Mind Magic

As short introduced earlier, it’s worth to look at this even deeper. First here is a link to one of the articles, that prove clear the positive results from meditation and combined EEG waves. You also can see that truth is out there, while people believing in mainstream mass media will ridicule what you can read with your own eyes.


Mind or brain can be seen as huge USB plug for consciousness, what point to logic reason that a plug with more volume can transmit information between biology and multidimensional world of waveforms. But first let’s go back to the time the Annunaki land on earth to harvest gold for their survival. Their own slave race turns into rebellion and so they spliced ancient pre humans and their genetic material to the lulu worker being. It was in their intent to have a friendly worker that is easy to control and follow orders. Chosen method was the separation of brain parts and push the logic interpreter to stunning high frequencies to overlay and shutdown other brain parts. The worker being should receive orders and the talking mind should repeat this as inner drill inspector. This status today is known as the 3D consciousness level, the majority of people run every day.

This way the highly evolved mind of the Annunaki is existent through splicing in all humans, but disabled to favor the tiny experience.

In these times meditation is not only ridiculed in public, the people joke about from their perspective of the lulu consciousness. Simple reason because this is well known for your rulers, controllers and zookeepers. They in the knowing suppress all information for the public, while silently disclose results in public.

It’s humanities heritage to have an alien mind structure or better said the multidimensional mind structure that was created by nature for all bipedal beings through the galaxy. You guess right will all capabilities others beings come to visit, they are also yours if you get the structure running within it’s parameters. Your calcified pineal gland is just another point and watering fear through mass media trigger the r-complex very often, a lot is done regular or programmed into your daily routines to kept the distortion upright every day. For most people from childhood to decease in a dulled trance state that the Aborigines name dream-time.

Real awakening up to enlightenment is the rewiring of the parts to work in cooperation, what result to one strong EEG over the mind. What does not carry high pitched beta and maybe result to an circle in a mind mirror device. Fear and anxiety is vastly reduced and the speaker in the mind is gone. Now you (really YOU) have to place thoughts into the mind that roll out like a wave to go into silence. Graphical thinking will replace most daily operations, recall what you know and what the akasha record know to support you. Have telepathic contacts, experience animals that detect your state of mind and try to send you informations. Feel the connection to everyone and everything around you. Lot’s of change that none had tell you about, but again there are books like ‘Alien Mind’ to explain the difference.

It depends on you to evolve in this lifetime, to awake from the sleep state into a new being.


Guidance key factor

What is defined normal is a world of unconscious being, remote controlled a simple way. Elitist demand to the ego and the ego demands daily life. Prove it in your society through psychiatrists, who will tell you as experts that every children need a strong ego for survival of the fittest aka proper remote control reasons.

As you see in my articles a real awakening process is different from what was pre defined to suppress awakening. It’s a process within ego influence comes down while higher self take this part to evolve you with gifts that do match the right requirement. Meaning is clear, you are nearly out of control within this process, it’s driven by your oversoul. Little joke: Some awakened people meet and start talking about their gifted abilities……

Okay back to context, most will be pushed on a path to clean their pineal gland. For example by sudden understanding what fluorides are really for or like i know someone who suddenly suffered by dental fluorosis and the question where it has come from. If the organ get free, you suddenly get telepathic abilities and experience with some nice DMT effects. Again the order is directed from higher self, what like to have clearer communication to you.

Big key factor is the loss of influence from ego, that arise from the synchronization of brain hemispheres. This will change your EEG pattern from high pitched beta to an awakened mind on daily bases. Ego as primary dominator reside into the so called left brain, that contain all what was fed in through education system and is used for logic analysis from programmed input. This one need the electric disconnection from the other side to run alone in his EEG, is also the source for the mind chatter. So don’t be wondered if suddenly your mind become silent, there’s a reason behind that.

When having training with higher self contact, you may get many pictures and short clips over the day. This is for integration of such information into the five sense realm, like a pilot have a HUD while looking out of the cockpit. Many will experience extended informations, see auras or complete time lines from own decisions. Or get get clean demand before decisions to have another check before starting to create unnecessary stuff.

Out of this some reach direct contacts to further beings, it’s the point when higher self has decided that more teachers are required to give clear sight to special thematics. This will exercise your telepathic abilities and is a reasonable training for co-working, because WE replace I.

You see that there are many paths and ways an awakening can take place, abilities arise in some way and you have to integrate that all into your 3D life. But these changes will result to change in your social behavior and destroy old behavior, what you will get reflected from your environment. Some dislike the new you, some like it pretty well, your friends will change trough this. Below the line you see that the whole game is under divine guidance to push you into the new human on earth. Many these days are fighting this kind of evolution, what sabotaged December 2012 schedule and will take much longer as expected from the divines. But we won’t stop supporting you to reach the goal.

Happy Evolving