Easter Tale

Knock knock

Who is it?

Hi there, i am your reality, your child

Why what?

Your reality, you created me within your unsconsious

But why i don’t remind that?

Well you had plugs with crappy sound in your ears and look into your smart phone windows while you did it

No no i never created such a mess i now see around me

Oh yes my friend, i am your creation, your personal mess that arose from your thinking

But your are ugly, there are wars and many people die for no reason

It’s the way you thought me into existence, because creation need energy from creator beings

I don’t wanna be a creator being if such mess is the result

Sorry, the gift of free will include creation from intent, so your 3D world is your creation

But i cannot control my thinking, so every mess talking in my head create mess in the outer?

Yes my friend, this makes me your child, including all the mess

Does that mean whoever control my thought, misuse me for creation?

That’s right, your thinking is controlled, as long your consciousness is addicted to the 3D plane

Is this our fate?

No my dear, it’s your choice by free will and that’s why prime creator want you to wake up now.