The overall fight against the new

There are a lot of new inventions and ideas around, leading to new tech in various areas. But through overall mind programming in the people, they do buy the old what they new because it feels more cozy, even though the low quality and problems are known. So let’s have few examples to understand what this is around.

Shoes: Known since few hundred years are leather shoes and leather in the past was reliable and smooth to have breathable and durable shoes from it. But in today times, shoes entered the ‘cheap’ scheme and production cost have to be reduced first. So you get poor soles, hard chemical prepared leather that does not breath and cannot hold back water. Some companies use painted hunting calf, if the point goes the shoes look ugly, to trigger you buying the next (same) ones. While the crap for money scheme runs, some companies have started to create reliable shoes with a lot of new inventions to solve existing problems.  But you only find them in rare special stores or have to buy them online. Hint: Good shoes do exist, for the people who have eyes to find them.

Washer: One of the well known faults are tiny high rotational motors with charcoal that melts away when turning. These tiny noise monsters drive a belt until is broke apart and make heavy noise on tumbling. In parallel few companies turned to a direct drive what rotate only as slow as the washing drum and have no charcoal commutator. Such drive is incredible silent, need no belt and have only same ball bearings like the washing drum for outtake after several years. Electric commutation saves also energy and can easily electric brake to mixing the clothes much better. Yes you can buy such machines in few stores.

Messenger: Right you use skype and whatsapp like you know that they track and spy every single word. While there are alternatives written from the people for the people out. But the mass of people worship big business and sacrifice privacy on their altars.

Mobile Phone: Cyanogenmod and LineageOS are out since years, you only need a matching hardware device to have a more secure system on it, they get weekly security updates and end unmaintained access from apps.

Computer: Over 20 years of linux as full OS with lots of total free software is available, had no problem with the WannaCry virus you see in the news now. One of the biggest goal in a linux OS is your home folder that store all of your settings, so well backupped you can have them over millenia.


That all depends on your state of mind programming, did you know that this exist or see it as conspiracy theory? Some think the evil government denial access to new stuff, but in real the mass amount of mind programmed people do this.

Some more open source experience

So let’s have another view on your home computer, as the majority are shipped with windows the people belief it’s a part of the computer. Not only this is a tricky mind manipulation, but we can later talk about it.

Pretty nice your new pc but what are his jobs in your home? Assume you found your last summer sd camera card with one hour of pretty video, but there are a bunch of single video files in a bloated form on this card. At this point i fire the linuxmint software center and seek for an video editor, choose a nice and press ‘install’. Within minutes i have a opensource full 64-bit software that is well documented in the web. But what to do on windows? You have to search what kind of software exist, study quality check-ups and compare prices. At the end you pay 200 bucks for this single software product, mostly it will be a 32-bit software that cannon operate on your new hardware in full capacity. So you have another fun with a sluggish software that fight with hardware limitations what results to slow end result production.

As you know many people rant about the windows desktop and the tile screen, you staple program windows over program windows and have a lot to do to switch them over. Most time windows user resign here and do every program job in linear manner one by one. Can you imagine that i have the choice between above 5 different desktop variants, all come with virtual desktops to have a clean big desk. Here many programs can run in same time, simply change the screen and work on. Oh yes the different desktops can also be installed through the software center and cost nothing, all are pretty documented and come with nice features and 64-bit.

So what about office? Here the windows user get the same goal, can use the same libre office and a pretty 64-bit version for faster reaction. But the required toolkit that is the base toolkit in a linux desktop must be handled in windows too, what result to higher resource consumption.

Like to organize your digital images? Try the demo program from your camera and pay for full version around 100 bucks in windows. Or open software center on linux, view 4 different image collector software and pick your best choice for free. 64-bit because the previews can be calculated very fast. Free Free Free…..

So what’s your choice, diggin your head in the sand and pay for laziness or get information to do your task for free?