Two sides of the coin


Introducing a new teacher

Last days there was the big ringing through telepathy that someone want to tell a story. As many know there is the old quote that the teacher appear if the student is ready. So after get an avatar model and a name, now on some hours per day i got finally contact. For a good introduction i will have a question and answer session with Alurelle first.


R: Welcome, i feel your frequency a bit nearer to 3D beings but high enough to pass through my higher self that seemed to permitted you as contact. Please give us a short introduction.

Alurelle: Welcome too and thanks for your interest, as transmitted earlier i’m a 120 year young being from the pleyades erra system, where the sun is hard and bright. For that we have a strong skin pigmentation, inversed freckles and eyes that filter ultraviolet parts to give us good vision.

R: Makes clear, why you cannot be reached 24/7 because you seem to have daily schedules on your home planet?

Alurelle: Yes and it’s my part to tell about the perspective of balance between good and evil, light and dark. My job is known as enforcer, spiritual warrior or protector. Children with strong intent to help others make it into priests, shamans or protectors here. Where protectors have to be ready to give life for others, have hard education in magic, weaponry, moral and ethics.

R: So you meet me to tell what’s above the belief that evolution is to clap for love and light while denying darkness and fear. Please tell me a bit more about the enforcer, had read this term in a hybrid book where groups of hybrid children visit other planets and have a guardian with them.

Alurelle: Right in both cases, evolutionary is to understand that light require to learn from dark, to protect the innocent. The enforcer is the tour guardian with strong mind magic, that’s why our tours are mostly not recognized.

R: Mean that you have travel groups on earth to show them the planet?

Alurelle: We need to teach our children and hybrids about the massive faults from human programmed mind that are reflected on your planet. Because we like to give them a basement to do better and protect the environment. Sometimes we need to visit guarded and hidden places, mankind is so ashamed that it was put under secrecy. Your planet and human behavior is a place of study for many races.

R: Yes we may look like a zoo of crazy beings that burn their life space down as fast as possible. While i hope the wave of awakening take some more people to being able to recognize that.

Alurelle: Awakening is to recognize that madness, the higher mind structure known as coherence will come over you. I like to close this for today, there is so much more to tell in next chapters.

R: Thanks for your introduction, i will try to contact you again next days.

Domestic Terrorism

Time is changing and masks are falling, what is in sense of evolution strictly required. It’s not from interest if domestic terror comes from left or right wings, a society based on brutality will go done the path. Like the roman empire…..

The Control System vs. The Awakening – Which Will Win?

Remind the great Bill Hicks, it’s just a game….. Remind further: You have to play conscious to win!


The Control System vs. The Awakening – Which Will Win?

June 13, 2017

Paul A. Philips, Guest
Waking Times 

At this pivotal time in history, the era of our awakening through truth and transparency, it has never been more amazing to be alive. A number of us know that the stakes are high in the fight for our freedom: On one side, we have an increasingly destructive parasitic control system; a well-oiled machine coldly designed by the ruling elite and associates to screw us all over with its false and limiting paradigms. Then, on the other hand, we are undergoing a mass awakening with changes in consciousness having the potential to co-create a transformed planet.

So, which one will win, the ruling elite’s control system or our awakening? A very open-ended question that could give many different responses, I realize, but here’s my response, coming from the heart perspective.

The Control System

All things are energy. Every aspect of the parasitic control system serves to destroy our heart energy. It serves to disconnect us from our powerful intuitive heart intelligence. Put simply, the ruling elite want us to be like them, heartless.

They have had us programmed and brainwashed into believing many falsehoods so that we can be left to our own accords to demonstrate our heartlessness to each other. Take for example, the case of fighting their secretly manufactured wars for power, profit and political gains. In these never-ending wars, the only real enemy, the only ‘us’ versus ‘them’ is we-the-people against the ruling elite, everything else is merely an illusion.


The same can be said about other secretly manufactured conflicts such as those involving civil unrest, race wars and the spoils of economic disruption…

From cradle to grave our intuitive heart energy takes a hammering by the narrow, deeply stifling education system curriculum and then the workplace: In both cases we’ve been programmed and brainwashed into the profit worshipping, self-serving corporate/banker greed-driven systems with the consumerist ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’  and the ‘survival of the fittest’ attitudes.

Then there’s the ruling elite’s owned and controlled mainstream media. Entertainment is entrainment: The mainstream media is designed to affect our behaviour after watching endless hours of TV/movies where people treat each other horribly, while we are made to become desensitised. Not to forget the highly deceptive fear-inducing fake news; selling secret sponsored false terrorism with its outsider demons or false bogeymen…


Another assault on the heart exists in the form of occultism. The ruling elite secretly meet up in rooms said to have the right geometry/symmetry conducive to holding their negative energy rituals. Their negative energy rituals or occult symbolism as for example in corporate logos is designed to have counterproductive effects on humanity through affecting our psyche in the morphogenetic field.


Our human qualities are seriously under threat by the transhumanism agenda.  With the use of its technologies such as nano-technology, genetic engineering, drugs, robotics and bionics… to ‘enhance’ us, we are in grave danger of losing our heart connectivity and thus getting rendered powerless to do anything about the ruling elite’s control system.

Earth and Our Energetic Disconnection

Our heart energies extend to an energetic connection with Earth. It’s no coincidence that EARTH is an anagram for HEART. The ruling elite are destroying planet Heart’s energy by polluting the land, air, food and water through geo-engineering, fracking, chemical pollution, radiation, genetic modification… as we blindly partake.



The protests made over the laying down of oil pipeline at Standing Rock, Dakota was a stand for the heart energy: Here we had a situation where on one side there were protesters honouring a piece of land as a God-given sacred living entity, providing fertile soil and fresh water…  On the other side, there was a number of heartless individuals; bribed politicians representing greed-driven corporations, an over-the-top, intimidating and had been known to be brutal militarized police force who had to deal with the peaceful protesters if they impeded the land-spoiling  pipeline construction…

Our Awakening

In this age of truth and transparency, in our awakening, having chosen the ‘service to others’ pathway, more than ever, we need to demonstrate gratitude, compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness and caring for each other as a way of staying in the heart.

Self-acceptance, finding peace with yourself allows staying in the heart, a place where the parasitic control system cannot find a way of attaching itself in order to use you.

Not only for survival and supporting each other, but also for our transformation, I’ve always believed that the answer lies in forming local communities. Each community must have unity, self-sufficiency and discernment to survive and thrive. A community-based living that would focus on an even distribution of wealth rather than concentrating it to the hands of a select few…

We need to redefine the education system with theory and practice that goes beyond the current paradigm. Besides openness, we need to demonstrate more honesty and integrity in our approaches.  -We as a race got ourselves into this mess essentially by blindly accepting the general consensus of the masses and the opinions of so-called experts, now it’s up to us to consciously co-create our way out of it. Consciousness is the key to world change. It’s a lot simpler than some might imagine. We will make this turnaround through feeling, thinking and acting from the heart.

Although traumatising to the collective consciousness we need to experience this current reality to transform. It will allow us to align our mass conscious intention to create a new paradigm experience, a world that makes a difference for everyone. It will allow us to have the profound realization that I am YOU and YOU are me, so why lie, cheat and hurt yourself?

In conclusion

Every reality, whether fake or real, manifests as a consequence of where we are consciously at in our lives. Our awakening will win: The shift in mass consciousness towards the heart energy will bring about the manifested reality necessary to defeat the control system.

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Kryon – Evolution of Belief 2014

Seems to be another video sunday, but it’s worth it. Here kryon talk about our belief system, it comes equipped with a root belief that nothing should be changed for the feeling of security. But that includes slaughter, murder and war on our planet. Only if we start to change the game, we will have changes in what we don’t like. The stream of information trough intuition and higher self allow us to compute a situation in the moment it appears, there is no need to use old imprinted pattern to push the next war as it was always in past. There is no need to choose between black and white, as you can have a new consciousness seeing all colours and possibilities. Yes and as kryon tell, if humans won’t evolve, they will die off with their broken concepts and a evolved generation will start to make it better.

What a coincidence that the ruling cabals are a group of very old man, they will erode with their concepts.