10 Signs Your Ego is in Control

Awareness is key, so you can become aware for outer influence and yes the so called ego is such thing. Here you can read about methods to trap ego control in every day situation. Say thanks to Zoé for that, it’s very useful. The next step in your masterclass is to become the silent mind, so influence through the talking ego is shutdown near 0.


10 Signs Your Ego is in Control


If you have ever caught yourself behaving in a way that makes you cringe then it’s likely your ego is to blame.

The ego can be tricky to manage – if we’re not careful it will sneak right up behind us when we least expect it, and before we know it we’re acting in ways that we know deep down are not for our best benefit.

What is the ego?

There are many different definitions of the ego, all of which can get quite complex. My personal take on the ego is that it’s the part of us that feels the need to be special. It’s that part of us that seeks approval – and by very definition it is a part of us that feels lacking in some way. This is why I know that the ego is not my friend.

The easiest way to determine if your ego is at play is to ask one of these two questions:

* Do I feel superior to others?
* Do I feel inferior to others?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then it’s likely your ego is in the driving seat. This is because the ego is somewhat of a contradiction.

The ego is not just about arrogance

Many people hold a belief that if you have a big ego then this means you are arrogant and over-confident. There is this idea that your level of ego is relative to how much you love yourself. While this can often be the case – as I mentioned earlier if you are feeling superior to others then this is definitely your ego at play, but the ego also makes us feel inferior at times.

The ego and inferiority

Have you ever felt like you’re just not good enough? Have you ever looked at someone else and thought – I wish I was as good as they are? If you have (and let’s face it most people have done this) then this is also an example of being caught in the clutches of your ego.

Being right and the ego

Another sure fire way to tell if you’re being led by your ego is to notice if you’re desperate to be right. When you’re caught in an argument what are you fighting for? Are you genuinely making a point or are you arguing to prove that you’re right? Someone very wise once said to me:

“You can be happy…..or you can be right.”

This is a great question to ask yourself next time you’re caught in the throws of an argument. Or are you willing to sacrifice your own personal happiness just so that you can make your ego happy by being right?

Simple Life Strategy: 10 Signs Your Ego is in Control

So what can you do to combat your ego? The first step is awareness – you need to start to become aware of when you’re ego is playing up so you can stop it before it’s too late!

Here are 10 sure fire signs that your ego is in control:

1. You feel elevated from gossiping about other people’s flaws

2. You find yourself in a feisty discussion and you just can’t back down until you have ‘won’ the argument

3. You constantly compare yourself to other people who you feel are better than you (better looking, more intelligent, happier, more wealthy)

4. You constantly compare yourself to people who you feel are not as good as you (less intelligent, lower status)

5. You feel jealous when other people do well

6. You talk about yourself for 10 minutes before asking another how they are

7. You’d rather win than do your best

8. You often sulk when you don’t win that sports game or work challenge (instead of being proud of your attempt to do your best)

9. You set yourself impossible goals and then beat yourself up when you don’t reach them

10. You blame others when things don’t go your way

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The Great Awakening

One of the major obstacle on the path to awakening is a mind programming to believe in change without change. It does not work that way, the fear of change set up an inner blockage, that’s what hold the majority back.


The Great Awakening

by Dreama Vance

There is a great awakening happening as we live our daily lives today. Unseen by human eye and unacknowledged by news media, there is a tidal wave of change gathering in our midst. Even many spiritual seekers are confused by what is actually taking place. Often this is because they have been misdirected in their search, or they have not matured enough in their growth to have the deeper understanding necessary to actually be aware of the energy, or to perceive the higher frequencies of consciousness. This is neither a good nor a bad thing; it simply is where humanity is in their understanding.

However, this wave of energy, this tidal wave, is cresting. In this wave that is sweeping over the Earth, we are being Gathered.

I don’t know if you can feel it, or if you are aware of it, but we are being gathered up in this waveform. It has everything to do with consciousness. It has nothing to do with religions, sects, or creeds. It is consciousness that is responding to this calling.

We are responding, whether we are aware of it, or not. It is a culling out that is happening, but it is happening IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Do you understand? We are being raised up, literally.

The veils are being torn asunder. If you have been doing your inner work, your own growth will have magnified a hundred-fold in the last year. You will feel like you have been in a chrysalis and are now emerging.

I hope you have been taking notes of what you are receiving in your meditations. I hope you are writing down your changes in your understanding as your consciousness unfolds. I hope you are pondering your studies, mulling over your spiritual teachings, contemplating and plumbing the depths of spiritual wisdoms so that revelations may come to you in your meditations.

If you are doing this, then you are experiencing the Great Awakening as it is happening. If you are doing this, then you can see with your inner vision what is taking place.

If not, then you will experience the change, but you will not be aware of it as such. You will simply ride the wave without awareness. It is oh, so much better to be awake to it! It is our gift to be here now!

The Awakening is so amazing. It is so beautiful. Love will pour through you.

We are at the dawn of the Age of Spiritual Enlightenment

In our upcoming event, Spiritual Metaphysics: The Expert Course, you will be able to see how the mysteries of the ages have now revealed themselves and become crystal clear in the light of today’s emerging higher consciousness.

oin us! Be a leading light in the dawning Age of Spiritual Enlightenment….




Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way

Are you really wondered, why trillions of people are lured to dance to the archontic beat? They are required to give creational power to uphold the archontic paradigm with their drill sergeant in the head.



Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way


ArchonsJames Gilliland – There has always been the slogan – Truth, Justice and the American way. Like a frog in a pot, slowly things have degenerated into the opposite.

Have you watched the lame stream news? Have you watched what is surfacing concerning the conduct of the agencies? The Justice Department has become the “Just Us” department. The Department of Defense was the department of offense doing the bidding as the brute squad of the Global Elite. Politicians represent foreign investors (America for sale) many of whom have dual citizenship.

The Environmental Protection agency ignores the pollution in the air, water, and on land. Ask them about glyphosate (Round Up).

Its effect? Main cause of autism.

Chemtrails  and fluoride in the water.

The FDA has allowed deadly and harmful drugs to go on the market. Inoculations with deadly side effects, (mercury, nagalese etc.) to be in inoculations destroying brain cells, nerve cells and your immune system.

What about the opioid epidemic? High fructose corn syrup, aspartame, other carcinogenic food additives get the green thumb while people are arrested for selling raw milk. Raids on health food vendors are common while endorsing harmful big pharma drugs.

The World Health Organization, Red Cross, Clinton Foundation all act completely contrary to their charters. India wants to know why they had only 12 cases of polio yet after the inoculations the number jumped up to 45,000 plus. Now the same group (that vaccinated Indians) wants to release genetically modified mosquitoes. The woman leading the charge to stop it was found dead in a hotel pool.

The Federal Reserve is not federal and has been siphoning off trillions of dollars to a royal and religious elite, a network of banksters keeping people in abject poverty.

The Catholic church is riddled with pedophiles. They praise Lucifer in their ceremonies and now the Pope has declared Lucifer as their God. Did you know the Catholic Church for the large part is in charge of the underage immigrants receiving millions from the government?

Have you seen the draconian throne of the Pope?


The serpent hall.


How did the Romans get an exclusive on Jesus?  Can it get any more corrupt and decadent? What is this multi armed octopus deeply entrenched in America?

You are about to find out.

Draconian, Archon beast

This Draconian Archon beast is rising up, rearing its ugly head. Its many puppets within all the institutions are coming forward. They are shameless and narcissistic. They have but one agenda – total dominion. Their greed is unbridled. Their lust for power and wealth is beyond measure. They are void of love, empathy, and have no respect for life in any form.

The beast has many mouths as expressed by the main stream media. Might as well call them the Draconian Archon news network.  The lies and deceptions flow like a river – mind control at its best.

These talking heads have become shameless, narcissistic soulless beings. They have lost all humanity. They inspire hate, separation, race wars, gender wars and are void of light. The hate they inspire will return to them.  The ones they conspire to take down will be the ones taking them down.

Know their agenda. Know what is coming through them. What do they inspire? Do they inspire heaven on Earth? They want a violent bloody revolution based on lies, deception and mis-perception.

Walk away. The boomerang is on its way back.

The Beast will fall

We have always said from November on the beast will fall. It will be a series of blows exposing every aspect of the beast. One by one the arms of the beast will be severed.

Watch the congressional hearings. The death blow to the heart of the beast is close behind. It is as if the Source itself has said “It is finished,” and has unleashed a multidimensional army along with an awakening ground crew to restore order.

Universal Law is coming. It is fulfilling prophecy.

Are you aware of the strong wave that went through the Earth on November 11th? Have you heard of the plasma strings orbiting Earth, the strange particles observed and changes in the electromagnetic light spectrum? The Schumann resonance going from 7.8, now holding at 40.

Did you know your heart beat is connected to the Earth? The cosmic ray influx is off the chart. Have you felt the emotional roller coaster, wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions (not from just this life) surfacing?

Do you know the Source behind the chaos? It is an unstoppable force no man/woman can stop. It is prophecy. It is destiny.

The true history of Earth is going to be revealed. We are a series of off world colonies having to start over as primitives. God/Creator/Great Spirit is a consciousness and energy. The connector is the heart where the soul resides. The true nature of the bearded Gods of old will surface. There will be a grand reunion with the greater family of man, our off world ancestors. They will help in the awakening and healing process, restoring the Earth, bringing in Universal Law, Creators Law.

They are here in service to the Creator within all Creation. They are not here to be worshiped or become your slave masters or Gods. That was already a part of your history. The weeks and months to come will be the great uncovering, an acceleration of Karma and the end of the beast.

We have all been waiting for this time. We all have to do our part.

That time is now.

SF Source Eceti Dec 2018




Benefits of Spiritual Awakening That Nobody Mentions

One of the major effects is the machine’s coming down, the speaker in the head shut down and become still. The reign of 3D limitation have to break, to allow multidimensional experience.


Benefits of Spiritual Awakening That Nobody Mentions




Spiritual awakening is described differently by different belief systems, but at their core, each describes a person becoming more aware of reality as it exists beyond the confines of the self. They describe an experience of moving beyond one’s own selfish concerns, worldview and inner voice, and gaining a broader and clearer perspective.

While the words ‘spiritual awakening’ conjures images of Buddha-like calm and tranquillity, most of those who have undergone a spiritual awakening describe it as a painful process, as they are required to shed fundamental beliefs.

This can often shake the foundations on which they have built their lives and forcing them to make difficult decisions about how to move forward and live with their new perspective.

When a person is in the process of a spiritual awakening, while they may have a feeling that there is something special happening, it can be hard for them to put their finger on what exactly that is.

For those who feel like they may be going through such a transformation, here are a few universal signs that others who have undergone a spiritual awakening report experiencing.

Intensified Perception of the World

Those undergoing, or who have undergone, a spiritual awakening tend to be more keenly aware of the world around them and report seeing things which previously seemed mundane and ordinary and were easily overlooked in a new light.

The stars shine a little brighter, flowers smell a little sweeter, and a tree, building or person that they passed every day and which made up the background are now in focus. They often notice new things about the personalities of people they have known for a long time, revealing character traits that were previously hidden.

This intensified perception of the world leads those undergoing a spiritual awakening to feel more present in the here and now, and less preoccupied with what other people are doing and what they might be missing out on. They are also generally less worried about mistakes of the past and plans for the future.

Intensified perception usually leads to heightened intuition, letting those who are undergoing a spiritual awakening see people and situations more clearly. Intuition is often our mind processing data collected by our senses which is just too voluminous and complex for our conscious mind to digest and manage.

As a spiritually awake person notices more about the world, their intuition has more to work with. As a result of this, these people seem to have a better feel for when to take a chance and who to spiritually connect with, as well as who not to trust and situations to be avoided.

While this all seems hugely positive, it can also be quite challenging, as people learn that things they held to be true, and people they trusted, are be different than they previously thought. This can force them to make some significant and difficult changes in their lives.

Inner Quiet and Tranquillity

Those undergoing a spiritual awakening often report that their inner voice, the monologue that accompanies each of us throughout the day, quiets. We all know that this inner voice can be cruel and that we say things to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to another person.

This is not because we are innately cruel or bad as people, but rather that our inner voice is trying to protect us, saying what it needs to to keep us within a space that it has defined as safe based on past experiences, societal norms and the self-preservation instinct.

As part of a spiritual awakening, a person consciously or subconsciously realises, that they do not need to stay within this safe space. They start to ignore the warnings of their inner voice, and with time it becomes less loud and less urgent.

This quietening of the inner voice generally leaves people feeling less self-critical, and just happier and more positive.

Connected to Something Bigger

As those undergoing a spiritual awakening feel less constrained by their inner world and more connected to the world around them, they also start to feel more keenly the energy of the universe, and realise that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and that they can tap into that something and draw strength from it.

How exactly this feeling of connectedness manifests depends greatly on the person and their fundamental beliefs, but they often feel like they are not alone, and have some higher purpose.

As a result of this feeling of connectedness, many also start seeing signs, as if the universe that they are a part of knows what they are thinking and what they desire, and sends them the information that they need.

A sign can be anything, and again often depends on what the person believes in. What signs have in common is that they appear in a moment and a form that is meaningful, and the recipient innately recognises the significance of the sign.

Positivity and Confidence

Those who have undergone a spiritual awakening universally report feeling happier and more confident in their beliefs and decisions. The process of spiritual awakening can be very painful as people learn hard truths about themselves and the world around them.

This new knowledge often leads to the need to make difficult decisions such as leaving a partner, ending a toxic friendship, changing professions, or leaving a religious community or other important community that no longer feels right.

This can result in material upheaval and extreme emotional distress. But everyone who has come out the other end of these changes and reached spiritual awakening reports feeling at peace with the decisions that they have made.

They also report, however, that a spiritual awakening cannot be rushed. Pain and doubt are part of the process, and there is no shortcut to the other side. Everyone must face their demons in their own time.

By Christine Hirlehey, HumansAreFree.com