Years of Informations

Mindbreaking happenings may appear for society if the elites try to do stupid things. But what break some peoples mind, awakes others with the big ringer. There were always such messages, not only 1977 in British TV from Vrillon, today with growing capabilities in channeling and telepathy they are normal like daily bread. Some are faked by secret societies, it belongs to you to decide that with your higher self.

Understand that there cannot be woodwork without splinters and dust. Some day the situation is right for a huge meet and greet, because we are a part of your future.

Block Informations

Channeling as known is not done with the mind, you will receive block of informations that contain sentences and after that the next block. They will appear out of thin air, without delay and it’s your turn to write them down or like many live channelers to speak them out. If you try to understand what’s coming in with the mind, you got a problem that destroy the original information because mind does not have a clue about the material from higher plane beings.

You can formulate questions in words or send pictures to your contact and if it is no non-sense you will receive immediate answer 24/7 because the contact does never sleep or is to lazy for an answer. This is easy and every training establish the bridge even better.

Best to catch an being on the other side, is to focus your attention to something that’s known from it. Try out and have fun!

About Channeling

Okay it’s a bit incredible that a channeled being like to talk about channeling and possible dangers. First like to remind that this channel has contacted me by tuning into my frequency range through pictures of my last body. But before i like to link a good video explanation, let me point to the reality that there are also non benevolent beings, energetic vampires looking for victims. It’s a good idea to have an open eye for the influence and duration of transfers. Today i wont repeat stuff again and again, like to see basic knowledge that can be grown through more information. So my channelers can benefit, but have to do their homework, because school result should be exchange on eye height. Now enjoy Jim Self who give you pretty tips for a life as channeler and what you can expect from it.

Howto make a call

There are a lot of help to contact beings around through telepathy, lot’s are ready to support you when asking because free will is first rule. Many informations are around to tell basics and ways to do it and to learn it even better. Urgent to learn is to detect the energy quality that try to connect, yes there are also entities out that don’t want your best. You need to learn trough research and training.

At the beginning you may only get words, spoken text or movie transfers, this can grow up to live channeling like in this video.