Jim Marrs What They Don’t Want You to Know DOCUMENTARY

Look the ego machine has a very simple modus operandi, it took humans creative power, place it’s thoughts to create all the mess on our planet. The second mode is to suppress all results from own creations. That’s why people have no problem to slam their children, kill their neighbours, torture animals and fight war against their fellowship. It’s all okay, says the ego machine to them repetitious. While everything else is turned down, makes you to don’t look at it. Well this is no fiction, it’s well known.


As you are gifted with the ability to peek into timelines, you will understand why great predictioner many times were wrong. This is by the fragility of timelines, sometimes there is one master with a huge amount of energy and some smaller running in parallel. In these times the construct become more wobbly, rapid changes are possible to change the track in last moment. Especially because the master manipulators loose their grip on the collective human mind, because this is a requirement to engineer stable reality creation.

This type of chaos is it also that prevents you from the 3WW your elites want to ignite to reset their control system. If timelines break together quickly, some other will take over and guide to a better outcome. So at the end it depends on the ability to peek into timelines and to create something different from a conscious state of mind. Got good ideas? Go on and talk about, share them with others to boost the power in your timeline to set alternative paths to replace the bad ones. Again all is a matter of training and seeing the results in your timeline is a funny thing. Try out and have fun with it.