Operation Mockingbird

Just a term about a CIA program from the 70’s, it was and is around full control of mass media outlets. So the people in the US now suddenly are challenged with an alien and UFO roll-out to the public. Suddenly the wind changed, the banner turned 180° and the distracted society believing in tinfoil head spook people are confronted with a new reality. Now it is on the roll-out, the timeline of few people who were in the knowing crush into the timeline with ridiculous tinfoil heads. Same mass media and government officials who claim to be retired are on the go.

So let me remind, better think twice before stepping on a predefined path that was setup from agencies. The end of 2017 will go into history books, or maybe appear on pages about the mandela effect.


More Mandela

Only if you deny our multidimensional universe, you have a problem to understand the Mandela Effect with it’s various clips about. Mixing up societies from different timelines, the recall from the mass creates reality, but won’t change different recall from the minority.

Same belong to the planet-x within this clip, such object cannot be beamed into your backyard.

Timeline Games (Mandela Effect)

Known as mandela effect many people experience changes in their past, this is ramping up. There you see timeline changes in effect, where different parallel timelines will melt, so as result people with different past live together. Within a molten timeline the collective consciousness define what will appear when looking into the past.

But physical witness does not change, if someone have an artifact from his timeline the others are able to see and touch it. Past insights that will be created at sight behave the known quantum physics effect, that the viewers or collective consciousness create it from known patterns.

Looking forward is easier to explain, here you see the possible timelines, new will appear and old will fade out if the collective have changed the path. It require strength to switch over to a path against the mass of people around you, so most time all will experience the same. Here is also the point, where your elites manipulate your consciousness to create their outcome.

Timeline Jumping

So here is some knowledge about time lines, many may not understood the basics behind.  Collective consciousness create time lines, if there is enough movement in a different direction. This is vastly used by your elites, when they place a new stage and let the media outlets blow to create their wanted result. But know that there is no denial in the process of creation and wishing, a denial will be deleted.

For example after 2001 the elites want two wars and placed a stage to want to have war, your collective consciousness created that very well. For the brexit and trump time line the mass media set a we ‘don’t’ want that stage. You setup the energy and the creation engine put the ‘don’t’ out of phase.

Time lines change if new ones are created in parallel and the majority decide to jump over, the past of these new time lines are imprecise, need to grow only of enough people take a look into it. This result to the known Mandela Effect, when past is changed after such time line jump over. Some call this glitches in the matrix and as past only exist as ghost in the mind or documented fragments, you experience these changes pretty well. Time is a helper to support 3D environments, the past is fluid by time line changes and future can be managed by creating new time lines. So many future predictions turns out wrong by these basics, people who experience time lines will see them in parallel and recognize the jump over, they also know that this change the past.

Creation process topples artificial time construct, so these effects are natural and known by higher consciousness.