What are INFJs?

In deeper understanding INFJ is a label for someone running a coherent mind with it’s features, maybe from it’s own or reworked from alien visitors. At all you can see how many are running around and it’s mapped for somewhat reason. The Alien Mind like George LoBuono wrote a book about, is already here on Earth.


The new Human

Known from many lecture Mary Rodwell wrote two books and new while the Academyforthestars has begun the alien rollout, her work got more attention. I suggest to listen to these interviews, it helps to understand even better what so many people achieve at daily bases.



Keep Moving

Life is motion, although people run a limited mind that is society pre-programmed to stagnancy!


Telepathic Abilities


Soft Disclosure

The awakened community on Earth waits for disclosure while the deep state have no interest to uncover the goods. So yes our sources told that the mockery has just begun, give tiny pieces for the barking dogs. Using rock stars is a well known method, same for your climate mockery or to plunder third world resources with permission of the masses.

Mouth fitting pieces, 70yo will arrive on the table, they wont put the pants down. Full disclosure is wishful thinking and won’t come from members of the deep state. Homeopathic dosage is their idea, give nothing with big smoke to keep the people calm. Technically Earth is much more evolved than the masses know, around 100 years of invention was kept away from the ordinary man.


Coherence is no conspiracy theorie

The elites in power like it to be, but knowledge about mind coherence is not a secret, nor a conspiracy. It is a different state of mind with some radical changes in your life. You only need to take it, pass through the hidden doors to achieve the change. Changes that you will become because of the coherence and that are unthinkable before.

It’s nothing that you can switch on and off later, it will rearrange biology and rewire you to coherence as default.

|youtube https://youtu.be/XkBAP5eAKFA%5D


Mastering the Matrix – The God Key

Most people spend 2 hours to look at horror movies or porn, why not to spend this time for learning about themselves? Here is a package of common knowledge, okay common knowledge for few people and that need to be changed.