Brain Synchronisation | “This Will Activate 100% Of Your Brain” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

So here it is again, new science and information that ditch old phrases that are in use for human behaviour control. As Monji stated in so many questions, the mind have to be wired and work in hemisync. As long there is the inner fight for hemisphere dominance, there is no cooperation. There are enough methods to exercise it, just pick em and go.

Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re Being Prepared For Contact With Extraterrestrials

It’s a must to share this article from Collective Evolution. The contact can be of any higher kind, in physical for some but most will be contacted in their dreams and some through telepathy. It’s stepping forward and a requirement if our planet should survive our doing while asleep.

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Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re Being Prepared For Contact With Extraterrestrials




In Brief

  • The Facts:In 2019 UFOs became mainstream. But this truth had already been known for many decades. Collective consciousness is ready now more than ever for contact, and you’re being prepared for that.
  • Reflect On:Why is humanity so deeply interested in the UFO and ET subject. Sure, you might say there is an ‘agenda’ with ET disclosure, but is there more to this picture? Why has this subject become the most sought after information out there?

UFOs became mainstream in 2019, the next question is who’s manning them? The mainstream media, and the agencies that direct them, have hidden the truth about UFOs for decades and they finally changed their story on that this year. Given we had known UFOs were real for many decades prior, and that we also have known ETs are involved in this whole phenomenon, are we really going to wait many more decades for the mainstream to admit ETs are real too? Or are we going to start listening to what independent media has been saying for decades?

Humanity is preparing for contact on a mass level. This is a blunt truth but one that is undeniable when you look at how interested and hungry the masses are for content related to this subject. Some of the most watched, read, and searched content on the internet, Netflix and YouTube all relate to ETs and UFOs. Sure, some might still be in the closet about it, but that’s changing QUICK!

But why has this been a secret for so long? The truth is, the biggest secret behind why ET and UFO disclosure has been suppressed is something that isn’t discussed all that much. We typically hear about things like technology suppression, specifically energy systems. How do these crafts get here? What propulsion systems do they use? These questions lead people towards the reality that the technologies of UFO craft ultimately would disrupt our fossil fuel energy oligarchy so much that it would also collapse our economies in some ways.

Of course, this would not be such a bad thing. Why? Because when you consider that this would mean having endless and ‘free’ energy, cost for goods would drop dramatically. Not just that but, when you begin to examine the ease in creating systems based around abundance, it becomes incredible to consider what is truly possible.

An endless supply of food grown locally, everywhere! Endless energy, installed everywhere! Cars and building facilities that do not create pollution. We could essentially live in a society built such that we do not need to be enslaved by money or debt because abundance would simply become a natural happening of a society built with abundant technology, that’s harmonious, in place.

We can all see the value of such disclosures, and the reason why this would be covered but. But there is something even deeper.

The Biggest Secret

The question is, if we know these technologies exist, and they are being suppressed. And if we know that whistleblowers and people have already reverse engineered or built these things, and not all have been killed or threatened, what is the reason why these things are held back? Why do we still deny these realities en masse?

The truth is, it comes down to consciousness. We’ve been saying this since the inception of CE in 2009: solutions are there, but they won’t come until humanity is ready. What does this ACTUALLY mean to be ready? It means growing up enough as a race, that we can actually be responsible for what it is we will have access to. Not just that, but to be able to say we have ‘graduated’ in a sense, to say we are beyond our old ways.

While that sounds like a loaded few sentences, and they are in a sense, all that is really being said here is, humanity has been stuck in a cycle of experience where we continually see everything, and everyone as separate from us. We are individuals, living out our identities and lives and we are simply here to survive. We believe the limiting ideas of what our reality is and should be and thus we create that reality consciously. Our collective belief about how our world should be is directly tied to what actually happens.

But there is this feeling deep within us at this time, and I know you feel it, where we are beginning to deeply question our ways. How we treat one another, our political systems, the elite manipulation and control that exists, the existential reality of who we are and how we are truly just consciousness, all connected. These deep questions are asking us to explore who we truly are and why we are truly here. And many of us are doing so. This is beginning to create instability and change in our system because the consciousness that holds up our old world, is beginning to crack, and a new one is emerging.

Contact: It’s On Us

WE are preparing ourselves fro contact. This is not happening through someone else, it’s a collective phenomenon that is simply the next stage of humanity’s journey. As our consciousness continues to shift, through us truly doing our own questioning, changing our own patterns, habits, thoughts, and actions, we will begin to truly create the solutions necessary to create a world where we can thrive. And disclosure of technologies will come forth. It comes down to US having to do this work, not governments, not someone else coming to save us. It’s about creating an entire populace with the mentality of truly being empowered and self-responsible, as opposed to needed governance and feeling helpless.

This is why the greatest reason why ET reality is so suppressed comes down to consciousness because with an introduction to ET life, comes an entire myriad of experience we have not been exposed to.

Our CETV platform is designed to help prepare us for the stages of the personal transformation that is occurring in people’s lives. From information, to techniques, to how to guides, CETV is here as a tool to help us move through these confusing and yet expansive times. You can check out CETV here.

In the video below I explain what this means deeply, and how we can begin opening up the doors to mass contact with ET’s.

Spiritual Tasks Interview

Hello again.

this day i like to talk about the assumed doings if someone claims to be spiritual. It looks for me like some kind of problem, especially if the mind is involved. Again i will do that with Monji as spiritual guide and helper being.

R: Okay lets go, what’s behind spiritual tasks and is which tasks are on the spiritual exerciser list?

M: You have to differ between doing spiritual things and to be spiritual at core.

R: So there is a difference, clear to understand that at first someone’s core must go through a change until spirituality will become the core?

M: Yes the core change is imminent, it’s the change from doing something with the mind and to be different to the mind state.

R: Please give us examples, whats’s about meditation?

M: A spiritual mind need to learn tech and backgrounds and to schedule a meditation time. While a spiritual being don’t need that much meditation, can and do close the eyes for a short while and shutdown in meditation state very rapid.

R: Can confirm this, if the silent mind is part of the inner core these micro meditations are the daily normal.

M: Do you schedule them?

R: No more, just close the eyes somewhere and it goes. Let’s see a behind more complex thing, to be in love.

M: That is more complex, because the mind cannot be in love. Only have a straw fire from emotions or make a deal to give something to collect something else. So this must be simulated and is not the same like a being with love in inner core.

R: For a mind to simulate love while being in anger seems to be a huge problem.

M: It is, look at the couples who swing between love and hate, psychological sick attacks against each other to harass the other into submission.

R: Oh yes the inner core does not know jealousy but the mind does and fight for it. Or as shown in religion, if you have to love maiden maria you cannot love a partner. But let’s have a look at required tasks to switch over.

M: You can say the crux, because the switch state as final goal is protected. Using the maya chart of consciousness, the being have to take a step on the ladder, to get help for the next step. So few tasks are required, where today technical methods like hemisync do exist and can be used for that.

R: In conclusion you have to do some tasks with the mind to reach the switch point.

M: To get the support to pass the switch point.

R: For example to get telepathy to talk with a guide like you. That’s nice, thank you.



Multidimensionality and around

It looks the founders our our civilisation lines were gone, but in real they wait around earth and look if we can do it alone. So they place their messengers to inform and teach us and even Jesus is just nothing different.  In ancient times humanity burned the messengers at the stake or crucified them, these days their information and reputation is burned. But they are around and the awakening is stepping forward, if you listen carefully you know which group is behind them, and most groups teach the same basics to kick start change.