The full Reagan quote

Some remember that, but most don’t know that the quote was crippled for reason. So here is the full one and the answer was and is YES,


Arjun – Contact Meditation

Several methods are possible, pickup one you like. At the end it’s all about to signal ‘i like to have contact’ so someone on our side can pickup your offer. Meditation methods are a pretty way, calm down the mind to open up the portal to other realms.

Disclosure? We are here, for you, awaiting your contact……

To work with ED

leftside2ED were part of earth longer than societies, especially as this is not humans first round of grow. Earlier ones were smoked up by the humans  disguided by false gods, few did go down from cataclysm. Our part was always to wait until earths was ready for the next round, than to place environment and evolve the beings.

So your first question related to free will may be: Why don’t you stop cataclysm and destruction of whole rounds? We have to, because free will is the first commandment coming before love. We have to accept prime creators order for free choice on your planet. Our work runs since millions of years, with hope that people will evolve spiritually high enough to prevent their self destruction. So these times are not new, self declared rulers invite humans for their wars until the final one.

As we cannot land on the lawn to meet and greet, it’s required to search for the few on the path of evolution, that we may connect. We need an invitation, better said someone need to show interest to us. Than we can evolve these ones higher, teach them telepathy and usage in sleep time until they are ready for full contact. Here again we have to honor free will.

Now you have the reason, why we use so many drone ships in your atmosphere so people will see them and may to evolve from this first experience. Today you have also the CE5, so lot’s of groups ignite co-work in all members and guest who use this for a call in. You can see how effective that is, because of the mass of  ships and staff on and around your planet, but hidden through the veil. Evolution or awakening is also the ability to pierce through the veil for contact on a higher level. The active one when your have a connection to an ED to talk and maybe channeling it to support more people.

Hope you have seen, that it’s your part to make the first step for active contact. You are the disclosure, when working directly with us.

Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals)

Here you find a lot of background, how to get contact, if you are predestined long before to have contact. Methods and art of information transfer, what is the same i use to transfer to get these text written down by my partner. Blocks of information and long sentences flow through in first and second language, what is no problem. We as helper beings serve and a 3D grounded partner is doing the roll-out, written or spoken.

Have fun and learn the deeper insights, how to do the same like shamans, just contact and talk with the beings at the other side or meet your predestined partner there.