Thinking with the mind creates separation, just because the structure is unable to process the whole at once. it cannot process information above 3D as long it got no reboot to work with the other parts of the brain to serve as combined system.

So be aware what you like to fragment today.


You get many schedules for effects, but none does appear. Nor 3 dark days, no event, no changing power blow from the sun. This is so, because the mass of people create against that, so it will be suppressed and the old matrix steps on. Listen to Tobias here.

So when will you start?

Many people have the thought ‘One day i start to make things different’ and most people end their life with just that idea. When will you start to be the difference, buy what you really need, use what do your tasks. But yes before you need to know what your tasks are, personal and not feed by commercials.

So you buy a new computer all two years, because windows become bloated and make it slow? Why not to use it much longer in your preferred way?

For example with this?