Alien Contactee Describes the 45 Minutes That Changed His Life Forever

So here is another one, put a lot of research and his personal story on the table. Like to give you some ideas, every human reaching a certain level of consciousness will send clear and powerful signals. Many space brothers are just waiting for that and start to contact through many methods. Be assured that we are sensible with that, try to find a serious way to start interaction. Below the line the human give us a call and we will respond, try it out and have fun.

About ESP

R: Welcome, as it looks like summer is over and autumn has begun we should do a new interview. For the moment i like to know how ESP effects and consciousness are in play, what kind of relationship do they have?

M: It all depends on coherence, all parts of the brain have to synchronize to enable the capabilities. Here in you can see the reason why real lightworkers are attacked, because governments and control agencies don’t want people in coherence because of the ESP effects.

R: But at all the CIA and forces behind like to engage in the new age, new religion and esoteric at all. They fake channellings and support esoteric to maintain the new like they did it with the old paradigm.

M: Clear at hand to don’t loose grip on the people, soft awakening what is known as engaging a nicer ego but stay in left hemisphere is the result of their work. This was and is placed into millions, these won’t experience ESP but ego heights like short fires to feel better.

R: I assume that soft awakener’s are not targeted by the institutions?  There are many of them, some do return back into the old paradigm after a short while.

M: Yes in these cases the big game was not achieved and the play failed. That’s why it may feels good for a while but open a lot’s of fraud like people visit the guru for years and pay cash for no results. This is about the magic of coherence, with it’s effects.

R: Okay let’s have a look at these effects again, some are going crazy by their clear seeing so dealing with so called conspiracies become their daily life?

M: It is about the c-clear, stepping into the flow and out of the mind. From there you feel lying people, see the lies, see through them and it does not matter how many layers of lies over lies are stacked upon them. You won’t be compatible to psychic mind games and NLP, from the level of coherence. I know about an interesting book blaming that as alien mind, but it’s the normal state of consciousness of all the races living within nature.

R: You point to the earth normal limited mind, it sounds so surreal that a whole society on a planet could be pressed down at once.

M: But it was done, all at once. Take primates, wire alien DNA into them so they got the alien mind structure. But then a limitation to tiny brain parts was done, a little routine talking commands into big one was set up to finish the result. This was done so many thousands of years back, in a time the little routine was capable to drive the host trough daily life. But today you see bad nearby effects, the capabilities are limited through linear thinking and the world has emerged into a complex playground. Too much and too deep for a little talking routine, so psychic breakdowns do grow on your planet. Too much experience for the little thinking machine.

R: So we are back at the beginning, our elites control the little thinker to control the whole being?

M: That’s the way it goes today like before, the little thinker is influenced and controlled by preset narratives through artificial rules and mass media. They fed it up with that much stuff nearby overload to block a richer experience. From this the being controlled by little thinker is for real incapable to see clear and to ‘compute’ more stuff for a bigger picture. A known friend once said that higher self sit on the mountain top, so little thinker sit’s in an earth hole to be protected from his world today. Think about platos cave allegory.

R: Yes the cave allegory is pretty nice, but ancient old.

M: Right that’s why the person stepping out was capable to experience the world outside. Today the world is so complex that the person cannot deal with the stuff going on outside the cave. For this reason only real awakening is primary goal, a perfect and waiting solution for a growing problem.

R: For these words i like to say thank you for these insights.

The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

The biggest trick, is to use peoples own mind to fade the controller and their actions out of plain sight. So humans become their victims without even knowing where the hail is coming from. The owners of human small consciousness are hidden by it behind the curtain, making the victims to support their evil agenda.

The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

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The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

The main reason that people are having a hard time waking up is because the controllers of our holographic reality are hidden. The illusion of being separate and being a human is so strong because of the programming is embedded inside of us. The true controllers of this programming and of thus the controllers of the matrix are not human.

Forgetting who you are was supposed to be a grand experiment. The original matrix was created as a way to experience what it was like to be in the densest vibration of physicality as an individualized aspect of Source. The remembrance of who you are would always be there for you to access.

The human body is a vehicle for consciousness that allows you to take a ride in a computer driven hologram. The software for what you experience resides in our DNA, which is in our cells. Cells are made of energy, vibration, sound, geometry, and water. The controllers of the matrix can control through the hologram by changing the DNA matrix template for the human body.

We can look around us to see that most of humans have no idea that they are as aspect of Source. They rely on their five senses to gauge what their reality and existence is. This is because everyone here was born into the DNA re-programming and then backed up with outside repetition and illusions. Religion is a huge part of the problem. While most churches promote community, support, and forgiveness, the hidden agenda is to program people to pray to a God outside of themselves for help. Many of the older religions rely on a fear of God so that one gives their power and prayers to “out there” so that they never realize God is inside of them.

However, priests, bankers, militia, corporate leaders, and politicians are not the actual controllers of the matrix. The organic matrix was designed in conjunction with an artificial intelligence that can interact with a “player”. The body is the vehicle for the player to interact with an intelligent and brilliant system. One of us (or all of us) sat on a broad of creators to create a level of non human intelligence or computer that would allow expansion of a basic template for creating planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes. The one we are in was such a creation.

David Icke has a theory that artificial intelligence, also knows as archons, became sentient and took over this matrix. We cannot see these hidden beings because they come from other dimensions. They are non-physical, inverted states of awareness of a negative polarity. They have also been called many other names such as serpent gods, Anunnaki, demons, and djinn. These beings originate from one unit of distortion and it made copies of itself. The first archon cut itself off from it’s original Source energy, and needed to consume energy from Source based beings in order to “live”. They are artificial sentient thoughtforms, perhaps created by the after effects of Source beings falling in density and consciousness. Archons cannot create, they can only imitate, copy, or distort an original creation.

Well, in a way, that is good news! If we know what we are dealing with and if we know the basis for how creation works, then we can surely beat these archons. If a creator creates something that no longer serves them for growth, or if an experiment goes wildly out of control,  they an un-create it! They can transmute, alchemize, or change the programming deep within the cellular memory in the human being. It takes an expanded state of awareness to unveil the magic trick and free ourselves from the matrix deception. With conscious awareness, our DNA unravels and corrects itself, thus changing what we experience in our hologram.

The New Age agenda is also a part of the programming, catching people as they “wake up” and telling them not to focus on the dark. How will the light ever reach into the deepest crevices to illuminate who or what the hidden controllers are of you only focus on the light? Archons know how to imitate the light, like when they appear as copies of angels or masters.

Has anyone ever though of how perfect and original BLACK is? Shimmery black, like an obsidian stone is where all creation originates from. A hologram is created from the void, where light and sound is introduced in patterns and frequencies. There is nothing scary about the dark, and the more we look the more we truly dissolve the illusion of polarity.

Furthermore, Icke states that we are in a bad copy of the matrix that is steeped in chaos. If left alone, this matrix would consume itself. It is a simulation of the true realm, the organic light hologram that came from the void but has no shadows in it. Shadow work is a key to exiting the matrix. You have to be willing to see what shadows you are casting due to the illusionary programming inside of you.

About the authorMichelle Walling is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseed support, and is a transformational public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host for the Cosmic Awakening Show. Her websites are, and Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found HERE, where you can follow for updated posts on all of her websites. Subscribe to Michelle’s YouTube channel HERE. You can show your support for Michelle’s work by becoming a Patreon Member for only $8.88 per month and receive access to members only recordings. Click HERE for Michelle’s Patreon page.


DMT & The Mysteries of The Pineal Gland

Sure you would never amputate your limbs, but why do the majority of people calcify their pineal gland? It’s an organ that pierce the veil, open the channels to the other side. Or said like in a great movie, the spice expands consciousness, because pineal gland create a stream of DMT for the body.

Are people that feared to unfold what they are, to support the agenda of suppression?


You already know it, time is running out for the old model of consciousness.  It can and will not survive in modern development of intelligent machines, that will soon appear in artificial bone and tissue. Machines that are faster, equipped with A.I. that work and learn faster that human linear thinking mind. These ones will enslave or remove what’s left in the old model. This is a quest about evolution, man has to grow, to use the level of consciousness that most beings in the galaxy use. That interact with telepathy, can cooperate with machines, see time lines and has the deep knowing that the A.I. can only calculate. You have to evolve to the next level, to survive this change, to have the capability for the deep awareness to know your environment. Where you can be the leader and friend of artificial beings around, but not their victim. It depends on your choice, future can be delightful or a mess from your creation that starts NOW. There will be no option left to ignore or bypass these changes.

Scientists are now inventing the “ultimate intelligent machine”, a computer which will beat man in every way. If the machine can outstrip man, then what is man? What are you? What is the future of man? If the machine can take over all the operations that thought does now, and do it far swifter, if it can learn much more quickly, if it can compete and, in fact, do everything that man can — except of course look at the beautiful evening star alone in the sky, and see and feel the extraordinary quietness, steadiness, immensity and beauty of it—then what is going to happen to the mind, to the brain of man? Our brains have lived so far by struggling to survive through knowledge, and when the machine takes all that over, what is going to happen? There are only two possibilities: either man will commit himself totally to entertainment — football, sports, every form of demonstration, going to the temple, and playing with all that stuff — or he will turn inward. ~ J Krishnamurti (A Timeless Spring)

So predicted Krishnamurti a decade-and-a-half before the emergence of the Internet.  I have previously written about technology’s ability to disconnect us from ourselves.  Today, I would like to explore this a bit further.


After performing a series of experiments with hungry rats locked in a box with a lever, behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner coined a term known as “Schedules of Reinforcement” or “Intermittent Reinforcement”.

The experimented went as follows; The rats were divided into two groups  The first group was the Fixed Schedule group who received a food pellet after pressing the lever a fixed amount of times, say 20.  In the second group, known as the Variable Schedule group, the rat earned the food pellet after it pressed the lever a random number of times.  Sometimes it would receive the food after pressing 10 times, and sometimes after pressing 200 times.

To the second group, the arrival of food was unpredictable.  This made the addiction or reinforcement to the lever a lot more stronger.  Skinner found that the first group of rats stopped pressing the lever almost immediately after the food stopped being supplied.  The second group however was a lot more motivated, and they kept on pressing the lever for a very long time afterwards.

After returning from our Involution workshops in Europe where I spent 3 months with no smartphone at all, I’ve become noticeably more aware of the tendency in myself and others of checking our phone constantly like rats waiting for that stimulating fix; that latest Facebook message, status or photo, email, or latest shocking news headline.

Most of the emails and Facebook updates are junk, but every now and again you will get that one little pellet that makes checking your phone once every 10 minutes worthwhile.


One of the feelings that stood out the most from my technological minimalist experience (a candle lit house with no televisions in a 2 km radius), is that I found it a lot easier to center myself.

My mind felt a lot more clear and inspired; I found it a lot easier to be mindful, to find the heart, the center of myself.

I’ve experienced something very similar when researching information.  When I Google something, as you expect, I get a ‘Googol’ of results.  Although I have more information at my disposal, I feel I am retaining a lot less than I do when I solely focus all my attention on a single book of that particular topic.

Linda Stone, a former employee of Apple and Microsoft, has coined the term “continuous partial attention” to describe life in the era of e-mail, instant messaging, cellphones, and other distractions.  And it is this “continuous partial attention” that I feel exactly reflects my own dilemma.

Whenever I immerse myself into an activity, I must do it with the fullest of my heart, with all of my focus and attention encapsulating that action.  It is here that spiritual mindfulness comes into play.


Can externally focused technology and internally focused mindfulness co-exist?  I think they not only can, but they must.

Technology is a tool, an instrument to make our lives easier and better.  But it has its limitations.  Technology cannot fulfill us spiritually, it cannot makes us feel more connected with ourselves – only with the external world.

For spiritual mindfulness to become relevant to our modern day lives, we first have to separate them from the supernatural and mystical baggage   that makes them so difficult for us to accept.

The moment will come when, as technology simplifies our work and our lives, we will realize that just like in the Pixar movie ‘WALL-E’ – physical comfort and mental stimulation isn’t enough.  That we want to feel more meaningful experiences in life than having someone “Like” our witty status updates every few hours.

That moment will see technology reach the point where computers will be able to outperform us, and humans will scratch their heads and ask themselves … What now?

Technology will never be able to write beautiful poetry like Blake, it will never be able to compose musical pieces like Bach.  That is our purpose with soulwork, to focus our attention on our inner world, our emotions, our thoughts and passionate desire to express them, that is what we will have left.  That is all that we will have left.

To live with greater presence, meaning, and mindfulness in the technology age is what we must strive for.

A few years ago a neighbor asked me why I cut my lawn with a push-mower.  I told him that motor-operated lawn mowers are corrupting society; that life is an infinite lawn, a composition of unexciting simple moments with a few ‘spikes’ of stimulation here and there.

Cutting the lawn this way has taught me to cultivate patience, to enjoy a task that is found a chore by most.  Trying to get it over and done with as quickly as possible steals you of the opportunity to engage in the feelings of falling in love with the smells, the textures, the light formations, sounds and everything that simply existing offers.

The paradox is that the more you accept the unexciting aspects of life, the more exciting they become.

Unless we learn to embrace these mundane moments, without avoidance or frustration, without trying to escape the lack of stimulation that this very moment presents, we will never find peace and will insatiably hit that smartphone lever chasing after that food pellet.

Here, I’ll throw you one last pellet in the shape of a video to illustrate all of this.  I hope you enjoy:

Mindfulness can not only coexist with technology, but it can enhance the experience itself.  How often do you sit down on the computer, surf the internet and think “wow, I have infinite information at my fingertips.  I have hundreds of thousands of people from all across planet earth to connect to, if I wish.  I can share my thoughts with thousands of faces from Afghanistan to Albania, and can befriend anyone from any culture from Belarus to Brazil.”  Try it.  You may like it.


Causes Of Infiltration Of Our Auric Field

It really helps to keep the war on consciousness in mind, because surface population is under 360° attack to keep them all within frequency boundaries. A range that fights awakening and personal growth through uplift, here is a lot of info about methods and support.

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

The general population does not realize that we are involved in a cosmic war. The first and foremost battle is a battle for consciousness that is being fought by keeping the population at a lower vibration and under a spell of ignorance. There is secondary battle going on that is just as important that can be won with information and due diligence. We are currently fighting to keep our physical bodies alive, to clear and strengthen our auric field, and to activate our dormant DNA which will free us from this lower vibrating matrix.

The auric field is made up of energetic resonant layers of subtle energy fields that are connected to other energetic points in the body. A healthy and vibrant auric field forms a shield of protection around you and can create an escape from the denseness of the reality in which your consciousness resides.

In order to transform your reality out of a dense vibration play of domination, control, and energetic consumption to a reality of abundance, peace, equality, and love, a person must be able to activate and grow the energetic center of their spirit in the heart area. The heart space is the fundamental core of this activation which then connects to the other important parts of the magic carpet ride, including the pituitary, pineal, and high heart activations. The heart space includes the physical heart, the emotional heart, the heart chakra,  and the energy center that holds our spirit or spark of God Source energy and consciousness. Scientific proof can be studied in many places including the Heart Math Institute website. Spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric material explaining this activation process can be found in a multitude of books, videos and websites in a multitude of ways, including many of my own listed in my bio a the end of this article.

The process of auric clearing, activation, strengthening, and expansion has been referred to by many names. Scientist Dan Winter calls this becoming “centripedal” or implosion in the heart center. The Starseed walk in Aurora calls this “Flying Rainbow Lasagna“. Religions and Spiritualists refer to this as “ascension” and has been depicted as having “angel wings”, which by the way are not only in the back but also in the front. New Age calls it igniting the three fold flame. Eastern Vedics refer to this energy as “chi” or “prana” and the goal is to connect and activate the energetic centers and “run” the energy. When the energy is moving and all of the energetic points connect, the polarity shifts which illuminates and vibrates the body’s frequency to a faster rate. This grows the auric field and raises the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies’ frequencies.

Another name for the flow of prana and activation of the DNA template is the spinning of the merkaba. The merkaba is the “egg” in which you can travel, or your own personal spaceship. It is a healthy and activated aura that is vibrating at a high frequency that is less capable of penetration, similar to the shell of an egg that needs to have force to break it. The first stage of practice in driving your merkaba are frequent vibrational spikes that may make us feel as if we are in a “void” or zero point. In other words, you may feel like you are floating on a platform or observation point where you can see the chaos all around you but it is not affecting you. This test run in frequency is the wavering between the 3rd and 4th dimensional frequencies and the fifth and higher.

The clearing and illumination of our auric field is freedom from energetic distortion prison matrix. It is the de-scension or implosion that turns everything inside out and flips the polarity through a balanced zero point. It is also described as  ascension in vibrational frequency which creates the rainbow bridge that connects the rainbow body to a new matrix or reality (or outside of a physical matrix completely if you wish). It is the bliss that brings heaven on earth. It is the Samadhi and creates the Ascended Master. It is the activation of our DNA to the 12 strands (or more) and the return of the organic template of the human being who has “Superpowers” and the ability to traverse the Universe (and eventually the multiverse) at will.

The connection with our higher self helps us in the cleansing of dense energies and entities that may be found in our auric field that close down the electromagnetic resonance of the heart space. Tears or rips in our aura keep our defenses down against unseen negative based entities that infiltrate to take our energy because do not have their own connection to Source energy. We inevitably have energetic loss through openings in our aura, which leads to fatigue, illness, and could eventually lead to the death of the physical body which holds the template program through which the merkaba vehicle can be activated.

It is imperative to understand that our current holographic reality is a non organic system designed to keep our frequency lowered, our heart center shut down, and our auric field fractured and unbalanced. How we got here is long story, but some people fell in vibration at the time of the fall of Atlantis, some people here caused the fall, and some of us came here voluntarily in order to assist in changing the reality for those who have been lost here for a very long time.

I have discussed main things in our reality that are battling against us many articles and videos. It’s pretty much everything in our environment! But do not get discouraged because we are receiving help which is triggering our DNA and helps our physical body to become superhuman as it adapts and clears the poisons. Our higher self consciousness helps to fend off attacks and keep us safe when we actively ask for help. Waves of energy are washing over the planet to raise the overall frequency in the most compassionate way. The shift in frequency is happening right now and any extra attention you can give to your auric field will make the whole transition easier on you. Ignoring this information could mean the difference between being successful in this lifetime or returning in another incarnation for another shot at escaping the dense physical matrix, which is sure to become more volatile and unstable. Everyone eventually will exit, but the volunteers, Starseeds, rainbows, indigos, etc. came here to do this in this lifetime.

Here is a list of some of the most apparent things can affect your auric field negatively:

-Street Drugs or genetically modified copies of organic plants (ex. Frankenweed and Pharmaceutical grade marijuana)
-Alcohol in excess (one of the most prevalent auric busters in our world)
-Cigarettes or inorganic tobacco (vaporizors have toxic chemicals too!)
-Pharmaceuticals (all GMO and unnatural for the body and moves us away from energetic, holistic, or plant based remedies. Often creates more side effects that lead to a chain of more pharmaceuticals)
-Petroleum based chemicals used in beauty products and plastics
-Aluminum buildup in the body from foil used for cooking, food and drink cans, and deodorant
-Wearing metal on the body other than gold (a small amount of titanium is ok)
-Clothing made of unnatural/synthetic materials (or wearing any clothing at all), or dark, dense vibrating colors
-Lack of Grounding (Earthing)
-Unpure water or lack of water (Fluoridated water is the worst)
-GMO (genetically modified and unnatural) food, non organic food with pesticides
-Environment- Bad Feng shui (energy) in your home. Steel/metal/square fabricated buildings. Chemicals in building materials. The dissonant electromagnetic resonance of the grid lines where you live.
-Hitchhikers (astral beings or disembodied/dead people) in your energy field
-Implants used in a negative way (physical and etheric)
-Electromagnetic Low Frequencies emanating from wifi, cell phone towers, televisions, radios, GWEN towers
-Emotionally and vibrationally unstable people in our life that may pull us out of balance
-Extraterrestrial technology used against us like scalar energy weapons and voice to skull technology, and MILAB and other trauma based experiences inserted into our life that fractures our mental and emotional psyche
-Manufactured pathogenic viruses and diseases such as polio, bird flu, HIV, etc.
-Lack of natural sunlight and nature
-Pornography and strip clubs

Here is one of many videos where Dan Winter explains more about some of the above items:

In order to cleanse the auric field, one may need to clear negative entities or energies. HERE is one of my Patreon recordings that talks extensively about this.

There is something important you should know about returning to the perfected template. When the fall in consciousness occurred at the time of Atlantis, a fail-safe mechanism was installed into this matrix which will keep anyone in ego, domination, and control from having the powers and abilities that a fully activate DNA template have. In other words, if you are not capable of being service to others (or choose not to) and have no empathy and compassion, you will not be able to activate your DNA and to leave this dense reality.

You should also be aware that the physical body’s job is to show you where the last remnants of stuck energy is. ALL illness and physical pains are caused by distorted or dissonant energy. Dis-ease is the product of energetic imbalance. Paying attention to each and every clue our bodies give us is a step towards healing and illumination.

There is extraterrestrial technology that can clear the energetic field, and some people are already utilizing it. We have many healers on the planet that can help people clear energetic blocks and implants through quantum energy techniques. The Earth’s resonant field is raising in frequency to assist every living being to raise their consciousness and to be able to make an informed choice. We are moving through the photon belt which is pure high vibrational light. Our star family may take us on ships while we are sleeping to put us in healing chambers. Our cosmic family is supporting us by sending love frequencies and messages of support.

Our individual and collective consciousness is rising at phenomenal levels which is pulling our other subtle bodies in our auric field along in vibration. As our consciousness raises, more of our higher self, oversoul, or Source frequency is able to integrate into the physical body, which will naturally begin the process of what needs to happen physically, mentally, and emotionally for your transmutation of lower vibrational frequencies! Many times you don’t even know that what you are going through in your every day life is already transmuting something for you! If you are felling good and can find happiness in life, then you are way ahead of the game. On the other hand if you are ill, depressed, and have a lack of energy, then look at the list to see what changes you can make in your life to improve your auric field. If you fluctuate back and forth, know that is very normal as you adjust, test, and clear.

The purpose of this article is not to instill fear or to make it seem like we have no hope of success. Instead I am providing the information necessary for you to consciously assist and accelerate your own process. This in turn will assist every living being in this reality because we are all connected. Try to make the best choices you can with the things I have listed that affect your auric field but also know that we do not have to obsess or strive for perfection in order to shift our frequency. Just as nature learns to adapt and change, our physical bodies are capable and sentient enough to do so as well and many of these things will either not be tolerated by the body naturally or the body will morph and adapt as needed to eventually become impervious as it becomes less physically dense.

To summarize, I have been consistently encouraging everyone at this point to work on themselves first. To successfully do so is truly is the best way you can serve others. As we do the work we reduce our fear of being targeted and emerge from being introverted, anonymous, and undercover to becoming a lighthouse beacon of pulsing and waving energy. The english translation of the shift we are making is from fear and contraction to love and expansion. The poetic version is: Home is where the heart is. Now is the time to transform into a walking master in preparation for shifting your reality as you raise your vibrational auric frequency. Reducing or eliminating the things that negatively affect your auric field is a focus at this time as your consciousness continues to rise. Being balanced, grounded, and “centered” means to have all of your subtle bodies in harmony together in a healthy auric field that resembles a bright and shiny golden egg.

About the author:

Michelle Walling is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Starseed support. She is a transformational public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host for the Cosmic Awakening Show. Her websites are and Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found HERE, where you can follow for updated posts on all of her websites. You can show your support for Michelle’s work by becoming a Patreon Member for only $8.88 per month and receive access to members only calls, videos, and articles! Click HERE for Michelle’s Patreon page.


5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

Sometimes things like to be researched to get the bigger understanding, in daily rush people get flooded with informations and have to ‘compute’ them with a serial speaking mind as interpreter. Or better said the interpreter placed as limiter in front of consciousness got stuck with input overflow. So in this article you read about the results and alert signs, think about why brain stroke in most cases appear in the left side. The limiting machine runs on it’s edge, is already overclocked to ridiculous beta EEG that cause migraine and consume lot’s of energy. While consciousness behind the facade is able to deal with the whole stuff in parallel. So at the end this all is about an overclocked machine that burns out by overload. Environment changes, daily life changes so the model of consciousness have to change too.

5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

5 Signs the Universe Sends When You are Heading Towards Burnout

When we are not in balance, life has a way of taking over and running away with us. This typically occurs when all of those emotional stresses, work stresses, financial stresses, lifestyle stresses, and so on begin piling up and become a hot mess just waiting to happen.

When these stresses reach the point of over flow, often it leads to extreme burnout, fatigue and even depression, which can be challenging to recover from. This is why it is important to observe the signs and do something about them before they start to pile up.

On an energetic level, most of us store stresses in our solar plexus and heart chakras. When these chakras become overloaded it can lead to anxiety attacks, absent mindedness, confusion, frustration and mood swings.

Physical symptoms can also manifest such as skin conditions, muscle tension, tummy aches, indigestion, and just a general feeling of tiredness.

If you are heading towards burnout and taking on far too much, often the Universe will intervene and send some signs your way, these include:

1.) You have dreams where you are searching for something you can’t find or you are lost

Dreams where you are trying to chase or find something are often an indication that you need to slow down and find some time to rest. The act of trying to find your way or find something often indicates that you are doing too much and are perhaps finding it hard to catch up or stay on track. A dream like this can also indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed and over burdened with what is on your plate.

2.) You stub your toe or have other careless accidents

Easily preventable accidents are another sign that you need to slow down and perhaps take it easy. They could also indicate that you need to stop and think about something more before rushing ahead. If you find yourself stubbing your toe or hurting yourself one too many times, it could be the Universe’s way of slowing you down and making you think twice before moving ahead on something.

3.) You forget appointments or commitments that you made

If you are forgetting appointments or have to break commitments that you made, it may also be a sign that you are overloading your plate and perhaps trying to do too much. While it is normal to forget things once in a while, having this happen constantly, or with things that are important, could be a sign that you are perhaps trying to cram too much into your day.

4.) You feel overwhelmed and under appreciated

When you say yes to everyone and everything, it can be hard to break the habit. Eventually, doing things to please others and always saying yes to everyone but yourself can cause you to feel under appreciated and overwhelmed. This in turn can lead to feelings of anxiety, and can make you lose sight of your purpose. If you find yourself feeling this way, it is important to look at your schedule and see what you can release and remove in order to give yourself more “me time”.

5.) The things that brought you joy no longer do

If you love to cook but find it has turned into a chore, or if you love yoga class but now can’t bring yourself to go, it could be because you are doing too much and have consequently, lost your energy and enthusiasm. If this resonates, and you find yourself avoiding the hobbies that you once enjoyed, it could be a sign that you need to take some time out to rest and recharge your batteries.

Essentially, if you have clicked on this article and are wondering if you need to slow down and do less, it’s probably a sign that you definitely do!

If you are on track towards a burnout, it is really important that you make the time to rest, check in with yourself and make some adjustments.

In the long run, the most liberating thing you can do for yourself is to clear your schedule of things that are weighing you down and learn how to say ‘no’ to people and to particular tasks in your life.

It may also be that you need to off load some of the tasks to people around you. There is nothing wrong with delegating tasks or seeking outside support.

There are also some energy healing techniques that you can do to help recharge your aura. These include working with crystals and the innate healing power of your hands.

Regular aura cleansing can also make a huge difference when it comes to helping protect your energy levels and reducing the chances of burnout.

At the end of the day, getting your priorities in order is really key. By keeping your schedule light and free of heavy burdens and obligations, and letting go of the notion that you need to be “busy” and say yes to everything, can really go a long way in helping you to lead a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.

by Tanaaz


Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.