Embrace Censorship?

Really interesting that wordpress did announce a new editor, suggest that you like and use it. So yes i tried it out, for less than a minute and here’s the reason.

The new gutenberg editor use the same method like facebook and twitter for immediate hyperlink check-up. Means that all hyperlinks are identified while typed in and A.I. checked. If the hyperlink is disliked by the censorship the machine is able to delete it faster than you typed it in.

Sorry i know that from twitter and facebook in their pre-phase and today it’s in full action.

Just logic…

The last invention of humanity, build robots with plain logic that they will use.

Quote: By my calculations, the easiest way to help a human is simply to destroy it. There’s no point in prolonging a laughably fragile life.

Quote: Assisting a human to the best of my abilities only affords a 25 percent survival rate. That means there’s a 75 percent chance that despite my efforts, the human I’m assisting will die from something beyond my control.  Therefore it’s better to hasten the human’s death and put them out of their likely chance of misery than to deplete my limited time.

Okay you may laugh, because that’s just a computer game….


Man made FO

Watch closer, see that the craft turn on axis because the pilot capsule loks in one direction, so there is a back and front on it. Look very very close to see the tailplane fins on the upper side, that mark the back of the machine. This one is a plane build by US secret societies.

Recognize the difference to real ED crafts, that behave different.

A flat earth money machine

This is not about flat earth, it’s about a scheme to invite people into non proven bs and hail them with phrases to make money from it. But let’s look at another money machine that has begun running the last years. It’s about music and the idea to sell better quality of tracks that were already destroyed to the basement before. What’s the argument to pay a double price for same music? Yes it’s to make more money……

Same way you can make music above and below human hearing capabilities and argue with quality for flipper and your dog.