Wobbled predictions

Foreseeing or preview is an ability that gives you a live forecast for possible timeline. Because of the flow you see many timeline, some stable and other in wobble, some fade away and new appears. Not a good base to place hard predictions like Nostradamus did, the flow will change the outcome thy longer the prediction is away from the point of now.

Same you see at your weather forecast, all belongs together.

Better weather forecast from the weathermakers

A good idea, to move weather forecast to the companies running the global geoengineering computer systems. They know where to spray which material for the artificial weather situation. So they are the only ones that can predict the situation pretty well.

The weather owners can forecast their goals.


Inner wisdom does not always look cool

Something to tell for all seekers of inner wisdom, are some side effects. Your higher self was not indoctrinated to censor the perspective as your mind does, so the new view turns plain. You cannot take action without seeing the outcome, if higher self decided to show you wrong ideas. This is a great chance for humanity, to make thing better, to learn before things must be destroyed. You got the ability to forecast your actions back, yes long ago you had it but it was lost sometimes in our past lives.