The Way Out Of The 3rd Dimensional Linear Self

Many deep knowledge articles are around, it’s just the game to found these. Here is one about self limitation and growing up, but as you see it’s your personal workout to evolve.



The Science Behind Why People Are So Easily Fooled

These times you can study business psychology, what is for crowd control, implanting ideas into the tiny mind. Make people to wilful follower, shopping stuff without reason and believe in artificial narratives. This is the story of relationship between crowd control and the tiny linear thinking mind, that has to be keep down to enable this trickery. Remind the quote from Descartes: I think; therefore i am ‘programmable’.

Today your environment topple the tiny mind boundaries, so most of information must be trashed so survive the day. Programmed patterns replace real evidence to save time for the tiny mind routine. The real bug within system is not to use the holistic graphical mind with it’s akash access. An ability to experience and see the outcome from many beings with the same question in one moment.

Limiting experience in an experience rich world is not the solution, awakening to the coherent holistic brain is it. That what cannot be measured by IQ, it’s quantum to allow humans to operate beneficial within his environment.




Occult Exorcism

Knowledge turned to the occult is visible, if two sides of the coin exist at same place and time. A pretty example is the ridicule for spirits and attachment from science, while the Vatican have a lot of exorcists in good payment. At the end of his life, the highest exorcist at Vatican demanded one exorcist for every congregation.  For a problem that officially does not exist and is ridiculed in public.

Humanity has become the jumping ball between different interests, the ruling cabal like to have a flyer attachment for every human for control reasons. While religion wants also control over humans, but can only reach their target if there is no flyer and none benevolent spirit attached to humans. Science like to ridicule that all, to sell colored pills that control the mood.

In a world of deception all groups like to color the world in their vision, to separate the victims into tribes that can be controlled easy. None of the groups like to have free mankind, contacted to benevolent spirits as helpers, thats why witch hunt and hunt for mystics took place for so many years, to hunt wisdom down. To burn the library of Alexandria and burn gnostics at the stake and harvest old knowledge into the secret library at the Vatican.

Exorcism is a relict from this old knowledge, they know about the competition with the spirit world and like to maintain their flock. Exorcism will be used even to disconnect Jesus from a human, because he and his teaching is a competition to 3D worshiping. Free humanity is the target, to maintain control over it through lack of knowledge and ridicule. At the end it depends on you, to take your overview in the occult to see the gateway out and why benevolent spirits wait for your contact to serve.

Dealing with Muggles

Famous books of Harry Potter did show the diversion between levels of consciousness a nice way. What was  a pretty reflection of these times. Like myself cannot give all informations to my channeler, because of the level below he cannot give his informations because there are far more levels below. Total closed deceived people, running enslaves in pre programmed world concepts are unable to handle the bigger picture. Harry Potters story used the term Muggles for that, but there are many levels like described in the consciousness pyramid from the old Maya culture, we had our hands in.

So the job is to figure out peoples level, you can infuse informations from one level above but take care for more than that. Handle with care and don’t judge them for their level, they require it to grow. At the end every being unable to have full Akasha access can be seen as Muggle, a temporary level to grow up.

Researched and Cleared

Your culture like books, so it’s no wonder that many information over ages was written down and duplicated in various manner. Many books was read but many parts are not recognized because of the interpretation layer in humans mind. So let’s look at some research information about telepathy and consciousness.

George LoBuono: Focused alien telepathy tends to arrive in imagery that is subtler and more complex, with softer, more airy outlines than the thought of a typical human.

That’s a nice one, yes information through telepathy use imagery that an unskilled beings will see as for example as mandala. Because the basis are included in every consciousness, everyone is able to learn the translation, without it this blog post would be impossible. The density of information is so high that several movie clips can be transferred in the same time through the galaxy.

David M. Jacobs: When abductees describe the communication process, they say they receive an impression in their minds that they automatically convert in their own words for comprehension.

Okay here is the translation process again, but it’s in your hand to get is as sentences or as graphical information. Guess what, your answers are send out with the same graphic patterns to eliminate the tower of babel problem. Various languages meet in one kind of pattern who includes fractals for the high density, this explains why secret services were unable since these days to break into the signal.

George LoBuono: Because aliens think in terms of a highly complex, if not multi-dimensional geometry. Mathematicians call such geometry “topology.” Topology is the geometry of elastic, flowing form (and extra-dimensional connectedness). Aliens model their thoughts to both mirror, and dimension through, the elastic, ever-flowing forms of the quantum continuum.

Here you have the other side of the coin, using a stripped down consciousness running in tiny parts of the mind have a problem with complexity. But if you awake your ‘alien mind’ that run in both hemispheres bridged your capacity reach the same level. Thinking will become holistic and run in spirals instead with spoken linear words. Such holistic level is best adapted to telepathy and can decode and encode a high bandwidth.

As you can see this is written down in books and well known, since your secret societies had experiments in the 50s and decided to keep this apart from society like the UFO.