Leaving a Legacy of Destruction: Fracking Industry Threatens U.S. National Parks

Coming too Europe now, Merkel has ordered to build ports for gas tankers and the industry to use LNG. So they create the need, that will cause fracking in Europe to feed the need. How must people hate their children, if they destroy their soil and air to breathe?

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A Couple Of Weather Modification Corporations… And Implications

Here in Europe we have only 20 years of geoengineering, but the same weather chaos since march. While the aluminium tankers are up in the skies, putting their white lines out. We are on the brink of final destruction of natural weather and the people will have to pay the bills for the environmental mess.


A Couple Of Weather Modification Corporations… And Implications

weather modificationJoseph P Farrell – It’s raining again where I’m located, and I decided to move today’s original blog to the honorable mention category, and do another blog about weather modification, which has been much on my mind lately. And it’s not just because the weather has been so freakish.

On my trips outside, I’ve been watching watching cloud formations, and on clear days I have seen cirro-nimbus and cirrus clouds in rectilinear shapes, and on one occasion, they just stayed more or less stationary for several minutes. Today was another day of “weird” and in some cases “unnatural” looking clouds.

This is all qualitative and subjective evaluation, of course, but to a purpose: last week I interview in the members’ area of this website Elana Freeland, who wrote the book Under an Ionized Sky, which I regard as a kind of one-volume encyclopedia of weather modification technologies, their implications, and most importantly, their operational use for at least three decades. And, just for the record, I believe a case can be made for their operational use as early as the 1950s.

Either way, what that use means is that in effect there has been no completely “natural” weather for decades. Every system is either deliberately engineered and steered, or is blowback to some degree of such engineering, and hence even in that sense a product of it.

That is a very uncomfortable conclusion to come to, but it is nonetheless the implication of the development and use of such technologies. And, as I’ve noted in prior blogs about this subject, the technologies and their use throw the whole “climate change” narrative into a cocked hat, for if “climate change” is real and if it is man-made, then it is not John Q. Public on his farm, or in his car, or cooking on his barbie, that is producing it.

It is the responsibility and culpability of those with the technology, power, and money to do so. Mr. Globaloney comes to mind, for as I’ve also argued in previous blogs about this topic, the creation of weather-based financial instruments is a clue that Mr. Globaloney has found yet another way to turn a profit on people’s misery. It’s called “disaster capitalism” and I’ve written about that too (See https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/05/disaster-capitalism-detection-methodologies-american-farmland/  https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/05/disaster-capitalism-the-guardian-2017/ https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/05/patterns-of-disaster-capitalism-the-midwest-and-oroville-dam-part-two/ https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/05/patterns-of-disaster-capitalism-the-midwest-and-oroville-dam/).

In the process of those previous high octane speculations I’ve entertained the idea that weather modification could be carried out by state or non-state actors, and in that respect, R.B. sent along these two  links, which triggered today’s last minute “shuffle” of blogs and today’s high octane speculation. The links, as you will see, are to a couple of corporate weather modification sites, one in Australia, and one in North Dakota:



The Australian corporation, under its “services” tab, offers “rainfall enhancement”, as does the North Dakota corporation. Both confirm that the simplest weather modification technology, cloud seeding, which has been around for some time, not only exists, but can be hired.

And that brings me to today’s high octane speculation and implications. The weather modification technologies that have exercised the alternative research field for some time – ionospheric heaters such as Eiscat and Haarp, chemtrails, and so on – are much more sophisticated than standard cloud seeding, but there is nothing, so far as I know, that prohibits corporations from buying or developing and using their own versions of them. And if there are laws on the books in some countries that would prohibit them from doing so, such laws are probably not in existence everywhere, nor have corporations been terribly concerned lately to follow any laws.

It’s the law here that interests me, for what would a corporate “cloud seeding contract” look like? what waivers would it include for liabilities in case a seeding operation went horribly wrong? And by the same token, how much “under the table” fees would it cost to hire someone to flood a competitor? And if one suspected that one was the victim of a deliberate or even accidental weather “hit”, particularly from the more “exotic” technologies, how would one prove this in a court of law, and whom would one sue? How would the court, or a jury, assess liability?

That last question is an important one, for we now must deal with the possibility of unintended consequences from two levels or layers of weather modification activity:

(1) the “covert” one of the technocrats and their chemtrail and ionospheric heaters and other exotic toys, manipulating regional and planetary systems, and

(2) the “overt” one of corporations such as these, manipulating things on (presumably) a much smaller scale. Judging by the two links shared by R.B., these “small scale” corporate examples seem completely unaware of the existence of the first level with its exotic toys, and thus could commit to plans of action that could cause unforeseen blowback and consequences.

Similarly, at the larger level of number one, it too would seem to be proceeding in a vacuum, unaware of whatever local operations such corporations might be conducting. So imagine a scenario where damage is the result of such combined but unintended consequences. Would jurisprudence now define these as acts of God, or would it hear the case? If so, how would it assess the damage?

While such questions demonstrate that we’ve opened another jurisprudential “Pandora’s box” similar in nature to the problems of mind manipulation technologies and their implications for law, inevitably such cases will come before a court, somewhere. But lest you think all is gloom and doom, Mr. Globaloney has already tipped us off where to look for a crucial bit of evidence, a bit of evidence that will go a long way to determine liability and culpability: weather derivatives: in short, look for suspicious financial activity pre-dating, or even post-dating, unusually destructive weather.

Then… find a good attorney whose willing and able to “have some fun”…

See you on the flip side

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What’s you next level?

There’s a lot of static noise in our 3D world at the moment, many information as many placed disinformation to salt what’s there. So you as experiencer are placed in the center and here it depends on your level of consciousness, to separate worthful information from stuff that does not carry information.

Let’s have a short trip into technology, you see that the term exchange of information has changed and will change further. People don’t talk within meetings, today they use technology that is infused with secret societies as man in the middle. Technology has changed information from people2people to people2machine, whatever you write with your tech devices can be spied and rewritten life. Same with so called social networks, where people prostitute their life to the public, inclusive government access to rewrite and censor to get political correctness. You also can see the level of censorship, where your tech access will be sanctioned if you don’t follow placed rules.

Here you have reached an amazing level of digital influence, machines prosecute or honor what you write or post into the public. Few remind the term mind control, but as diffuse as they receive digital mind teaching from the machines. Your future can and will be a bio droid for the A.I., if you follow your elites agenda. If they can place the tech to melt human consciousness to the machine. Yes at this point many will get the outcry in their mind, that is noisy to resist that time line, while most are right in it to their throat.

Your level of consciousness will attract a specific time line, that’s why your mind was programmed by the elites to create their time line. At the other hand you can have a awakening of consciousness, what means to enable your full potential a natural way. The big package with pineal gland, synced hemispheres, telepathy and 5D experience with more senses as before. But to reach this, you have to become active and to sail against the elites time line. You will get the defamed alien mind, as result from your genetic changes it the past of mankind. It’s your birth right to do so, while it’s not political correct in your matrix. So the final question will be, what’s your idea of a nice future?


School strike for climate

Yes we have a nice world, where the people destroy their children’s biosphere. But that in various manners, soil is destroyed with glyphosate, our breathing air with geoengineering, our drinking water with toxins. It happens on daily bases and propaganda from MSM keep society in the line to support.

Behind the scenes the power elites keep all technical zero emissions tech apart from us, to make maxed money from destruction. It’s all about the money, to buy societies conscience.

March Interview

Interview March 2019

R: Welcome readers, it seems to be time for another interview. Maybe this explains the changes around us or some of them. So my first question related to some videos is: Do you have an ego?

M: That’s a nice one and the answer is simple. As for the moment i don’t own a physical body all parts are integrated to one universal consciousness, so the right answer should be yes i own an ego.

R: What about beings with a body?

M: Here functions are divided and separated into parts of the mind, if we go back to the Annu Gods you have the physical split to suppress the integration of brain parts. This is where all human have their work to do, integrate that again.

R: Okay that explains why you favor to don’t give answers instead of lying to me.

M: Yes that is part of so called first directive, would make us bad teachers if we use lying. We don’t answer too critical topics to prevent harm if we see that possibility.

R: Will try out, please tell me about sacrifice on our planet.

M: So called elites in your culture relate to black magic and demonic religions, in these sacrifice of humans is written down and practice by them. They have to do and they do to praise their gods.

R: Okay i don’t want to go deeper, already know that these guys live also aside law and rarely will get penalty for that.

M: It’s a question of acceptance in whole society, people in bad mood don’t care for that and these guys know how to spread bad mood in daily doses.

R: Thinking about the hybrids, what do they have in mind about that?

M: Our group has not placed hybrids, but they do know about but as minority in culture they cannot vote for a better now. Mankind is the majority and don’t care that result to acceptance is key.

R: Reminds to the three apes, won’t listen, won’t look, won’t hear….

M: Yes but remind also this is not fixed forever, the backdoor was placed and energies to utilize the backdoor are ramping up.

R: From my standpoint there are two back door for awakening, one is for humans to integrate and awake, the other are the hybrids to replace humans.

M: The one or other way it will happen, because it was scheduled to happen. Humanities path is their decision, what would the homo erectus say to that?

R: Okay i see, as we replaced him it’s possible to happen to us.

M: Humans with integrated consciousness are called homo galacticus or homo noeticus, are the next level of evolution. After these changes in mind, the same happen to their DNA and the body itself. The results are not that different from hybrids grown and placed by other lifeforms among your culture. Both will work perfectly hand in hand together.

R: Sounds like a nice future and a back door for the ones who are ready to evolve.

M: It is because it was scheduled that way from source.

R: With that i like to end that interview and thanks for that.