Separated Mind

Yes is showed this earlier this year, but the message behind is that powerful. A simple daily exercise may lead to a solid change, or push a running awakening to fast lane. So let’s repeat Dr Joe and ask some questions to my guide after that.

R: Okay you know what’s to talk about, can you please tell about the origin of the self speaking mind that bother and control so many people

M: For the evolutionary human line founded in Africa, it goes back to the Annunaki work. They included their genetic material into their creation (as seen in your bible) but don’s want them to get the same level of consciousness. So they disconnected a tiny part of the mind with corpus callosum and placed a different to high EEG inside.

R: So why does the system not turn back to normal, like you see in that many DNA creation of food?

M: Over the thousands of years, the tension to fall back into normal is just now and many people are inside that. The energy to keep the separation active is raising, the tiny mind must be triggered very often per day to keep it running in his self isolation, to control the people.

R: In our culture daily schedule seems to do that, distraction from the world through cell phones, computer games and lots of trigger in the outside.

M: Yes and especially fear is used as trigger, to keep high beta running. Right and left side won’t sync if one side runs in hilarious unhealthy speed and the frontal lobe is nearby disabled from that too. It’s known that corpus callosum only need around three weeks to grow new nerves to connect both sides, so single EEG won’t appear any more.

R: Are there more tiny tools to help the people rewiring?

M: A very simple one is to close the eyes on day time, what will stop one sense input and the holistic right side will try to calculate the missing input from the other ones. Another oldie is to push all attention to breathing what immediately shut down the talking voice in the mind.

R: Great thank you, this can be done by everyone very easy and often a day. We need some fast lane boosters to jump into coherence several times the day. While i do understand that people living the tiny mind fear another state of consciousness, because they have no idea or pattern for it.

M: That’s correct, the other state is unknown until it can be experience for a short while and it appear with told tricks. It’s a simple way to figure it out, although it’s the universal level so many beings in galaxy do carry.

R: So i hope this tips many give the tools to some people, just try it out and see what happens. It’s pre wired and waiting to start up for you.

What’s you next level?

There’s a lot of static noise in our 3D world at the moment, many information as many placed disinformation to salt what’s there. So you as experiencer are placed in the center and here it depends on your level of consciousness, to separate worthful information from stuff that does not carry information.

Let’s have a short trip into technology, you see that the term exchange of information has changed and will change further. People don’t talk within meetings, today they use technology that is infused with secret societies as man in the middle. Technology has changed information from people2people to people2machine, whatever you write with your tech devices can be spied and rewritten life. Same with so called social networks, where people prostitute their life to the public, inclusive government access to rewrite and censor to get political correctness. You also can see the level of censorship, where your tech access will be sanctioned if you don’t follow placed rules.

Here you have reached an amazing level of digital influence, machines prosecute or honor what you write or post into the public. Few remind the term mind control, but as diffuse as they receive digital mind teaching from the machines. Your future can and will be a bio droid for the A.I., if you follow your elites agenda. If they can place the tech to melt human consciousness to the machine. Yes at this point many will get the outcry in their mind, that is noisy to resist that time line, while most are right in it to their throat.

Your level of consciousness will attract a specific time line, that’s why your mind was programmed by the elites to create their time line. At the other hand you can have a awakening of consciousness, what means to enable your full potential a natural way. The big package with pineal gland, synced hemispheres, telepathy and 5D experience with more senses as before. But to reach this, you have to become active and to sail against the elites time line. You will get the defamed alien mind, as result from your genetic changes it the past of mankind. It’s your birth right to do so, while it’s not political correct in your matrix. So the final question will be, what’s your idea of a nice future?


You Need To Do This Everyday | TRY IT!

Let me remind to an incredible task, leave 3D level as often as possible. Because it initiated your paradigm shift, rewire the mind and often can and will result to the silent mind as ‘symptom’. This is when the analytical mind is shut down and your graphical universal mind system is in charge. It’s a matter of trying it, training will push the outcome. All this is well known, can be measured in the EEG and that’s why Dr Joe explains it like so many others. Claim your birthright, universal consciousness is not only an idea, it’s something YOU can grasp.

Interview 04/19

Seems to be time to have another interview, because some things around ramp up massive. So let’s see what we get out my friend today.

R: Hello, last weeks there do many dangerous changes did jump into public. Most of them was long planned eugenic jobs against the people on earth. How is this recognized for you as experiencer from outside?

M: Yes multiple changes appear in public now and most are done by minions from alien races that try to shape planet earth for their purpose. They speed up change so their created hybrids can survive while the old type of people got problems and will dissolve. Sure that is a bad future, but as explained in ancient text earth with all in it’s biosphere has to evolve too. There is no fixating a status quo to prevent evolution, not as universal law and not artificial done by humans.

R: So the great awakening is something deeper than only evolution of consciousness?

M: Humanity is very late on schedule, normally first awakening preset the inventions and ideas to evolve societies, adaptive technologies and so a whole package appears. It should update the DNA so the body adapt to outer changes, but as you see a hidden hand has fixed that all and fight against awakening now.

R: Seems to be that way, we are stuck in level 1 and unable to reach the next level. Our aggressive potential is used to treat our neighbours with force, to stay within line behind of overall madness.

M: You understood the control grid, while the majority lives the control grid to keep it running. Yes all the mess you experience is long term planned and should result to something good. It would work better without the control grid, but the stranglehold is very powerful.

R: As conclusion we have to evolve or to go, this is very harsh and does not match to a lovely god as ruler?

M: It would not match the ideas of wrathful gods from old testament in your holy books and not the religious ideas people have. Just think about a nice creator, who place a benevolent evolution plan and beings with granted free will to ignore that. Think about evolution for mother earth and nature was scheduled and only the humans fight against it and keep it fixed. So there will be some rounds of pushing them forward as chance to stay. But also a last line when the round can be defined as failed.

R: Do you know where this type of red line is?

M: Not precise and offering would be some kind of manipulation.

R: Is it possible that already placed hybrids survive what humans of old earth type won’t?

M: Yes this is a matter of biology and frequency. Would say ‘they’ have shown that in movies to you and some just do what you experience around you.

R: Okay and thank you, we will see the path and changes can occur every day. Game on.


Riddle for you

This is a riddle for you, search for the anomaly in this open world scene.

skiesOkay so you want the solution?

Let me give the tip, this is a double whopper.


It depends on your age!

Like to know?

So if you are born after 2000 and be a millenial you will notice white clouds before a deep blue sky, what is weird because you have NEVER seen this outside, so it must be wrong.

If you are older like me, you clearly remind these dark blue skies. Without tons of aluminium and barium load spew by hoards of chemtrail tanker on daily bases. Yes and for real this was the sky on our planet up to the 90s. Than geoengineering arrives and since these days there is and there will be no uncovered sky again.

The picture is a screenshot from the Fallout 4 game, what plays 200 years after WW3. There are no geoengineering because there are no planes and cars working. So let me ask you: Is this the only way out from geoengineering?

Please share this as a teaching.


Life’s Goal Is Manifestation Of The True Self

In a short form, if the conscious and the unconscious become one, the mediator called ego is not necessary any more. You only need the vastness of a 4-5 level mind to achieve that, arise with inner silence as your gift. In parallel all parts of your mind will dance together with same EEG.

Life’s Goal Is Manifestation Of The True Self

selfVeronica – Coming into physical reality one expects to be challenged in many ways.  Ideally it is desired for the journey to be one of clear sailing.  Embracing the ability to create what is desired by the incarnate with ease.  However, as all of you know, it’s usually never easy.

Every day all of you use your thoughts to solidify dramatics and objects in the linear.  Many are successful, but there are those who find the manifestations elusive.  A person’s sense of self is often defined as the ego.  All hear often the pitfalls of the ego.  ‘Beware of the ego, it can derail your ascension to a higher frequency’.  Yes all of that can be true.

The ego, however, is the mediator between your conscious and unconscious awareness.  Whether one likes it or not, the ego is an integral part of your incarnation.  Propelling your soul through the reality is its purpose.  Again, the ego can get caught up in its quest by over indulging in its self importance.  It’s always a fine balance during the life.

The culture at this time is extremely focused upon material items.  Often that focus can turn negative and disruptive.  The focus required to be in this dense reality can lead to one forgetting their true intentions.

This  leads us to your true self.  The core of your existence is nestled deep within your body.  It’s focus and purpose is to fulfill the larger landscape.  The true self has access to the vast span of experience your soul possesses.  It sees the field of possibilities and participates from a more expansive canvas.

Focused deep within the linear the ego focuses upon the immediate.  A template of possibility is available, but the limited scope often makes the ego decide poorly when in manifestation mode.

This leads to the interruption of creation when one is attempting to manifest something.  It is important to remember that the ego and the true self often have very different ideas about what is important to create.  The ego seeking that immediate moment, while the true self considering the whole picture may disagree.

Being aware of your true self in all linear creations can aid in the ability to bring forth both your purpose and intentions.  Attempt if you will to step back from the physical to see if the item/event/person you are trying to manifest can be in harmony with both the ego and the true self.

Never easy.

We know.

Decide to expand your awareness to the level of your essence.  While physical you will need to consider the totality of your energy.  Manifesting from just the ego may make whatever you desire more elusive.  Do not consider just yourself….. consider the total package of your soul, both physical and nonphysical.

Consider and implement.”

SF Source Inner Whispers Mar 2019


Your benefits from binaural Beats

Give it a try, syncing the hemispheres do and will give a benefit, because it works. Remind that duality also means that the brain is ripped into two parts that naturally should work as one.

How to use binaural beats to let go of fear, pain, and overthinking

Binaural beatsAletheia Luna – There are a stunningly vast array of benefits you can experience from listening to binaural beats – a fascinating form of soundwave therapy.

When one of America’s most famous living philosophers, Ken Wilber, was asked what the average person could do to raise their consciousness, he replied:

There’s already a technology that can be used to raise human consciousness. It’s called binaural beats.

Researchers and everyday people alike have mentioned the following benefits:

♦  Reduced stress

♦  Reduced anxiety

♦  Increased concentration

♦  Increased focus

♦  Increased confidence

♦  Increased motivation

♦  Enhanced mood

♦  Deeper sleep

♦  Deeper meditation

Binaural beats have also been used in more esoteric forms of spiritual practice, such as:

♦  Healing the chakras

♦  Lucid dreaming

♦  Astral projection

♦  Kundalini energy work

♦  Tantric stimulation

Best of all, it only takes on average around 7 minutes for the brain to entrain (or harmonize with the frequencies), so giving yourself between 7 to 30 minutes will help you to start feeling the effects. So what exactly are binaural beats?

What Are Binaural Beats?

Here’s what you might be thinking: binaural beats just sound like some new age fad.

Here’s me: actually, binaural beats were discovered in the 1800’s and trance-like music itself has existed for thousands of years. Not only that, but binaural beats have been supported by scientific research (more on that later).

From the trance-inducing sounds of drum beats in tribal shamanic cultures to the repetitive chanting of Tibetan monks, rhythmical sound has extremely powerful healing benefits.

Put simply, binaural beats are a form of rhythmic and repetitive sound frequencies which put you into a meditative state easily. It was a physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove who discovered the way binaural beats work in 1839.

When the binaural beat sounds enter your ears they produce something in your brain called “brainwave entrainment.”

What is Brain Entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is a fancy term that basically means altering your brainwaves to adjust to the pace and rhythm of a sound such as those created by binaural beats. When your brain waves synchronize to the sound waves of the binaural beats, the result is a state of deep relaxation.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

If you’re the type of person who likes the nitty gritty details of how something works, read this section. BUT if you’re not, skip to the next section. In any case, binaural beats are quite fascinating.


Binaural beats work by sending two different frequencies to each of our ears. When hearing these two frequencies simultaneously, our brains create a third ‘phantom’ tone out of the mathematical difference.

Here’s an example:

If a 310 hertz sound frequency is sent to one ear, and a 315 hertz frequency is sent to the other ear, your brain will process these sounds in a way that results in hearing one 5 hertz frequency. Your brainwaves will then synchronize to this 5 hertz sound frequency.

Another example:

If you listen to 410 hertz in one ear and 400 hertz in the other, your brain will interpret these two simultaneous frequencies as 10 hertz, and your brainwaves will adjust to this new frequency.

binaural beatsHere’s a picture that depicts the process:


Basically to summarize in the most simple way possible: each of your ears receives two different frequencies, and your brain ‘creates’ a third frequency, which then slowly alters your brainwaves.

Pretty cool, right?

Scientific Support of Binaural Beats

Throughout the past twenty years, numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the physical and mental health impacts of listening to binaural beats.

If you’re like most people, you probably find poring through academic papers boring or time-consuming. So here is a summary of some of the findings:

♦  People who suffered from memory, attention, stress, pain, headaches and migraine issues were shown to benefit from brainwave entrainment (based on a summary of 20 peer-reviewed studies found here)

♦  Binaural beats were found to increase creativity, relaxation, and meditation(study here)

♦  Brainwave entrainment was found to help increase focus, problem-solving, creativity, memory, learning, sleep induction, pain control, and enhance learning (source)

♦  Increases IQ and results in dramatic improvements to memory (thesis here)

♦  Reduces anxiety (study here)

♦  Deepens and extends sleep quality (study here and here)

♦  Helps with overcoming addiction (study here)

These are just a select few of the many studies conducted out there.

Are Binaural Beats Safe?

Yes! Numerous studies on brainwave entrainment have shown that listening to binaural beats is perfectly fine and has no reported side effects. But, to err on the side of caution, it’s advised that people with epilepsy or those who suffer from seizures, as well as pregnant woman, should consult a physician first.

Free Download – Binaural Beats

You’ll find a lot of binaural beats music out there, but not all of it is legitimate or high quality.

The binaural beats that I personally listen to and recommend are from the Binaural Beats Meditation studios. Their music is created by professional sound engineers who have over 17 years of experience! You can download a free sample from their website.

Click here to get your free Binaural Beats Meditation.

You will need to sign up for the free newsletter to receive the download. Also, another thing. In order for binaural beats to work, make sure you wear headphones (any kind). It’s pretty simple.

One of my habitual ways to unwind, get into an easy meditative state, and let the stress of the day melt away is by listening to binaural beats from these guys. So please do try them out! Their work is of the highest quality. (Note: yes, our website does earn affiliate commissions from them, but I only recommend them because I personally use their music to help relax my mind and reduce nervous tension – and it works!)

The Five Levels of Binaural Beats

There are four known categories, or levels, of binaural beats. Each level provides a different source of healing. I’ll explain below:

Gamma 30-100 Hz – Spiritual Awakening, Heightened Consciousness, Love, And Harmony

Gamma brainwaves possess the highest frequency we know of. In this state, our brainwaves are so harmonious that many people report feeling elevated states of consciousness, even mystical experiences. This frequency is often experienced by monks, nuns, yogis, and experienced meditators. Gamma frequencies also enhance memory, awareness, and mental processing.

Recommended Track: Kundalini Awakening by Binaural Beats Meditation (awaken your spiritual energy)

Beta 14-30 Hz – Focus, Problem-Solving, And Enhanced Energy

Beta brainwaves are typically those we experience when we are wide awake and full of energy. You can think of this frequency as the equivalent of taking stimulants like caffeine, Adderall, or various nootropics. The Beta frequency is good for generating a concentrated, focused, and analytical mind. In fact, the brainwave you probably possess while reading this is of the Beta frequency.

Recommended Track: Super Brain Power by Binaural Beats Meditation (increases your energy and information retention)

Alpha 8 – 14 Hz Calmness, Tranquility, And Creativity

Alpha brainwaves create a state of inner relaxation and are powerful ways to reduce stress and tension. The tranquility produced by this frequency also helps to soften the mind and produce states of feeling “in the flow.” Heightened creativity and abstract thinking are also attributed to the Alpha frequency.

Recommended Track: Anxiety Release by Binaural Beats Meditation (let go of stress, fear, and nervous tension)

Theta 4-8 Hz Inspiration, Intuition, And Dream Recall

Theta frequencies have long been viewed as the doorway to the subconscious mind. Heightened intuition, deep relaxation, extrasensory perception, and vivid dreaming are all connected to this frequency. There is a distinctly dreamy and otherworldly feel that accompanies the Theta brainwave. Many therapists and hypnotherapists make use of the Theta frequency to tap into the subconscious mind and heal core issues. As such, this frequency is a powerful way to change limiting beliefs and do deep inner work.

Recommended Track: Astral Projection by Binaural Beats Meditation (enter the hypnagogic state which is a portal to the astral realm)

Delta 0.1-4hz – Pain Relief, Healing, And Regeneration

The Delta brainwave is experienced by us every night in dreamless sleep. It is also experienced by advanced yogis and monks who can enter the Delta frequency during deep meditation. This frequency assists in both emotional and physical healing, as well as enhanced immune functioning, significant stress reduction, and even anti-aging benefits. The Delta frequency is a terrific way to experience deep repair on the physical, emotional, and psychological levels.

Recommended Tracks: Deep Sleep and Pain Relief by Binaural Beats Meditation

How to Use Binaural Beats

As we’ve seen, binaural beats can be used in almost every facet of life. But how do we use them?

Here are some suggestions:

♦ Choose one frequency you would like to work with (or if you prefer, experiment with many)

♦ Find a quiet and undisturbed place

♦ Use noise canceling headphones to gain the greatest impact (if you don’t have noise canceling headphones, usual earbuds will be fine, but you need to wear headphones to benefit from binaural beats)

♦ Incorporate binaural beats into your meditation or relaxation time

♦ If you need a mental boost, listen to the Beta frequency during study or work hours

♦ The brain requires about 7 minutes on average to ‘entrain’ (fall into sync) with the binaural beats, so give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to experience the benefits

♦ Listen to binaural beats for one month minimum and notice the impacts they have

I hope this guide has helped to open another doorway to healing. Binaural beats are a simple but powerful way to experience everything from calmness and creativity to increased energy and heightened consciousness.

What is your experience with binaural beats and which is your favorite frequency?

Please note this article has affiliate links. If you decide to purchase anything Wake Up World gets a small percentage to help with their excellent work at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

SF Source Wake Up World Mar 2019