The Control System vs. The Awakening – Which Will Win?

Remind the great Bill Hicks, it’s just a game….. Remind further: You have to play conscious to win!


The Control System vs. The Awakening – Which Will Win?

June 13, 2017

Paul A. Philips, Guest
Waking Times 

At this pivotal time in history, the era of our awakening through truth and transparency, it has never been more amazing to be alive. A number of us know that the stakes are high in the fight for our freedom: On one side, we have an increasingly destructive parasitic control system; a well-oiled machine coldly designed by the ruling elite and associates to screw us all over with its false and limiting paradigms. Then, on the other hand, we are undergoing a mass awakening with changes in consciousness having the potential to co-create a transformed planet.

So, which one will win, the ruling elite’s control system or our awakening? A very open-ended question that could give many different responses, I realize, but here’s my response, coming from the heart perspective.

The Control System

All things are energy. Every aspect of the parasitic control system serves to destroy our heart energy. It serves to disconnect us from our powerful intuitive heart intelligence. Put simply, the ruling elite want us to be like them, heartless.

They have had us programmed and brainwashed into believing many falsehoods so that we can be left to our own accords to demonstrate our heartlessness to each other. Take for example, the case of fighting their secretly manufactured wars for power, profit and political gains. In these never-ending wars, the only real enemy, the only ‘us’ versus ‘them’ is we-the-people against the ruling elite, everything else is merely an illusion.


The same can be said about other secretly manufactured conflicts such as those involving civil unrest, race wars and the spoils of economic disruption…

From cradle to grave our intuitive heart energy takes a hammering by the narrow, deeply stifling education system curriculum and then the workplace: In both cases we’ve been programmed and brainwashed into the profit worshipping, self-serving corporate/banker greed-driven systems with the consumerist ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’  and the ‘survival of the fittest’ attitudes.

Then there’s the ruling elite’s owned and controlled mainstream media. Entertainment is entrainment: The mainstream media is designed to affect our behaviour after watching endless hours of TV/movies where people treat each other horribly, while we are made to become desensitised. Not to forget the highly deceptive fear-inducing fake news; selling secret sponsored false terrorism with its outsider demons or false bogeymen…


Another assault on the heart exists in the form of occultism. The ruling elite secretly meet up in rooms said to have the right geometry/symmetry conducive to holding their negative energy rituals. Their negative energy rituals or occult symbolism as for example in corporate logos is designed to have counterproductive effects on humanity through affecting our psyche in the morphogenetic field.


Our human qualities are seriously under threat by the transhumanism agenda.  With the use of its technologies such as nano-technology, genetic engineering, drugs, robotics and bionics… to ‘enhance’ us, we are in grave danger of losing our heart connectivity and thus getting rendered powerless to do anything about the ruling elite’s control system.

Earth and Our Energetic Disconnection

Our heart energies extend to an energetic connection with Earth. It’s no coincidence that EARTH is an anagram for HEART. The ruling elite are destroying planet Heart’s energy by polluting the land, air, food and water through geo-engineering, fracking, chemical pollution, radiation, genetic modification… as we blindly partake.



The protests made over the laying down of oil pipeline at Standing Rock, Dakota was a stand for the heart energy: Here we had a situation where on one side there were protesters honouring a piece of land as a God-given sacred living entity, providing fertile soil and fresh water…  On the other side, there was a number of heartless individuals; bribed politicians representing greed-driven corporations, an over-the-top, intimidating and had been known to be brutal militarized police force who had to deal with the peaceful protesters if they impeded the land-spoiling  pipeline construction…

Our Awakening

In this age of truth and transparency, in our awakening, having chosen the ‘service to others’ pathway, more than ever, we need to demonstrate gratitude, compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness and caring for each other as a way of staying in the heart.

Self-acceptance, finding peace with yourself allows staying in the heart, a place where the parasitic control system cannot find a way of attaching itself in order to use you.

Not only for survival and supporting each other, but also for our transformation, I’ve always believed that the answer lies in forming local communities. Each community must have unity, self-sufficiency and discernment to survive and thrive. A community-based living that would focus on an even distribution of wealth rather than concentrating it to the hands of a select few…

We need to redefine the education system with theory and practice that goes beyond the current paradigm. Besides openness, we need to demonstrate more honesty and integrity in our approaches.  -We as a race got ourselves into this mess essentially by blindly accepting the general consensus of the masses and the opinions of so-called experts, now it’s up to us to consciously co-create our way out of it. Consciousness is the key to world change. It’s a lot simpler than some might imagine. We will make this turnaround through feeling, thinking and acting from the heart.

Although traumatising to the collective consciousness we need to experience this current reality to transform. It will allow us to align our mass conscious intention to create a new paradigm experience, a world that makes a difference for everyone. It will allow us to have the profound realization that I am YOU and YOU are me, so why lie, cheat and hurt yourself?

In conclusion

Every reality, whether fake or real, manifests as a consequence of where we are consciously at in our lives. Our awakening will win: The shift in mass consciousness towards the heart energy will bring about the manifested reality necessary to defeat the control system.

About the Author

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While third reich is above you

Witchhunt and genocide like eugenics are found in states who adopted third reich methods, so there is no problem to found it in the US who intake the Nazi’s with Project Paperclip in 1945. Step back in time and have a look over the many kill jobs on alternative doctors who don’t follow big pharma doctrines. Same with with alternative scientist who don’t fit the agenda, here i like to remind to Lloyd Pye and Dr Karla Turner. Kill squads are part of your society, as long you elect psychopaths into power positions.

Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

Image: Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

(Natural News) In the latest lunatic, insane example of “vaccine rage” now being pushed by the criminal vaccine industry and its corporate-run media prostitutes, the Boston Herald’s entire editorial staff has openly called for what are essentially government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, naturopaths, chiropractors and journalists who question the safety of injecting children with mercury, a brain-damaging toxin still found in flu shot vaccines administered to children and expectant mothers.

Expressing any concern at all about the toxic, brain-damaging ingredients in vaccines “ought to be a hanging offense,” says the entire Boston Herald editorial staff in this shockingly violent article which espouses the murder of naturopathic physicians and scientists such as myself. According to the Boston herald, we should all be hanged to death after being identified and rounded up.

UPDATE: Health Choice Massachusetts has announced a RALLY in front of the Boston Herald this Thursday, May 18th, at 11:00 am. Click here for details on the rally. Alert all your friends in Boston to attend this rally for health freedom at 70 Fargo St, Boston, MA 02110.

It is precisely this kind of genocidal, “journo-terrorism” rhetoric that typifies the vaccine industry, which revels in the mass murder of black babies who are disproportionately impacted by vaccine-autism risks, according to the CDC’s own scientist Dr. William Thompson.

“In what can only be described as irresponsible and dangerous hate speech, someone from the editorial staff at the Boston Herald suggested, in an article published on their site on Monday, that ANYONE suggesting people research vaccines and their safety, or caution others about them, should be …HANGED TO DEATH,” reports Health Nut News.

With their call for the mass murder of naturopaths, journalists and scientists, the Boston Herald demonstrates the dangerous mental illness that’s actually caused by vaccines themselves — I’ve dubbed this brain damage disease “Vaccine Rage” — due to the continued use of brain-damaging metals like aluminum and mercury in vaccines, which the CDC confirms are deliberately formulated into vaccines injected into children. Thanks for the effects of Vaccine Rage, the Boston Herald’s editorial staff has now devolved into a murderous nest of domestic terrorists who are openly an unabashedly calling for the government to run execution squads that target the very people seeking to protect children from vaccine violence.

Natural News has already contacted the Boston Police and will soon be filing a detailed criminal complaint with the Boston FBI.

Vaccine Rage is a new mental disorder among vaccine violence victims who seek to murder anyone who isn’t vaccinated

What the Boston Herald lunatics are demonstrating is a serious mental disorder that I’ve dubbed “Vaccine Rage.” This disorder describes individuals who have been victims of vaccine violence — literally brain-damaged by mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde — who then seek to commit acts of terrorism and violence against anyone who hasn’t been damaged yet by vaccines. This zombie-like behavior is actually a mental illness epidemic because it spreads from one person to another as people are forced to be vaccinated, causing them to suffer from the same Vaccine Rage that their friends display.

Victims of vaccine violence become enraged because of the effect that heavy metals exhibit on human neurology. The scientific literature provides overwhelming evidence that heavy metals are not just linked to violence but also to autism. For example, a study published in Biological Trace Element Research summarized in this Science Daily article reveals that toxic metals are linked to a significantly higher incidence of autism in children. Another scientific study published in Environment International reveals that childhood exposure to lead dust causes extreme violence — including aggravated assault — decades later.

Boston Herald’s editors are very likely mentally deranged precisely because of their exposure to heavy metals in the very same vaccines they now insist should be injected into everyone else, thereby spreading their mental illness and violence to an ever- larger population. This pattern is typically described as a “Zombie infestation of vaccine violence.” It’s so prevalent in our deranged, pharma-dominated society that I actually released a song and music video several years ago entitled, “Vaccine Zombie.”

Boston Herald editors echo genocide of the Third Reich

What the Boston Herald editors are too brain damaged to fully realize is just how closely their call for the mass execution of scientists, naturopaths and journalists resembles the eugenics purge of the Third Reich. It’s all rooted in echoes of Nazi Germany and the government-run extermination of six million Jews, whom the Third Reich’s elite decided were an impediment to the aims and goals of their murderous regime (an idea the Boston Herald clearly agrees with).

Now, the Boston Herald believes that naturopathic physicians, scientists and journalists who are too intelligent to be brainwashed by the vaccine industry’s criminal deceptions and toxic ingredients should be rounded up by the government and put to death. Perhaps the Boston Herald believes railroad cars would be the best way to transport informed vaccine skeptics to the hanging gallows?

Vaccines are deadly; measles kills almost no one

I have news for the entire Boston Herald editorial staff: Far more U.S. children are killed by vaccines every year than are killed by measles, which has killed almost no one in decades. The actual death rate from measles is nearly zero in our modern world, even according to the medical establishment.

Vaccines, however, are maiming, injuring or killing tens of thousands of U.S. children each year. The U.S. government, in fact, just released its payouts for vaccine injury for FY 2017 (so far), and it’s a whopping $159 million in damages (and growing by the day). See the government’s financial disclosure at this link (PDF). The number of children seriously injured by vaccines so far in 2017 alone is likely well over 60,000 and growing. That number is almost certain to exceed 100,000 children by the end of the fiscal year.

Apparently, this number is not large enough for the deranged Boston Herald vaccine terrorists, who would like to see several hundred thousand children maimed, injured or killed by vaccines by making sure the government executes anyone who might seek to reduce vaccine injury and protect the lives of innocent children. Boston Herald editors probably also believe that global warming “deniers” should also be imprisoned or executed, because they are totalitarian fascists suffering from mental derangement and a tendency toward violence.

I am filing an official complaint with the Boston FBI to investigate the Boston Herald’s call for mass murder against vaccine skeptics. In publishing their call for the murder of people such as myself, the Boston Herald is clearly engaged in criminal intimidation and calls for deadly violence against the very heroes of our nation who should be celebrated for blowing the whistle on the criminal vaccine industry. Boston Herald editors have just decided they are going to support vaccine terrorism against their fellow Americans while no doubt applauding the “killing fields” if holistic doctors and evidence-based scientists start to be murdered en masse. It is my belief that these individuals at the Boston Herald need to be arrested and held for psychiatric evaluation, where perhaps their mental derangement can be identified and treated with aggressive chemical medications.

Watch Natural News for more action-oriented announcements where you can join in the effort to call for the arrest and imprisonment of the entire Boston Herald editorial staff. Barring that, I have a plan to publish the home addresses of each editor at the Boston Herald in the interests of public safety, to alert neighborhoods to the presence of psychotic, dangerous journo-terrorists who might be living near them (see below for details).

The new philosophy of the mentally ill Left: KILL EVERYONE who disagree with you

Isn’t it interesting that this despicable newspaper’s call for the mass death of vaccine skeptics is openly welcomed by other media outlets? Can you imagine the outcry if a vaccine critic called for the mass murder of the Boston Herald’s editorial staff? You see, from the point of view of mentally ill vaccine advocates, the murder of people with whom they disagree is perfectly okay, but the murder of them is frightful, horrifying and causes them to hyperventilate with fear.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s exactly the same philosophy espoused by the radical Left-wing students at UC Berkeley who penned articles in their university newspaper, calling for the killing of conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos. Just as with the Boston Herald, this call for mass murder was welcomed by the university newspaper editorial staff, because Leftists have become mentally deranged lunatics who think they should kill everyone who disagrees with them.

The political Left in America is truly a dangerous “cult of violence” full of raging lunatics who pose a very real danger to any civilized society. Sadly, it appears that their lunacy is going to accelerate to the point where they start burning down all their own cities, raging against safer vaccines, or white privilege, or carbon dioxide, or James Comey, or NOT James Comey, depending on what lunatic conspiracy theory CNN is telling them to believe on that particular day. (They are all too insane to even know what they’re supposed to believe from moment to moment, and they have to be told by Stephen Colbert whether to laugh or cry in response to any given statement.)

And yet, if there were, let’s say, a mass shooting at the Boston Herald itself, with some deranged person walking in and murdering the entire newspaper staff because they disagreed with the views of the staff, such an act would be denounced as “cowardly” and “deranged.” But flip it around, and suddenly it’s all okay for the Boston Herald staff to call for the mass murder of anyone else with whom they disagree, apparently. Today, the subject is vaccines, but tomorrow the Boston Herald may decide that people who believe in the United States Constitution should be put to death, too. The next day, they may go all-in for the lunatic delusions of the Left and decide that all white people must die in order to achieve “racial unity” (or something). There’s no limit to the lunacy of these Left-wing journo-terrorists. They are a danger to us all, and they belong behind bars or heavily sedated in mental institutions.

This is how we all end up in a Civil War where derangement collides with kinetic action

And that, my friends, is exactly how this nation very likely ends up in an eventual civil war… a real-world “kinetic exchange” that, quite frankly, the brain-damaged domestic terrorists at the Boston Herald are very unlikely to survive for the simple reason that they are all too mentally incompetent (brain damaged by vaccines) to function in a rational way under stress.

As much as they demand that naturopaths and scientists be executed by the government at gunpoint, I very much doubt they know anything at all about how to use a firearm, how to engage long-range targets and how to use a ballistics computer for extreme long-range sniper shooting — all skills which become life-or-death knowledge in situations involving kinetic confrontations, as history has shown. Like all other cowardly, mentally deranged, lunatic Leftists, the Boston Herald editors want someone else to do their killing for them. Hence the need to disarm the public, grow the size of government, criminalize free speech, then call for everyone who disagrees with them to be murdered en masse.

This is the fundamental “religion” of the Left, and it’s forever rooted in fascism, violence and the kind of extreme mental illness that sooner or later pushes societies toward Venezual or North Korea outcomes. The Boston Herald is openly demonstrating exactly why liberalism is not only a mental disorder, but why it’s also fatal for civilized societies.

Why I am filing a complaint with the FBI and the Boston Police

In conclusion, with its editorial calling for the killing of vaccine skeptics, the Boston Herald has just declared open warfare on people like myself who are informed, compassionate defenders of the lives of children. The Boston Herald has directly threatened rational vaccine skeptics and is now complicit in any acts of aggression or violence against any of us. Today, I am filing an official criminal complaint with the Boston FBI to urge them to investigate the Boston Herald staffers for their criminal intimidation and calls for mass murder, and I am going to inform the FBI that I consistently assert my right to invoke a firearm in my own self-defense against violent lunatics like the Boston Herald terrorists.

As part of this effort, I have already called the Boston police, and they told me where to officially file my complaint in my local jurisdiction so that they can open an investigation into the Boston Herald.

Furthermore, I am considering taking the action of publicly publishing the home addresses of all Boston Herald editorial staff as a “violent crime warning” watch to all of our readers who live in the Boston area and may not know they are living next to insanely violent Vaccine Rage psychopaths. To keep our neighborhoods safe, people need to know the whereabouts of these Boston Herald staffers who are now openly calling for the murder of holistic health practitioners, journalists and scientists. Perhaps I will publish an interactive Google Map showing where they all live so that citizens can be on the alert against their threats of extreme violence and murder. After all, we publish maps of violent sex offenders as a warning to citizens. I think it’s also time we started publishing maps of Vaccine Rage psychopaths who are openly calling for violence and murder of members of the holistic healing community. (I also plan to share these details with the FBI to save them time on their own investigations.)

In summary, not only must we all remain vigilant in protecting our children from vaccine violence; we must also protect each other from Vaccine Rage and its tendency to turn adult human beings into violent, raging lunatics who work at newspapers like the Boston Herald, which has clearly become a journo-terrorist organization by openly calling for the mass killing of scientists and journalists like myself.

Stay tuned to for an update on this story as events unfold. For the record, and in the interests of my own protection, I am a licensed concealed carry firearms owner, fully trained in tactical handgun combat, and I am publicly asserting my God-given right to defend my life and my person against violent aggressors who post an immediate threat to my safety. I will not hesitate to act within my lawful rights, in my own self-defense and the defense of others (including innocent children) against the deranged violent lunacy of the vaccine zealots like those at the Boston Herald, all of whom should be locked up in a psychiatric ward or tried for acts of domestic terrorism.

ACTION ITEMS: File criminal complaints with the Boston FBI and Boston Police

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File a criminal complaint with the Boston Police (only for those living in MA)

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File a complaint about the Boston Herald at

Call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324) for the Major Case Contact Center

What to report to the FBI: Explain that you are a someone who is informed and critical about toxic vaccine ingredients such as mercury, and that the Boston Herald editorial staff just called for you to be murdered. If you feel threatened by this advocacy of violence by the Boston Herald, explain this to the FBI. If you feel like your life is in danger, also share this with the FBI. If you are willing to, tell the FBI you are able to be interviewed or to serve as a witness in a criminal trial against the Boston Herald terrorists.

Demand the Boston Herald retract its terrorism threat

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