The Way Out Of The 3rd Dimensional Linear Self

Many deep knowledge articles are around, it’s just the game to found these. Here is one about self limitation and growing up, but as you see it’s your personal workout to evolve.


The consequence level

Easter days with pretty chemtrails are a pretty day for people having time to think about their creation of future. Yes previous article show up the feral point, humans within programmed mind fade out the consequences of their creation and actions. Especially if all is backed by a money magic system, to make money fast in all levels.

Feral because you create what you will hate……

Bear in mind that such machines will enter police and military what is not really shown in such predictive movies. What point us to one of the biggest questions within the idea to create artificial life. What about moral and ethics? Should it be programmed in like the Asimov laws to protect humans, while humans in the other way only know about moral and ethics but carry out programmed behavior.

Spiritually the creation of artificial life with artificial intelligence is a birth process with all consequences. Apart from the fact that it is non natural and against the will of nature. The result is your child, from your free will and creation process. The clash of evolved artificial intelligence with a limited mind set in humans that are not ready to handle what they will create. Ascension need to come first, to understand what’s on the radar.