Why logic disappears

So take a look for an installed double whopper. First they place logic above intuition, than they frame logic into boundaries with mind programming. That’s what’s left from education by UNESCO today, a machinery to create flesh robots.

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21 Signs You’re Experiencing “Soul Loss”

What was taken in childhood, to worship the EGO, has to return…

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signs-experiencing-soul-loss-2By Mateo SolWake Up World

“Soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the single greatest cause of premature death and serious illness by the traditionals, and it’s not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks.” — Deepak Chopra

In our society, there is a mysterious phenomenon occurring known as “Soul Loss” arising in all people of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds. Indigenous people have known about the occurrence of Soul Loss for millennia, and understand it as the result of an inner fragmentation caused by unawareness, a traumatic experience, or, an intense shock to the mind and body. When we experience Soul Loss, a part of our Soul – or living essence – ‘hides’ or shuts away, hindering us from expressing and experiencing our true potential and wholeness as human beings. Oftentimes entire aspects of our psyches are completely blocked out or repressed.

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Man made FO

Watch closer, see that the craft turn on axis because the pilot capsule loks in one direction, so there is a back and front on it. Look very very close to see the tailplane fins on the upper side, that mark the back of the machine. This one is a plane build by US secret societies.

Recognize the difference to real ED crafts, that behave different.

Aluminum and weather conditions

Incredible to experience heavy geoengineered rain, where you can see only 5 meters while the swoosh is louder than a starting rocket. Done with nano aluminum flying in the skies, bounding moisture as long enough weight is reached. Suddenly it all come down like full buckets, Noah’s flood from the skies.


Thunderstorms and heavy rain : storms sweep over SH: cleanup begins

The fire brigades in SH and Hamburg moved to almost 2000 missions since Thursday afternoon.

The storm in the north on Ascension has led to nearly 2,000 missions of fire departments. A heavy rain had flooded in the late afternoon, especially Oststeinbek (Stormarn County), the Hamburg district Lohbrügge and Quickborn (district Pinneberg).

While the cleanup started in many areas on Friday morning, in Oststeinbek still full-blown buildings had to be pumped out. In Havighorst, firefighters with special material pumped out an underground car park with up to three meters of water. In Lohbrügge and Oststeinbek two houses had to be evacuated. The outer walls of the buildings collapsed. Both houses are uninhabitable. No one was injured in the storm.

Centimeters high, the water was in the town center in the district Havighorst in Oststeinbek (Stormarn County).

Photo: Peter Wüst

Centimeters high, the water was in the town center in the district Havighorst in Oststeinbek (Stormarn County).

It was the biggest flood in decades, said the spokesman for the fire department in Oststeinbek, Christian Höft, in the evening. At the time there were 150 firefighting operations at the same time, and civil protection was also involved, it said in the evening. Cellars of entire streets are flooded in the village in the district of Stormarn, a railway embankment threatens to slip, transformer houses are under water. There is a power failure. Rivers would overflow and a house would be completely under water.

The masses of water have washed away a building in Oststeinbek.

Photo: Peter Wüst

The bodies of water have washed away the wall of a building in Oststeinbek.

In the Lohbrügge / Bergedorf area, among other things, several people were trapped on flooded streets in cars or had to be brought to safety from underwater dwellings, the spokesman said. The federal highway 5 was completely closed. In the Berne district, the route of the U1 had to be closed over 300 meters and the railway embankment secured. The Hochbahn set up a substitute traffic between the stations Berne and Farmsen.

In Oststeinbek the Glinder Au, an otherwise small brook, became a torrent. The mill pond, which otherwise dams up the water, ran over, the mass of water tore a wall and other parts of the historic Old Mill away. Three people had to be rescued by the fire department from the building. A railway embankment threatens to slip and was secured with sandbags. Many houses were evacuated, an emergency shelter is furnished.

Currently, in addition to numerous firefighters and the Technical Relief Agency is used to stabilize the mill building and the dam and contain further dangers of the flood.

In order to reduce the pressure of the water on the historic water mill, a relief ditch was dug with an excavator. The emergency services also pumped water from basements and buildings throughout the night. However, the work for the approximately 400 helpers will continue until tomorrow.


Photo: Sebastian Peters

At Federal Highway 5, a residential building had been completely submerged by the heavy rain.

Because of under-flushing a residential building in Lohbrügge was evacuated with nine parties – the building threatened to collapse. In an underground car park, chlorine containers floated in the water. A wheelchair user brought the rescue workers from his apartment, in which the water was more than half a meter high, to safety. The rain masses caused numerous flooded cellars. Also in the accident hospital Boberg the cellar had to be pumped empty. The operation was not endangered. “The deployment of auxiliaries in the area of ​​operation will last for the entire night,” it said.


Photo: Florian Büh

In Hamburg Bergedorf sidewalks were undermined and entire sidewalk slabs torn away.

A heavy thunderstorm also triggered dozens of firefighting missions in Quickborn (Pinneberg district). From the afternoon around 130 volunteers of several volunteer fire brigades from the Pinneberg district and the Barmstedt Technical Relief Organization had moved out of the city, said the district fire brigade Pinneberg. “Due to the heavy rain and hailstorm with hailstones with a diameter of about five centimeters numerous basements have run and streets flooded,” it said. Around 70 sorties were there until the early evening.

The German Weather Service had warned for the afternoon of Ascension in parts of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein from single severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall of up to 60 liters per square meter, storm gusts and large-scale hail.

Author: dpa / Peter Wüst



Anxiety and Depression: A Sign of the Times?

The level of anxiety and depression belongs to the operating system driving the human. Overlay operating systems like EGO or A.I. run on low frequencies that are mirrored in general behaviour.

Openhearted Rebel

By Brad Austen (Contributing writer, Openhearted Rebel), Mindful-Meditations

You only need to watch the news to feel concern over local and world events. The mainstream media has been designed this way; to disempower us, separate us and keep us locked in fear. People are gradually starting to wake up, though, and interestingly, terms such as ‘fake news’ are becoming commonplace. The idea that news can be fabricated or embellished to suit an agenda is becoming more widely known. The masses are gradually realizing that news can be engineered to make you feel a certain way, make you shop for certain products and keep you firmly on the 9 to 5 treadmill.

Anxiety and depression can also be a wake-up call from your soul and higher self. Perhaps there are certain lifestyle factors you are engaged in that are diverting you away from your path, or purpose. On…

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