How The Fear Of Saying Something Wrong Can Cause You To Say Everything Wrong

The mighty secrets about the machine that controls the people, the voice in the head causing so much havoc with its I’am you phrase.

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Fear. Everyone is talking about it and it is the one thing that everyone knows they need to overcome. Fear is a vicious cycle of repetition and in order to break the cycle, we need to understand how it works. Fear of speaking can cause severe communication issues in relationships with other humans, and seems to be coming to the surface to be recognized.

In particular, let’s look at an example of deep seated childhood programming of our parents telling us that we were always saying or doing something wrong. We heard “no” more than any other word as a child. It’s how parents keep their children safe or from hurting themselves. There really isn’t any way around our past upbringing.

Our parents had an obligation to tell us what not to do based on their life experience. They usually had a say in what classes we should take in school and tried to help us figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up. The problem is, if you are like me, they never would have realized that you would not have an ordinary life or job in the future.

Whether we realize it or not, never being able to say the right thing or do the right things as a child carries over into our self confidence as an adult. If there is one thing besides self love that sabotages us, it’s self confidence. We were also controlled and programmed in school and with our government telling us what to do and what not to do.

Having fear of not saying the right thing or of being accepted can have the effect of throwing a person into reverse ego. Through the law of attraction, not saying your truth is will attract exactly the opposite of what you want. You lose the ability to make decisions and therefore lose control of your life. When you lose control of your life, you become more controlling to try to make up for the out of control things that you end up suffering for.

On the other hand, we have to be careful that the ego doesn’t take control and make us seem like a narcissist. In other words, we do not want to sound like we know it all and are always right. We do not want to disregard other’s thoughts and opinions but want to be able to respectfully iterate how we see something or how we are feeling.

As we become more conscious of our behaviours, we can notice that there is a balance that keeps the negative ego and the reverse ego in check. As long as you stand in your truth but also respect other’s feelings and truths, then everyone could get along nicely. The problem is that one person’s truth of who they are and how they feel my be completely distorted because their beliefs were rooted in fear to begin with. While they would like to “be themselves”, who they have created from that origin of fear may not be in their highest and best interest. That’s when you really have to “know thyself” in order to be yourself.

This is where letting go of the fear of what people think and speaking from the heart in a respectful manner will change the energy of any conflict. You can never go wrong with this. Everyone on the planet sees and interprets what is happening differently. If everyone treated each other like they would want to be treated, then this conflict of words would no longer be an issue. People would be able to act and speak in a loving manner, never worrying about what other people think as well as never ignoring how another feels about what they have said. If everyone could see the thread that connects everyone, they would never be afraid of expressing themselves, and they would never do it in a way that would hurt another.

On the New Earth, the collective works with each other to create new ideas and ways of thinking and living. At first, we may use words to have meetings and we will need to be able to express ourselves and unify thoughts and ideas in order to manifest. Because we won’t be controlled and we will have been healed, it will be easy to work together in harmony and to see the power of what we can create when we come together.

If telepathy were to become in fashion on the New Earth, then there would be no misinterpretation of words. There would be no misunderstandings and no one would hold a fear of what they say being “wrong”. We may have a long way to go for this unless we learn how to time jump into the future. On the new Earth, there are no secrets. Your energy gives off your intentions and there are no hidden agendas. If you slip up and think something negative or harming, you can receive healing and counseling to find out what self sabotaging thought brought about the dis-harmony. The main recourse is that you would automatically feel it in yourself when you direct it toward someone else.

Being afraid of speaking our truth is one major issue that we are all seeing as we learn to live with each other differently. You could say now we are practicing for the New Earth. It is difficult to practice this when other people do not. This makes us want to only be with like minded people who are practicing the same thing even more.

This comes into play even more if we have a fear of public speaking. As we near more tangible evidence of a shift, we may be called upon to explain to others about what is happening. We may also be called upon in the future to share what it was like to go through the shift in energy while existing on planet Earth. You may think that you will not have a problem speaking once we are not in the energetic space we find ourselves in, and that may be true. However, you can think about the confidence you will have in the future and bring it to the present in order to help you speak with integrity now.

It is difficult to be willing to look at your own actions and behaviors to see if you are coming from a loving place or from fear. Looking at yourself through non judgment is a start. Observing how others react to what you say will be a gift. Are they reacting in defense or fear back to you, or are they open, loving, and caring? What you put out will come right back to you, especially now as we move closer to a new way of living. See everything as an opportunity to grow and change, and whatever you do, don’t sit back and wait for something or someone to do it for you.

Finally, do not overthink how you are acting or speaking. It does take practice but our relationships, families, and friends, provide a mirror for us to gauge how we are coming across with our energy through words. This does not mean that you will allow someone to talk over you or to disregard your own truth. As long as you are truly coming from your heart and being aware of how you are being received, you are doing the best you can in the reality we find ourselves in at the moment. If there are no hidden motives, (even subconscious behaviors), and as long as you are being respectful to another’s feelings, you should be able to get along just fine on the New Earth or any other planet!



The falsehoods have to fall

These are hard times, the ship is in heavy waters while the old orders keep to stay in order through mental programming of peoples mind. They place their agendas through media, government and religions to stay in power. Just because many do not even understand the concept to ridicule the old agenda to sneak in with a new one, what is called ‘driving a loop’ let’s have some examples for that.

For government in the United Stated where is the center of ridicule, mental guidance and suppression of invention and knowledge. They now try to blindfold the people with a little disclosure, to move the greater secrets deeper into the occult. All eyes at one direction a minority will tell what’s the truth and what’s not.

Religion partnership with the esoteric, here you can see the same game. Re invent yourself by occupation and rewrite of something new. Control mechanism always have used concept as a replace for truth and freedom. Peoples are pressed and bound into concepts, to inhale them and fight for them at next stage.

Let’s take a look at this love and light ideas, that are pressed as the new religion of the NWO these days. Using concepts that need to be played out for control. Pretty example is to love the EGO system that was placed into humans, because if you love it, it will go away they say. It should be known that energy go where attention flow, so loving the EGO will feed it to stay in power.

As written in the headline real change can only occur, if falsehoods will fall. The limited EGO that reduce mind operations to tiny parts of the brain have to be transformed and re educated as part of a coherent mind. This won’t happen by loving it, you have to swing yourself into coherence as much as often. The point where new frequencies in the EEG appear to setup the ancient mode of operation most beings in the universe run.

For society it’s required in these days to get an open eye for constructs and concepts that maintain the divide and conquer scheme. The left is not the new right and the right not the new left, because both represents parts of the whole. A limitation to divide people and let them fight against the other. Here again the coherent mind will experience the full scale, while the limited EGO delete one side to reduce it’s thinking about the term.


At the end it depends on transformation and not worshipping old concepts what keep them in place. Coherence is the ability to experience the spectrum while limitation give you few tones only. The falsehoods have to fall, to result to real awakening to see the passage to the future of planet earth.


False Light versus Self-Realisation

I guess you could say I’ve always been a seeker of truth. Never satisfied with the opinions of others, and unable to find any sense in man made religion, I began my inner spiritual healing journey during my mid twenties when I became physically ill with an auto-immune disorder. This illness forced me to purify my physical body, which in turn assisted me in purifying my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. In the beginning of my search I got a little lost in New Age false ‘love and light’ teachings that pulled me out of my body into premature ‘bliss’. I was only reaching for the highs, and avoided all negativity. I was pushing down all of my anger, my shame, rage, grief and guilt, and bypassing the truth of my inner pain and turmoil for so called ‘oneness’ or ‘love and light’. During this time I became quite heavily involved in a well-known healing modality where emotional release was often bypassed for ‘emotional downloads’. This modality, and modalities similar to it are in my opinion very dangerous, as we begin to open up our higher spiritual or chakra centers ignoring the most important chakra of them all, which is of course the base chakra. If our foundation is not solid and we’re not feeling safe, with strong faith and trust in our path, things can get really bumpy so to speak. These types of healing modalities are all about the healings and not so much about taking action or integration.


False light usually has a hierarchical system at its core, which in turns encourages human beings to worship or give away their power to a so-called ‘god’, ‘creator being’, guru, shaman or ‘beings of light.’ These beings are usually perceived to be outside of the self, separate and/or more advanced. False Light bypasses the necessary emotional release of rage, anger, fear, guilt, grief etc by shaming these feelings and judging them as bad or even dangerous. It is true that these darker emotions when suppressed can often erupt into violence, but only when suppressed and shamed. With the TRUE light of compassion and self-love and acceptance of ALL of our feelings we can begin to express and heal our past. Usually once we begin to undertake this journey we will need an experienced facilitator to hold a safe space for the release of these suppressed emotions.

There is a huge difference in wallowing in victim consciousness and being willing to feel the emotional distortion in order to let the emotion or original trauma go completely. When we commit to soul purification we begin to empty out the distortions by feeling them fully with love and compassion rather than wallowing in the pain and drama of the past, by staying stuck in shame, guilt or regret. It is therefore of utmost important to bring the balm of self-acceptance, love and forgiveness to these darker rejected emotional aspects of ourselves in order to authentically let them go.

Feeling our feelings is an ESSENTIAL part of soul purification, and cannot be bypassed without severe negative repercussions. I know, as this is exactly what happened to me when I experienced a destabilized kundalini awakening three and a half years ago. I was ripped open and hurtled into the mouth of inter-dimensional non-benevolent beings that did not have my best interests at heart. It has been quite a dramatic journey of putting back the pieced ever since, and I am determined to assist others by encouraging authentic, from the base chakra up, grounded, safe awakenings.

images-1Because of social conditioning and programming we hold an enormous amount of trapped emotions within our emotional body. This has a direct negative effect on our physical body! Trapped grief will affect lungs and heart, anger will affect the liver, fear the bladder and kidneys, and the list goes on. The physical body is actually an amazing barometer for the soul, and can show us exactly where our trapped emotions and limiting beliefs lie. Most of us were constantly told to be good, to smile, to be polite, and to shut down our truth to make everyone else feel comfortable. This has been incredibly damaging to our souls. We sold our boundaries for approval from others. We all seem to battle a major collective fear and belief, which is the fear of not being good enough, and the belief that we aren’t good enough. This disempowering belief sits at the core of human suffering. This lack of self-love, and the need to get it from outside us keeps us locked in victim consciousness. We give everyone else power over us by believing his or her judgments or their rejection of us. A massive inner conflict is created as we want to be authentic and truthful, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone else. We want love and adoration from others, but this is an inside job that only we can give to ourselves. This inner self-love is the ONLY love that can keep our cups full to the brim regardless of how others perceive us.

So what is the end goal? Surely we want to be free to shine who we are regardless of how others respond. We want to live in our authentic truth where it will be impossible for others to manipulate or control us. But to get to this level of freedom and sovereignty we need to do the groundwork. We need to FEEL and get totally NAKED with life.

When we live in fear of shining who we are, we hide, make ourselves invisible, and we never ever dare challenge ourselves. We stay stuck in our little worlds of TV dinners, addictions, distractions, or anything that will pull us away from ourselves. We have become slaves to our own fears, and believe you me when I say that this is a feast for some non-benevolent astral beings. Our fear becomes their food. We are not at the top of the food chain as you may think.images-2

So how do we learn what we need to learn in order to be free? It is in our relationships with each other where the true soul medicine is. We will attract relationships into our lives to learn our major soul lessons. For instance, if you have no boundaries, you’ll attract parasitic people into your life, until enough becomes enough and you learn to say no. Once your no gets really strong it will be impossible for parasitic people to parasite off you. You simply won’t attract these types of people into your life.

When you’re in your true light you will never give your power away, not to any shaman, or guru, ascended master or archangel. Sure, on our path to autonomy we will benefit from the teachings of others, but only listen to those teachers who point you inwards towards YOU. Don’t stay stuck in one belief system, healing modality, or teaching for too long. Shake things up, change, flow, and in this way you will begin to free yourself from the fears that bind you, and keeps you from shining YOU. The meditation cushion on its own is just not enough to clear out trapped stuck rage, grief, fear and trauma. Meditation is of course incredibly powerful as it clears out the mental body, but combine it with breath work for deeper emotional release. Commit to feeling your pain, and do it consciously with an experienced healer or space holder. Your relationships with others, your physical health, your creative expression, etc will show you exactly where you still need to work on yourself. Can you dare to be vulnerable, open and free?

Authentic Self-Realisation is not easy, and it will not take you to premature bliss, or any fake New Age love and light. It will drag you through the darkest of shadow wounding that needs to be healed for you to be authentically and truly free. It is the hardest work you’ll ever do, but the most rewarding too. What can be better than to master yourself in this lifetime? Everything else, including our professions are just mini exams compared to the joy of authentic inner freedom. Just imagine what it would feel like to be so free you can just flow in synchronicity, trusting yourself fully, trusting life, trusting all of it. But as they say, Rome was not built in a day. This work takes time and a lot of dedication, on top of a strong willingness to look at your own shadow, to own your stuff and to speak up. The moment you commit to doing this work from the base up, feeling your feelings, busting through your fears, and taking responsibility, bit by bit you will free yourself, until you become so strong that nothing can disempower you in any way. This is what I want for you, true authentic self-realisation and inner freedom.


Louisa Love offers skype and one-to-one kinesiology sessions where she draws on various different energy and healing techniques to help empower her clients to shine who they truly are. She also runs monthly full day workshops in Frome to assist within a group setting to release old trapped emotions and trauma. She is passionate about personal freedom and soul sovereignty for herself and all of humanity.

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Religion is the art of mind prison, to keep people imprisoned in mind structures, to keep them away from their inner world.