Mind control: the attempt to program life

If you don’t control your mind, be assured that someone else will do.

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Mind control: the attempt to program life

by Jon Rappoport

January 19, 2015


“The targets of modern mind control are always described in terms of medical treatment, alleviation of suffering, and healing. What else would you expect? A stark mission statement about population control and intentional shrinking of brain function? No, this op inevitably falls under ‘greatest good for the greatest number’. The promoted premise is: less effort, less pain, more happiness. A gift given to the essentially passive human being. That formulation itself is a version of mind control. The hero and the rebel are replaced by the semi-satisfied and quiescent android.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Here’s a research project that tells you something about where mind control is going. From MIT News, “Neuroscientists reverse memories’ emotional associations,” (8/27/14):

“The findings, described in the Aug. 27 issue of Nature, demonstrated that a neuronal circuit connecting the hippocampus…

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Essasani talks

The essasani race is known as mankind in our future, means that they are we after a not optimal evolutionary cycle. So they are here to assist us for a better progress. This includes the complete change in consciousness, from programmed limited mind to wide band processing with akasha backup informations. We are in this process of change, most people achieve both states switching, other have completely passed this process. So here a some short informations from them.

Learn from your spamfolder

Most mail providers offer you to use an automated spam detector, this will bypass spam to a special folder for later deletion. Its known psychological fact that 10% of spam results to a buy or commercial contract. So you are wondered, how a scripted mechanism in a machine can detect spam from normal mails?

The machine did not lack from a programmed ego mind that was psychological trained to execute schemes without knowledge, it will simply pull the spam out. If you run on ego mind, the wording and setup from spam will snap in your mind schemed and you will execute their program. So some peek to your spam folder is good to see an learn the methods and there are few of them. You can see them in your folder, learn the methods created by spin doctors like Erich Fromm or Edward L. Bernaise.

Enhanced is choice

Most people experience an enhanced mind state while satsang or meditation. But after that they step back into the old reactive state of mind, they are soaked back and grounded into the automated being. This is based into our society, we all are conditioned to stay in a prison of the mind.

Listen, the gift waiting for you is to stay in the enhanced mind state and use it all the day for better solutions.