Operation Mockingbird

Just a term about a CIA program from the 70’s, it was and is around full control of mass media outlets. So the people in the US now suddenly are challenged with an alien and UFO roll-out to the public. Suddenly the wind changed, the banner turned 180° and the distracted society believing in tinfoil head spook people are confronted with a new reality. Now it is on the roll-out, the timeline of few people who were in the knowing crush into the timeline with ridiculous tinfoil heads. Same mass media and government officials who claim to be retired are on the go.

So let me remind, better think twice before stepping on a predefined path that was setup from agencies. The end of 2017 will go into history books, or maybe appear on pages about the mandela effect.


The professional liars tale

Mass media is an interesting idea and a weapon if consolidated by forces behind. These payed liars are responsible for death case and wars, smear concerted to the people since hundred of years. Today everybody can trace their work back, can see how they have manipulated society through fake news into a required position. There is no confidence in any mass media story, so there is no need to pay money to consume them.

Mass media today have the job to place a theater stage between you and the world and many people eat it.

The Mirror

Mankind in 3d mind need an outer mirror to reflect their doing, this is solved by your manipulated mass media. A placed bugged mirror that only shows what your elitist want you to create. They show you the polar counterparts to urge you to create a repair for them.This way mankind think that war result to peace and non healing of disease results to cure.

The day you can reflect your doing for yourself, what need a different level of consciousness, will result to a peaceful and not harsh polar reactive creation.

Remember running man?

In the 80’s there was a schwarzenegger movie called running man. There we got technical tricks in television shown for fraud. Most watchers disbelief these tricks until today and call it conspiracy theory. So take a look the the today tricks and deception for the mind, mostly used in mass media. Especially here i remember to the “Wag the Dog” movie.


Reality fights conscpiracy theories

As you can see now, only one year later another conspiracy theory comes true. The putsch was an organized job and all sanctions against russia are only a dirty game to push the us foreign policy agenda across the world. They are proud for their lies to billion of peoples and proof the working of mass media control for you.