Enforced Narrative

Remind that?

Here we are today, mission completed.


Years of Informations

Mindbreaking happenings may appear for society if the elites try to do stupid things. But what break some peoples mind, awakes others with the big ringer. There were always such messages, not only 1977 in British TV from Vrillon, today with growing capabilities in channeling and telepathy they are normal like daily bread. Some are faked by secret societies, it belongs to you to decide that with your higher self.

Understand that there cannot be woodwork without splinters and dust. Some day the situation is right for a huge meet and greet, because we are a part of your future.

Heart Intelligence

Music is art and carry text that is sometimes written by heart intelligence and interpreted by heart intelligence, but denied by the mind from it’s limitation. If you hear it, you may get goosebumps and have no clue where it’s coming from. Your heart intelligence is the last firewall that may protect your survival on earth, while the mind sacrifice your life-space for money.

“Heaven On Earth (The Things We’ve Got To Do)”

You say that love’s the answer,
The greatest ruling force
That carries you forever beyond the farthest cause
Oh, will we ever learn the lessons of the world
Instead repeating history without
A care how much we hurt
Sometimes it seems
That we will never ever understand
The things we got to do

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt
The things we got to do
Sing like noone is listening
And live like it’s your last day on earth…

If nothing lasts forever that doesn’t mean it’s cheap
It’s only the beginning of something rather deep
We’re trying to survive,
We’re always on the run
The sky’s in ever blue
But the sun is long, long gone
A stranger at the corner pretending to be me
Could it really be, could it be me

Dance like no one is watching…

So why not have contact

It becomes common knowledge, learning contact to spiritual beings around and here are some informations about that. Again most beings offer free service, you only need to try them out for quality and your higher self help to do that. This is a pretty training that evolve your telepathy further and i have never seen a bill from Monijican for her informations.