Cursed and domesticated

Brought down to simple terms, here is a video that explain tiny truths that change it all. It’s about the different modes human consciousness can run with and so called enlightenment is just at the next corner.


Chasing concepts

So we arrived at a new year, time for possible change in your life. A good time to remember some pieces, maybe most are ridiculed and here we need some clarity to see deeper. Most people heard about esoteric and spirituality got the concept in their mind, to transform life into a nicer life or better turn old life into nicer coloured old life. Because if spirituality is conceptualized the reality behind fades away, like the person appear at the spirituality drive-in to make the noon better.

Let’s remind some case and effects, this is nothing minded, nothing that creates nicer emotions and nicer thoughts. It all has to do with real ascension of consciousness to a different level while anchored in 3D. A well placed concept is to stay the same, that’s why so many people wait at the entry door for their new consciousness, because their mind will tell them not to step in because there’s a danger inside.

Ascension, what is the big brother of awakening, is a destructive experience that will kick you into coherence with it’s effects. Have the same amount of thoughts in your head? Sorry, you wait in front of the door of coherence that will shutdown the thought machine to replace with something new. Flying with love and light? Sorry, you do not have the wide insight to the terms. Everything you look at, will unfold after that in front of you inner eye, graphical holistic thinking will be your normal. Ascension destroys the old individual, transform personality to another level with such amount that most people around will recognize that. That’s why you will loose old friends, but get new ones who really like what they see.

The amount of spiritual searchers step on the same place, won’t enter the final door because suddenly their mind will chatter about the strangeness and dangers, will create concepts of danger to prevent it’s existence. Some will escape back to religion, the warmth place to exchange concepts, jailed and fix themselves into a 3D layer of religious dull. Recycled to earth as long as the spiritual pull will appear again. Only few will take the final step, kicking out the concepts, get the trash out and let arise what’s waiting and prepared since aeons for every human being. So that’s your final decision, will you step on the same place or try a new dance?

The falsehoods have to fall

These are hard times, the ship is in heavy waters while the old orders keep to stay in order through mental programming of peoples mind. They place their agendas through media, government and religions to stay in power. Just because many do not even understand the concept to ridicule the old agenda to sneak in with a new one, what is called ‘driving a loop’ let’s have some examples for that.

For government in the United Stated where is the center of ridicule, mental guidance and suppression of invention and knowledge. They now try to blindfold the people with a little disclosure, to move the greater secrets deeper into the occult. All eyes at one direction a minority will tell what’s the truth and what’s not.

Religion partnership with the esoteric, here you can see the same game. Re invent yourself by occupation and rewrite of something new. Control mechanism always have used concept as a replace for truth and freedom. Peoples are pressed and bound into concepts, to inhale them and fight for them at next stage.

Let’s take a look at this love and light ideas, that are pressed as the new religion of the NWO these days. Using concepts that need to be played out for control. Pretty example is to love the EGO system that was placed into humans, because if you love it, it will go away they say. It should be known that energy go where attention flow, so loving the EGO will feed it to stay in power.

As written in the headline real change can only occur, if falsehoods will fall. The limited EGO that reduce mind operations to tiny parts of the brain have to be transformed and re educated as part of a coherent mind. This won’t happen by loving it, you have to swing yourself into coherence as much as often. The point where new frequencies in the EEG appear to setup the ancient mode of operation most beings in the universe run.

For society it’s required in these days to get an open eye for constructs and concepts that maintain the divide and conquer scheme. The left is not the new right and the right not the new left, because both represents parts of the whole. A limitation to divide people and let them fight against the other. Here again the coherent mind will experience the full scale, while the limited EGO delete one side to reduce it’s thinking about the term.


At the end it depends on transformation and not worshipping old concepts what keep them in place. Coherence is the ability to experience the spectrum while limitation give you few tones only. The falsehoods have to fall, to result to real awakening to see the passage to the future of planet earth.


The most meaningless

Difference between playing out esoteric concepts and BE spiritual is shown in this short interview. Listen carefully, did you know the real meaningless in this mind programmed society? Bizarre is just the zombie standpoint, from people lost in reverie from creation and natural life. If you have a spiritual life, higher self will assist to make the right choice and will exact point out what you can listen here.

Enjoy, test yourself.

Bound to woo hoo

You may call it hardcore but so many people around step into the esoteric trap, get lost in buying supportive stuff, spend their life and money at gurus. Or get lost to technology stuff, i wont be wondered if some company invent an A.I. guru you can buy for your home. So yes the time is right to explain what’s the difference to embodied spiritual life, what is an include and will shift you for real. People staring with wide open eyes at channeled informations have no clue that telepathy to do is is not only scientific proven, it is also our birth right to use it. Only the man behind the curtain do not want every people on the street to live spiritual.

So what is your choice?