December Interview

Hello again,

we are already in december so let’s have a new interview because of the crude situation. Maybe you also recognize the rift between people who awake and others who enter a much deeper sleep of ignorance.

R: Dear friend let me start this with a first question that appears from some material about these soulless beings around. Is there any idea how much of them are placed into out culture?

M: What you call society is a coloured mixture of beings from various levels. Some are original beings from earth, descended from the Anunnaki experiments witrh their footprint and in sleep state. An enormous amount today are hybrids, grown from material by several alien races and placed within your society to uplift everything in their image. And yes there are lot’s of bio shells, mean a soulless being that is only driven by the artificial ego intelligence. The largest groups are real earth people, a large percentage are bio shells and some millions of hybrids.

R: So what does that with the energy for beings and the chain of creation?

M: Real earth humans are mostly under the spell of the demiurge like you posted here before, so they act as battery in two directions. The bio shells suck their energy and support creation for demanded agendas. At least few hybrids try to create for their specimen and groups, these have the capability to influence the real earth humans but not the programmed bio shells. Below the line your course is in direction of the demiurge.

R: If for real the demiurge is the god of abrahamic religion, it’s the dark path of source?

M: Yes your planet is his domain and the people give him their power, so he controls and torture gaia sophia with the creation power of billions of sleeping people.

R: So this sounds as as master class of control and influence, a slave domain that serve the prison guards. Or the known stockholm syndrome, where the victim serve the oppressor and lie for him.

M: Here you experience the direct influence of the programmable mind, it’s domain is limited but filled with evil behaviour. You know that their agendas denial other state of consciousness and their foot soldiers have hidden all informations against that. What you know as psychology is the maintenance of a broken consciousness level that oppose nature.

R: Or anything different than stockholm syndrome to the masters, today better known as political correctness is branded as sickness.

M: Enjoy the divide, it’s a major alert for awakening to see this pressed into the culture, but know that many go with it and fight for it. Only few ways out are left, as for example a walk in solution to turn the tide.

R: Okay we will see how this runs on, looks like we have some new possible time lines with bad ending.

M: Yes this is true, especially the pressured elites seek for final war to preset their idea of reduced humanity to rule and guidance from their safe shelters.

R: We will see which path the society will use, thanks for these informations.