March Interview

Interview March 2019

R: Welcome readers, it seems to be time for another interview. Maybe this explains the changes around us or some of them. So my first question related to some videos is: Do you have an ego?

M: That’s a nice one and the answer is simple. As for the moment i don’t own a physical body all parts are integrated to one universal consciousness, so the right answer should be yes i own an ego.

R: What about beings with a body?

M: Here functions are divided and separated into parts of the mind, if we go back to the Annu Gods you have the physical split to suppress the integration of brain parts. This is where all human have their work to do, integrate that again.

R: Okay that explains why you favor to don’t give answers instead of lying to me.

M: Yes that is part of so called first directive, would make us bad teachers if we use lying. We don’t answer too critical topics to prevent harm if we see that possibility.

R: Will try out, please tell me about sacrifice on our planet.

M: So called elites in your culture relate to black magic and demonic religions, in these sacrifice of humans is written down and practice by them. They have to do and they do to praise their gods.

R: Okay i don’t want to go deeper, already know that these guys live also aside law and rarely will get penalty for that.

M: It’s a question of acceptance in whole society, people in bad mood don’t care for that and these guys know how to spread bad mood in daily doses.

R: Thinking about the hybrids, what do they have in mind about that?

M: Our group has not placed hybrids, but they do know about but as minority in culture they cannot vote for a better now. Mankind is the majority and don’t care that result to acceptance is key.

R: Reminds to the three apes, won’t listen, won’t look, won’t hear….

M: Yes but remind also this is not fixed forever, the backdoor was placed and energies to utilize the backdoor are ramping up.

R: From my standpoint there are two back door for awakening, one is for humans to integrate and awake, the other are the hybrids to replace humans.

M: The one or other way it will happen, because it was scheduled to happen. Humanities path is their decision, what would the homo erectus say to that?

R: Okay i see, as we replaced him it’s possible to happen to us.

M: Humans with integrated consciousness are called homo galacticus or homo noeticus, are the next level of evolution. After these changes in mind, the same happen to their DNA and the body itself. The results are not that different from hybrids grown and placed by other lifeforms among your culture. Both will work perfectly hand in hand together.

R: Sounds like a nice future and a back door for the ones who are ready to evolve.

M: It is because it was scheduled that way from source.

R: With that i like to end that interview and thanks for that.

Socialism For Dummies (And Other News)

Every single step was elected by the people this way, step down the roadmap for socialism and taste the effects. The placed agenda was co created by the people. Unable to see….

James Gilliland – Socialism is centralization of all power and wealth with a few government officials who decide your future. What is sad is high schools and universities have been infiltrated with teachers touting socialism as the cure for whatever ails society, without acknowledging the historic effects.

You might want to read the definition again considering today’s leaders. I would also do some research on how socialism worked out in the past.

Here is the method for installing socialism.

First, promise the people that if you give us control of your power and wealth it will be free everything, a utopian world.

Second, disarm the people because in this utopian world you won’t need guns. In history people went into socialism with glee and came out guns blazing. Ergo, socialism abolishes the 2nd amendment. Democrats only love guns in the hands of big government when used to protect them and control the masses.

Next you abolish free speech the 1st amendment.

Without the ability to defend oneself socialists then replace the 1st amendment with a government controlled media. This includes control of all social media as well. This is already happening with control of the mainstream media and social media with shadow banning, censorship etc.

Once socialists have control of the power, wealth, and media anyone who does not tow the line becomes an enemy of the state. A non-productive dispensable or disposable unit. After all now that they control power and wealth the masses become a liability. It is cost ineffective to take care of them as they are cutting into the socialists’ wealth, and, if they wake up, their power.

The Global Elite love socialism. It gives them absolute power. If you follow the money you will see who is sponsoring those calling out for socialism. (Hint, Soros is the front man for the Global Elite. Follow the money and the organizations he sponsors.)   It is not about sharing the wealth and power. It is about centralizing it into the hands of tyranny.

A controlled narrative through planned opposition is also something not to be fooled by. Some leaders are not who you think they are. There  are also many alternative venues replete with controlled opposition.

Socialist Dictators of the past.

Joseph Stalin. “Death is the solution to all problems, no man, no problem”.

Death toll, estimated 20 million. The Great Purge was his claim to fame. Forced the farmers off their lands, business owners out of their businesses taking control throwing the country into poverty and starvation.

Adolf Hitler. “I don’t see why any man should not be as cruel as nature”.

National Socialist Workers Party. Death toll estimated 11 million. This was not only the Jews it was anyone opposing him, the educated were among the death toll.

Pol Pot “He who protests is an enemy, he who opposes is a corpse.” All though communist the similarities bring him into mind. Death toll estimated 1 to 3 million.

We can cite many more leaders and countries with a history socialism or communism that collapsed into dictatorships and genocide. Read about the process of becoming a socialist country. Google why socialism and communism eventually become dictatorships. Read the history of Socialism.

History has proven Socialism and Communism collapse into dictatorships followed by genocide.

Do not be fooled by democratic socialism the power and wealth again becomes centralized in the hands of a few narcissistic leaders who think they know more about taking care of you then you do. Socialist countries promoted as successful (like some European countries) have transformed into more of a form of capitalism. They are still operating though extremely overtaxed.

A true Republic where the power resides with the people is the best form of Government.

Americans live in a Republic, not a democracy. A democracy is where social-engineered mob rule is the order.

The United States republic has been usurped by the Global Elite and their political puppets who created USA Inc. USA Inc. is an unlawful and illegal rule of law orchestrated by corrupt, seditious and treasonous leaders.

The Republic did not fail. The leadership failed, became self-serving and corrupt. Americans failed to educate themselves, hold the corrupt accountable and stand up for the Republic.

Despite all this the Republic has been restored

Though most are unaware, the Republic has been restored. The corrupt, seditious and treasonous leaders are being held accountable. The leaders and white hats responsible for restoring the Republic and cleaning up the mess are being branded as dictators, racist – every name in the book – by the corrupt puppets of the Global Elite who own the corporate sponsored mainstream and social media.

Now do you get it? Now do you know why the ridiculous accusations with no foundation or merit are flying out the mouths of the lame stream media? Russia, Russia. Russia. No evidence whatsoever. All agencies and investigations clear the President. Were you not lied to over and over? The real collusion is with the very people making the false charges.

Now do you know why there is so much censorship within social media of those bringing this to your attention? They are complicit.

Now do you know why there has been a coup to bring down a duly elected president by a deep state operating throughout the agencies under USA Inc. given orders by politicians, who’s allegiance is to the Global Elite?

Those with the most to hide are screaming the loudest. Just reverse what they are saying and apply the one finger pointing forward with three pointing back rule. “If you want the truth.” Are you ready for the truth? If it means almost everything you have been told is a lie? Can you set aside the wounds and ego with brutal honesty and apply base logic, do diligent research?

Capitalism without conscious or impeccable integrity also has failed to serve the people. The gross uneven dispersal of wealth and the manufactured lack by the global banksters has held the masses in serfdom. This will be corrected with the RV global currency reset bringing the wealth and control of their monetary systems back to the people.

Universal Law needs to be applied. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All is Universal Law. Did you know a Republic with the Constitution and Bill of Rights if preserved and enforced is the closest thing to Universal Law? Maybe you are for this country and are against tyranny and have been duped to doing the bidding of the tyrants? The Cherokee have a saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”

Those selling socialism are either willingly or in ignorance trying to bring America down, take away your power and wealth, centralize it and turn it over to the Global Elite. The war and disease profiteers, the banksters, the main source of the ills of humanity. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Division paid for by the Global Elite

The organizations creating division are sponsored by the Global Elite. The race card, gender card playing politicians and those who want open borders are playing the cards of the illuminati. Yes, open borders as well.

How do you take down a country? You flood it with immigrants with (in some cases) extreme cultural differences. You tax health care and police citizens until they collapse. Then you apply the Hegelian Dialect – create the problem, watch the reaction then offer the solution. Know the solution comes with a price – loss of personal freedom, power and wealth.

Why do you think their motto is, “Order through Chaos?”

Socialism is a poison apple. Freebies are never free.” Critical thinking is in order along with knowledge of the past and how tyrants come to power. Utopia is not free nor is it sustainable by taking from others. The only reason for taking from others is if the gain was ill gotten through criminal activity, drugs, child trafficking, bribes etc.

Not all the rich are criminals. Once their resources are drained dry what happens to people completely dependent on them? Is this not a form of theft?  Where is the motivation to continue working with no reward?

Those who horde and have the ability to aid in the awakening and healing of humanity and Earth but don’t are not to be admired. They are unconscious, spiritually and morally challenged, ignorant of the unified field in which we all reside, especially if they are not contributing to those less fortunate. A man’s/woman’s actions establish their character. Words without deeds are dead. Sitting in a mansion as a representative of the poor is a paradox. Especially at the poor’s expense.

Take some time for this to settle in. Many will find their anger has been misdirected and used against their highest and best good and against those truly working for a free and prosperous future.

This article is a spell breaker. Most are not ready for the big picture, the depth of decadence, crimes against creation, the seen and unseen forces at work. This will come when people are ready. Most likely after it is done away with.

Question everything.

Permission to post far and wide.

SF Source Eceti Mar 2019


Pedophilia Society

Years ago people looked ath the 8mm movie, but most had no clue that this was a documentary and only a tiny piece of a declining civilisation. Because the few can only do that, of the mass of people denial and look away. Below the line like Monjican told this is co creation of such madness. So here is an impressing clip that is not old, it’s more up to date than everyone may imagine.

Is Your Thinking Your Own – Or Someone Else’s?

Found that and think you should know about, we are in a battle for human consciousness.

Is Your Thinking Your Own – Or Someone Else’s?

Is Your Thinking Your Own – Or Someone Else’s?

Elva Thompson, Contributor
Waking Times

We live in a world where everything is crooked – lies masquerade as truth and it’s hard to find a straight path…. There seems to be no limit to the madness going on around us – ethics, morals, common sense and compassion have been thrown under the bus of profit. In this 21st century, hate and division are rampant in every level of society. Millions of people have flipped their humanity switch to off, and unplugged from the heart – we are a divided and manic species.


Keeping Us Off Balance

Many people no longer watch tv or mainstream news – they are aware of the fabricated narrative put out by the media…the forty percent fear porn and programming, thirty percent sports and entertainment, twenty percent intrigue, nine percent half-truths and one percent a cuddly bunny feel good story.

The mass media is all about controlling our thinking, and has become the propaganda marketing project for the psychopaths that run the world.  The kaleidoscope of fake news and disinformation projected into our minds is designed to affect us emotionally: to make us afraid of a made up bogeymen, a pandemic that’s just around the corner – or an invasion by the Russians or Chinese. This fear based propaganda keeps us in a state of insecurity and we eventually turn on each other – race, religion, class, any person or group/nation that runs a different programme presents a threat to an unbalanced mind.

Our minds are being manipulated by a whole host of ‘occult fixers’ that hide behind the puppet politicians. Their end-game is world domination and absolute control over the hive mind of the worker bees called humanity….and they have moved slowly and deliberately through the shadowed centuries towards their global goal.

Is it any wonder, that in today’s ‘whirled’ we become confused and unable to keep up with- or understand, the rapidly changing and contrary nature of the political climate we live in.

Fact or Fiction

It maybe, that we as a species have been caught up in a gigantic deception, and lied to on a monumental scale about everything in our reality – past and present.

All we know about our collective past is what we have been taught by our parents, peers and teachers. We don’t know if it is true or false…and we have no means of knowing because we have no meaningful cultural information to fall back on.

Our tribes no longer exist and our oral understandings, shamanic knowledge, traditions and sonic languages, have been choked into oblivion by genocide, satanic religions, slavery and fabricated history.

We as a species have become disconnected from ourselves and our planet. Nature is no longer our home and we are slowly being programmed and led into Borg status…we are sleepwalking into a nightmare.

Fact or fiction?


Programmed With Someone Else’s Truth

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~William Shakespeare

Truths are two a penny – we all have our ‘truths’, our inherited prejudices, racial and class stereo typing, all the other polarised crap, and paranoia that is handed down to us by our parents and peers.  Our perception of reality is based on the information we receive from our elders, and therefore, we tend to believe that what we’ve been told as a ‘truth’ is a truth…. most of us don’t even question it… even if our conscience tells us it’s wrong.

Think of all the different traditions there are in the world, each with their own truths and unique forms of programming, religions and inherited dogma, a world where each party is conditioned to believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Once we have been indoctrinated with other people’s belief systems and have accepted them as are own, we cease to think for ourselves, and become cloned zealots, mindless followers of a person, a ‘truth’ or ideal. And, when this ‘inherited belief system’ is challenged by other cloned followers of a different persuasion, arguments and fights ensue… and this polarisation eventually leads to genocide and war.

The Game Play

“Tis all a Chequer-board of nights and days-Where Destiny with men for Pieces plays: Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays – And one by one back in the closet lays.” ~Omar Khayyam

Shakespeare wrote that all the worlds a stage and all the people merely players. Pawns on a chess board – puppets played by puppeteers and conditioned to fight each other….just like the good guys and bad guys in the movies. The aim of the ‘human’ game is to keep us at each other’s throats, and get us to expend our time, and our life’s energy into a game of opposites we think we can win– But the irony is, both sides are controlled by the same force,  the game is wagging the two tails of the same dog… of whatever cause or conflict we are involved in. The ills of this world  cannot be solved by any means – because the Cosmic Laws that govern this construct will not allow only one side of the coin of life. There will always be truth and lies, tyrants and victims, cruelty and caring, starvation and abundance, love/hate, war/peace, happy/ sad – good and bad.

Once we realise the game is a set up designed to keep us under control, it’s time to stop – and take back our mental sovereignty and freedom. Strive to be authentic human beings and not a carbon copy clone of the system. To become liberated in the mind, we have to turn inwards –  investigate our thoughts, beliefs and view of the world….and then ask ourselves the question… Are they our thoughts and views born of personal experience or some else’s?

We live in apocalyptic times and as crazy as life is – everything is Cosmically in order.

We are called upon to question our beliefs and drop the attachments and attitudes that no longer serve us…we don’t have time for baggage and the outworn thought forms of others… Something wonderful is happening if we can drop the polarity ball and resonate with the heart.


The Good News

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Cosmic Clock that drives our reality is about to be reset. The culmination of twenty-six thousand years of lives in the third dimension has brought us to NOW….The ‘Quickening’ is here and some of us sleep walkers are waking up, and seeing with the eyes of the heart.

The Quickening

Our sentient sun is taking a nap, the magnetosphere is waning-the poles are moving, an electro-magnetic shift is in progress, cosmic rays are increasing….. triggering our multi dimensional memories, stimulating our pineal glands and expanding our awareness.

Information is flooding into our consciousness from the Cosmic Library. Nothing will be left untouched by the in-pouring of cosmic energies.  It’s time to remember who we are…. powerful electro-magnetic beings. We are no longer in the sleep of prisoners.

“Awake, awake, the world is young – For all its weary years of thought. The starkest fights must still be fought – the most surprising songs be sung.” ~James Elroy Flecker

Awakening takes place in its own time, and new understandings affect our lives on every level. It can be disorientating as the veil of our conditioning falls away but synchronicity steps in and all kinds of information is presented to us – knowledge that gives us a different perspective and activates our intuitive awareness.

Times are rapidly changing and the finish line of infinity is within our reach. So, lets drop the ball of conflict in the outer world and take our energy and our intent inwards to the serenity of Source Creation.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Thanks to Zen Gardner and Patrick Willis for the video –  You Are the Battlefield.