Experiencer discusses altered states, psychic abilities, right/left brain

Half a million years back there was the question, how to infuse Annunaki DNA in early humans but disable the consciousness capacity in them. This is an interesting talk about the today seen results, the split brain where parts run in different EEG to prohibit their rewiring. But some basics first, to have a whole brain with parts working together, one range of EEG above all is necessary. This put them together, opens up full capability and is known as coherence. In coherence you experience all the magic, silent mind, telepathy, remote viewing and future predictions. Back in the old times they decided to give humans only left brain logic because of it’s feature to program it’s perception. So their best effort is the mine worker slave pre programmed to mine. Some government and mass media, who know about, use today to program mass perception of societies.

So here is a nice talk about plain right brainer and common left brainer that miss a bit the coherence mode. Yes and be assured that the mass of people will ridicule every hard evidence, simply because it’s below their horizon of programmed perception.

The Science Behind Why People Are So Easily Fooled

These times you can study business psychology, what is for crowd control, implanting ideas into the tiny mind. Make people to wilful follower, shopping stuff without reason and believe in artificial narratives. This is the story of relationship between crowd control and the tiny linear thinking mind, that has to be keep down to enable this trickery. Remind the quote from Descartes: I think; therefore i am ‘programmable’.

Today your environment topple the tiny mind boundaries, so most of information must be trashed so survive the day. Programmed patterns replace real evidence to save time for the tiny mind routine. The real bug within system is not to use the holistic graphical mind with it’s akash access. An ability to experience and see the outcome from many beings with the same question in one moment.

Limiting experience in an experience rich world is not the solution, awakening to the coherent holistic brain is it. That what cannot be measured by IQ, it’s quantum to allow humans to operate beneficial within his environment.






Are You More Awake Than Your Family?

Suddenly the world became different, here again some information how the possible stress after that can be reduced. It happens because you loose your ego speaker what is formerly known as ‘loosing the mind’ and from the silence you are free to think for yourself. But now you oppose your siblings who run the phased ego opinion in their head and they are in majority. It becomes more worse if you take a spiritual teacher, that give you alternatives from outside the box. Coherence force you to think for yourself or asking higher self or a self chosen teacher, because the spokesman of limited information is gone.

March 26, 2016

Are You More Awake Than Your Family 12 Ways to Heal Relationships When Your Family Is Still Asleep 1

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We are all waking up! The problem is, we are each waking up at different rates. This is particularly challenging when it occurs within families.

If you are reading this, chances are you are more awake than others in your life, and maybe this presents some issues. After all, when you are awake, it can be super difficult to deal with family members, such as parents, siblings and in-laws, who are still sleeping, especially when our habitual reactions to family dynamics can cause us to go unconscious (showing us where we are still asleep ourselves.)

The key to maintaining positive relationships with our families is not in trying to wake them up, but rather in staying awake ourselves. So, if you are fortunate to be more awake than others in your family, what does it take to stay awake in the presence of those sleepy individuals?


Know Your Hook

We all have emotional hooks that when pulled enroll us back into old dynamics, causing us to fall back to sleep and forget who we really are. A hook can be an old issue or a current issue, and when this issue is activated in any way, you are hooked into reacting. If you can identify your personal hooks, you can also consciously choose to stay far away from these topics, and if someone else brings them up, you can consciously choose not to be hooked. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, or do whatever it takes to stay off the hook.


Don’t Hook Anyone Else

Let’s be honest, we all know what hooks our family members into reactions. We know their buttons and we know how to press them. But, where does that get us? If we are really awake, it doesn’t get us anywhere. In fact, activating the wounds of someone else, just to get a sense of power or revenge, or even just perpetuating an old habit, keeps you asleep. When we are awake, we no longer need to get reactions out of others.

What would happen if you just let those you love and care about off the hook?

12 Ways to Heal  Family Relationships

Here are 12 powerful ways to recognize our hooks and heal our relationships:

Unfulfilled Emotional Needs

Most of us leave childhood with unfulfilled emotional needs and many of us continue to look to our parents or siblings for the fulfillment of those emotional needs, well past their expiration date. When you look to any family member for approval, appreciation or acknowledgement, you set yourself, and them, up for disappointment. In order to stay awake, it is pivotal that you stop expecting others to meet your emotional needs.

If you are an adult and you are still seeking your dad’s approval, for example, you are likely entangled in a dynamic that keeps you both asleep. Waking up from this dynamic means releasing your dad by no longer needing him to give you approval. In the wakeful state, we fulfill our own emotional needs so that we no longer need others to do it for us

Own Your Reactions

When you negatively react to a family member because you believe he or she “hasn’t changed” or “doesn’t get it,” you immediately go back to sleep. You cannot adversely react to another without lowering your personal vibration, and vibrating at the level of the one in which you judge. Usually we react because we recognize something in someone else that we resist in ourselves. By identifying the real issue in us, we access an opportunity for self-healing.

Taking Responsibility For Our Energy

Release Expectations

Every time we have hidden or overt expectations of another, we create conflict in the relationship. When it comes to our primary family, often these expectations are childhood based and even though we are no longer children, we maintain these expectations and the expectations unconsciously run us, by negatively affecting our behavior. Releasing expectations is like unlocking the prison door from the inside.

Let Go of Responsibility

Much of family strife comes from believing that we are responsible for each other. As soon as you believe that you are responsible for a family member, even a younger sibling, you distort the balance of the relationship, and you create underlying contention. You cannot control how others view you, but you can release your sense of responsibility for others in your family. You are not responsible for your parents or your adult siblings. This one shift in perspective has the power to transform family dynamics.


Judgment is Not Caring

Because we want what is best for those we love, we often disguise judgment in the form of caring. But judgment is not caring. No matter how much you love someone, you really don’t know what is best for them. You also cannot expect others to learn from your mistakes, so don’t impose your self-judgment onto them. Judgment is the quickest way to separate us from another and create friction. Keep your advice to yourself, and trust that the same source that woke you up will awaken those you love.

Get Over the Power Struggle

Most families have some form a power struggle operating between family members. A great deal of the discord in families is the playing-out of this power struggle. If you are still struggling for power in your family, this is where you are still asleep. The good news is, only one person needs to give up the power struggle for the power struggle to end. You overcome the power struggle by owning your power and not giving it to anyone or trying to get it from anyone. Drop the tug-of-war rope, and everyone wins.

Drop the Rope - FB

Stop Living in the Past

You cannot be awake and living in the past at the same time. If you find yourself dealing with past issues in your family, it is only because these past issues are not resolved personally for you. When past issues come up, it is your opportunity to wake up and heal them.

Forgiveness Frees

Releasing the past and dealing with areas of your life where you are still asleep often requires some level of forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone another’s behavior. It simply means that you are willing to let go and rise above the issue. Remember, the reason why it is difficult to forgive someone is the core of your issue. Heal your issue, and forgiveness is easy. From the awakened state, we know that it is never about anyone else.

Practice Appreciation

It can be so easy to focus on the things that annoy us about each other, but there are just as many things to appreciate about each other. When your intention is appreciation of those you love, your attention is automatically directed to all the things that you can appreciate. Your focus determines the outcome of all interactions. From an asleep state, we focus on what is wrong. From an awakened state, appreciation is our inner guide.

Allow Others to Be Who They Are

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need to accept anything about anyone else. In fact, when we force ourselves to accept others, there is always an element of non-acceptance that we are fighting against. So instead of forcing acceptance, simply allow others to be. It’s like allowing the sun to rise and set. There is nothing you can do about it even if you wanted to. By allowing others to be who they are without trying to change them, resistance is dropped and the energy between the two of you clears – bringing you both to a higher level of connection.

My mom and I had a turbulent relationship for many years. I thought I was so awake and I would try to wake her up, which only added up to frustration and disappointment for both of us. Finally, one day, I really woke up — I realized my mom was never going to change, and she didn’t have to. I could love her exactly as she was, even if she was trying to change me to match her expectations! So that’s what I did – without telling my mom, I made a commitment to myself to unconditionally love her without needing or wanting her to change. She could just be who she was and she could be exactly where she was in life; even what she thought about me was no longer any of my business.

Why Taking On Another Person's Problem Is Bad For THEIR Health

It was as if I had found a secret magic wand, because within days of making this conscious choice, my relationship with my mom was completely and permanently transformed. By releasing judgment, I had let my mom off the hook, and as a result the way she showed up with me was completely different – and uplifting. What I had failed to recognize previously was that my judgment of her was keeping her asleep in my consciousness. The only one who had to wake up was me.

The Magic of Letting Go

When all else fails, simply let go. Let go of all your opinions, fears, judgments, past baggage and everything else that weighs you down. By universally letting go of everything, you are left with being present in the now. When you are present in the now, you are awake, and then it doesn’t matter what anyone does or says. It is all harmoniously perfect.

Invite Others Up

It is our human tendency to meet people “where they are.” If someone is angry or upset, we quickly match their energy – even if we are in resistance to it, we are still matching it. What would happen if you made a conscious choice to maintain a high energy and not compromise that energy for anyone or anything? In other words, what would happen if you rise above the disharmony until you reach a state of love, peace and appreciation, and commit to that state of being?

When others show up in lower states, you don’t go down to meet them, by reacting, judging or trying to change them. You maintain your high state and you invite them up. They may not come up, and that is okay, but they won’t be able to be in your presence, for very long, if they don’t. Either way, how you feel is not dependent on anyone or anything, and you maintain an awakened state without compromise.

When you consistently stay in integrity with who you really are, eventually you will reach an energetic threshold, where the people in your world do, in fact, come up to match your high vibration. This is the manifestation of living in the awakened state, and it is our greatest gift to those we love.

Be awake, stay awake and invite the world up to celebrate with you.

Giving Yourself Permission - a Key to Relieving Depression - FB

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Previous articles by Nanice Ellis:

About the author:

Nanice Ellis main 150x150 Are You More Awake Than Your Family? 12 Ways to Heal Family Relationships for the HolidaysNanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for 20 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

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Telepathy Can be Explained by Interacting Coherent Electromagnetic Fields

Here it is again, the connection behind a mind in coherence and telepathic abilities that sneak in through the backdoor.


by Justin Deschamps,

Interactions between electrically dynamic systems provide a basis to understand so-called telepathic contact because living things are bioelectrical in nature. Of note, Ben Davidson, of Suspicious Observers, recently produced a rather heady scientific video about magnetic connections disrupting stable electric currents or circuits, causing the two or more systems to rebalance themselves in a rather reactive way. In essense, electric circuits are stabilized flows of electricity that are enshrouded by a magnetic field. Plasma currents, which are flows of electricity that are guided by magnetic fields, are disrupted when the fields interact, causing a rapid reorientation of the flow of electricity, and information contained therein, which in turn causes a restabilization. The resulting effect is that the two fields collide producing a new field that is informed by the preceding fields. This is very interesting when one considers that life is also a type of plasma or flow of electricity producing strong magnetic fields—in humans, this field is produced by the heart and informed by the mind/body.








The above video is generally making light of the fact that electrical energy is flowing in space and is responsible for much of the celestial phenomena we observe astronomically in the heavens. But it also provides a point of reference for how interacting fields of energy, specifically our body-mind system, transfers energy and therefore information via electromagnetic means—what is commonly referred to as telepathy or psi ability.

In order to understand the mechanics of electromagnetic informational transference between two people or one person and the global mind, an understanding of bioelectric fields will be helpful

Bioelectric Fields and Brain-Heart Coherence

The bioelectric field is a combination of individual cell fields and the nervous system in general, electrolytic fluids flowing through the body, brain activity, along with the piezo-electric pumping action of the heart, all of which is shaped or focused by different states of consciousness. This can be measured by studying the coherence or resonances between the heart (via an EKG) and the brain (via an EEG). The energy flowing within a person’s bioelectric field creates a magnetic field around their body that has the capacity to interact with other fields, whether from other people, technology or the earth itself (the geomagnetic field). This means that our bodies are like a transmitting and receiving antenna, capable of uploading and downloading information through magnetic field interactions.

When you physically associate with another person, their magnetic field mingles with yours, and the resulting interactions cause equilibriumization—transfers of information and energy. In other words, when you come close to another person, and open yourself to them, the information in their field can be “downloaded” into yours.

The coherence between a person’s heart and brain determines how receptive they are to in flowing streams of information; how open we feel around another person is a gauge for the level of our own coherence. This was demonstrated by research conducted by the CIA, particularly with Ingo Swann, who developed techniques of telepathic reception of information, called remote viewing.

Magnetic Fields and Information Sharing



When Swann entered a theta state of consciousness, during meditation, his brain and heart coherence increased, and the overall bioelectric field produced by his body became coherent. As a result, he was able to interpret information downloaded into his field. This allowed him to “view” images in another person’s mind that was within the same coherent magnetic field as Swann. The information he received needed to be interpreted by his mind by way of the gestalts or meaning associations he developed throughout his life—a person’s unique knowledge base, which acts as a deciphering mechanism. This suggests that one can train themselves to be more telepathic by developing accurate knowledge.


Swann was also able to gather information directly from the geomagnetic field (the global mind) to review sites and locations not directly associated with another person. Swann could describe a location or object that he had never seen before, hence the name remote viewing. The stronger the emotional charge of the target, the greater Swann’s capacity to describe them.

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Enhancing Telepathic Contact


The key points to comprehend here are that a person’s state of consciousness and the resulting bioelectric coherence of their body governs how well they can receive information from the surrounding magnetic field, whether it be from another person or the Earth itself. More over, the focus of their mind on a target (a visualization) and their pre-existing knowledge, determines how well they can make sense of what is received.

For example, if you receive an insight that your friend is sick, you might dismiss it as a random thought, if you don’t consider telepathic contact real. Conversely, if you do think it’s real—if you pay attention to these insights—you can interpret them as such, and by asking your friend, you can see if they are in fact sick.

Have you ever noticed that after spending time with a friend or loved one, you tend to intuit what their thinking, like completing each other sentences?

The paranormal normal explanation for this phenomenon seems to be partially governed by electromagnetic coupling between body-mind fields, which can occur locally through close proximity or remotely by using the geomagnetic field as a medium or “internet.” The telepathic contact appears to be enhanced or degraded depending on the rapport between an individual and another person or population of people—particularly how well your ideational language or gestalts match up with others.

More simply stated, when you spend time with someone, you get to know them (how they speak and think based on their behavior), and you can predict what they’re going to say or react to in a similar way you can predict what your favorite musical outfit will play melodically when listening to a new track of music they produced.

This is one explanation for why co-workers, friends, or lovers tend to share information between minds so easily, especially after they’ve gotten to know each other. But there are other, less than metaphysical explanations as well.

The key enhancing factor for telepathy seems to be openness or receptivity—or more specifically—the resonances formed between two people who are open to each other—the fruit of fellowship. The more we truly love someone, accepting them as they are, the more coherent our energy field will be when interacting with them.

Let’s describe that again for clarity.

An individual produces their own bioelectric field which has a magnetic field that goes along with it, extending some 30 feet from the body. When we come close to another person, and we are open to them, the two fields produce by each person form a unified magnetic field, the quality of which depends on the nature of their relationship—how accepting they are as people. The more friendly the association, the stronger the unified field created between them, resulting in greater mind to mind communication.

Conversely, people who hate or loathe each other likely still share information, but the dissonance of their energy fields—due to how they react when they come in contact with each other—will reduce information transference. This is because when we become conscious of something we don’t accept it evokes a feeling of rejection or revulsion, this causes a dissonance between the heart and brain, reducing the coherence of the shared magnetic fields created by each person.

Additionally, anything we do intuit won’t be as apparent or noticeable due to the way we think of people we don’t like. That is, when we don’t like someone, we tend to down play or reject things about them, making it harder to recognize when we are sharing ideas and thoughts telepathically.


Telepathy in terms of Entrainment: Synchronized Informational Fields

The principle that governs this sharing of information through interacting fields is sympathetic resonance or entrainment. The more resonance between two systems of energy (people in this case), the more easily they can share information. One can review the work of Dr. Michael Persinger and his research with Ingo Swann to better understand this phenomenon.

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Dr. Persinger was able to demonstrate that placing two people into a coherent magnetic field causes the information stored in one person’s field to “upload” to the shared field, where a second person can access it using theta and other states of consciousness. Such states are often achieved by balancing the mind via meditation or moments of intense introspection and revery.

Now consider that when two people hug for more than 60 seconds, each person’s coherence between heart and brain is increased, and in turn, the resonance between the two people increases. What this means is that they form a joint or unified magnetic field between them—producing a point of contact wherein the information within their minds can be shared. The more the two people develop openness and transparent rapport—an absence of secrecy, deception, and lies—the more the fields can interact and share information.

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All this suggests that the mind and heart system, properly tuned via unconditional love practices and forgiveness, can better attune oneself to the fields around them, increasing telepathy and psi abilities.

And what’s more, the resonances produced by an individual’s body and mind are also harmonic with the earth itself, recognized as a coherence between the body and Schumann Resonances. This means that the more coherent or in harmony our own mind-bodies are, the more we can couple with the earth field, which results in a greater capacity to receive and transmit information into the global mind.

Morphic resonance, a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake, could be explained and understood by considering the above-mentioned interactions between two people who develop rapport as well as the coupling of individual bioelectric fields with the global mind system, the geomagnetic field.

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Precognition Explained by Faster Than Light (Superluminal) Entrainment

Although, these theories of how telepathy works are hard to substantiate via direct experimentation, there is enough data available insofar as information transference between electromagnetic systems to provide a strong case for the mechanics of telepathy. And these theories only take into account space-time energy phenomenon—the material aspects of electromagnetism. That is, magnetic connections occur below the speed of light, or within the physical realms of space time, but there is a faster-than-light component to consciousness little understood by modern-day science.

In the latter case, the superluminal interactions of fields likely play a part in governing precognition phenomenon. For example, Heart-Math Institute was able to demonstrate the precognitive faculties of the heart when they conducted an experiment involving images viewed by people. The images were randomly selected and shown to a subject, producing an emotional reaction that was measured using a heart monitor. What they observed was that the heart would react before the image was selected by the random generator. This experiment provides a data point which strongly suggests the heart is receiving precognitive insight.

How precognition works isn’t well understood, but if one considers the work of another physicist, Dewey B. Larson, some inferences can be drawn.

Specifically, Larson’s model of physics, called Reciprocal Systems (RS) Theory state that the superluminal regions of the universe, which operate above the speed of light, are in time-space, which means that information flowing in this region can move through time itself. The information within these faster-than-light fields produced by the mind can entrain with each other, which simply means that information received in the future can imprint itself onto the past. Interpreting the precognitive studies of the heart within RS theory, the reaction to the photograph transmits information into the time-space region, where it then “spreads out” in time, informing the field of the heart before the image is seen by the subject.

Intuitions and Gut Feelings about Possible Futures

If the RS theory of time-space information sharing is correct, then this suggests superluminal electrical interactions are at work. That is, information seems to be able to flow above the speed of light, which means insights can be received before an event that provided them takes place.

Information flowing in space-time (below the speed of light) can be transmitted into time-space (above the speed of light) using electromagnetic interactions as a medium or gateway. And this also suggests that living things are a dual system of below the speed of light and above the speed of light activity, that is, the body is a space-time object that is married to a time-space component of consciousness.

In other words, it appears as though telepathic contact can occur with ourselves across time itself, which is why we can get intuitions about the future that turns out to be accurate. For example, if you’re making plans to go on a vacation, you might get a weird feeling that suggests you shouldn’t go, and if you do, you might experience something that you didn’t want. In this case, the gut feeling you felt beforehand is an example of this precognitive reception of the future.

Also consider that remote viewers seem to be able to access information about parallel timelines, which also means you can get insights about possible futures, and choose not to act on them. This suggests that the mind’s ability to explore possible futures is just as precognitively sensitive as actual futures.

These studies also suggest that the more accurate our knowledge—the more the one truth is reflected within—the greater our capacity to use our innate psi abilities. Again, this is because the resonance between gestalts (knowledge and ideas contained within the mind)—whether in an individual or group of people—provides a pathway for the exchange of information.

Sharing Information via a Medium of Exchange

As an example of the sharing information via entrainment, consider how metronomes synchronize with each other, so long as a platform or medium for their individual frequency rates is present.

Notice that the metronomes couldn’t synchronize when a board they are resting on is on the table. But once the board is placed on two cans, the vibrations of each metronome transfers to the board, which then provides a medium for the exchange of their individual frequencies. A magnetic field is a medium for telepathic contact, whether produced artificially (like in Dr. Persinger’s experiments) or organically (either by two people developing loving rapport—shared heart-fields), or the earth’s geomagnetic field.


Final Thoughts

Given that the entire physical universe is governed by electromagnetic interactions, this seems to be a plausible theory. And it suggests any type of electromagnetic field has the potential to interact with any other, and in doing so, transmit information. Consider that we are influenced by another person’s field, which is influenced by the geomagnetic field, which is influenced by the solar magnetic field, which is influenced by surrounding stars and the galaxy. All these dynamic electromagnetic fields exchange information as they come in contact with each other, which provides a scientific basis to understand astrological influences.

Hopefully, as science sheds their rejection of superluminal activities, the nature of telepathy and psi abilities (as governed by electromagnetism), will be better understood.

In the mean time, you can experiment and observe your own body and mind as it interacts with the environment. Try developing unconditional love and acceptance of people in your life. It should become apparent with a little-dedicated mindfulness that as you shed negativity and short-sighted judgments about a person or thing, you can be better informed by insights that turn out to be accurate.

In my own studies, I’ve noticed that the more inclusive I am with information, developing a clear and concise understanding of things, the more I seem to be able to receive insights and intuitions that are reflective of the truth.

And if we consider that love is an inclusive mode of consciousness, then by becoming more loving, we create greater mind-body coherence, which in turn increases the power of our bioelectric fields capacity to receive and transmit information. The practice for achieving this state has been called self-mastery.

The ability to accept new information and weave it into a coherent or holistic model of reality (singular knowledge by careful discernment and contemplation), ensures the coherence of the body’s bioelectric field is tuned to receive telepathic information clearly. When we love the truth and embrace the unknown, we make our selves better receivers.

Imagine a world where everyone is loving and receptive, where prejudice is replaced by compassion and tolerance, and loving states of acceptance are the norm. Perhaps, in such a world, innate telepathic abilities will become more powerful, eventually leading to the emergence of psi abilities and mind-to-mind modes of communication.

– Justin


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