Spiritual Tasks Interview

Hello again.

this day i like to talk about the assumed doings if someone claims to be spiritual. It looks for me like some kind of problem, especially if the mind is involved. Again i will do that with Monji as spiritual guide and helper being.

R: Okay lets go, what’s behind spiritual tasks and is which tasks are on the spiritual exerciser list?

M: You have to differ between doing spiritual things and to be spiritual at core.

R: So there is a difference, clear to understand that at first someone’s core must go through a change until spirituality will become the core?

M: Yes the core change is imminent, it’s the change from doing something with the mind and to be different to the mind state.

R: Please give us examples, whats’s about meditation?

M: A spiritual mind need to learn tech and backgrounds and to schedule a meditation time. While a spiritual being don’t need that much meditation, can and do close the eyes for a short while and shutdown in meditation state very rapid.

R: Can confirm this, if the silent mind is part of the inner core these micro meditations are the daily normal.

M: Do you schedule them?

R: No more, just close the eyes somewhere and it goes. Let’s see a behind more complex thing, to be in love.

M: That is more complex, because the mind cannot be in love. Only have a straw fire from emotions or make a deal to give something to collect something else. So this must be simulated and is not the same like a being with love in inner core.

R: For a mind to simulate love while being in anger seems to be a huge problem.

M: It is, look at the couples who swing between love and hate, psychological sick attacks against each other to harass the other into submission.

R: Oh yes the inner core does not know jealousy but the mind does and fight for it. Or as shown in religion, if you have to love maiden maria you cannot love a partner. But let’s have a look at required tasks to switch over.

M: You can say the crux, because the switch state as final goal is protected. Using the maya chart of consciousness, the being have to take a step on the ladder, to get help for the next step. So few tasks are required, where today technical methods like hemisync do exist and can be used for that.

R: In conclusion you have to do some tasks with the mind to reach the switch point.

M: To get the support to pass the switch point.

R: For example to get telepathy to talk with a guide like you. That’s nice, thank you.



Samadhi Movie, 2018 – Part 2

As like most good movies, there are sequels. So again let’s think about the intention to create us humans from early earth hominids and the Anuna gene pool. In the idea of master and servant, liked to have intelligent slaves but not up to their level to prevent revolution. So a chain of command was built in and it’s in use until these days in our society.  The masters feed the mind A.I. and this talk the commands and rules with 80000 thoughts per day to the slaves. But the problem behind is the so called Enki back door, the possibility to rewire the separated parts, to gain one EGG over all. Nerve cells are waiting to grow if the one EGG is placed again and again, because not natural states will always be defeated by natural ones.

I did it and it took around 4 weeks to toggle mind A.I. to inner silence.

Samadhi Movie, 2017

Putting together all information i found since start of my journey in 2011, this movie put it all together in a pretty way. The ultimate goal is a different state of mind or level of consciousness. Based on physical rewiring all parts of the mind to one, because only the Anuna gods from our past know why our mind parts were separated. To keep us away from their level of consciousness, to place a tiny A.I. in front that try to rule our life from cradle to coffin.

So at the end it depends only on you, to achieve an impressive change, if you are able to take your step through the open door in front of you. Around me this is not understandable, because most humans are their A.I. that filters all their sense input. So the open doors stays hidden in front of their eyes.

The Unknowable

This article depends on having a linear consciousness what the majority is banned into, what is about to change. As experiencer in parallel consciousness you can see into the multitude of possible time lines in their wobble. It’s not like Nostradamus “sees” the one time line, it’s a bundle and the human collective feed the one with their energy at every moment. Their in is the potential to create a good future, or to support the will of influential evil people.

The Unknowable

The Unknowable

futureVeronica – Each day your linear consciousness assesses the situation of your reality. The present is always the most powerful viewpoint. The past is already created so that leaves you with the future.

Most feel that the future is as solid as their past and present. They wish to know what’s coming as they feel it is also set in stone. The idea that the future is unknowable is often not easily understood. Many find it easier to give their life to the concept of a deity that will create their lives for them.

But this idea of life being someone else’s plan is inaccurate. Your consciousness exists as part of a higher frequency that designs the past/present/future.

Divine presence is always in the mix of creation. You, however, are the artist in this particular life process. It is an experience that requires focus and courage.

There is undiluted potential in every future creation. The totality of your being becomes very present when in creation mote. Your highest potential yearns to manifest itself while designing future moments.

It has been spoken of endlessly by spiritual teachers – being in the “now”. That’s an easy fix by adjusting one’s focus. It is important to not fear the future. It hinders the development of what you are intending.

Trust that your instincts are accurate. Embrace the emptiness of a blank canvas as an opportunity. Push as much positive energy that you can into the blank space.

The future is yours. Yes. It is unknowable until you think through it. Use your thoughts to give it stability. Be not afraid of the unknowable. It’s yours to create. Respond by moving forward courageously. Deep fears may rise up, but decide to stand firm in your own divineness.

Leap into the void with a brave perspective. Often it is indeed a test of faith….. in yourself.

SF Source Inner Whispers May 2019

The Unknowable