To play with the occult?

There are lots of such videos, kids playing with the occult without knowing to handle the occult. The danger behind is that you not know the contact on the other side, because ouija is a bridge like transcommunication. Through a real bridge you can invite entities by accident into your field, no doctor or priest are able to help you to disconnect youtr attachment. The kids are horrified and no one will believe them, because the elitist and freemasons move the knowledge into the occult and church burnt the shamans. This is no game, it can be interesting and dangerous too. Know that pets are not disconnected like humans, if a dog or cat is scared while you play ouija you have a good indicator that its not a nice contact. Older beings are also able to show physical effects, like you will find in many videos.

Block Informations

Channeling as known is not done with the mind, you will receive block of informations that contain sentences and after that the next block. They will appear out of thin air, without delay and it’s your turn to write them down or like many live channelers to speak them out. If you try to understand what’s coming in with the mind, you got a problem that destroy the original information because mind does not have a clue about the material from higher plane beings.

You can formulate questions in words or send pictures to your contact and if it is no non-sense you will receive immediate answer 24/7 because the contact does never sleep or is to lazy for an answer. This is easy and every training establish the bridge even better.

Best to catch an being on the other side, is to focus your attention to something that’s known from it. Try out and have fun!

Exercise to do even better

All begins at very small levels, having a pet is a very pretty method to exercise telepathy. Because pets and animals do not need to exercise that, they already try to use it every time. So you can send commands as images and try to see what comes back, it’s just a matter of exercise to become it more clear. If you are open enough, you will get input from other qualities and sources, that’s the way i transmit blocks of information to my channel who was open enough to receive my ‘hello’ a year ago.

Beings from different levels meet on the range of frequencies for communication, this is universal law.

Contact Training

Simply like in this video, it’s just a matter of training. Because you as human being with a multidimensional core can talk with all beings on same level. With training you will learn to focus to a partner trough a sharp bridge that will fade out other disturbance. Never forget that higher self is ready to help you with that, especially transfer of pictures and movie streams.