Remind the old Eliza software from 1966? It was the first idea of A.I. on home computers, where eliza ask you simple questions and try to parse your output. Only few commands are known, all others are rejected until it fits.

So what is so interesting on Eliza? It’s a clear example of a limited system, like limited human mind that runs a cupboard of drawers with conditioned base knowledge. Everything not in these drawers is rejected, all outcome is based on information from these drawers, complex questions are limited to fragments. The whole system runs inside a box from the programmer, who has filled the drawers.

Now think why this is important, see clear.

Who is running Eliza?

Who are the programmers?

Is Eliza capable to handle our technology in the world?

Can Eliza cope with new situations around?

Is the outcome predictable?

Will a horde of Eliza systems act like consolidated?

Pushing the Agenda

It’s known that western civilization is under pressure to fit in an elitist agenda. A simple one, no being should have the right for land, to have home, shelter, food and water. For everything is to pay for or to die silently off. So let’s look how this is coming forward, sneaky in front of your eyes.

Water: Around the world, or so to say the countries in bondage with the IMF and Worldbank all drinking water resources are shopped by two globalist companies. What could not be shopped, would be destroyed by fracking through poisoned chemicals pumped to the soil.

Food: At first we have to look at the seed decree coming forward in europe. Means that only defined companies can buy legal seed, while all other seeds are forbidden by law. If you plant your seed in your house, you pay the fine or go to jail. No way to plant own food.

Shelter: Here we can look at the US, homeless veterans are seized and placed into jail or FEMA concentrations camps to keep the cities clean for tourism. Yes that is your land, you fight for them in the ideal of patriotism and get a pallet in the camp for it now.

Human Rights: Here the change from a state body to corporate governments is running at flank speed. While in a real state you are sovereign for an elected government, in a corporation you are declared to their personal, stripped from human rights and be property of the state.

Home: If you compare your identity card, you see that it change with every update. You are transformed to greater regions, from state inside a country to a country, from whole country to globalized power zones like the EU. With plain sight you will recognize that their are two zones growing, europe and amexo, they only must be combined to have the NWO dream complete.


Who owns child refugees?

Ukraine urges Russia not to accept orphans fleeing war zones


Published time: July 13, 2014 10:31
Edited time: July 13, 2014 13:00

A young Ukrainian refugee, taken to Moscow by a Russian Emergency Ministry plane. (RIA Novosti/Alexey Kudenko)

A young Ukrainian refugee, taken to Moscow by a Russian Emergency Ministry plane. (RIA Novosti/Alexey Kudenko)


The children’s rights ombudsman of Ukraine demanded Russia send back Ukrainian orphans who cross the border after evacuation from battle zones in the country’s east. The ombudsman accuses Russia of “kidnapping” and violation of children’s rights.


Valeria Lutkovskaya sent an open letter to the head of Russia’s border guards, Colonel General Vladimir Kulishov, demanding the passage of orphans leaving eastern Ukrainian war zones be prohibited. She also published the letter on her Facebook page.

Lutkovskaya accused Russia of violating the rights of Ukrainian orphan children, who are being admitted to Russia “without proper paperwork.”

READ FULL STORY: http://rt.com/news/172396-ukraine-orphans-evacuation-russia/

These children are eye witness of the genocide and so they must also be silenced by the right wing and us mercenaries cleaning up eastern ukraine. This is the cabal world we live in, a world where children are only seen as toy to abuse or for human sacrifice. It is coming to the surface now, so all people can see and understand. People are property of the state and the new converted regime company in kiew want their commodities back.

The Ascension Process Does Not Always Feel Good

By Sabrina Reber

The Ascension Process Does Not Always Feel Good. Our Hidden Stuff Must Come Up In Order For Us To Heal

QUESTION: On days when I meditate I feel good instantly but shortly after I feel very depressed and get choking feelings…why?

ANSWER: When you meditate you are raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness and bringing in more LIGHT from your spiritual being. This light will assist you in dissolving the energetic blocks (karmic miasims) that have accumulated in your chakra system during your current and previous lifetimes where you have been living mostly from your inauthentic egoic self. As these blocks are cleared you may experience pain, sensations of hot and cold, tingling sensations and sometimes odd bodily movements through jerks and spasms.

In addition, when you meditate, you raise your vibration to the higher vibrating dimensions within your self where your being is less dense. These higher dimensions feel good, almost euphoric but when the meditation is over you return to the physical body where you will need time to readjust and ground your energy back into the realm of physicality. This is the process of soul alchemy where we access the healing spiritual energies – through meditation and spiritual practices – that will help us transmute the dense lower vibrational energies held within our chakra systems into higher vibrational frequencies. We are literally turning our lead (karma) into gold (christ consciousness)….it is the alchemy of our souls.

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Thanks to Sabrina for this insights, change will occur if we are the change.

Shutdown the senses

An amazing example how ‘follow the leader’ results to a shutdown of further senses. Mark can tell any crazy stuff he like, while people sign a petition for something else that is hidden in front of their eyes on the first line in bold letters.

Are you really wondered, who church and popes have called their followers to bloodsheed, while in commandment 5 something different is to read? Let me give you an explanation page from the vatican



Fragmentation and Distortion

When you understand that fear is a single movement which expresses itself in different ways and when you see the movement and not the object to which the movement goes, then you are facing an immense question: how can you look at it without the fragmentation which the mind has cultivated? — Jiddu Krishnamurti

This should point at a clear fact, the limited mind fragment and distort your reality, as long you start to bypass it.