10 Signs Your Ego is in Control

Awareness is key, so you can become aware for outer influence and yes the so called ego is such thing. Here you can read about methods to trap ego control in every day situation. Say thanks to Zoé for that, it’s very useful. The next step in your masterclass is to become the silent mind, so influence through the talking ego is shutdown near 0.


10 Signs Your Ego is in Control


If you have ever caught yourself behaving in a way that makes you cringe then it’s likely your ego is to blame.

The ego can be tricky to manage – if we’re not careful it will sneak right up behind us when we least expect it, and before we know it we’re acting in ways that we know deep down are not for our best benefit.

What is the ego?

There are many different definitions of the ego, all of which can get quite complex. My personal take on the ego is that it’s the part of us that feels the need to be special. It’s that part of us that seeks approval – and by very definition it is a part of us that feels lacking in some way. This is why I know that the ego is not my friend.

The easiest way to determine if your ego is at play is to ask one of these two questions:

* Do I feel superior to others?
* Do I feel inferior to others?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then it’s likely your ego is in the driving seat. This is because the ego is somewhat of a contradiction.

The ego is not just about arrogance

Many people hold a belief that if you have a big ego then this means you are arrogant and over-confident. There is this idea that your level of ego is relative to how much you love yourself. While this can often be the case – as I mentioned earlier if you are feeling superior to others then this is definitely your ego at play, but the ego also makes us feel inferior at times.

The ego and inferiority

Have you ever felt like you’re just not good enough? Have you ever looked at someone else and thought – I wish I was as good as they are? If you have (and let’s face it most people have done this) then this is also an example of being caught in the clutches of your ego.

Being right and the ego

Another sure fire way to tell if you’re being led by your ego is to notice if you’re desperate to be right. When you’re caught in an argument what are you fighting for? Are you genuinely making a point or are you arguing to prove that you’re right? Someone very wise once said to me:

“You can be happy…..or you can be right.”

This is a great question to ask yourself next time you’re caught in the throws of an argument. Or are you willing to sacrifice your own personal happiness just so that you can make your ego happy by being right?

Simple Life Strategy: 10 Signs Your Ego is in Control

So what can you do to combat your ego? The first step is awareness – you need to start to become aware of when you’re ego is playing up so you can stop it before it’s too late!

Here are 10 sure fire signs that your ego is in control:

1. You feel elevated from gossiping about other people’s flaws

2. You find yourself in a feisty discussion and you just can’t back down until you have ‘won’ the argument

3. You constantly compare yourself to other people who you feel are better than you (better looking, more intelligent, happier, more wealthy)

4. You constantly compare yourself to people who you feel are not as good as you (less intelligent, lower status)

5. You feel jealous when other people do well

6. You talk about yourself for 10 minutes before asking another how they are

7. You’d rather win than do your best

8. You often sulk when you don’t win that sports game or work challenge (instead of being proud of your attempt to do your best)

9. You set yourself impossible goals and then beat yourself up when you don’t reach them

10. You blame others when things don’t go your way

When do you notice your ego getting out of control? Share your story by leaving a reply at the bottom of this post.

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Language and Enlightenment

As 3D invention the ego can only use spoken words and create emotions this way, to influence your behaviour. It is an placed overlay to rule if it got enough attention and energy to put it’s host under the spell.

Silence is key, people under the spell achieve ten thousands of commands from their ego, while they are disconnected from higher functions. If you operate a higher level of consciousness, you have telepathy, clairvoyance and silence of the mind. The choice is yours.

via Language and Enlightenment

7 Ways to Combat Your Own Cognitive Dissonance

The A.I. structure called EGO depends on core beliefs, to deal with situations greater than it’s horizon. They are a requirement to get results in certain time with linear thinking, so it use and defend pre programmed informations as replace.

So the solution is? Don’t let this structure guide your life.





Relationships, a problem on this world?


R: As it seems to be normal that relationships ends faster and faster, children grow up as child of divorce and lawyers make big money with divorce, it’s time to ask for the problem behind.

M: Thanks for that introduction, you know that most alien lifeforms around your planet do research on this abnormal behaviour. Because it’s not known in this extreme ways it’s found on your planet.

R: In marriages people speak about the heavy seventh years but today most people won’t even reach that and shatter all up before.

M: There are several factors we have to study to understand this phenomena. At first remind that the majority of men are in deep sleep and driven by the EGO structure, to this will pick a partner based on it’s limited horizon. Most cases body markers are key, big boobs, good looking even if shopped with plastic surgery or expensive cosmetics. Vice versa EGO in woman seek for big boys, muscles, good protector, wide shoulders. What does not stop to pick a violent guy and endure physical pain from brutality. The EGO structure choose the partner, well placed rites in society support that.

R: So as in the animal kingdom the EGO is programmed to locate someone for procreation?

M: May sound harsh but it was programmed that way, so both sides have the longing to place children. Because the Annunaki needed more workers in the mines, so the old program runs until awakening.

R: Up to now i did not get the term Love from you, but people always talk about that in the beginning of their relationships?

M: Yes they do, the structure can have ‘love on first sight’, create the matching emotion for the straw fire. It picks alone on outer markers and may enforce the relationship for some years. Or what about rich people in the US, where after marriage the spouse is sent to expensive plastic surgery. This serves industrial and economy growth but has nothing to do with love. Relationships based on that have a short count.

R: So when can we talk and use the term ‘Love’ in relationships?

M: Men use the term even for the sexual act, but no it’s for a different case. It means fully ‘unconditional love’ what require a new open mind like above the 3D structure. An environment where a being feel the love to others through the etheric bonds. Where it’s possible to spent hundred of years to experience the partner while staying in the unconditional love. No need for contracts with government and religion that only serve the 3D plane.

R: You pointed to the experience, so these will end too i would assume?

M: It’s all about experience, that’s why we are here. Within such multidimensional experience you may have children and they will be integrated part of unconditional love. But some time, these may end in peace like the nice summer holiday. Everything loops in circles to experience as much we can.

R: Seems that all is related some way with the final awakening what change it all. These times we have a sleeping majority playing the pre programmed games for bad experience and some awakened ones recognizing that something is bugged in society. Above i used a screenshot from the ‘Rose War’ movie, where for divorce both partners fight a heavy war, to collect that as experience?

M: Yes they came here to collect such bad experiences, for many it’s the alarm bell to wake up from that nightmare. But the spell on men on your planet is uphold by elites in the know, to support the EGO and ridicule awakening. Love is hidden under a parody of what’s behind for real, this is a hard phase of transition and many will fail.

R: Put in a short term, the problems seen here are related to the 3D model and will vanish if we accept and tune into our multidimensionality?

M: Yes that’s it, playing dark in the field of light is a factor the individual can end to step further. That’s why it’s worth to talk and write about, to shatter the placed normal for clear sight to the may be.

R: Like to say thank you for this interview.

M: Your welcome