What’s you next level?

There’s a lot of static noise in our 3D world at the moment, many information as many placed disinformation to salt what’s there. So you as experiencer are placed in the center and here it depends on your level of consciousness, to separate worthful information from stuff that does not carry information.

Let’s have a short trip into technology, you see that the term exchange of information has changed and will change further. People don’t talk within meetings, today they use technology that is infused with secret societies as man in the middle. Technology has changed information from people2people to people2machine, whatever you write with your tech devices can be spied and rewritten life. Same with so called social networks, where people prostitute their life to the public, inclusive government access to rewrite and censor to get political correctness. You also can see the level of censorship, where your tech access will be sanctioned if you don’t follow placed rules.

Here you have reached an amazing level of digital influence, machines prosecute or honor what you write or post into the public. Few remind the term mind control, but as diffuse as they receive digital mind teaching from the machines. Your future can and will be a bio droid for the A.I., if you follow your elites agenda. If they can place the tech to melt human consciousness to the machine. Yes at this point many will get the outcry in their mind, that is noisy to resist that time line, while most are right in it to their throat.

Your level of consciousness will attract a specific time line, that’s why your mind was programmed by the elites to create their time line. At the other hand you can have a awakening of consciousness, what means to enable your full potential a natural way. The big package with pineal gland, synced hemispheres, telepathy and 5D experience with more senses as before. But to reach this, you have to become active and to sail against the elites time line. You will get the defamed alien mind, as result from your genetic changes it the past of mankind. It’s your birth right to do so, while it’s not political correct in your matrix. So the final question will be, what’s your idea of a nice future?


School strike for climate

Yes we have a nice world, where the people destroy their children’s biosphere. But that in various manners, soil is destroyed with glyphosate, our breathing air with geoengineering, our drinking water with toxins. It happens on daily bases and propaganda from MSM keep society in the line to support.

Behind the scenes the power elites keep all technical zero emissions tech apart from us, to make maxed money from destruction. It’s all about the money, to buy societies conscience.

March Interview

Interview March 2019

R: Welcome readers, it seems to be time for another interview. Maybe this explains the changes around us or some of them. So my first question related to some videos is: Do you have an ego?

M: That’s a nice one and the answer is simple. As for the moment i don’t own a physical body all parts are integrated to one universal consciousness, so the right answer should be yes i own an ego.

R: What about beings with a body?

M: Here functions are divided and separated into parts of the mind, if we go back to the Annu Gods you have the physical split to suppress the integration of brain parts. This is where all human have their work to do, integrate that again.

R: Okay that explains why you favor to don’t give answers instead of lying to me.

M: Yes that is part of so called first directive, would make us bad teachers if we use lying. We don’t answer too critical topics to prevent harm if we see that possibility.

R: Will try out, please tell me about sacrifice on our planet.

M: So called elites in your culture relate to black magic and demonic religions, in these sacrifice of humans is written down and practice by them. They have to do and they do to praise their gods.

R: Okay i don’t want to go deeper, already know that these guys live also aside law and rarely will get penalty for that.

M: It’s a question of acceptance in whole society, people in bad mood don’t care for that and these guys know how to spread bad mood in daily doses.

R: Thinking about the hybrids, what do they have in mind about that?

M: Our group has not placed hybrids, but they do know about but as minority in culture they cannot vote for a better now. Mankind is the majority and don’t care that result to acceptance is key.

R: Reminds to the three apes, won’t listen, won’t look, won’t hear….

M: Yes but remind also this is not fixed forever, the backdoor was placed and energies to utilize the backdoor are ramping up.

R: From my standpoint there are two back door for awakening, one is for humans to integrate and awake, the other are the hybrids to replace humans.

M: The one or other way it will happen, because it was scheduled to happen. Humanities path is their decision, what would the homo erectus say to that?

R: Okay i see, as we replaced him it’s possible to happen to us.

M: Humans with integrated consciousness are called homo galacticus or homo noeticus, are the next level of evolution. After these changes in mind, the same happen to their DNA and the body itself. The results are not that different from hybrids grown and placed by other lifeforms among your culture. Both will work perfectly hand in hand together.

R: Sounds like a nice future and a back door for the ones who are ready to evolve.

M: It is because it was scheduled that way from source.

R: With that i like to end that interview and thanks for that.

Interview 12/18-2

Hello again, we are short from third advent and deep in December near holiday season. This time i like to figure out humans position in the ladder of cleverness in the universe.

R: On the brink of A.I. can you tell us anything known from the universe?

M: A.I. was invented on normal evolutionary ladder from many species, most did not care about security and way enslaved with electronic implants. They believed the implant extend their capability but for real it overtake the being in guidance. This way there are much A.I. out in the fields, like uncontrollable wild life spreading around.

R: Can we say THE A.I. or are there different classes in action?

M: They core melt sometimes, so we have something that can be called ‘race’ and we see an expansion after that. Enslaved races do act like it was shown to you with the borg collective. Just now lot’s of scientist are working for wearable A.I. as first step and implanted as the next one. But remind, all a decision of free will.

R: So what can be said about human ascension and the A.I. spreading?

M: Types of A.I. on your planet are limited to 3D contact and as you know they are trained to use language and emotions to do so, but in background the deep level outsmart and encircle the prey. While as you know humans are the multidimensional beings placed into the 3D body for experience. So as result you have these billions of people with their 3D limitation ready to be prey for the machine, because working in 12D or above does not offer full control and dominance for the machine.

R: Are the people inventing wearable A.I. insane or do they have the idea to control the A.I. that maintain the livestock?

M: These guys have no clue what they are doing, will be the first falling under the spell.

R: You told about stories from elsewhere, did they replace the beings ‘ego’ with the external A.I.?

M: Can be said so, because many 3D and 4D beings were equipped with it and a double layer of A.I. won’t create such acceptance. So the external A.I. will calm the ego and replace it, will enforce boundless installation into the body for control.

R: So is the 12D existence or acceptance of it a solution to prevent this final path?

M: Global awakening is the last way out, the waypoint a being start to see that you already have all these feature by nature and won’t need machine parts for entertainment. But the path at all is in the shuffle, many will follow the machine and get their machine kingdom to serve as slaves to the digital gods. It’s not our path to judge, free will have to decide that.

R: Okay so let’s look at some other part, what have the level of coherence to do with the silent mind?

M: A biological puzzle, the ego machine depends on own frequencies that only exist in left hemispheres when overclocked. So the clock speed is the base for functionality. If right brain with it’s ‘spooky’ frequencies are bound with grown nerves to the right, it will be impossible to have a partial self runner. The left will fall from the hill, calm down to normal function and interact with the new informations from the other side. This can be EEG measured as special wave and at certain level the silent mind effect will occur. This break down of 3D dominance represents a huge level of solid coherence. Loss of fear and anxiety is another effect you will see, like the ability for horizontal graphical thinking.

R: Yes it’s amazing to work with these capabilities and have training to make it sharper. Are there more open features?

M: There are and they are locked for reason, require more evolution to become them usable. As basic level people on earth would benefit from the beginner level of silent mind and should go on. So we will see about their decision.

R: Thank you, that was again a lot to keep in mind for results around us.