Religious Indoctrination

Religion was and is used to prevent the people from understanding how they are manipulated and to let them slaughter their fellowship. Theirfor religion can be called force of rulers, but only through occult knowledge that is used but denied from basic mind manipulation.

As Mark Passio will tell us here, the system of belief is also used to disbelief the mechanics of mind control.



Process of maintenance

“The process of maintaining the state of mind that produces luck in life can be learned and used by anyone. Once the balance of spirit and material is understood and the ego is under control, the human can live a rich life of continued happiness” – The Pleiadians

Therefore humans have to brain hemispheres, left one belongs to material, logic and is super valued in western world, the right spiritual side is sacrificed to the logic. Balance is the One, fluid same EEG in both sides for cooperative power. The happiness will arrive by loosing thoughts, falling in silence where you can witness your world first time in life without mind interpretation.




Reason for Science

Sometimes nobody knows, what to find through science, as it it also for the CERN machine in switzerland. It’s possible to create a singularity by failure, what will be the last research on planet earth. But something behind force this science to go on, to replace god’s creation with machines.

The acidic body

To have an acidic body cause many malfunctions and pain, but in WHO healthcare this is below the radar to help spreading cancer. Acidosis is the base for fungus inside the body that steps up to cancer cells as last resort for heavy acidic regions. What to do about Take care for your nutrition, learn what is acidic and what you can intake against it. Here is some deeper information.

Layered experience

Something interesting to learn arise from the level of quantum physicist and high level universities. It sits in another level of consciousness above sheeples that do not believe in meditation. Here is a lecture from Dr John Hagelin about space and consciousness at Stanforf University. Because all is a question of layers and levels of consciousness, from there you are the witness of your thoughts.