GMO Geopolitics: Putin Confirms It

For the NWO population control through reduction is an urgent term, so they try to replace all food with GMO. Meanwhile it’s to have patents for vegetables and fruits and to forbid all free ones per law. Remind the Europe Union Seed Law that has failed few years ago. But the idea was and is to punish the usage of non GMO seed by law. People are so blind, running to the ballot box and vote the NWO again and again, don’t recognize that they kill their own children with it….

gmoJoseph P. Farrell – For years I’ve been arguing that there is a GMO geopolitics going on in the world, as European and American agribusiness cartels – think only of IG Farbensanto, my nickname for the whole GMO-food control project, recently made a reality by German giant Bayer buying out American Monsanto (in cash!) – try to gain control of the world’s food supply through patented seeds, and while other countries, Russia and India, have resisted. I’ve been arguing that Russia’s growing stance against GMOs would position it as the world’s biggest non-GMO food supplier. This article, shared by Mr. B., makes it abundantly clear that this is exactly what is in Mr. Putin’s mind:

Russia positions itself to supply the world with organic food

Mr Putin makes Russia’s food and agricultural strategy clear:

The country voiced concerns about the effect GMOs and their associated pesticides have on the environment, which often cause irreversible damage to Earth’s valuable resources. Russia has set itself apart from other nations through its rejection of modified foods, proving they are not in fact required for humans to survive – as the biotech industry will have you believe.

“Not only can we ourselves eat it, but also taking into account our land and water – which is particularly important – resources Russia could become the world’s largest supplier of healthy, environmentally friendly, high-quality food that has long been missing in some western producers,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Especially as the demand on the global market for such products is growing,” he added.

Putin is right. Organic food sales more than tripled between 2004 and 2014, growing from $11.6 billion in sales to nearly $36 billion, according to the Organic Trade Association. Globally, organic food and drink sales are expected to reach $104.5 billion, up from just $57.2 billion in 2010.(2)

In other words, there’s a growing global market to be tapped, and Mr. Putin means to tap it.

Which brings us to another article, shared by Mr. T.M.:

Putin is cutting down on military spending to pay for his ‘Russia First’ agenda

This article is odd in that it begins with a picture of President Putin with Russian Federation Defense Minister Shoigu. Whether or not this is a stock picture is unknown, but it is perhaps interesting that it occurs in an article about Mr. Putin’s fourth term agenda: a cut-down on military spending, which the article notes is in flat contradiction to the western media’s hype about the Russian military threat, and an attention on the development of Russian infrastructure:

Inaugurated for his fourth official term as Russia’s president Monday, Vladimir Putin surprised many by declaring what sounds like a “Russia first” program: a relentless focus on domestic development, to be partially paid for by sharp cuts in defense spending.

It may sound contrary to Western perceptions of Russia’s global intentions. But the priorities listed in the new Kremlin strategic program suggest that Mr. Putin has decided to use what seems likely to be his final term in office to cement his already substantial legacy as a nation-builder.

The projected surge in spending on roads, education, and health care will have to be paid for. A key source of that funding will be the military budget, which had been growing by around 10% annually for much of the Putin era.

In his decree, Putin ordered the new government to draw up a detailed plan by Oct. 1, aimed at social objectives that polls show many Russians find attractive. Those include increasing real incomes, raising pensions, improving housing, cutting poverty, and expanding access to quality health care. He also called for plans to invest in high-tech and export-oriented industries, and to create “transport corridors” to strengthen Russia’s road, rail, and sea connections with the wider world. (Emphasis added)

I’ve long suspected that, at least in part, the western hysteria about Russia’s “ambitions” under Mr. Putin was directly tied to Russia’s stance against GMOs, and the growth of Russian agriculture since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Recall, for example, that during the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, Mon(ster)santo and other agribusiness cartels had successfully lobbied for certain ports and deals with the new regime in Kiev. Until, that is, Mr. Putin put a stop to it by reincorporating the Crimea into the Russian Federation, retaining control over the vital port of Sevastopol, and giving the Russian Black Sea fleet an interdiction capability throughout the Black Sea. Additionally, it secures those sealanes for Russian exports to Turkey.

As I pointed out a few weeks ago, Mr. Putin alluded to these changes in direction, by highlighting the expansion of Russian agriculture, and the need to strengthen its transportation infrastructure. In short: if Russia means to play the GMO geopolitics game, its infrastructure – particularly in Siberia and central Asia, will have to be expanded. Similarly, in addition to the sea lanes through the Black and Caspian Seas, redundancy for trade with the south – Turkey, Iran, Syria – will have to be built in in the form of railroads and roads.

What we’re looking at is a long-term and ambitious project, and funding for it will not come solely from cuts in Russia’s defense budget. Investment will have to come from elsewhere. The usual suspect – China – of course presents itself. But there’s another player in the region, one looking increasingly askance at America’s reliability, and one which needs more secure energy and food supplies. “More secure” translates into “closer to hand,” and that’s Japan.

Mr. Abe and Mr. Putin have already coordinated a number of deals, and have managed to bypass the delicate sticking point of the Kurile islands.

Look for more of the same in the coming years of Mr. Putin’s fourth term.

A lot more.

See you on the flip side…

SF Source Giza Death Star May 2018

Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

The stones for a dark future were laid and come to fruition now, elected by the sleeping people. European Union is break apart.

As I have pointed out before, the “progressives” seek to destroy America (and Western civilization) in order to bring in their Utopian (Dystopian) New World Order. “Progressives” hate everything Western. They hate their own culture, traditions and history. They are mired in a negative, all-pervasive sense of guilt for being born in a culture they despise.

There are many people who are beginning to see what the “progressives” have to offer, and are thoroughly rejecting it. They are proud of their culture, traditions and history, and wish to retain it. Finally, they are beginning to stand up to those who would destroy what their ancestors created.

Culture, traditions and a shared identity are important aspects of life. They give us a sense of belonging. The “progressives” want us to become a part of some vast global homogeneous mish-mash that is foreign to every culture. Rather than celebrating the unique cultures of distinct regions, the “progressives” want to destroy all of them.

One of the tools they are using to destroy Western culture is mass migration. The influx of totally diverse and irreconcilable cultures can only lead to social disorder, which is their goal. While they speak of unifying the world, they seek to constantly divide it. They seek chaos, not peaceful unity.


The Art of Radical Honesty

It’s about the artificial brain machine that guide humans, most their full life, few will awake from it. So if the majority is remote controlled by that, it should be clear that whole society, politics and malformed ethics are wrapped around that. The machine lie to the people, so the machine will elect lying politicians to feel good and lie about the effects from that. It’s not that humans like to be forced ruled by the NWO, but the machine ruling their life is the driving force to create it. What results to 6 billion people giving their energy to create the daily mess. Here is a nice article to explain this further, to remind you that a coherent consciousness IS THIS what an ego consciousness cannot and won’t be.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth…

We lie constantly.

We lie to ourselves. We lie to each other. We stretch the truth. We omit information.

In our society, it’s normal to lie. We go as far to say that little white lies are good, because they prevent people from being hurt. To me, that’s just pandering to the ego and ensnaring ourselves in its insidious tricks.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with radical honesty.

And what I mean by radical honesty is this:
1. Integrity – Total alignment between my thoughts, words and actions
2. Not withholding relevant information

Radical honesty does NOT mean going out of your way to offend people. If someone walks in the room and they’re severely overweight, I’m not going to walk up to them and say, “Hey, you’re fat.” That’s just being an asshole. However, if that person came up to me and asked if they were overweight, I would say “yes.” Not with the purpose of being mean to them, but because it’s honest and relevant.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules with this stuff. It’s about being true to yourself and dynamically approaching each unique situation.

How Dishonesty Fucks Us Up

Everyone will tell you that lying is “bad” and honesty is “good.” So I’m not going to get into that.

However, there are some subtle, insidious problems that dishonesty creates…

Multiple Trains of Thought

Dishonesty creates multiple trains of thought. This means that you have to run at least two lines of thought simultaneously; one line of though for what you’re thinking AND another line of thought for what you’re actually saying.

Having multiple lines of thought takes you out of the present moment. Because you have to constantly think about what you’re going to say, and compare it with what you really think.

Continuous Maintenance of Stories

Dishonesty is essentially story-creating.

And, as everyone knows, it takes a lot of effort to maintain story lines. Why make life so complicated when it can be simple and stress-free?

The Subtle Stress of Dishonesty

It’s stressful to constantly uphold multiple lines of thought.

And this stress is hard to detect when it’s all you’ve ever known. You’ll only realize how stressed (and fearful) you were once you start practicing radical honesty.

If there is no discrepancy between your initial thoughts and what you outwardly express, there is one line of thought and, as a result, less stress.

Distrust of Yourself

If you’re constantly dishonest, you’re building a habit of not trusting yourself.

A genuine thought or feeling arises, then you instantly twist it to conform to what you think you have to say. This is telling yourself that your genuine thoughts and feelings cannot be trusted.

Of course, this creates all kinds of problems down the line; disempowerment, lack of confidence, neglect of intuition, indecisiveness…etc.

Start trusting yourself again by practicing radical honesty.

3 Major Effects of Radical Honesty

radical honesty

1. Simplicity

Radical honesty creates beautiful simplicity.

Lies and dishonesty unnecessarily complicate things. This is plain to see with people who are pathological liars. They create such intricate webs of lies that it’s a full-time job just to maintain all of the story lines. And we all do this to varying degrees.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that stress in my life.

Be honest. Keep it simple. And enjoy a life of WAY less stress.

2. Authenticity

Radical honesty means being your real self.

Instead of approaching situations with a mask, or persona, based upon what you think others would like, just be yourself.

Many intimate relationships demonstrate this concept of wearing a mask. Oftentimes, we try to impress people we’re attracted to by acting a certain way. This means you’re going into that relationship as a different person. Then, when you finally get comfortable, it creates a struggle between your persona and who you really are. No wonder why so many relationships get weird and complicated.

Even just the thought of honesty will make you aware of the masks you’re wearing. It will also create “ego awareness.” If you’re radically honest, you have no choice but to be aware of your ego, which leads to the next point…

3. A Call to Love

If you’re radically honest, you’re forced to deal with your own shadows.

It’s easy to hide when you’re dishonest. But there’s no hiding when you’re living with full integrity.

If you’re a miserable person, you’re quickly going to find out that you’re spreading your pain everywhere you go. This gives you the opportunity to deal with your own fear, suffering and shadows.

You’re going to strive to be a more loving person. Being radically honest will help guide you to choose love over fear within yourself, and thus in every situation.

Radical Honesty Challenge

Now, I challenge you to apply radical honesty to your life.

Because all of this is useless if you don’t practice it.

Make it a priority to be honest for the next week.

Again, here’s basically how…

  • Integrity – Total alignment between your thoughts, words and actions
  • Not withholding relevant information

Don’t give yourself rigid rules. Use the pointers here as a guideline and see what works best for you.

Try out radical honesty.

You won’t believe how light and free you can feel.

Much love.

– Stevie P!


Neil Kramer – The Way Out Of The Matrix

How is it, that problems on your planet are lectured in public, but all people support the elites and fight wisdom and solutions to their problems? Do you really believe in a New World Order success, when they press their brutal full control police state over you? I’ve seen such planets with mind blackmailed societies, acting out like robots on the line and getting killed when opposing the order. This is why the Pleyadians try to teach about that, to get an understanding in society, And here is a great lecture from Neil Kramer about that all.

Technocracy: How Its False Assumptions and Pseudo-Science Could Affect You

-By Paul A Philips

Darkly determined the world’s ruling elite and associates continue busying themselves with their goal of achieving total global domination through the technocracy agenda.

Essentially, the technocracy agenda incorporates technology into society with the intention of producing a new hybrid social structure. For this highly oppressive social engineering programs to work, to exert complete control over we-the-people, it makes a number of false assumptions. These proven false assumptions based on pseudo-scientific principles with their applications clearly show that they conveniently serve the ruling elite’s goals to achieve the dictatorship.

Those serving the encroaching technocracy agenda, be them in the capacity of scientists, technicians, technologists, government officials, or academics etc.., whatever their means to an end in support of the pseudo-science, at least some would have to see it as a belief system, blindly ignoring the contradictions or lack of scientific evidence in order to maintain their false beliefs…

Thus, the technocracy agenda is a form of scientism for unhealthy sceptics.

-Here are some of those false assumptions based on pseudo-scientific principles and how it could affect you: How we-the-people are being socially engineered into surrendering our power to an oppressive technology-based control system for a dictatorship.

The global warming scam

If ever there’s an example of a mirage of science it’s in the technocracy agenda’s sales-pitch called carbon-based global warming. The ruling elite technocrats want you to believe this scam to justify a carbon tax currency, monitoring for energy consumption, setting strict limitations under the false pretext of saving the world while using unhealthy, surveillance-expanding ‘smart’ metres…


In retrospect it’s not too hard to see why there are so called governmental initiatives that include RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchipping driving licenses, passports, motor cars… etc. How far will this encroachment go..? 

Fusion centres as in the USA created by Homeland Security, the NSA and FBI exist to collect data on every citizen for ‘intelligence’ purposes. Then there’s internet monitoring and biometric data collection for facial recognition…

Further flaws in the social engineering programme

There are a number of other falsehoods in the controlling scientific agenda such as:

* It assumes the absurd notion that there is no such thing as consciousness. That consciousness is nothing more than illusory caused by activity in our brains. In reflection of this the technocrats see the populace as nothing more than biological machines. Using data monitoring, scientific application… the people must be re-engineered to ‘harmonize’ with the hive mind…

*In order for the social engineering programme to work it assumes that materialism is all there is, but humans are essentially creative, imaginative, innovative beings… all of which are natural non-materialistic aspects of free-will in conscious individuals. These aspects will always throw a spanner in the works of the technocracy agenda… especially from those who will not comply…

*Those surrendering to the control system are small. They’re dependent on what they perceive as those higher forces. In short these people are victims. The hallmarks of victims are: Don’t have feelings. Don’t think for or be yourself.

-As the technocracy agenda’s controlling noose tightens on humanity will it serve as a catalyst for waking up the sleeping masses? If so then how much of a backlash will there be and what about the ensuing chaos caused by the ruling technocrats unwilling to give up their agenda..?

If nothing is done to stop the agenda then it could be the end of humanity.

On the other hand, more than just a bunch of social constructs and interactions we can co-create our way out of this planned nightmare and take us into pastures new which could be intensely liberating!

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Comment: True insight, yes there are 6.5 billion people helping to eradicate them self from the world to establish the georgia guidestone prophecy for an NWO with only 500 million people. No idea how to wake them up, to only take one simple look at it. Just look at the windows 10 installations, it’s the ultimate spy tool for free, listening to your talks, making movies, spy to every document, trace your internet usage and all passwords. People are lustful to use and have it, like visiting a whore for free, supplanting that they get syphilis from it.