Now and then

R: Technological advance is stepping further, especially A.I. is praised as solution to all problems. The so called singularity will be the melting of humans with A.I. technology, some companies work on nanites for the brain, others like to use tiny chips within the brain. Between all are the tech junkies, who always like to have the new stuff , buying every expense smart phone as first person. Will humanity choose the last nail to it’s coffin?

M: Hello and welcome friend, what you describe is the final selection. Know that there are only two paths left for the future of humanity. One is your scenario, a meltdown of humans with the machine that will take them over. The other was presented since nearby hundred years, most of alien visitors like to see an awakened human in his full potential. That what was placed within humans need to awake to fulfill the old prophecies, a level of consciousness from his genetic ancestors.

R: But what happens to people who ignore both paths, who want to step on the same way as before?

M: This path does not exist, you can awake to full potential to avoid the last exit as slave to the A.I. No way to fool and wing through it, evolution on earth will be based on that, this is a required change.

R: On one eye i do see that as evolution, on the other i see forced change that don’t sound like free will?

M: Depends on external parameters, there is choice between two options.

R: As the fight between darkness and light, but this will also mean that humans with the humble path will get telepathy to work with other beings from the universe.

M: Yes there must be the time when masquerade is over, the dark ones in their role loose the power to ridicule us. A basket of wisdom and technology to repair the destruction on earth is waiting, co work on eye height instead shadow hunting.

R: Okay that seems clear, we have take the best choice and need to go through that.

M: While you already took your choice, as reminder to readers: We are here, ready to work with you. Thanks for your questions.

R: Thanks for your answers.