A guide to guide you?

Some spirit guides are always on your side, some are directed at birth. Special trainers appear to help through special times in your life, they all are invisible for the five sense universe. Some like higher self have deep connections and try soft influence if the ego is less vigilant some times. Some like to meet you in your dreams, appear as beings who talk with you. So all beings incarnated on planets are most time under some kind of surveillance, most time one way by lack of ways to talk directly. Special trainer like to have special contracts to help better by offering direct full contact, if such ways were proven before. Here again no one will have such connection as long the ego is in primary power position and fight anything else. So the blank slate is a necessity for a deep contact with direct telepathy. As long you did not solve your homework while ageing, you won’t have the chance for deep contact and that’s why the majority won’t reach that point. The ego stay as dominator and abuser of consciousness until end of life, so the class need to be repeated again and again like a curse. Time for better choice?

Here is some information in a nice video from Ralph Smart.