Intention and Creation

The world is shaped within the ideas of few elites, because the law of creation. To create in your density an intention must be placed and hold for a longer period, to pull the creation down into 3D. It’s a whirling energy game, intention is this energy and the direction creates. So if the elites want go create their hell on earth, they place the intention within silence and push knowing people in the conspiracy corner. The great mass of people will turn into denial by the conspiracy and you get a clear result. The intention of a few will create, because the great mass stay passive.

Simple recipe, create with a minority and stun opposition into passiveness. If only the same amount of people would place intention into another direction, their plan would fail. But no one would be a conspiracy theorist, and follow the shut up order. Your world is shaped by the minority of insane people.

To set intention against, you need to know what they really do, this require free information and not what was blown out by the mass media cesspool that try to push you to support their plan. Like the scales of justice there should be voices against bad ideas, really…..

Helper Constructs

As explained many times, the 3D mind is a linear structure by placing words to thought chains that run one after another. For this type of structure linear time is a product or effect that appears while the structure is running. But this also means, within a higher minded structure free of thoughts you fall apart time. You start to create own segments for your actions, like the new mind think in bursts, short cycle bubbles with high information density within silence.
Conclusion: Linear time is a helper construct, created by the linear mind.

The awakening of your higher self

The higher in higher self comes from the dimensional level, it’s above 3D and offer it’s perspective to you. You need an initiation to play the new game, else you only get tiny hints. When fully opened to your higher self, you get movie clips, timeline view and various information to step into a path guided by higher self. Life can become a river with this guide.