A.I. side effects

Some have seen the Transcendence movie with Johnny Depp, most wont remember what happens there. But it has shown the way, that an unbound A.I. system will go very fast, to topple it’s creators. Thanks to Joseph for this article.



Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom, and government-privileged businessman Elon Musk, have both attained some notoriety for warning of the impending dangers of the development of artificial intelligence. In addition to these academic and corporate concerns, popular culture has warned of the dangers from time-to-time. Consider only “HAL” from Arthur C. Clarke’s 20o1 Space Odyssey, or “Vicki” from Isaac Asimov’s I Robot, or even “the Machine” and its counterpart, “Samaritan” from the popular CBS television series Person of Interest.

If one reduces all these warnings to the lowest common denominator, the warning is that an artificial intelligence will begin to code for itself, and quickly overtake its human administrators, making it impossible to “turn off.” As readers here are also aware, I’ve suspected for a while that we might be seeing hints of such activity with the various flash crashes that have occurred on various equities and commodities markets. Indeed, Person of Interest even did an episode fictionalizing this precise scenario.

Well, Mr. B.H. shared this article which suggests that perhaps these scenarios and concerns are not so far-fetched; if anything, the article carries the implications that these concerns are no longer hypothetical, but now a very real world happening:

Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

There’s something here that intrigued me, and I’ll fully grant that people familiar with information technologies can, and probably will, call me crazy. Well, both they and I can claim the academic and free speech right to be wrong. That said, one of my “pet peeves” is that real communication is breaking down as ipads and other texting devices take over; we now talk increasingly in a steady stream of abbreviations and anagrams, which, if one is not familiar with them, inhibit, rather than enhance, clear communication. Rather than spell out words, we now abbreviate them, often expecting others to g.w.w.m. (guess what we mean). “Lol” and “Rof” are now part of our vocabulary. But things have reached a pass that, in my email-sorting that I go through on a weekly basis to schedule these blogs, inevitably I will run across four or five emails full of abbreviations whose meanings are completely opaque to me. On occasion, I will write the sender (usually with some exasperation) asking what they mean. I am then usually informed that the abbreviations refer to some previous email – whose context and contents I don’t remember – and of course, once the context is recalled, the abbreviations sometimes begin to make sense.

It’s everywhere. Read an article on finances or economics, and one will encounter BIS, FRBNY, BOE, HSBC. Read a government budget and one will encounter GAAP, SEC, ESF, and so on. The abbreviation has come to be “technical” jargon that is a bewildering jumble of vowels and consonants that to the uniniated inhibit, rather than clarify, accurate communication. And the root of it is both “the need for speed” and just plain old laziness. BIS? Bank of International Settlements. FRBNY? Federal Reserve Bank of New York. BOE? Bank of England. GAAP? General Accepted Accounting Principles… and so on. Now, I can hardly claim perfection on this issue, since I’ve been guilty of abbreviation mania myself; but I have been making an effort of late to try to change this bad habit.


Well, with that in mind, contemplate the following paragraphs from the article:

An artificial intelligence system being developed at Facebook has created its own language. It developed a system of code words to make communication more efficient. Researchers shut the system down when they realized the AI was no longer using English.

As Fast Co. Design reports, Facebook’s researchers recently noticed its new AI had given up on English. The advanced system is capable of negotiating with other AI agents so it can come to conclusions on how to proceed. The agents began to communicate using phrases that seem unintelligible at first but actually represent the task at hand.

In one exchange illustrated by the company, the two negotiating bots, named Bob and Alice, used their own language to complete their exchange. Bob started by saying “I can i i everything else,” to which Alice responded “balls have zero to me to me to me…” The rest of the conversation was formed from variations of these sentences.

While it appears to be nonsense, the repetition of phrases like “i” and “to me” reflect how the AI operates. The researchers believe it shows the two bots working out how many of each item they should take. Bob’s later statements, such as “i i can i i i everything else,” indicate how it was using language to offer more items to Alice. When interpreted like this, the phrases appear more logical than comparable English phrases like “I’ll have three and you have everything else.”

English lacks a “reward”

The AI apparently realised that the rich expression of English phrases wasn’t required for the scenario. Modern AIs operate on a “reward” principle where they expect following a sudden course of action to give them a “benefit.” In this instance, there was no reward for continuing to use English, so they built a more efficient solution instead.

Note what has happened: the logic of the machine, the need for speed, eradicated the very humanly based expressions of a natural language, and started inventing its own. The result, at first, was apparent gibberish. The system was shut down.

But imagine what would have happened if it was not shut down. Eventually, the amount of machine-created expressions would have simply overwhelmed any human’s, or any team of humans’, ability to “decode” and “decrypt,” and that that point, the artificial intelligence would have been “up and running” on its own, independently.

This should give those who advocate the “integration of human brain and machine” pause (and, of course, it won’t), for the implication is that those humans will increasingly become more machine like in their “communications.” Facebook’s artificial intelligence, in other words, was “communicating” in the same machine like way in abbreviations, whose meaning is only implicit, rather than in clearly spelled out and explicitly formulated fashion.

This isn’t communication.

It’s Babel.

My challenge? Spell it out. Pull up the weeds of abbreviations. Use words.

See you on the flip side…



Soft Disclosure

While the majority waits for official government disclosure, all is running in the background. What does not mean all the videos from privateers in the clip portals, most people ridicule that because it’s not from ‘official’. But parallel big business create computer games and movies, that show suppressed technology and specially beings from other solar systems. These address younger generation, so they grow up in daily contact to alien beings, hybrids and far space travel.

In case of contact the better informed generation will not have problems to handle the truth. They won’t fear other beings like the society in 1938 from the radio broadcast. Time has changed, society is in change and now guess what’s behind that? It’s the alien influence in your world, the beings that are officially ridiculed and denied by your governments, while they beg for weaponry to push their war agendas.

Most alien groups do use planet earth for much more today, to grow and evolve hybrid beings and bring them forward. While original mankind is imprisoned in the elitist agenda that deny progression and evolution. The artificial limitation in consciousness and technology is a bare problem, to let the groups work together on eye height. It won’t become better, through the stupid behavior to keep mankind in this limitation at all.

This much enough reason, to crash disclosure into mankind’s reality and it will be backed by the amount of placed hybrids who help with soft disclosure.  What will end with exposure of your government liars, the more they lie, the deeper they fall into their own sinkhole.


Yes science starts to figure out our multidimensionality and how limitation to 3D works. This was ridiculed for eons, because it was and is in use against the people, thats why the cabal have six billion soldiers.


A couple of days ago I blogged about the discovery of “memory-wiping” enzymes and its implications for the topic of mind control. In that blog, I also made the connection between the mind and the universe, particularly the version of quantum theory called the “multiverse” hypothesis. I’ve long sensed that there is a connection between the mind and matter, and that this connection is not of the tidy Cartesian variety, where the one (take your choice) gives rise to the other. I suspect, and have suspected for some time, that the situation is rather than of a complex set of feedback loops between the two, and that in that situation, that complexity can only be described by something “not physical” in the ordinary, three dimensional sense of our everyday experience.

Thus, when Mr. M.H. shared this article this week, I took notice:

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

The following paragraphs leapt out at me:

Scientists studying the brain have discovered that the organ operates on up to 11 different dimensions, creating multiverse-like structures that are “a world we had never imagined.”

By using an advanced mathematical system, researchers were able to uncover architectural structures that appears when the brain has to process information, before they disintegrate into nothing.

In the latest study, researchers honed in on the neural network structures within the brain using algebraic topology—a system used to describe networks with constantly changing spaces and structures. This is the first time this branch of math has been applied to neuroscience.

“Algebraic topology is like a telescope and microscope at the same time. It can zoom into networks to find hidden structures—the trees in the forest—and see the empty spaces—the clearings—all at the same time,” study author Kathryn Hess said in a statement.

In the study, researchers carried out multiple tests on virtual brain tissue to find brain structures that would never appear just by chance.

“We found a world that we had never imagined. There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”

The findings indicate the brain processes stimuli by creating these complex cliques and cavities, so the next step will be to find out whether or not our ability to perform complicated tasks requires the creation of these multi-dimensional structures.

Hess says the findings suggest that when we examine brain activity with low-dimensional representations, we only get a shadow of the real activity taking place. This means we can see some information, but not the full picture. “So, in a sense our discoveries may explain why it has been so hard to understand the relation between brain structure and function,” she explains.

Talk about high octane! Let that sink in for a moment: at every moment you are thinking, multi-dimensional structures arise in your very three dimensional brain, and that’s a fancy way of saying your brain is not closed within or upon itself, but is rather an open system interacting with much higher dimensional realities that cannot be encompassed in the material 3-d world. And this is why, using a merely three-dimensional model, or, if I may be more blunt, a merely materialistic model of the mind-brain relationship, has failed to grasp the complexity, the hyper-dimensional complexity, of what is actually going on. Indeed, higher order topologies are necessary to describe thought at all: thought does not occur in the three dimensional material stuff of life solely or exclusively, but outside it, as something coupled with it. (Regular readers of my books will recognize this as what I’ve been calling the Topological Metaphor of the Medium, and its analogical basis.) For those who’ve read my books Secrets of the Unified Field or The Third Way, the name of Gabriel Kron should also spring to mind, with his theory that all electrical circuits, no matter how simple they are, are in effect hyper-dimensional machines, transducing something “down here” from “up there”.


What is interesting in this article is also the implication of the object or stimulus of brain activity: for consider what that object is, in physics terms. Even at the atomic or, better, sub-atomic quantum level, these “material” entities dissolve – if I may use that term – into packets of information modeled by multi-dimensional mathematical equations. In other words, multi-dimensionality is the bridge of perception because the multi-dimensionality is at the root of the objects themselves.

What’s coming down the pike? Well, I’ve speculated at length about this idea in our numerous members’ vidchats (along with some pretty stimulating speculations from members themselves): the next step is to find the exact nature and structure of those “feedback” loops between the “material” world and the “incorporeal” one: think “quantum neurology” and “neuro-cosmology” for a moment, and you get an intuitive approximation of how the old, tidy, Cartesian dualistic lines are breaking down. We are, I rather suspect, looking at something more akin to the old Neoplatonic spectrum of “fine gradations” from the immaterial world of forms to the increasingly “dense” world of matter.

Funny thing, too, to remember that Plato referred to all of this as “the mathematicals”. Funny thing, too, that in membrane theory, space-time is in 11 dimensions.

See you on the flip side…





Six billion soldiers

Personally i embrace and like such videos….

But as long the elites have more than 6 billion mind controlled soldiers, that create their required havoc with own energies, the same like 2012 will happen. Success comes from keeping so many people under the occult spell of the machine mind, that guide the beings with the claw on the throat. The creative power of six billion people is strong enough to suppress change, so ugly realities stay the same because they are fixated.

Same for the Georgia Guidestone carvings, reducing humanity to 500 millions will reduce their amount of soldiers and their creation power.

What is an Advanced Soul?

Short note, these effects will others reflect to you, because you evolve in silence and will not notice that. That’s why your path will kick old friends off to find new ones who like your new being. Ascension is a silent path that operate like a shadow in the background, change the dulled ones into an open minded person.


If You Have Any Of These 14 Traits You Are An Advanced Soul

The purpose of life is to evolve the soul!

What is an Advanced Soul?

Advanced souls are enlightened individuals who incarnate into this lifetime with a specific purpose and mission – to elevate their area or corner of the world into one of Light and Self-alignment to the Source.

Others prefer to call them Old souls since they have incarnated into this world multiple times compared with others. They are souls that have progressed to a more advanced state of spiritual knowledge, awareness, and balance.

How to spot an Advanced Soul?

Advanced souls possess characteristics that are far different from ordinary human beings. They manifest themselves beyond conventional wisdom.

Advanced Souls have these 14 traits:

1. They have a penetrating gaze.

When advanced souls gaze at you, you feel like they’re looking through your soul. Their gaze is so deep it penetrates deep down your core. Their eyes are steady and do not move much. They’re fully aware what’s inside and outside of you. Their eyes shine with the light of deep peace, compassion, and wisdom.

2. They have soft and comforting touch.

Their touch is very light on the skin and seems to bring healing to someone who is suffering from any issues in different aspects of life.

3. They have a gentle and soothing voice.

When they speak, they do it with depth and refinement in the voice. They’re not loud. They offer instructions that are wise and free of conflict, though, at times it contradicts with what you think is best for you. Yet, they know better where your life is heading. When asked, their answers bear a ring of truth and bring clarity that eliminates your confusions. Despite their gentle character, they’re also firm in their convictions and decisions.

4. Their aura is very deep and still.

They exude an air of tranquility. Their presence is very comforting and makes you feel at ease and relaxed. They are so tranquil you find yourself feeling so at peace with them as if nothing negative could drive away that peacefulness. Though they’re usually quiet, their presence speaks loudly.

5. They are sincere in all their interactions.

Because advanced souls are deeply conscious and aware beings, they act and speak with sincerity and reassurance. You couldn’t expect them to be untruthful, as their spirit is guided by wisdom and inner-knowing.

6. They will gladly show the way, yet never impose.

They show others the path to enlightenment in a way that is not imposing. They never impose on how right they were and how wrong others could be.

7. They believe in the Oneness and connectedness of all things.

For them, everything comes from only one Source and only one Spirit connects us all. Their perception of the world goes beyond frontiers, beyond skin colors, beyond borders. Their spirit is magnanimous that they feel connected even with the birds of the air and the fishes of the sea.

8. They are comfortable in their own skin.

Wherever you place an advanced soul, they tend to fit rightly with their environment. They never lose their identity no matter where you place them. They don’t feel a tinge of humiliation or idolatry.

9. They believe only in “what is”.

For them, there’s no positive or negative, only what is. They’re above the pull of opposites for they live in non-duality. They exist in both the All-ness and the Nothing-ness. Their life is a continuous journey in all realms or dimensions.

10. They are not materialistic.

Despite their physical needs, they don’t succumb to luxuries and extravagance. They only strive to live comfortably and simply while doing their business on Earth. They’re fully aware of their temporary physical existence, thus they thrive in an egoless world of their own. They know that ego is an illusion of a fake self, and because they don’t identify themselves with such ego, their life is not weighed down by it.

11. They look younger.

The vicissitudes of life don’t weigh them. Their body feels lighter, they have fewer wrinkles and clearer skins.

12. They honor “alone” time.

It’s an absolute in the lifestyle of an advanced soul to be able to rest, replenish, recharge, and connect with the Source. A quiet time with themselves keeps them spiritually strong and grounded.

13. They soak themselves in nature and connect with the animals.

Their most favorite retreat is spending time with nature. Nothing beats the freshness and tranquility that nature brings. They consider nature to have a spirit that responds deeply with their spirit. Animals respond to them eagerly, as if they understand every word an advanced soul says. Even the fiercest of animals seem to lay down its defenses in their presence.

14. Their love is their compass.

They don’t love because it’s the right thing. They love because that is what they are. Love is written in their genes. And this love is the main tool they use to lead others to the right path.

by Life Coach Code


Bound to woo hoo

You may call it hardcore but so many people around step into the esoteric trap, get lost in buying supportive stuff, spend their life and money at gurus. Or get lost to technology stuff, i wont be wondered if some company invent an A.I. guru you can buy for your home. So yes the time is right to explain what’s the difference to embodied spiritual life, what is an include and will shift you for real. People staring with wide open eyes at channeled informations have no clue that telepathy to do is is not only scientific proven, it is also our birth right to use it. Only the man behind the curtain do not want every people on the street to live spiritual.

So what is your choice?