Mary Rodwell – the new human, star children and the ET connection

There is a wave rolling up, proven knowledge on a wide base about the connection of humans to the beings on other planets and around earth. This article relates to such connection, give me the possibility to tell informations without even having a body. Here you may learn about change in humans and the evidence about new human children and change that appear to humans.


Yes science starts to figure out our multidimensionality and how limitation to 3D works. This was ridiculed for eons, because it was and is in use against the people, thats why the cabal have six billion soldiers.

A couple of days ago I blogged about the discovery of “memory-wiping” enzymes and its implications for the topic of mind control. In that blog, I also made the connection between the mind and the universe, particularly the version of quantum theory called the “multiverse” hypothesis. I’ve long sensed that there is a connection between the mind and matter, and that this connection is not of the tidy Cartesian variety, where the one (take your choice) gives rise to the other. I suspect, and have suspected for some time, that the situation is rather than of a complex set of feedback loops between the two, and that in that situation, that complexity can only be described by something “not physical” in the ordinary, three dimensional sense of our everyday experience.

Thus, when Mr. M.H. shared this article this week, I took notice:

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

The following paragraphs leapt out at me:

Scientists studying the brain have discovered that the organ operates on up to 11 different dimensions, creating multiverse-like structures that are “a world we had never imagined.”

By using an advanced mathematical system, researchers were able to uncover architectural structures that appears when the brain has to process information, before they disintegrate into nothing.

In the latest study, researchers honed in on the neural network structures within the brain using algebraic topology—a system used to describe networks with constantly changing spaces and structures. This is the first time this branch of math has been applied to neuroscience.

“Algebraic topology is like a telescope and microscope at the same time. It can zoom into networks to find hidden structures—the trees in the forest—and see the empty spaces—the clearings—all at the same time,” study author Kathryn Hess said in a statement.

In the study, researchers carried out multiple tests on virtual brain tissue to find brain structures that would never appear just by chance.

“We found a world that we had never imagined. There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”

The findings indicate the brain processes stimuli by creating these complex cliques and cavities, so the next step will be to find out whether or not our ability to perform complicated tasks requires the creation of these multi-dimensional structures.

Hess says the findings suggest that when we examine brain activity with low-dimensional representations, we only get a shadow of the real activity taking place. This means we can see some information, but not the full picture. “So, in a sense our discoveries may explain why it has been so hard to understand the relation between brain structure and function,” she explains.

Talk about high octane! Let that sink in for a moment: at every moment you are thinking, multi-dimensional structures arise in your very three dimensional brain, and that’s a fancy way of saying your brain is not closed within or upon itself, but is rather an open system interacting with much higher dimensional realities that cannot be encompassed in the material 3-d world. And this is why, using a merely three-dimensional model, or, if I may be more blunt, a merely materialistic model of the mind-brain relationship, has failed to grasp the complexity, the hyper-dimensional complexity, of what is actually going on. Indeed, higher order topologies are necessary to describe thought at all: thought does not occur in the three dimensional material stuff of life solely or exclusively, but outside it, as something coupled with it. (Regular readers of my books will recognize this as what I’ve been calling the Topological Metaphor of the Medium, and its analogical basis.) For those who’ve read my books Secrets of the Unified Field or The Third Way, the name of Gabriel Kron should also spring to mind, with his theory that all electrical circuits, no matter how simple they are, are in effect hyper-dimensional machines, transducing something “down here” from “up there”.


What is interesting in this article is also the implication of the object or stimulus of brain activity: for consider what that object is, in physics terms. Even at the atomic or, better, sub-atomic quantum level, these “material” entities dissolve – if I may use that term – into packets of information modeled by multi-dimensional mathematical equations. In other words, multi-dimensionality is the bridge of perception because the multi-dimensionality is at the root of the objects themselves.

What’s coming down the pike? Well, I’ve speculated at length about this idea in our numerous members’ vidchats (along with some pretty stimulating speculations from members themselves): the next step is to find the exact nature and structure of those “feedback” loops between the “material” world and the “incorporeal” one: think “quantum neurology” and “neuro-cosmology” for a moment, and you get an intuitive approximation of how the old, tidy, Cartesian dualistic lines are breaking down. We are, I rather suspect, looking at something more akin to the old Neoplatonic spectrum of “fine gradations” from the immaterial world of forms to the increasingly “dense” world of matter.

Funny thing, too, to remember that Plato referred to all of this as “the mathematicals”. Funny thing, too, that in membrane theory, space-time is in 11 dimensions.

See you on the flip side…



Other Realms of Existence

Being multidimensional is our normal state, but through mind control mechanism the majority is limited down to 3D experience only. Major part of this is done by the artificial talking mind structure, that only look into the 3D realm. Behind the wall of noise, experience of others realms is hidden pretty well. Not only Pink Floyd sung about the Wall to keep consciousness between walls….

Owen K Waters – There are twelve density layers of consciousness in existence. The third one is the physical world, the fourth is the spirit world, and the fifth is the realm of soul consciousness.

The higher numbers are more subtle, more expansive in their scale than the lower numbers. Each lower density layer is more compressed than the one above it and it is formed within the one above it.

Some people call these realms dimensions, which can cause confusion, as a dimension is actually something else. When referring to the twelve density layers, or realms, the technically accurate term is density. A dimension is not a location or a higher realm. A dimension is a measurable component of reality, such as length, width, height or time.

A density is a layer of compressed consciousness. It is a location within Creation. Instead of saying that you live in third density (the physical realm), you can abbreviate it to ‘3D,’ provided you remember that, in this case, ‘3D’ is short for third density, and not for three-dimensional.

The ultimate state of Infinite Being lies beyond twelfth density, as all densities are creations within its consciousness. The twelve density layers exist within the consciousness of Infinite Being.

The densities of immediate application to humanity are third, fourth and fifth densities.

3D: The physical realm

The physical world exists in 3D, or third density. Our minds are not limited to 3D, by any means. The global consciousness will go through a quantum shift when a critical mass in higher consciousness is reached. This critical mass will be achieved by a numerically small portion of the world’s population because people with higher frequencies of consciousness have, proportionately, a much greater influence on the global mind atmosphere than do people who operate at lower frequencies of consciousness. As always, it will be the pioneers who change history.


4D: The spirit or astral realm

Throughout recorded history, fourth density has been the spirit or astral realm. 4D can be subdivided into twelve sub-layers or overtones, referred to in the plural as spirit or astral realms. When a person passes on from their physical incarnation, they typically move into residence in the third or fourth overtone of 4D. While physical experience can generate issues of emotional separation, 4D is an integrative density where people work through a healing of their issues. Spiritual seekers soon discover that there are higher, more subtle overtones within 4D and move there to study the higher truths of the universe.

5D: The soul realm

When the time comes to move on from the 4D spirit world, people move up into 5D in order to begin planning the experiences that they want to explore in their next incarnation.

Think of this as a kind of destiny workshop, where all possibilities are examined until, finally, one course of action is decided upon.

In 5D, the viewpoint of the soul is much wider than the focused viewpoint of the conscious mind in 3D. In 5D, space and time are seen as an interwoven tapestry of possibilities. Souls, during their research, can actually insert themselves into any situation in which they are interested, regardless of when and where.

In 5D, you can experience any event at any location and any point in time. You can go back into history or go forward into probable futures. You can view all possible outcomes of every potential situation and how it interacts with the probable actions of others. It works because your soul senses the total energy of each situation, seeing everything that would unfold if it were acted out.

So, in 5D consciousness, you can view exactly how a future event is likely to materialize. You can see it, feel it, touch it and know what your thoughts and feelings will be at that time because you actually insert your consciousness into the experience of the future event.

SF Source Spiritual Dynamics May 2017

Does clairvoyance teach us to see beyond the surface?

Using third eye to expand the reality around, turn to a much wider spectrum of informations. This is why you get this feature, when your consciousness start to climb up from the 3D level of mind. Multidimensional inputs merge to a wider view, processed in real time to an experience that 3D minders judge as drug flash. In result you enter a flow state, where huge amount of information flow by offering to pick interesting parts out, the knowing is a state of enhanced consciousness. But don’t be wondered, this is also the state where open contact to beings outside 3D happens, someone may knock on your door and your clairvoyance will help to choose the right one. Do you like to know or go on to think in linear way?

Jessica Marble – It is said that one can only see clearly with the heart. The essence of things is invisible to the eyes. But how can you see that which is invisible to the eyes? Clairvoyance, one of the rarer psychic abilities, allows us to see beyond the surface of things and gain a deeper understanding of the world. Clear-seeing requires the use of the mind’s eye, or the third eye, which lays dormant in many people. Today I will attempt to explain how clairvoyance, in conjunction with clairaudience; claircognizance; and clairsentience, can help us strengthen our mind’s eye and see beyond the surface of things.

But first, let us define the terms:

  • Clairaudience is psychic gifts that enables people to pick-up & hear thoughts or sounds that are not audible to most people. Clairaudients can channel information coming from different planes and entities.
  • There are two types of clairsentience: prophetic clairsentience and feeling clairsentience. Prophetic Clairsentients may have hunches or dreams about the present and future that follow the “line of probability”. Feeling clairsentients are able to feel and transform thoughts into feelings. These individuals may also have the ability to read the energy of objects, see the past; present; or future of an individual, and experience another’s feelings.
  • Clairvoyance, one of the rarest clairs, refers to the ability of deciphering visual information with the help of mental mechanisms. Many people consider clear-seeing a sixth sense, because it uses senses that go beyond the 5 that we normally use. Clairvoyance is also associated with retrognition and precognition.
  • Claircognizance, or clear-knowing,is a lesser-known gift. It means having knowledge of places, people, or situations without any prior information to facilitate this knowing. People with this gift often say that they don’t know how they know something, they just know it.

You may have recognized some of the traits described above within yourself. That’s because we are all born with the gift of seeing, hearing, or hearing subtle vibrations or energetic communications emanating from different planes. Claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience are common gifts. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, is rare because most people shut down their psychic abilities at a young age.

Why you should Train your Mind’s Eye

Opening the third eye may sound scary at first. That’s because there’s a lot of confusing information online about psychic abilities such as telepathy, divination, channeling, ESP, the clairs, etc. But in reality, the clairs are gifts that we can naturally develop. Ideally, your intuitive vehicles should work together. For example, clairvoyants should also be clairsentient in order to perform Clairvoyance readings.

How can clairvoyance teach us to see beyond the surface? I’ll try to explain:

Clairvoyance changes the way we look at things. Our physical eyes are limiting. We judge what we see based on social constructs. Clairvoyants are able to see beyond the surface of things to experience a deeper level of understanding. According to the Webster dictionary, clairvoyance represents the “ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.” In other words, it is our extrasensory abilities that perform the “seeing”.

Clairvoyance is trained with the help of visualization. There are countless exercises that you can try to develop your clairvoyant ability. Any activity that relies on visualization is good, not only for strengthening clear-seeing ability, but also for boosting creativity and imagination. Closing your physical eyes will allow you to open your mind’s eye and receive information from different planes. Furthermore, visualization will help you become more receptive to spiritual messages.

Clairvoyance channels grounding energy. All clairs require a certain level of discipline, but clairvoyance is by far the hardest gift to master. By training your clairvoyant gift you are also learning to ground your own energy. When we are stressed, upset, or nervous, our spirit becomes ungrounded. This means that the body is physically present, but its energies are all over the place. Grounding cords can help us strengthen our connection with spiritual planes. Clairvoyant people can actually use visualization and stones to strengthen their grounding cord.

Not sure if you are clairvoyant? Below are a few examples of visions that can hint clairvoyant gifts:

  • Strange visions foreshadowing events that are about to unfold. These visions may come to you while awake, or in the dream world.
  • Strong visual skills in your daily activities. For example, you may be very good at painting a picture using words or create vivid images based on written words.
  • Powerful dreams that you can easily recall upon awakening. Clairvoyants may also have recurring dreams that provide insights about the present and future.
  • The ability to see things with the corner of the eyes.
  • An inexplicable sense of awareness in the center of your intuition (the space between your eyebrows where the third eye takes spiritual form).

Some people have traumatic clairvoyant episodes that result in blockages. I believe that clairvoyance is a gift that should be embraced. If it is trained correctly it can completely change the way we experience and understand the world.

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Jessica Marble  is a Guest Writer for Shift Frequency

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Digital and Analog

So if you are ready for the next lesson, read on to experience how things match together on your 3D plane.

Technology placed around you is digital based and the resolution extends from 4 bit to 128 or 256 bit in high end to digitize the analog more precise. But as written the idea behind is to digitize and emulate the analog reality around you even finer. This is based on overall agenda to keep humanity within an artificial bubble, for control reasons. Such idea is much older and has come from the outside, but is maintained by your elitist ruling class. In ancient times humans got the digital intellect by DNA manipulation, as guide that bound their attention and can be influenced from the outside for programming reason. Limited means that it’s decisions most time are just 1 bit, black or white, peace or war. In these days with overall speeding up this limited structure is very often in deep struggle and most people intake additional mental drugs to dim it down to maintain sanity.

Such interpreter level, that try to experience the analog environment and limit it down to a speech level has a hard work and many people feel mentally exhausted in the evening. But for the rulers it’s pretty okay, because the maintained state accept outer influence for it’s decisions. Psychic books appear in wide range, where the decisions for a defined trigger are written down and used by rulers and commercials against the people.

So you got the idea, why there are so many technology gadgets running a limited digital emulation, to make your intellect machine feel well trough confirmation. To pull the people into the digital universe, flatbed copies of the analog reality around you, where colors of nature are not limited to bits on a graphic chip. On the other hand people who experience plain consciousness periods aka enlightenment are overwhelmed by the amount of colors and sounds without limits in the same environment like the other people looking through machine interpretation.

As result analog and digital is not the same, but to maintain a digital environment humans must be bound into an artificial paradigm to keep it compatible. Everything outside the paradigm is different, open and unexplained by science that only operate only within the bubble. But that’s known since eons and for example written down as Plato’s Cave Allegory.

If for example an outer happening disable the intellect machine, lot’s of people will go crazy because they experience reality instead of the digital interpretation. More input, being aware of own shadow creation is very unpleasant.

As conclusion the ball is yours now, people who ever have experienced the analog know that.

More Mandela

Only if you deny our multidimensional universe, you have a problem to understand the Mandela Effect with it’s various clips about. Mixing up societies from different timelines, the recall from the mass creates reality, but won’t change different recall from the minority.

Same belong to the planet-x within this clip, such object cannot be beamed into your backyard.

Q&A Session

Q: Welcome to another question and answer session, it’s the first in this year with intention to get some background. Seems it is time to have a session because of many rumors and happenings in our 3D world. So lets start with daily news, what happens in France these days?

M: Welcome readers, to understand France you need to view from an angle of opposing energy forms. Society in the west was lulled and dulled for eons and most of them stake in a thick gray energy, unable to carry out own ideas. Nearby people with a different type of energy was pulled in, but without integration, so both did not balance into a new energy. Now the spark of riot was ignited in areas with the more active energy form, here let me remind to various E.T. groups pulling the strings behind the curtain and politics executing their will.

Q: Okay so this may ramp up far wider, heard that also in Sweden and Italy tiny fires has started in some region. Another kind of news blast is the idea, that the archon leader yaldabaoth was defeated some days ago, what can you tell us about that?

M: It’s part of 3D thinking that a titan created by accident can be defeated in a war like situation. As being without body, plain energy with high influence on beings in wide range there is only one chance to get rid of it. Remember the Merlin series, what has shown the solution by the ending of Queen Mab. Yaldabaoth requires emotional energy as food and can only be weakened to a point, when it will leave earth for a better energy source. But for that humans must ascend into a higher state, where none of his food source where delivered. Now think about the riots coming up in the world, who will benefit from them most?

Q: An interesting type of agenda, manipulate the people to raise loosh for the demons plague us. I see that there is much more to do for humans as to celebrate false victory. Vampires follow the feeders, so we can recall the being back very easy. Just another question, there are rumors about the Event and changes of the sun, is there something to know?

M: I know many of you wait for this event for longer and there are pretty video footage about it. Such event is possible with an outer catalyst and yes that belongs to the sun. Changed energy transmit different EEG types that influence human body DNA for a silent mutation, that adapt to the new type of light quality. Optical you only experience a very white light frequency with intense warmth even around winter solstice. The Event needs a catalyst what is a huge sun eruption that may be triggered from a gamma rays burst. Sounds like spoilsport that humans know that there is no light without dark, such effect will cause damage and so the majority of your collective hold intent against that. So here is a show stopper that awaits a split of timelines, for the people dislike the Event to go into another reality than the ones who beg for an Event. Again, the choice is yours.

Q: At the end this is in our hands, yes that is the already known message. So let’s take a break here and go on in another blogpost with that.

M: You’re welcome, never forget that prime creators first directive prohibit direct interaction and we have chosen the light path.