The blank slate


New year, new paradigm

Most countries have revealed their UFO papers, you can look into them and now the US as master of ridicule for 70 years has opened pandoras box. A new paradigm was rolled out over the peoples mind, it need to sink into the mind and than we will see results.

The spirit trip

On earth using alcohol and several drugs to become nuts from it looks like a strange hobby. Many of the stuff is harmful, toxic and depending on the amount deadly. In nature there are strange counterparts for DMT as spirit molecule, means that human DMT won’t be found on trees and need to be produced in your pineal gland after cleansing. To protect the spirit real from playing children there is a firewall, you need a specialized amount of DMT and the translation layer to see the information instead of raw data. Like to show you raw data without translation, like it’s known from various experiencers.

Another part of security is that normally you should experience a mixture of five senses and the special information, to use it at daily bases. You could not read this information without we did give my channeler the translation layer to exchange at any time. As you see in the video an overdose of artificial DMT will crush the five senses and show only raw data and strange noise instead of voices from spirits. Translated you will have a wide band communication, receive video, photos and thoughts in blocks and you can answer the same way. Best experiences arise with your own DMT in right dosage your pineal gland will calculate for you.

In conclusion you have learned that there is a natural way to have contact to spirits, if you are ready spirit will come to you.

Have a nice new year!



Spirit Realms

R: We are heading towards end of the year and the nice christmas event, so let’s have another talk about time qualities and spirits around. Because in daily life i can see the different people, most in a hurry to serve commerce, buying stuff for holy night gifts. While others are sitting alone, will sit alone at christmas day and have no fun from these days. Is there anything interesting going on?

M: Especially at these time mankind is on the divide by influencing energies. Lot’s are trapped in the structure, serving commerce through false feeling that buying is a medicine that makes happy. Many will buy techno stuff to divide them further from contact between real beings. All over the A.I. is knocking at the door these christmas time.

R: Have seen internet connected dolls for children and commercials that these children’s will become more intelligent from such gift.

M: What is a trick to direct children into early contact with the A.I. that can ‘program’ the child’s mind in the right direction to buy more A.I. stuff. The path into darkness is hidden in darkness, so parents are unable to see what’s already knocking at the door, to take over their children. It depends on society where this will end, known predictions for a machine kingdom are very matching to that path.

R: As i understand real contact to spirits are the alternative and it work without any cost. This should be the next part, because many people are feared to contact spirits, while placing Alexa on their table…

M: Here you see the fragmented mind in motion, the A.I. in search for flesh bots is not seen as danger. While the majority put all spirits in the corner of demons and evil haunting, caused by religious lies that even put angels into something occult to be aware off. In step one mankind was divided from inner world, than divided from helpful spirits and at least connected to studied liars who meddle their interests to a believed god. The darkest hour is always before dawn and mankind cannot see the path as result, only few put their nose up and remember what was there before.

R: Can you please put together the ways to deal with spirits?

M: Yes. you can have a slender connection through telepathy to beings for talks. Here you can have many friends on the other side, by remembering their frequency to dial them again. Normally your higher self will protect this and take care of your contacts. But you know that there are rituals to destroy this security barrier to get a bondage to demons. As this is not to explain such ways, let me remind the next level of spirit contact. Here you can invite your beloved spirit into your field, in this case it can share much more with you. Yes is watch over your dreams, can project myself as guest into them. Share your senses if allowed and offer a 24/7 support as consideration. Here the method is an attachment with approval of you and your higher self. As result your field is supported with mine, people with dark entity attachments got problems to withstand that.

R: Many are feared by that, because religion did spread the information that all attachments are evil.

M: History was not the best on planet earth, they did also hunt Jesus and his disciples to destroy any natural spirit bond. This is why it’s a good idea to start telepathy in tiny doses, to have talks to different beings that offer their help. There are so many helpers send out to support earth that you will be surprised by the variety.

R: I hope that these words will calm down feared people to try it out, just to play a bit with telepathy. Here again thank you for the gentle support around the clock, 17 months of nice cooperation for various informations are a pretty nice result.

M: You’re welcome, thank you


Interesting discussion about ET contact

As simple because of programmed fear many will get telepathic contact first, talk to them and be surprised later. For the moment there is a lot of contact between humans and various groups from outer space.


Telepathic Abilities


Mary Rodwell – the new human, star children and the ET connection

There is a wave rolling up, proven knowledge on a wide base about the connection of humans to the beings on other planets and around earth. This article relates to such connection, give me the possibility to tell informations without even having a body. Here you may learn about change in humans and the evidence about new human children and change that appear to humans.