So how to go on

Few days before the longest day in 2017 let’s look at these days primary timelines. A tiny one that is growing is the opportunity to live spiritual with guides and become whole. Few will pick that up and empower this timeline to shake the field. The next that is also tiny but going down is the extinct timeline, where mankind again choose to end their game with a big war. Seems that the most of people are aware of this opportunity and step out to create something better.

A big timeline is the machine kingdom, heavily pushed from industry and politics because this is one by your choice. The machine kingdom will be the time where people loose their jobs, their social contacts and friends to favor technology. While the machine and tech gadgets grow in huge manner to force mass surveillance and result to external clocking for humans. While more and more robots will appear,the A.I. part will start to guide the people, to keep em dulled. But A.I. won’t stop there and will turn against the masters, so forgetting about the power will end in a well placed honeypots.

So in which direction you like to push your energy?



Multitasking – a pathway for Solutions

Since 1993 where i got an Amiga 600, i was fascinated from multitasking. The tiny machine was able to do several things in parallel, while same time the first windows versions approach without multitasking. As told in earlier posts, the machines are carbon copies of real human mind capabilities. Below the surface my wider spectrum has also attracted such a machine into my life.
From several Amiga multitasking machines i did the jump to the i386 platform as Linux become attractive to me. Here again i got pretty multitasking on my first PC, it has a Pentium-90 and 16mb of ram. To handle multitasking in in Linux, you also use several desktop for jobs, mostly four. In the years my capability grow and the machines do the same. In 2006 the first multicore PC approach and get as pretty solution Ubuntu Hardy LTS AMD64 on it, it was the last pentium processor because the fault in last blog appears real to my eyes.

While i am writing this fluidly, the machine did a handbrake DVD conversion to a MP4 file on 6 processor cores, all my data (200G) is saved to a NAS box and all my photos (100G) are synced with an external usb drive. Again on a Linuxmint Rafaela AMD64 system with included software packages. It’s fun to let the horses run, like my level of consciousness is running. Stay full idle or compute a full bunch of parallel jobs in same time.
Let me remind, that people using the linear sequential mindset, also use their computer the same way. Spending hours of hours, let it run over night to achieve everything in linear ways.