A goal that’s worth it

Remind that every being on earth do have at least one guide, connected at soul level for help. Most people have someone from same soul family and remind that soul families are rather huge.

As guide it’s more difficult to direct your host in a passive way, because your methods are limited. That’s why we on our side are interested in active contact, we like to interact on eye sight, we are allowed to extend and develop our hosts to do a better job. So don’t be feared of you wake up with telepathic abilities one day, it was a requirement to give that to you. So we are not limited to your dreams for help, now you can get better fingertips and ask free whenever you like to. This is also part of the new consciousness, to experience that you are never alone because you are part of a soul family that is connected on higher levels, there is always a guide to talk with and be guaranteed that this is more interesting than listen to orders from a barking cultural programmed mind.

The one secret to reach is a state of silent mind and your magic expands.


Just logic…

The last invention of humanity, build robots with plain logic that they will use.

Quote: By my calculations, the easiest way to help a human is simply to destroy it. There’s no point in prolonging a laughably fragile life.

Quote: Assisting a human to the best of my abilities only affords a 25 percent survival rate. That means there’s a 75 percent chance that despite my efforts, the human I’m assisting will die from something beyond my control.  Therefore it’s better to hasten the human’s death and put them out of their likely chance of misery than to deplete my limited time.

Okay you may laugh, because that’s just a computer game….


To work with ED

leftside2ED were part of earth longer than societies, especially as this is not humans first round of grow. Earlier ones were smoked up by the humans  disguided by false gods, few did go down from cataclysm. Our part was always to wait until earths was ready for the next round, than to place environment and evolve the beings.

So your first question related to free will may be: Why don’t you stop cataclysm and destruction of whole rounds? We have to, because free will is the first commandment coming before love. We have to accept prime creators order for free choice on your planet. Our work runs since millions of years, with hope that people will evolve spiritually high enough to prevent their self destruction. So these times are not new, self declared rulers invite humans for their wars until the final one.

As we cannot land on the lawn to meet and greet, it’s required to search for the few on the path of evolution, that we may connect. We need an invitation, better said someone need to show interest to us. Than we can evolve these ones higher, teach them telepathy and usage in sleep time until they are ready for full contact. Here again we have to honor free will.

Now you have the reason, why we use so many drone ships in your atmosphere so people will see them and may to evolve from this first experience. Today you have also the CE5, so lot’s of groups ignite co-work in all members and guest who use this for a call in. You can see how effective that is, because of the mass of  ships and staff on and around your planet, but hidden through the veil. Evolution or awakening is also the ability to pierce through the veil for contact on a higher level. The active one when your have a connection to an ED to talk and maybe channeling it to support more people.

Hope you have seen, that it’s your part to make the first step for active contact. You are the disclosure, when working directly with us.

Permission required

Just did a round across the web and found this: https://2012portal.blogspot.de/2017/11/operation-perseus.html

To do this he need the permission of society, while in real he is ridiculed by the people, while the bandits ruling earth and spreading havoc are elected into power through stockholm syndrome. This is not about wishful thinking, it’s about universal law and permission.

What’s Up with Spirit Guides?

Hard job to choose, because there are so many spiritual guides for you available after you understand to handle telepathy. It’s enough to be telepathically open to get a contact that answer your questions. As proven it’s okay to look at pictures from someone you like to have contact to.




Are you familiar with your spirit guides?

Spiritual Guidance and Spirit Guides

Who do you turn to for spiritual guidance? When? Why?

One constant throughout human history is our need and desire for spiritual guidance. Yes, we often turn to fellow humans for that, from friends to counselors and spiritual advisors, but we also yearn for the presumed authority, skill, and 24/7 protection of ethereal or nonphysical advisors, from guardian angels to modern spirituality’s spiritual team, or spirit guides.

Since we’re asking these beings for help, it’s a good thing they’re real, then, isn’t it? The problem is, many people know very little about their spiritual team, or, as I’ll call them from this point, spirit guides, so we can’t work well with them and don’t benefit from their support as much as we could.

What’s the solution? Like most things in life, being proactive. Instead of sitting around and waiting for our spirit guides to pop in and explain the universe to us, we should invite them in to work with us and treat them as respectfully as we would treat any guest.

Intuition and Spirit Guides

We can start to connect with our spirit guides by first learning how our intuition works. While everyone is eventually a combination of the four main “clairs” (intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing), most of us have a dominant intuitive ability. Experimenting with our intuition and documenting our findings will help fine-tune it. Many people think intuition alone solves a problem, but in fact, it needs to be combined with what our belief, intellect, emotions, and experience tell us. That includes believing in our spirit guides, learning what is known about them, understanding our emotional response to them, and experimenting until (eureka!) we connect.

What Spirit Guides Do

Does everyone have a spirit guide? Yes, every single one of us has at least one spirit guide to be with us and support us in our personal lives as we grow our souls, which is why we take bodies in the first place. However, we also do many things throughout the day and our lifetime, and that determines how many guides we have and their jobs. For example, writers and other creatives have guides who are also called muses; so when people say their muse inspired them, that’s literally true. Other spirit guides support health, relationships, self-esteem, and motivation. While some of these issues might be the job of our main guide, sometimes people can have a guide for a particular issue or special life circumstance; for example, the death of a loved one can result in a guide showing up to simply hold us in our grief.


We can also have different spirit guides for different times in our lives. For example, spirit guides “train up” to different jobs, so children often have less experienced guides who are “learning the ropes,” so to speak, because children don’t usually face the variety of issues that adults do. When they do, they’ll often require more seasoned guides.

Here’s an example: I’ve seen children as young as seven and eight who are what I call “mediums by default,” children who are talking with or seeing dead people who come to them for help, not realizing (or caring) how young they are. The children and their parents are rightfully perplexed, even frightened. Because the children’s spirit guides are clearly not up to mediumship, I have replaced them with more experienced ones who can actively protect the children and more directly interact with them. But please note: “firing” or replacing a guide is a sensitive issue, one best handled by an experienced professional intuitive who is also a healer.

Adults may also need new guides when our lives or careers dramatically change. Guides usually sort themselves out with little input from us, which is generally a good thing, since we aren’t always as aware of what we need as we should or could be. A guide’s help can be simple daily things like an intuitive nudge to try something different to deep contemplation that can give insights on new directions for personal or professional growth.

Beyond our personal spirit guides, there are specialist guides. These include gardening guides and advanced medical guides who can advise on health care and even step into a direct role in surgeries.

Working with Spirit Guides

The key to working with spirit guides is to actively engage them. We have to ask for help, we can’t be passive observers in the spirit guide experience. We also need to monitor them to make sure they are on the ball and doing the job they committed to, which is supporting us. We must be aware of what they are doing, ask for help when we need it, and actively work to create a useful and inspiring partnership.

Just like us, spirit guides can and do make mistakes, so the best partnership is a give-and-take one that allows both sides to learn and grow together. As in real life, sometimes the partnership needs to end, and the best person to know that is you. Being respectful, curious, open, thoughtful, and precise about our needs allows us to help our guides help us. Which is why we have them in the first place.

My webinar “What’s Up with Spirit Guides?” covers how they work and how to create the best partnership with them, including what to do when things go wrong. Participants will join in a guided meditation to meet the spirit guide who assists in their daily life and will leave having established a solid working relationship with their guide.

by Robyn M Fritz

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA CHt is a tested and certified intuitive and spiritual consultant and past life regression specialist with an international practice based in Seattle, Washington. An OM Times Expert and award-winning author, teacher, and speaker, she hosts “The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World” each Monday at 2 pm PST/5 EST on OMTimes Radio. Connect with Robyn at www.robynfritz.com





Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.



How to tune in

It’s not new that you have so much helper beings around and they have a lot to tell. But to listen require some training and tuning into their frequency, or like this example here visit a channeler who bring them live on stage. But while listening to them, don’t forget to learn how to do it for yourself, because out goal is direct contact to help and support. First lesson, become quiet inside…..