Occult Talk

Seems there a open questions about the occult knowledge, so let’s have a talk about that. You mentioned that an attachment is not a permanent curse and can be removed?

M: This is right, it’s about pulling the host in another frequency range that the attachment does not like. Make em an unlikely environment or go and comment it out, but only people in their force can do this alone.

It sounds very easy to attune to another frequency and it looks like the frequency can be attuned in both directions?

M: Yes for example high degree masons get their frequency turned down to smoke out the soul and make place for servants of molag by the same way. This is all in the occult, because you may understand the people get crazy about that.

So the soul is also involved into that?

M: What you know as normal is a complete being with full soul, while you for example are this plus a part of me into your field. But there are also deep attachments where the being control the flesh because the soul is disabled or gone. As there are walk ins, where the original soul steps out and get replaced by someone else.

Oh yes this is for the most people unbelievable, while some have experienced that with family members who had a near death accident and suddenly appear complete different.

M: That’s a matter of concept, what makes it complex to understood. The human body is a flesh avatar who get a defined and selected being at birth, what is the truth behind the occult knowledge. The driver can be exchanged or invite guests into his field for support. A weakened driver can be kicked out to get replaced by force with an entity.

What explains the Avatar movie a bit better, everything can be exchanged with the right methods and because of that the methods are hidden in the occult and ridiculed in society.

M: Absolutely right, only the few in the knowing are using that in their life to become more power, because you are in the age of power. These ones chased shamans and druids, burnt them to death to keep their doing in the dark. And there is no real help for victims in today society, people will laugh about and ridicule it. Most will end in psychic asylums under psychic treatment, to make the elitist richer.

Thank you for that information, now it look very clear that everybody should have a bit of occult knowledge, to handle that better. As offered you can also carry a benevolent attachment that help with such informations, but i suggest to make a really good choice and look if pets suddenly do not like you.