A good reason


Programmed Solutions

People are seeking for easy solutions, to solve a problem they are confronted a quick way. So the solution to that problems here was, let’s go to another war. Enjoy the art of mind programming, to serve the masters.

To fight any change

Normally in society is overall fight against any kind of change. Not only in politics, where the people elect the epic fail political parties again and again. Same ways the people dont buy cars with alternative drives, like i have described for washers and mobile phones. Nikola Tesla invented a cordless electric car in early 1900 but his banker and the people stopped that. But let’s look at another popular piece of that.

The IPv6 protocol was invented in 1999 because the IPv4 range is exhausted and does not serve that much devices we have today. In 2015 overall IPv6 traffic in the internet was at 5% and you ask right, WTF? Simply the same effect took place, ridicule and fight against change at all. While ISP’s deny to offer real IPv6 connects, other companies offering online games have no interests to offer IPv6 online gaming products. Routers you can buy have rudimentary or none IPv6 support with lots of fails in it. While the end users sit between this organized madness, do have problems to locate descriptions to use IPv6. You will find more workarounds to trickle an IPv4 line to prevent IPv6.

What is the perfect circle to break evolution to the new protocol, all together fight change.

Panicked people around

These days are in great panic for the majority of people, they are in a rush, standing in the shops. Begging the salesclerks for help, block sales hotlines, you can see their fear in the eyes, smell their pain.

But what happens? What is threatening their life?

The DVB-T television system is going to shutdown at the end of march.

Is replaced by DVB-T2 where you have to pay further content salaray near GEZ and energy cost. You need a smartcard to decode the broadcasting stations and contracts to have enough stations.

This is society conform to elitist education, strong addicted to their telly. Fear of the ego, if the addiction is not served, you have to die. Your life is in danger without the telly and fake news stations you have to pay for their lies. Here is clear at sight, that the people are stepping the brakes against ascension, they want a daily dose of lies from the telly. In Brave New World the people got their daily Soma from the state and here the telly is the daily drug.

Rescue your telly or you have to die……