The Science of Ascension – The Quantum Solar Shift

Need to know? Some knowledge behind the ancient prediction of ascension and a dark day period that will boost various changes. Thanks for Jordan for that much research.




As you are gifted with the ability to peek into timelines, you will understand why great predictioner many times were wrong. This is by the fragility of timelines, sometimes there is one master with a huge amount of energy and some smaller running in parallel. In these times the construct become more wobbly, rapid changes are possible to change the track in last moment. Especially because the master manipulators loose their grip on the collective human mind, because this is a requirement to engineer stable reality creation.

This type of chaos is it also that prevents you from the 3WW your elites want to ignite to reset their control system. If timelines break together quickly, some other will take over and guide to a better outcome. So at the end it depends on the ability to peek into timelines and to create something different from a conscious state of mind. Got good ideas? Go on and talk about, share them with others to boost the power in your timeline to set alternative paths to replace the bad ones. Again all is a matter of training and seeing the results in your timeline is a funny thing. Try out and have fun with it.

4 Uncomfortable Symptoms Of A Crown Chakra Awakening

Getting more input cause some effects and stable changes. If pineal awakes first, the chatter will decrease and with crown comes even more silence.

4 Uncomfortable Symptoms Of A Crown Chakra Awakening

4 Uncomfortable Symptoms Of A Crown Chakra Awakening


Are you one of those who are experiencing a rough sleeping pattern, or perhaps you’re having irregular headaches? Maybe you are going through a phase where there is constant noise cluttering up your thoughts, or is it that you just can’t stop thinking?

Do you feel like maybe, just maybe, there are inexplicable things happening with you personally?

Well, it sounds like you may be experiencing an ‘Awakening or Opening of Your Crown Chakra’.

Here are 4 uncomfortable symptoms explained, that will help you to understand your situation in a clearer way.

1. Detachment

The process of healing takes an individual on a roller-coaster ride. The individual going through the awakening witnesses a behavioral pattern change. Your perspective will be unique and quite different than the rest of those around you. The major change will be that of your friend circle — you will just happen to disconnect from most of them and appreciate more seclusion in your life. As the chatter in your head increases, your need to speak will decrease. As my modified version of the famous saying goes “The more you unlearn, the less you speak.”

2. Body Pain and Headaches

When you go through your healing process your mind and soul are in a constant battle of negative thoughts/vibrations/feelings.

The human brain is resistant to change this, and this struggle will become quite real whilst you go through your crown chakra opening. As a result of this struggle, the body reacts through severe body pain and headaches. Also, there might be a tingling sensation on top of your head and the back of your neck.


3. Food Pattern

While going through the awakening process one will go through a behavioral change, especially with food. Your mind will crave food more than your body, and you will eat food that will nourish your soul and body. There might also be some incidences where you will remember some particular food from a ceremony or a special occasion.

4. Sleep Pattern

You will face a drastic change in your sleeping pattern. Maybe you have started waking up at random times during the night when you used to sleep through peacefully. Or perhaps you start getting tired much earlier than normal. Your sleeping pattern is sure to get a bit crazy during a crown chakra awakening.

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by Raven Fon



Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.



Top ten conspiracy theories turned fact in 2017

Time change reality, this is about turned paradigms in 2017.


New year, new paradigm

Most countries have revealed their UFO papers, you can look into them and now the US as master of ridicule for 70 years has opened pandoras box. A new paradigm was rolled out over the peoples mind, it need to sink into the mind and than we will see results.


The Process Of Awakening Is Harsh And Destructive Process

We talked about that many times, it’s nothing the EGO can inhale to feel better. Real awakening with possible mind change to coherence is a very destructive process, that will shake your existing friendships and clean the old mess out. This is not an easy game, the change is widespread and may shatter many illusions.

Many people would like to believe that the process of awakening is glorious. That the path is filled with light and they just have to follow it to reach The Divine. Although many false Gurus might want you to believe that, if you really wish to be awakened, you will have to give up on that notion entirely. Awakening is difficult, it is cruel and messy, and there is no roundabout way to reach that point without getting yourself dirty first.

Without even realizing it, we have been internalizing so many wrongful notions about the world and ourselves. We have become so accustomed to the listening, believing and recreating lies that we have forgotten where reality ends and the facade begins. And even if we do come to our senses and realize the truth, more often than not, we are unwilling to give up those lies. It is far too comfortable to gloat thinking that you are awakened just because of your insight. But true awakening comes when we are able to dismantle ourselves completely and give up all the lies and can finally begin the process of rebuilding ourselves.

Must read: 10 Ultimate Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

It can get very hard to strip ourselves bare of these lies because over time they have all been incorporated into our sense of self. Without them, we wouldn’t know where we stand. We put up so much resistance because we are rigid to this self-identity. But we forget that it too is based on falsities. For us to begin the process of awakening, we will have to surrender completely this sense of self and give ourselves up to the oblivion of not knowing who we are. This does not come easy and it gets very painful and harsh to deal with so much. But, overwhelming as it might be, it is the first step and we have to take the leap.


When this happens, we see that the world we believe in crumbles down all around us. All our relationships and friendships and every other thing that we have achieved seems futile and false. This, in itself, is enough to crush anyone but yet we keep fighting against that sense that nothing we believed in was true. And it is a difficult fight indeed because you can never win. The only option you have is to give in to the suffering. Once you stop fighting what is inevitable and embrace the oblivion, you can finally move on from the last shreds of embellishments and lies.

It will be difficult and for many days everything would seem bleak and desolate. But if you hold on, one day light will return to your life. And when you step into this light, you will finally begin to see sense. Where initially you thought you were empty and barren, you will find an eternal spring of love. This love is what connects all beings in the Universe and runs through each one of us. You will at once feel like the part of everything and at the same time at a distance to everything.


The Siddhartha road to self is not easy to tread on. Your greatest enemy is your mind which has been under so many illusions that it can no longer tell what the truth is and what it is not. Not just that, but there are no friends or loved ones who can travel the path with you because they themselves are disillusioned. Your only tools are your confidence and bravery. Unless you are ready to destroy yourself, you will not be able to find yourself. You will be tested beyond your endurance and not many can survive it. So think about it. Are you ready to give what it takes and never back down from your mission, no matter what?



What are INFJs?

In deeper understanding INFJ is a label for someone running a coherent mind with it’s features, maybe from it’s own or reworked from alien visitors. At all you can see how many are running around and it’s mapped for somewhat reason. The Alien Mind like George LoBuono wrote a book about, is already here on Earth.