The Invisible Forces Behind All of Our Decision-Making

Author Jonah Berger explains when and why we follow the herd.

Source: The Invisible Forces Behind All of Our Decision-Making


Amazing to see, how the machine in our head does the same like the neighbour. But that is culture after phasing them all into the same mindset.


Energy efficency


Marshall Vian Summers Discloses The ALIEN PRESENCE

This talk is more than only a talk about alien presence, clearly Marshall address our state of consciousness to handle the informations. We cannot deal with the new challenge, if we act as aggressive tribes divided by religion and countries.



Where we are – total insanity

Like to show you the point where we are, choosen by free will.

So there is no need for secure software, not even a firewall in front of mission critical computer systems. NATO takes care at insecure microsoft products now, it hackers telnet into a windows system, there will by thermonuclear war. At a glance you can see, that ‘the State’ is hostage of big business. This is a free ticket to shutdown software quality and a free ticket for the elitist to start their war when needed. Your children will fight with weapons for insecure software.

Who elect the leaders, that sign partnership with NATO?


Monjitalk1: Mind Machine

There are so many questions about the established and ruling human mindset, so yes i am ready to answer the old druids questions about.

R: Sometimes you compare the human mind with a computer program, but from my perspective computers are younger than our mindset.

M: Computers are much older, most species in the universe use such technology since eons and through this it is in the field and will be invented in every round of evolution. In computer terms the mindset founded at the annunaki DNA manipulation is a single task system around 40 bit of bandwidth, placed in the logical mind side.

R: Was the separation to half mind a must to get it stable to run?

M: That’s a bit complex, just think about the electromagnetic field that the annunaki use, to speak the commands into humans head. These frequencies should only influence the human slaves, but not their masters. Like radio station and receiver it was necessary to use a higher frequency for the half mind, that is attuned to. This frequency range is known as beta today, while the annunaki and most species with 3D body run below and above these range. Not to forget, that the invented human slave mind should run disconnected from their inner core.

R: That’s heavy stuff and a harsh problem that the so called crown of evolution was a crumbled down creation from ancient races.

M: In real today scripted A.I. in computer games is faster and more intelligent than human mind in this state. You also see that speech search engines on mobile phones can parse and answer faster and more precise than human mind. But for the ancient time, to get reliable workers for the gold mines, the invention was okay. Like it is for the elitist rulers today, reliable order followers with blinkers are what they need and their education system promote exactly this.

R: Okay in these times humans have the opportunity to come back into the full mind, but also the danger that some species A.I. can take over.

M: It’s a latter of energy the solar system is flying to in these years, to return easily to the full mind in another range. The rulers know about that and try to address it with techno gadgets to fixate the mindset to them, in next step to bring the annunaki speech control to the society a second time. Think about a mobile phone, that allows you to phone someone without loudspeaker or earplug, it will just talk into your head. The device will figure out your inner talk frequency and can place ‘your thinking’ right into the head.

R: But this sounds like a massive human rights violation.

M: The rulers are elected from the people, the mobile gadgets are shopped by free will and the license agreement to use are signed by free will before the control can and will take place. Today most will laugh about the windows 10 eula and sign it blindly, without knowing that they disclaim their rights through it.

R: A society with A.I. driven humans sounds like a zombie film, specially if the rulers can ramp them against another like Cesar did in the Colosseum. But the roman empire comes down, what is the half life time of such society?

M: Sorry to say that, but these appear short before a self extinction, the natural end of an cycle. Such madness cannot even be accepted by the prime creator, it has nothing to do with experience and learning.

R: Thank you Monjita for this insights.


Transcending Victim Consciousness With Awareness

Awareness is key to play the game, knowing it’s rules from a higher perspective as in victim consciousness.

Openhearted Rebel

d78cd5cabce846144dcd472e3eec9b131By Brad Austen (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), Mindful-Meditations

Transcending victim consciousness is an interesting topic to contemplate. On a human level our awareness is somewhat limited, in comparison to our soul’s level of awareness.

We all have a soul, but it can be a faint whisper in our lives, unless you nurture this connection. For many the ego and personality are the driving force in one’s life, but this is also gradually changing, as we go through the shift in consciousness.

As human beings we have free will, so whether these inner and outer changes happen quickly or slowly is up to us.

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