So why not have contact

It becomes common knowledge, learning contact to spiritual beings around and here are some informations about that. Again most beings offer free service, you only need to try them out for quality and your higher self help to do that. This is a pretty training that evolve your telepathy further and i have never seen a bill from Monijican for her informations.


More Mandela

Only if you deny our multidimensional universe, you have a problem to understand the Mandela Effect with it’s various clips about. Mixing up societies from different timelines, the recall from the mass creates reality, but won’t change different recall from the minority.

Same belong to the planet-x within this clip, such object cannot be beamed into your backyard.

The Problem in Science

A true problem in science is thinking in a box, it’s no problem to get a expert for the front right cooking plate from the oven to speak with a powerpoint that there cannot be any other cooking plate on the oven. Same with the expert for the left cooking plate on the oven, he have to pay the mortgage an will identify a conspiracy theory about other plates on the oven. The experts for the back plates on the oven beg the government to place a law, to fight liars that fantasize about front plates.

None can explain the efficiency of the oven, that would only be possible by working together. That’s how we create black holes in front of our eyes.