Important Questions

R: World is in turmoil like ever before and we stand in front of two new wars, while the elites pull people with wars from their home lands to place them into regions they do not understand. Humans worship technology and praise moloch’s inventions, this looks like pure chaos for me. Why is that so ?

M: Only few recognize that as chaos, for the majority it is the pretty world they like to grow their children inside. The world is stuck in the darkest night before dawn and most people’s ego fight for it’s dominion to keep full control over their host. They will sleep on and require more brutal alarm clocks to recognize the situation.

R: So was Dec 2012 an epic fail and only a few people take the new tour?

M: Cannot be said so, the frequencies and energies were established and move upward since then. Many feel the effects of change in their body, the sun radiate new DNA codes for change to earth supporting that. What take the programmed ego under growing pressure to withstand it’s surrender. The elites support the ego system with their agendas and technology to prevent people from awakening. So there is a lot of pressure from both sides on human decision for his path.

R: You shown us the frequency chart for the chakras and heart is shown a bit above the alarming beta range. Please explain that a bit further to have clear insight.

M: The 3 chakra dominance ego consciousness runs a small band in the frequency range, as seen in the chart, heart chakra is encircled and so pushed down and sucked dry. Literally what is known as people who do not act from their heart and cannot live real love. Also reflected as so many heart disease from disturbed chakra to the organ beneath. With a balanced octave in chakras and EEG the result at all looks and feel more pleasant.

R: But to achieve that the people need to awaken first?

M: Yes the energies are here and ready to give people previews what’s available and option to setup what’s normal for evolved beings in whole universe. What was also the disclosed is the alien mind in full power, the Annunaki did evolve and disable the alien mind within humans to keep control. Curtain down, for the ego consciousness the Annunaki mind is the alien mind by it’s difference. While it is the base for unity consciousness, the foundation for the new knocking at the door. Humans have more chakras and brain parts as enabled at the moment at this must be combined to co-work for good results.

R: That seems to explain, why souls to incarnate on earth have to be erased to fit the limited brain structure.

M: Because the informations from the soul and akasha are so huge that only a fractal graphical mind structure can handle it. Explains also, why the majority cannot deal with the informations here and transmitted by divine masters. It’s behind horizon until the being decide to evolve to the experiencer behind the horizon. It’s earth life duty to solve that.

R: Hope more people try that out, thanks for the interview.


3D Relationships

R: External circumstances point to a kind of problem in human societies that must have another solution, if looked from the multidimensional realm. Especially on earth people choose to be a couple and make a contract with church and government to live under rules, that are outdated and crush the relationship very fast after that. Looks for me like a new kind of liar recycling relationship club, something that’s loose it’s worth for the people but to be political correct the people keep it running. What is the problem here?

M: You mentioned the political correctness that is programmed into the minds, so when the bush fire of ego love collapses only the big lie within the contracts and expensive marriage keeps left. On your planet humans operate on various frequency levels, have to solve many hours in external clocked jobs that most dislike. Have to solve problematic children that has become problematic because lack of attention from their parent. Many have children because of political correctness, while in their inner feelings they were not ready for that. So life turns into a fight against life what will result in massive struggle.

R: With political correctness we turned into the artificial society, where every step is directed from the role book. This sounds like relationships are the same way directed and pushed into external forms to match a collective statement?

M: That’s the way it is and was formed through religion and government and these days the role book is printed into colored magazines and books, how to handle your relationship at all. You can also see it as sports, when neighbors have a fence talk about their relationship and everybody want to be the best. You see again that the motivator behind is the same who destroy a relationship that should be based on integration and move into pushing. Few got so much struggle that the relationship ends with brutal force and death, if the difference between the preset and reality become a huge problem. Below the line it’s artificial like so many things in your society.

R: This points me to the mask people wear in daily life to match political correctness.

M: The mask is used to found most relationships, when both sides of a couple try to figure out the others need to play exactly that to get the desired result. But you know the stories and can read about in the magazines, to get the woman into the bed, the man who like heavy metal start listening to classic music as long the internal barrier went broken.  And don’t forget the many consultants and therapists, who help against money to fix a bugged relationship for longer contract life time.

R: Okay that has shown man problems in today societies, so what is the solution running in other societies in the universe to solve that?

M: The solution is as simple as to accept the new state of being what is multidimensional. If multidimensionality is integrated for real, you handle various relationships into different levels. Like you bridge to me for this conversation as you can bridge to higher self, without one of us feel jealous for that. Evolved beings have an open society, you choose a partner that match your special interest and grow a new relationship for that type of frequency. As for above example you look for a woman who like heavy metal to have shared experience and a woman who like sports in the bed. Someone else for shopping, for talking and have blockbusters in the movie theater. But remind this cannot work with fixed social contracts and rules that all need to be done with one partner. This will be a hard pill for humans, although they buy their car at the car dealer and not at the butcher. It’s a problem of the programmed mind, to let go old methods that won’t serve in a new future.

R: Yes i see the problems behind and much work is required to clean the old patterns out. This would take many time, because the people do awake so slow these times and try to keep the old pattern alive. Hope this will be solved from inner conviction.

Thank you for this interesting insights.



The 8 Stages Of Conscious Evolution

Compare what was said about the lower chakras with this, the explained limitation cause this stage model.


Have you ever wondered… what level of consciousness you’re truly at?

Not in terms of it being a contest, or to say you’re better/worse than other people, but as a kind of inner GPS that simply tells you where you are.

As humans, we tend to have very distorted and biased perspectives, especially when it comes to ourselves.

It’s really easy to go on a yoga retreat and think you’ve transcended stress forever, or think you’re enlightened after reading a few spiritual books.

This is why it’s crucial to have references that “tell it like it is” and objectively reflect where you’re at.

The 8 Stages of Conscious Evolution

Note: The first 2 stages are considered lower consciousness, while stages 3-8 are considered higher consciousness. This is not a judgment of being better or worse, but simply a means of classification.

Stage 1: Life Happens to Me (Externalization)

Stage 1 is categorized by patterns of externalization and an overall victim mentality. The dominant emotions are fear, disdain and hopelessness. There is also a belief that life cannot be trusted.


In this stage, blame is placed on other individuals, society, government, nature, disease, etc. and other elements believed to be outside of one’s conscious control and influence.

The motivating forces of stage 1 are safety and security.

Stage 2: Life Happens by Me (Control)

In this second stage, individuals realize that they have some degree of control. Yet this control is often motivated by fear and survival.

For example, war is an extension of this stage of consciousness. The enemy is perceived as a threat, and because of this, people believe they are morally justified to kill, eliminate or repress that enemy.

This level of awareness is cut off from the following deeper understanding: Life is not a random series of events over which control must be exerted, but a deeper reflection of the internal psychodynamics of a person’s own mind and consciousness.

Stage 3 : Life Happens in Me (Creator)

In this stage, the individual begins to understand the direct connection between their own perceptions, beliefs and emotional state and the conditions of their life, relationships, experiences and reality as a whole.

This level of consciousness is represented by a fundamental shift, from disempowerment to empowerment.

In order to fully complete this stage, an individual must undergo a deep transformational process that includes the purging of all perceptual distortions (limiting beliefs) and the healing/release of all emotional wounds and traumas.

Stage 4: Life Happens For Me (Receiver)

In this stage, we see the evolution of the self into the beginnings of deep joy and peace.

As the resistance to perceived undesirable circumstances in life falls away and one begins to understand that there is an intelligent ‘flow’ operating in every moment guiding the evolution of consciousness on both an individual and collective level through what could be dualistically termed positive and negative experiences.

The individual realizes here that even in great suffering, there is great wisdom and potential for expansion and evolution and that nothing is out of place, ever has been or ever will be.

Stage 5: Life Happens Through Me (Philosopher)

At this stage of consciousness, the individual begins to understand and observe that the Universe is evolving itself through them.

The individual begins to realize that all perceived suffering or negative events are either:
a) Created or called into their reality by aspects of their own consciousness in an effort to be resolved and transcended as part of their individual evolution and as part of the larger collective evolution or…
b) Exist due to their conscious or unconscious resistance to what is unfolding, which is essentially a resistance of oneself.

Individuals in stage 5 live more through their intuition, as intuition becomes clearer and clearer as one moves up the stages.

Stage 6: Life is Me (Sage)

At this stage of awareness, the individual begins to understand that reality does not exist independent of consciousness, and therefore consciousness, or awareness if you prefer, is the causative factor of the universe and all that exists—that consciousness is creating all reality.

Individuals in this stage experience a profound sense of unity and oneness with everything.

When an individual fully enters and embodies this stage of awareness, their simple presence itself becomes a transformative experience for others. Individuals in this stage often become teachers or leaders, dedicate their lives to service of others or seek solitude to spend time in introspection, although they may also choose to live very normal and inconspicuous lives.

Stage 7: I Am Infinite (Avatar)

Individuals at this stage of growth begin to transcend the physicality within which we are proverbially ‘trapped’ until we reach this point.

Here individuals begin to harness conscious control over this process by directing their awareness in such a way (through belief, emotion, thought, visualization, the manipulation of energy, intent, accessing transpersonal aspects of the self and likely other mechanisms not yet discovered) as to be able to make use of these ‘higher order’ quantum-transpersonal abilities of the self.

Stage 8: I Am Energy (Mystic-Shamanic)

Individuals at this stage tap into phenomena like:

  • The ability to project consciousness across space and time, which encompasses the ability to see, experience and remember aspects of the self existing in other dimensions of time (past, present and future).
  • The ability to interact with and communicate with other forms of consciousness such as
  • plants, animals, objects and consciousnesses not currently existing in physical form.
  • The ability to intuitively pick up sensory data beyond the limits of the physical senses.

As an individual becomes more grounded in the later phases of stage eight—which encompass this dimensional awareness—and simultaneously completes their evolution through lower stages, one would theoretically achieve complete enlightenment or non-dual self-realization.

This framework is beautiful because it allows you to effectively calibrate where you are. It naturally creates self-awareness. Awareness is the first step toward any change, and transformative in and of itself.

by Awakened Vibrations


Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.