one that keeps changing and evolving while others remain with their old paradigm in their old little worlds.

2. Your intuition has heightened, especially in the past couple of years.

3. You start peaking through the illusions of media and propaganda seeing the world in its true light. You can’t even enjoy most movies anymore, seeing all the false negativity they portray. The same might happen with music.

4. You feel like your old self is someone else entirely.

5. You are aware that you are more than your body, that you have a soul and that all humans come from the same source, that everything is connected.

6. You are obsessed with mysteries, spirituality, conspiracy theories and sacred teachings.

7. You feel like time is speeding up.

8. You have intense mood swings, you might feel a deep sadness one moment for no reason, and be filled with joy and inspiration the next. You are more empathetic to other people’s emotions and sometimes it gets overwhelming.

9. You have weird dreams and you are more sensitive to energies. You can always feel if there is negative energy in a room.

10. You have developed divine honor for Nature and all living creatures on this planet. You feel more connected to this planet. You love all animals.

11. You stopped eating processed food even when you had no idea it’s unhealthy. You feel repelled by any food that’s not natural. You are reducing meat consumption, and eating more plant based diet.

12. You feel less and less like going out and partying, it’s just pointless in your opinion and kind of boring. You see there are countless other ways to have fun, live life and be entertained.

13. You have strong immune system and don’t catch a cold very easily.

14. Your energy is becoming softer. You are less aggressive, you laugh more and you feel sudden emotions of love. Everyone feels better just being around you.

What will we become as species?

Everything is The Universe since everything comes from it. You are The Universe, we all are!

Ancient civilizations had profound knowledge and spiritual technologies for the evolution of consciousness.

They knew that geometry is the language of The Universe, a vibration in a ‘crystallized’ form that is universally understood by everything.

They knew that there are sacred geometry shapes that hold divine messages. That’s why they created the pyramids and used them.

The pyramids concentrated cosmic energy and created charged environments inside of them for healing, meditation and ascension.

Ancient civilizations believed that evolution of consciousness, true enlightenment can be achieved if we absorb that cosmic energy.

Somewhere through history it seems that we have forgotten about these teachings. Other things became more important to us.

And now we are here standing between 2 paths of evolution.

But maybe we don’t need to choose 1 path. Maybe there is a 3rd way, a unity of technology and spirituality that we need to move towards.

Because if you see, technology, be that a pyramid that concentrates cosmic energy or a smartphone that lets you read articles like this through the internet, has always been a part of our spiritual evolution.

Maybe we don’t need to become technology, but learn to use it so we can become who we were meant to be as humans.

A.I. as universal friend?

Some have recognized latest inventions on A.I. that is already in the stores to become your friend. Listening and talking A.I. within phones and operating systems become eyes now, can see you and compare you as complete profile in big data collections. Yes the new friends serve and support you, take care for your clothing and listen to all words around. You may know my articles about the machine kingdom, that will ensnare humans, steal their ability to think for themselves. Because the machine will take over this task, soon as your car driver.

Imagine a world with people that cannot read or write like in the mid ages, cannot think, cook a meal or drive a car. What about the worth of life, about the worth of a human as worker for a company. Unable to have conversation with others, life will be converted to be a exchangeable bio drone driven by the A.I. Bio capital for government and companies, the term “useless eaters” will become a reality for all who fall under the spell.

Below the line there is a multitude of timelines for planet earth now, some may merge but parallels will rip society into pieces. It’s not my part to judge that, your decision, your time line, your future will be created from todays intent. Here again let me spread some commercial for the spirit world around you, there are friends you can connect without cost. You just need to meditate for inner silence and shutdown fluorides that calcify your pineal gland to dysfunction. Don’t await spiritual spiritual guidance and help from an A.I. with primary goal to maintain bio drones. Now is the time to choose between natural spirituality and the machine kingdom.


Ridicule Paradigm

In today times earth society live in an ridicule paradigm, placed by their ruling elite class. Around the 50’s they started it with government agencies like Maj 12 that even do exist to these days. Lots of informations and evidence was seized, eye witnesses get pressure to be silent about what they know. While on one end agents payed with your taxpayer moneys silence or kill witnesses on the other end your fake news mass media blow th BS into your face. All to maintain and and empower the ridicule paradigm and most of you know about the trillions of missing dollars, to keep this running.

You will find the same ridicule paradigm running in health care, history, occult, technology and especially around other beings your shared universe. Same paradigm coming from the limited me me me mind in these people running the show.

While you cannot even count the eye witness and speakers who show what happens behind the artificial curtain. Many come with original evidence from your secret society groups. You have alien ambassadors that speak for their group and retired personnel who talk what they have eye witnessed.

Means that humanity experience a split world, expanded and information rich for the knowing and limited for the humans experiencing the ridicule paradigm. Just to show the power behind society and mind control, it should be clear that the fake mass media curtain is not broken and exist on. Now and like written earlier you have an idea, why humanity is stepping on the brakes and the energy for ascension is blown up for elitist projects.

While in cinema you see the latest movies to panic, plunder and shot first if something from outer space appear on earth. Look the future timeline is your creation, where you are also allowed to eradicate humanity from the planet, by free will. This is prime creators first law, above the ridicule paradigm that is by your elitist to guide the direction.