The Pre-Knowledge Of Events

It’s the tiny nagging, inner tips what is to come, always there if you reach inner silence. You can grow that up to graphical view into possible time lines and you realize a simple truth: There is never only one timeline, at every moment we stay at the quantum superposition and can choose the path. This is reason for most future predictions do not match.


The Pre-Knowledge Of Events

mindRuth Ryden – Our Love and thoughts are being sent to you for the purpose of teaching an important precept. Over the centuries humanity is coming to realize that the inner feelings they have of pre-knowledge of events yet to be is not just imagination, but a powerful ability to work with as a tool for living. This is usually termed “precognition” and can occur during a vivid dream that is remembered with intense clarity upon awakening, seen in a sudden waking vision, or even coming as sudden definite knowledge into the mind. Why does this happen, and how?

When you are in existence as a spiritual being, your memories of countless centuries are usually pretty much intact, although you have the ability to put aside what is no longer necessary to work with at any given time.

Your eternal soul being has gained tremendous knowledge through the experiences gained from teachings received in the shining Halls of Knowledge, from observation, and from numerous lifetimes on your planet and on many others. You have full awareness of events that have happened in the past, are happening in the present (or the current period of attention of the soul being), and far into the future. This is the ordinary reality of your being.

When you decide to incarnate into human form, you know that all of these memories and abilities will be veiled off from your new personality’s mind; the lifetime must be lived with only basic abilities and guidance from those who have agreed to stay with you an help fulfill the purpose you have decided upon. This is not an easy decision; it is like the soul entity giving up its life entirely to enter a state of forgetfulness. But, the need and drive for perfection is very strong and, if there is no other way to learn what is needed to be learned, a human incarnation is embarked upon. There are other reasons, to be sure, including one of self-sacrifice out of pure Love in order to help those in human form evolve at a higher rate, or to give assistance to those in deep need.

All of that tremendous knowledge is stored in what is now called “the subconscious mind” either until the human personality gains the ability to tap into it, or until the soul entity leaves the body and returns to spirit, when the recall of this knowledge will gradually be returned to that consciousness.

Today, the evolution of the human mind, the rising of consciousness, is allowing many people to unconsciously tap into this great storehouse of knowledge and spiritual ability. The veil is thinning, especially when there is the real effort to learn through meditation, deep thought and study about what and who you are.

When precognition enters your conscious mind, it is a form of seeing with the soul mind, which can see backwards and forwards at any time. Future events that are of intense energy contain vibrations which are so strong that they push out through time and space with tremendous force. That force, coming backwards, so to speak, is what intensifies your own vibrations to the point where awareness of that event becomes a visible scene or an active point of knowledge.

Even if the future happening seems to be of little importance relatively, it may have to do with a turning point in your life that will have important ramifications later on. Look at it this way: You are picking up strong signals from the future, as a radio receiver or television set receives from the present. The wars and religious disputes of today, combined with the increasing earth changes, are sending even stronger frequencies of energy into the minds of humanity. It can be very frightening to those of you who are sensitive enough to “see” some of these things as occurring in the future.

How do you deal with this? First of all, realize now what is happening. Most of the time, the event has nothing to do with you, so take it as an interesting glimpse of what is to be. Have a journal, if this happens frequently, in which to inscribe the experiences as you see them. When the events do occur, you will be able to verify them from your writings. Often, in these times of immense changes, terrible tragedies are seen, for they give off explosive vibrations that many people pick up, even if they have not developed their spiritual awareness.

This is a frightening experience and even more so when the tragedy does happen just as seen in the mind.

Please know that this is not a message to you to try to warn people or try to make it not occur. In very few instances can anything be done to change that future. There is no guilt here; nothing you must do. Being able to receive these transmissions includes the sometimes unfortunate ability to receive reception of all kinds of vibrations, the bad along with the good. If this is the case, learn to be objective about such visions, mourn what is to be, and pray for those ill-fated enough to be caught in them ; that is all you can and should do

Many times your Spiritual Teachers and Angels will use this method of giving you personal warnings about a probable traumatic event that is in your path. You will know the difference in this kind of vision, for it will have a deep emotional impact upon your mind and nervous system. . You will know that you can avoid this happening if you pay attention to the message that is being given.

It is simple enough to turn aside and go a different way or to avoid the action I were about to take. These are very loving blessings that are given to help you avoid traumatic events that are not necessary for your learning process . If such an event has something to do with either your purpose or to fulfill a karmic debt, the warning will not be given.

Small flashes of future, or even past events, will sometimes dart into the mind, reminding one that here is something you have done before, or a place that is instantly familiar, though you have never been there before or experienced the event. This is called Deja Vu in your society and is a form of precognition that is like a small flash of lightening going to your mind from your subconscious mind. It is sometimes frightening, sometimes intriguing. It is one of those fascinating things that makes your lives exciting and interesting.

There are those with sufficient mental powers who have been progressing, instead of regressing, the minds of people into their own futures and picking up scenes of devastation and of groups of people learning to exist on a primitive basis. Others see magnificent new cities and space ships from Earth penetrating far into the universe.

The Future Is An Enormous Set Of Probabilities And What One Person Picks Up On Is Only One Pathway That Contains Events That May Happen.

Another mind will pick up a future probability on quite another pathway. It is well to understand that the path humanity eventually actually takes will be determined by the beautiful Golden Paths to the future.

Many of those who have the ability to sense what lies ahead in the next few years are making many predictions regarding the physical condition of the world and the changing societies of humankind. Many of the predictions will come t\true, but some will be changed because of positive or negative actions on the part of the men and women who really make their own determinations of what life will be. If the way looks dim and tragic, and circumstances seem sure to happen, use your own Powers of Creation to make changes for the better.

You have yet to understand the power each of you has at your fingertips! Visualize the probable future tragic events in ways that will turn them aside; visualize and project waves of Love over the entire world, especially aimed toward those who are on a path of hatred and futility; the waves will be felt. If thousands of people turn their thoughts to Love and peace, it will happen. It is as simple and profound as that.

There are some factors that are, and will always be, present in the Plan of God that cannot be changed, but there are infinite possibilities that can be changed and directed toward the betterment of humankind. You create your own life, your own future. What you see in dreams or visions can be a tool for you to use in your own way.

Look around you now. The future is contained in one minute from now! Anything can happen in that minute. Perhaps the phone will ring; perhaps you knew it would. You might even intuit who is calling. The next minute may contain anything at all, perhaps a sudden feeling of Love from your Angel..

Should you go through life expecting something to happen in the next minute? Well, to some extent. At least, you know something will occur. Still, it is well not to expect, for expectations tend to be mind and logic-oriented, and have the unfortunate likelihood of not coming true. Consider the possibilities, but let things happen as they will. You have complete control, but your spiritual mind and those spiritual beings that work with and for you are also directing many facets of your life.

The little hints of intuition or nudges of guidance have a great effect on your daily walk through this existence in matter, and make it a much better one. Let each day progress on its own and have the feeling that what comes will be for your good, one way or another. What seems to be an unfortunate happening may well be a turning point that will guide your life towards much better accomplishments and satisfaction. Let Love rule your life and nothing will happen that should not happen.

Use your spiritual abilities as grand tools of understanding an direction. You are mightily blessed to be living on this planet at this time of great planetary alterations, being a part of an advanced evolution of humanity and the Solar system. Live your future with open acceptance, using every moment as a grand challenge.

God bless you all!


SF Source Ruth Ryden Newsletter August 2016